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on May 28, 2010
Wii owners constantly hear how any given game is sooo much better in either the PS3 or the 360. Those of us, like me, who only have a Wii are left to wonder. Well, this Prince of Persia game is fantastic. It seems like it was built "from the ground up" for the Wii. From the initial adrenaline-filled wild escape from some immense structure sinking into the sand, the game is full of twists that keep you entertained. The game feels fresh, that is, all the challenges are different. There are of course sword battles to be had, but this is not just a fighting game. There is also a fair amount of climbing ledges, flying over walls and then there are plenty of logic puzzles to solve.

The game provides a good balance of "wisdom-type" puzzles and "skill-based" scenarios. The game never becomes too difficult (I'm by no means a hard-core gamer and could get through the game).

Controls: Whether is is trying to align structures to make water flow through a room or light to get from one end of the room to the opposite end, or sword fighting an evil enchantress the controls are fairly responsive.

Graphics: Fairly impressive. There is a great level of detail in all the scenes. All the changes of scene fell fluid and there is very little stoppage in the action.

Sound: Great soundtrack that complements the action.

Summary: Overall a great game, one of the best action games for the Wii. Great graphics and sound complement the action. Something for everybody, from traditional fights to puzzle solving to first person adventure.
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on June 10, 2010
This review is for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Wii Version)

If you've played any of the other Prince of Persia games, you might be dissapointed.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - had an awe inspiring storyline, and a rewind time feature, that easily made up for it's average fighting.
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Improved upon the fighting 10 fold, kept the rewind time, and lessend it's storyline from perfect to excellent.
I've played the other Prince of Persia's but I always compare them with the first and second. Those two set the standards of: really good story, and/or really good fighting.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Doesn't live up to either of these high standards, set for it by it's predecessors. The storyline is bad and most often times confusing. You understand generally what's happening, and that's it. Few things are explained and even fewer questions are answered. The fighting is a bunch of swinging, while they do add in mutliple moves to master as you progress, the actual execution of the moves is sketchy at best. Might've been better if it supported motion plus. The two most easily executed fight moves are the jump attack and the whirlwind, but those are really the only two moves you will need to defeat the 7 different monster types and 3 bosses.
I try not to complain about graphics, especially where the Wii is concerned. They are decent enough for the system.
The sound however is worthy of note. The voice acting is quiet, and most often drowned out by background noise or the change of locations music. And conveniently every time the location changes that's when the characters want to talk. If they have any storyline enhancing statements, you will be hard pressed to hear them.

The puzzle solving system is nothing too complex. A couple interesting puzzles here and there to keep you thinking, and several decent puzzles of how to get from location to location.

Now we come to the heart of the matter. The free running or parkour. The game does an excellent job, of providing you with neat areas to reach, and with different ways in which to reach them. Admittedly this game (unlike others I've played) did take into consideration the wii remote and nunchuck, and the incorperated them flawlessly togethor, minus the fighting, but swinging to fight will always be sporadic. Anyways, the use of the remote to free run, jump, make hooks, trigger switches and overall reach your goal was done superbly! The buttons were laid out appropriately and once mastered it was an extremely fun experience. They add in 3 different abilities, spaced nicely through the game, to help you progress and reach your goals. And towards the end they stop giving you so much help like cracks to cling to, but rather a huge blank stretch of wall and a door on the other side. After aquiring the third ability, it hardly seemed necessary to follow the routes laid out for you any more, but rather make your own and often times bypass whatever traps the programmers laid for you. However I think they realized they gave the user too much freedom and as a result cut the game short. That's right, the game has about 8 hours of play time. And I'm one who likes to explore everything, find all the secrets, see if I can reach places I'm not supposed to, and just generally goof off, figuring I'll reach the end when I reach the end. Completed the game just a little over 8 hours and unlocked two achievements of "fast" and "faster". At first I didn't believe I reached the end, thinking this was a mistake, but sure enough 8 hours and only 3 boss fights later here's the end. (yah only 3 bosses!) And there's the ending. I still want to know why the game throws you into a blue world that flashes randomly, while you reach the same exit and watch the same cut-scene three times. It was weird. Like the programmers were going to do more with it but changed their minds. Then the actual ending/wrap up itself was.... unusual. I have many complaints with it, but don't want to reveal anything in case you want to play.

