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on August 24, 2011
Before purchasing this, I really had a hard time deciding which headlamp to buy. It was either this, the Princeton Tec Apex Pro 200 Lumen Headlamp, or the Fenix HP10 7 Level 225 Lumen LED Headlamp.

Like many other people, I thought this headlamp was going to be a little in the heavy side because of the 4 AA batteries, but not quite! I have used this for about 4 weeks - used it in saltwater fishing and kayaking. I don't think this headlamp would be ideal if you're running or if you're going to wear this for long periods of time. So if you're in debate whether to get this or the PRO version, keep in mind what activity you are mostly going to use this for. Also, keep in mind that the PRO version has slightly less run time since the battery capacity is lower. So there is a trade off.

Now for the reason why I have this a 3-star mediocre review.

One night I was kayak fishing and my headlamp kept turning on and off sporadically so I figured that my head lamp was running low in battery or something was messing up the connections. When I took it home I saw that there was water condensation within the light housing! Keep in mind that his headlamp is supposed to be rated, PX7 (waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes). I know I did not go underwater or capsized with this lamp, just the occasional saltwater splash.

Anyways, I called Princeton Tec and they told me to send it to them for evaluation. They will either repair it or send me a brand new one (hopefully). The only bad part is that they said it will take about 4 weeks for them to send it to me!! I sent this lamp in on Aug 15 and with a tracking number, I saw that is was successfully delivered in their shop. However, the guy said that they either haven't received it yet or "it's just sitting a big bin somewhere with many other RMAs." That can not be a good sign. I should have just returned it to Amazon and bought it again. With Amazon prime, that would be way quicker than sending it for repair/replacement.

In summary, this headlamp is really good if you got a good pair like the other reviewers here. I would rate this headlamp 4-stars or even 5 stars. I had a really good experience with it. I really think that I just had a bad pair. So, f you have a problem with it, expect a long wait if you send to Princeton Tec. Just send it back to Amazon (if you're in return window of course).

Now that I think about it, Hurricane Irene is hitting the east coast this weekend. I hope it wont be too bad, but do I wish I had this lamp during the storm.

I have received the unit back and they just sent me a completely new one. One of the major problems that I see with this lamp is the O-ring. It can come out easily when you remove/replace the batteries, so be careful!
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on March 6, 2013
I've used an Apex several times a week for about 5 years now. I use them to the extent that they are covered with scratches and stains within the first month of use. It works well with NiMH rechargeable batteries.

#1 A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!! - I'm on my third one. Call for an RMA, ship it to them, they send you a new one. Doesn't matter what happened. If its not functional, you get a new one. No
hassle. They answer the phone promptly, and are courteous and efficient. A brand new light in retail packaging arrives in a couple weeks. You even get new set of 4 AA alkalines! How can
you lose with product backing of this quality?
#2 Brightness - Plenty bright to illuminate things to a distance of about 30-40 feet
#3 Comfort - The battery and illumination modules balance the harness nicely and the middle strap lets you loosen the side band. It doesn't rely on compressing your skull to stay in place.
This is really important for using it a long time. I can wear it for hours and completely forget its there.
#4 Battery life - I can work for hours before having to change batteries
#5 Versatility - Use the quad LEDs for max battery life and close up work, and the larger central LED for distance viewing like walking outside or bicycle riding.
#6 Waterproof - Make sure you don't lose that battery case o-ring when changing batteries...

#1 There is a flaw in its design. In the hinge on the front there are two little pieces that always break, making the light unable to hold its position. This is easy to remedy without sending back the light; just replace the broken pieces with little washers and you will have no further problems. I have a dedicated set of washers for this task that I keep ready to install when they are needed. I do this with every Apex I have, and also helped my co-workers fix theirs the same way.

