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on February 13, 2008
I'm reviewing this just for those of you who might be confused by the large vs. small models. My 2 year old son is pretty small for his age - maybe 25 pounds, maybe 34 inches. He's tiny. So when I saw that the "large" wheely bug is supposedly for 3 years old and up I figured my tiny guy would certainly need the small. Still, I hated to buy the wrong size and then have to ship it back. So I found a store in town that offers wheely bugs and went there to physically have my son try them out. Am I glad I did! The small is so tiny that I cannot imagine it being appropriate for any child. If your child is so small as to need the small version, chances are he or she should not be riding it. Remember, these things do not have seat belts or other safety features. It's a fast-moving ride-on, on chair casters. The small model looks suitable for a stuffed doll, perhaps. My son fits on the large version with no problem. His feet hit the floor flat. He can climb on and off with no difficulty. Also, be aware that this really only rolls well on hardwood floors or other smooth, flat surfaces. It's tough to roll on carpet of any sort - even area rugs. Would work well on a smooth, flat driveway or in an unfinished basement. So please do not hesitate to purchase the large model, unless your child is very young or very, very tiny (maybe shouldn't be on this toy, in that case), and do be sure you have someplace where your child can have fun riding it.
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on October 21, 2014
Before buying this wheely I spent a LOT of time reading through all the reviews as to whether to get the small or large wheely for my 1.5 year old boy/girl twins. And I made the WRONG decision - so I am hoping I can help others.

I have big kids (95% on height) so I figured I should buy the big one so they can grow into it. When I first bought it for them they pushed it around with their hands, but quickly got bored because their legs were too short to ride on it. Now that they are 2.4 years old and their legs are long enough, they are more excited to ride a tricycle or a scooter, and this is too 'sedate' for them.

So this is what I would recommend. Measure the inseam of your kid's legs. If they are 14" or longer, then buy the large size. But if their legs are shorter and you want them to ride on it now, then buy the small size.

Now, something to think about - I keep the wheelys outside - so my kids have a lot of options of things to ride on. So they hardly ever choose the wheelys. If this was an 'inside toy' with no other exciting options to ride on, then they would probably use it more.

So, to summarize:
- legs (inseam) shorter than 13" - buy the small.
- legs (inseam) longer than 14" - buy the large
- if your kids are already on tricycles, scooters or anything that goes a bit faster, they will be bored with this outside - and I would plan on it being an 'inside toy' where it will be used more.
- if you are going to use it inside, then I would buy the smaller one because it will take up less space and will be more maneuverable.
- Basically I should have bought the small so they could have used it when they were younger and not yet ready for faster toys.

I hope this is helpful to you!
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on January 21, 2009
After reviewing the dozens of suggestions that I purchase large to avoid tears and short lived use of the bug, I feel that I should set the story straight for parents looking for the right size "ride on" toy for their child. My daughter received this bug when she was 17 months old and in the 90th percentile for height. I believed that, surely, my daughter could ride with ease after the other parents had described how unreasonably tiny the small was. Unfortunately, her feet do not rest flat on the floor and she is unable to ride the bug effectively. Since her feet do not set flat and the handle bar is fairly low, she simply scoots off the back of the bug and pushes it through the house.

She does LOVE the Wheely Bug, as do I, but I did want to clear up any confusion. The large sized bug should be purchased for 3+ year old children and the small sized bug for younger toddlers to make riding the toy possible. Now, there might be exceptions and my daughter is by no means a risk taker or dare devil, but if you would like to see your younger toddler ride the bug...I would opt for a small. Sure, it looks small, but consider that they must straddle the plump little bug and have their tiny feet flat on the floor to really maneuver the adorable thing. If your child really prefers to push toys, the large is the way to go and perhaps he/she will ride it once they are older. I am glad that I went with the large for this reason.

Great toy that really is very attractive to young children. I am very happy with my purchase, but do feel the bug is slightly over priced when considering its flashing lights, sounds, motor. All in all, the bug is incomparable to other push toys, ride-on toys, and any other toys in general. This bug will be a winner in your home, guaranteed.
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on April 6, 2011
Even after reading a good amount of the posted reviews, I still wasn't quite sure which size to buy for our one-yr old boy (above average height- 78%). Then, following a reviewers suggestion, I searched it on Youtube. I saw even big five year olds zoomin around on the small with no qualms. I cant imagine our little one being able to reach the ground on the large. Very glad I got the small. He loves it and the cow print is awesome. Great quality product and a perfect first birthday present! See our posted picture above. Black onesie, blonde hair, cow.
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on July 24, 2015
First off, some comments on the item itself - This little guy is super cute, and works great on both our hard floors and even on the carpet. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, but also very sturdy and stable. It was purchased as a gift for our baby's first birthday, but both our two and four-year olds have ridden on it as well.