A little side note: The Bonus full game of Prince of Persia 1992. Is the flat 2d, very first prince of persia they developed. With pixelated characters that remind you of the very first mario. So try not to get your hopes too high.

In summary, the game is fun to play. A little short, with a lack of bosses, challenging puzzles, and to few obstacles to overcome, but fun in general. Any original Price of Persia fans will be dissapointed. But newcomers, should be moderately happy. Hopefully if you buy this game knowing these facts you will be more satisfied with your purchase.

From what I understand, this same game for the other platforms (360, ps3, etc) is completely different! The storyline is different, the fighting, the puzzles, the abilities, everything. I mean, some of the other reviews talk about Malik unleashing the sands. Who's that?! The wii version has you running around with some golden genie named 'zarah' and that's the only character your prince interacts with, besides a princess near the end. It's a bit of a let down that they changed up the Wii version in time to make the movie deadline. It also appears that amazon is not distinguishing between the games, but rather lumping all the reviews in togethor. So please note: this review is for the Wii version.

Don't like my review? Tell me why not by leaving a comment. That way I know what can be improved upon when writing reviews for you.
Like my review? Sweet! I'll keep on writing this way.
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on June 13, 2010
so here i was just finishing the Ps3 version of the 'forgotten sands' when i see a trailer for the Wii version. 'hey that's not the same thing thing at all' i thought. followed by 'cool more POP!' and boy i cant remember this ever happening before. same title different version. i also have the 'force unleashed' on both the Ps3 and Wii, there are differences but has the same storyline. i bought them both just to see what was the better version. the winner? the Wii version. but that is a hole other review.

lets get back to POP FS Wii.

its POP alright, but at first i was worried this version was going the same path as the 2008 Ps3 version, wich was 'press X...X...X....X....X' it was like the game played it self. FSwii felt the same at first (press A for everything) but soon i found out the programmers clearly wanted to make it simple for when you have the magic powers. if the Prince his movement where done with more buttons than A it would have been very confusing indeed. sadly they did make one error. when in a magical bobble (wich you can create yourself) you press B, then to get higher you need to use a magical power to create a handle to jump to. out of games instinct (if we can call it that) i press A to create the handle because i feel if i press B again i will make the bubble disappear, so i press A and i fall. A and Z do the acrobatic action B the magic. it feels a little off for me.
ah the combat. POP has never been great at this. Sands of Time was to tedious, Warrior Within -better sure- had enemies jump at you from nowhere so in fighting some other guy you got hit from his buddy you didn't even noticed was there, also how fair is it this happened in mid combo? you cant block! same problems in Two thrones, also the camera forced you to fight even when you wanted to retreat. do a combo you run up a wall instead. in was just dull press attack until the game tells you to block (NO REALLY!) FSps3 has you hack around at 50 enemies. it is surprising however that the combat on the Wii is more difficult than on the Ps3. unlike the Ps3 you really need to watch your enemy and there is some strategy needed. the final boss however is ridiculously easy!
puzzels. when will they realize this just slows the game down? if i want puzzels ill play Zelda. past POP games had just a little compared to the Wii version. so much it annoys me at times. i want to run up walls not do a memory puzzle at every door! this is the reason i took away one star. puzzles fine but base them on the acrobatic nature of POP games.
the last part of the game will have you redo the same puzzle over and over to open a teleport door. lucky the puzzle gets easier every time you have to use it.

Graphics. (textures)
the game has a nice look to it and the levels are very nicely designed.
it looks a little better than a Gamecube to me than a true Wii game. let me help to get one myth out of the world. the Wii is not a Gamecube with motion control. the Wii is about twice as powerful. yet for some reason only Nintendo shows us this. just compare this to something like Super Mario Galaxy. the problem is that the Wii got alot of Ps2 ports, this made gamers think the Wii is even weaker than it already is (next to the Ps3) Nintendo itself is also guilty of this even Twilight Princess, a wonderful game, is acually a GC game.
but i have to say FSwii does look great. even when Graphics can add alot to the experience its the gameplay that really is the hearth and soul of every game. and the Wii is in many ways ahead of the Ps3 and X360 only now they present a motion control controller to there concoles. off course Nintendo is likley on the way to present another true next gen console.
got a little side tracked there.
lets just say the graphics of FSwii serve their purpose. can unlock the SOT outfit, but for some reason wearing the SOT outfit the Prince his face doesnt move then even when he is talking. kinda lazy there Ubisoft.

in books or movies the story is the heart and soul. in games its the gameplay, but that doesnt mean a story cant add to the experience. look at the Zelda series. even Mario.
the Sands of time trilogy has a wonderful tale of coming of age for the main character. (the Prince) he starts as a young arrogant boy but ends as a noble king. its storytelling at its best. that doesnt mean there are no issues. like how can there be sands of time in the past (Warrior Within) if the Empress hasnt created it yet? why is the Dahaka after the Prince even when he never opened the hourglass?
this game is said to take place between Sands of time and Warrior within. granted on the Ps3 version characters and locations of Sands of time are mentioned. but here nothing. also the Prince seems to act like the arrogant young boy from the beginning of SOT, he is even after 'honor and glory' but at the end of SOT the Prince learned there is more to live than that, or there sould be to his. after playing the Wii version to the end, i would say this game takes place before SOT.
the story has the Prince find a genie on a market place, she promises to give him a kingdom and a princess, eager to prove himself to his father and to get honor and glory he sets out to claim this land. sadly he finds that the land is corrupt by a dark magic. after releasing an evil witch the Prince finds its his duty to save this land. or was that the Genies intent the hole time?
the ending (i will not spoil anything) left me a little confused. did the Prince save the land or not? you decide.
there is another issue i have with the story off both version in general, if they both take place between SOT and WW...then where is the Dahaka? or in the Wii version where is the sands of time?
is it even the sands of time on the Ps3 version? for a 'betweenquel' this story doesnt add anything to the SOT storyline. we dont learn anything new.
now before you mention it, the amulet the Prince had in WW? he got that from farah at the end of SOT right after he wakes up in the thomb. so i dont know what the second amulet on FSps3 is all about.
or does this game take place in the new timeline that was created when the Prince prevented the creation of the sands in WW?
as you can see it leaves alot of questions.

even more POPFS?
yes! i havent played them yet, but here is what i can figure.
there is the PSP version it to has its own story something about the Prince wanting to kill a monster that is after his family.
the DS version has the Prince in prison and doesnt know who he is, the genie of the Wii version returns to help him (so the DS version is a sequel to the Wii version?)
now if you like me happen to own a Wii DS PSP and Ps3 then there is alot of POP out there in one go. but if you happen to own just one like the Wii, then i can imagine you feel a little left out. i mean wich is the main game? what is the main story? are all 4 connected like chapters? perhaps there is no main story perhaps its just the game you happen to have.
but no wii/ps2 port? hey ubisoft you missed a change for a quick buck!

the wii version is twice as long as the Ps3 version (the wii is less powerful huh?) there are more chalenging moments, the gameplay is way more creative (thanks to the wiimote)
even the fighting is more intresting (but could we please get an option next time to swing the sword with B or something? my arm is getting tired!) graphics are nice yet not fully what the Wii could be capable off (think about the graphics of God of War 2 from the Ps2 only better) the story surves its perpose but could have been a bit more in some areas and the ending left me hanging. as a 'betweenquel' it feels more like a prequel.
this is really a game everyone that owns a Wii and or likes POP sould have.