Now on to the information that I hope will save another family from going through the guesswork of Small vs. Large -

Our daughter just turned one. She is 32" tall and has a 10" inseam. After reading the various reviews available we erred on the side of caution and bought the Small version of this Wheely Mouse. When we opened it it looked terribly small, and after trying to seat her on it and get her to move it around, it was apparent that we should have purchased the Large. Her feet were flat on the floor with knees bent and legs outstretched. The seat depth was insufficient - as soon as she slipped back even a little on the back while digging her feet in to move sideways or backwards she slid right off the back. She hulked over the top of it to the point that when she leaned forward to get it moving she practically fell over the top of the handle. So back in the box it went and we ordered the Large. I kept the Small to use as a comparison in the hopes that my pictures and review would help another parent figure out which one to buy.

The first picture is her seated on the Large - notice her feet DO touch, albeit not very much. She still has plenty of leverage to push herself about on the hard floors. I can see it taking a few months to get to the point of being able to ride it on the carpet though. Second picture is her on the Small. Notice sprawled legs, bent knees, and feet flat on the floor. The third and fourth pictures are just to show the relative sizes of the two toys. Long story short, I'd rather have her grow into it a bit than only be able to ride it for a few months. Plus, our two and four-year olds can actually ride this one too, and do when the little is down for her nap.

P.S. - not sure why the pictures are loading the way they are - they are all upright on my PC but continuously load sideways and upside-down on here. Perhaps they will sort themselves out...?
review image review image review image review image
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on June 27, 2007
We got this for my daughter's first birthday, and it has been her favorite present. She is a very active child, and loves pushing it around the living room. She is a little small to ride on it yet (her legs don't touch the floor solidly enough), but she seems very content to push it every which way. She loves that it will go any direction she wants without having to use a steering wheel (a result of the castor type wheels). She is also fascinated by the antennae, which bounce around when she bops them. It is also very durable, and the leather covering is well stitched and very strong. I'm sure this toy will last for a long time. It's also nice that it seems to work on just about every surface we've tried (carpet, hard wood floors, deck and reed outdoor carpet). **Update** 4/3/2010 - Our "bug" is now 3 years old and continues to be a favorite toy for both my daughter and her friends. She can still ride it (at almost 4 years old), and it still looks brand new. This is a really excellent poduct.
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on August 9, 2007
This is a great toy! I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and love to find great toys that allow kids to develop their motor skills. I recommend it all the time!
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on January 18, 2008
Do not let the age label fool you. The large size is fine for tall little ones and not just for the 3-5 age group.

The good: Wheely Bee turns in all directions, so it's much less frustrating for a toddler to escape from a corner or tight spot. The design is so simple yet elegant and attractive; it's retro and modern. It's lightweight! Although the description says 6lb., it feels less than 5lb. in your hand, and you can haul this ride-on easily in your car to take to the park. Other tots will be instantly curious and attracted to it, so beware for whomever is riding it. It's pretty sturdy: I rode on it, and I am above the 50lb. limit.

The bad: It's easy to slip off the back (beware!). The casters aren't suited for rough or uneven outdoor surfaces. The price is a little high compared to other ride-ons.

The ugly: none.
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on October 30, 2007
My nearly 18 month old just got this toy and she likes it quite a bit. She doesn't love it (yet) because she hasn't yet gotten the hang of how to make it "go" while she is sitting on it. But she will figure it out eventually. Meanwhile, Dad and Mom push her around, and she thinks it's great. The omni-directional capability is terrific, so much better than toys that only go forward and back.

We bought the large size in spite of the age recommendation (3-5 yrs,) and it's a good thing we did. Our daughter is tall for her age, but not abnormally so, and she can sit astride this bug with both feet on the ground. If it was any smaller she would outgrow it almost immediately.

This is a cute, fun toy, but wait to get it for your child until after he/she has been walking for 3 months or so. A child needs to possess a certain amount of vertical stability before attempting to play with this toy as it will scoot away from her at the lightest touch.


4 yrs later (Sept 2011) we still have our orig Wheely Bug, & it is still used regularly by my daughter, now 5 1/2, & my son who just turned 3. It's in great shape: the striped cover has no tears or significant marks/stains. The blond wood that constitutes the base is a bit dinged up, but not missing any chunks. And one of the antennae is wonky, (it sort of lays down pointing forward,) but it's still firmly attached, and now gives our bee a little character. Most importantly it still glides smooth & fast over the floor; and unlike the chucky plastic FP ride-on trucks & cars, it corners like it's on rails. ;)
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on July 9, 2010
After reading other customer reviews, THANK YOU, decided to go with large size; my grandson is 13 months old, 27 lbs and 32 inches tall, Tiger fits him great now and should last him a few years! The small size must really be for very tiny babies!? Very well made and easy to navigate - runs well on carpets w/o thick padding, too! Nice rounded handlebar instead of "two sticks" so baby is unlikely to hurt itself. Sturdy and well balanced so it doesn't tip over easily; actually has to be pushed over on purpose. I've been watching these Wheelies for some time now and am happy they're making better choices for boys, this Tiger is ADORABLE with his stripes, fuzzy tail and ears!
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