oh and before i end this review i have a little warning for players in the PAL areas (Europe) im not sure but 'Prince of Perisa: Snes' may not be included.
thank you and see you around.
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on September 28, 2012
This was a great game and lots of fun. I rated it 5 stars for fun and entertaining. I only rated it 3 stars overall because in the middle of the game, there's some kind of fluke whereas the character has a mind of his own and starts sword fighting for no reason at all. The only way to control it is to take the battery out and then put the battery back in. I do not have problems with this in other games on the Wii. I could have received a bad game for all I know so I wanted to be fair about the game. It is challenging and fun and I do plan on buying the next sequel of Prince of Persia for Wii.
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on April 28, 2012
This is easily one of the better Wii games out there. I was skeptical of picking this up for 2 reasons. First being I haven't played a PoP game since the 1992 Speed Run, & Second, the reviews scared me lol. Once again i'm very happy that I did not let the negative points get to me. I'm very happy that I bought this game, I love it! The graphics are great, the controls are tight and responsive, and music is wonderful, the voice acting is pretty good, the story is still under review as I'm still playing it but so far it's been good. People find ANY reason to say something negative. I heard people say the BGM and SFX drowned out the characters voices in the game and made it hard to hear, and made the game terrible. To my surprise, there's an equalizer in the audio options that allow you to balance out the volumes of all sounds in the game to what feels right for your ears, so that can't even count as a problem. This game is action packed! GREAT free running and combat, huge stages to climb about, nice puzzle solving problems. I haven't played any other PoP besides Speed Run like I said, so I dunno what everyone else has gotten use to, and why they say this game is so terrible but this is the FIRST 3D PoP I have ever played and I think I'll continue playing more of them lol. I dunno how good Forgotten Sands is on the other consoles but on the Wii it's fantastic.
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on March 28, 2012
My gaming tastes are all over the board. I never know what I'll like until I do. Prince of Persia: The forgotten Sands had me a little baffled at first with a slight learning curve but quickly (like within 10 minutes) I had the hang of it and its great fun. Also LOVE the ability to unlock the classic 1992 game. I am also glad they pointed this out in the printed material instead of me having to hunt down this information on the internet. This is a little something I wish all developers did if available.
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on April 23, 2013
Learning to control prince is a little hard at first , but very easy once you play for a little while. Gives you light beams to guide your jumps ( if you can reach it). Fighting enemies , controls are easy to use. Has challenges that takes a little brain work, but they are logical. I usually don't play these type of games very often , but this one is really fun, not aggravating to control. Has a lot of side games in bonus, under secret maps, but have to unlock them as you play main game. You don't have to go out of your way to unlock them,progress in game does that. Have to say I am really happy and love to play this.
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on September 4, 2012
Once you get used to the controls the game is a lot of fun. Unlocking the first game was interesting since we missed it the first chance but started a new game to unlock it. Still playing the game and enjoying it so far. The only issue is that once the game locked up the Wii console. Had to turn everything off and had to wait for a few hours. It has not happened again so we didn't return the game.
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on December 13, 2012
Pretty good game. The game play is nice. Figuring out puzzles throughout the game is fun. Graphics arent bad. They could be a bit better. Powers you get in the game make it more complex and interesting and easier to get where you want instead of some set path you must take. Overall I think its a good game.
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on January 31, 2012
Those of us who like video games but perhaps don't have enough time to play them will find this to be a good fit. It's fun - easy yet engaging - and you can leave for a few hours, days, or weeks and yet still be able to come back and remember your place.

I wish it was a little bit...more. I'm a big Zelda fan, so I've been spoiled with the large, explorable maps and character interactions. This game is also a bit too easy - but as a diversion, it's definitely worth buying.
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