#2 For automotive work, laying on your back on the floor under a vehicle can be a bit of a problem because the battery casing is normally on the back of your head. For these rare occasions I rotate the battery casing to the side of the harness so its on the side of my head. Feels weird but it works.
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on August 25, 2012
I started carrying this headlamp on a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail when the days started getting short, and right thru winter on the trail. It worked so well that it became a four season light in my pack. Generally thru hikers carry much, much lighter headlamps. I however can't shake this headlamp for a lighter one. It is a fantastic light, that takes a beating, and preforms perfectly. I carried this headlamp for 6,000 long distance miles on the Appalachian Trail. It did not fail, ever. Winter long distance hiking on the Appalachian Trail requires "night hiking", a lot of "night hiking". I clocked in some long hours in the dark, night after night, for months on end. It preformed flawlessly. I just can't give this light anything but 5 stars. This light has a voltage regulator. Four AA Lithium battery's will get you 50 hours of CONSISTENT burn time set on "4 LED LOW". Which is the mode I always night hiked with it in, and it was plenty of light to quickly cover miles on the Appalachian Trail at night. The 3 watt spot, and 4 LED HIGH are always available if you need more light, but both those modes increase battery power, and I used those modes sparingly (when needed). The 3 watt spot is super powerful, and is a handy tool to have, but use it sparingly, as it eats battery. 4 LED Low is plenty to night hike by.
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on September 14, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of light this headlamp provides. Having the capability to reduce the strength of each beam is an added bonus since usually we need only to light up our immediate surroundings in most cases, but the power to reach out very far is there. It is one of the best headlamps I have ever purchased. I use it on the ocean as well as on land around camp. It will definitely be in the car on long trips as well. It remains to be seen how long each battery installation lasts. A significant concern is the long-term comfort while wearing the headlamp. So far, it is very comfortable and light enough that I hardly notice that I have it on my head.
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on November 30, 2011
Great light with 6 settings. On the highest setting the amount of light put out is amazing but it does drain the CR123's pretty quickly. On the lowest setting light is still ample and the batteries last a long time. I use this backpacking and riding. Had a problem with the battery case cracking but contacted princeton and it was replaced quickly.
I use rechargeable Cr123's when I am using the light alot.
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on October 16, 2013
I been looking for the perfect ligt/headlamp. I think this is it. Its 3 ft waterproof. USA made. Lifetime warrenty. 3 things I like The four LED floods can be turned on high/low. The super bright 200 LUM spot light has high/low/flash setting. Takes 4 AA batteries. i use eneloop rechargables. I'm a member of 2 local cave groups. Many people use this same light. Basically use floods on low. Its plenty of light and conserves battery life. Use high flood or spot if/when you want or need more.
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on March 18, 2013
I've had this headlamp since last August and love it. I use a headlamp every night going out to and working around the barn, and don't like having to replace batteries frequently, so had been looking for a good adjustable lamp that took 4 AA batteries. This fit the bill perfectly. Last Fall we took it on safari with us and it was by far the brightest light at our campsite on the Serengeti. And when we needed to shower in the dark one evening, the lamp provided plenty of illumination from the shower area floor. I use rechargeable batteries, which last for weeks even with my constant daily use. One problem. The plastic parts where you adjust the beam up/down for some reason disintegrated. That's when I pulled out the little booklet that came with the lamp and realized it has a lifetime warranty. Called up Princeton Tec, got an RMA number from them and it's on its way for repair. I rate this headlamp 5 stars for the electrics, 5 stars for the warranty, 5 stars for the company's friendly customer service, but 3 stars for that plastic hinge setup. So overall a '4'.
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on March 14, 2013
This is the best headlamp I have ever owned. The buttons are intuitive and the light is super bright. I use this for everything outdoors at night (camping, hunting, hiking, etc) the headband is super comfortable and fits well over my hats if need be. Lithium batteries last forever if you use good power management. When the do run down a little red light starts flashing to alert you and is easily seen in your peripheral vision. I loved it so much I bought another one for my brother for Christmas and it is just as AMAZING. I love that it is waterproof as well and have used it many times in the pouring rain.
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on May 28, 2013
I needed a new headlamp for work, I was buying the ones from Lowes or Home Depot and they would last for a month or so before something stopped working or broke. I decided to do some research on buying a better one and after reading a ton of reviews I went with the Princeton Tec Apex 200, it was a good decision, it fits well and the controls are easy to get to and work, it has a low battery warning and a lot of light.
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on January 5, 2014
Overall it is a very nice light. I had no failures with the pivot point, it held firm. Very bright, very comfortable. My only issue is that mine failed when I dropped it 36" on to a wood floor. So how sturdy SHOULD a product like this be, and at what price point? The manufacturer can expect to see it used in very benign conditions like fixing plumbing, but can also expect some survival/ outdoor type use as well. I would like a headlamp that is sturdy enough to survive a drop from waist height, it is a very real world possibility that some one will drop their headlamp at some point. If you are in a wilderness/ camping/ marine/ or other risky situation you want something you can depend on to take some knocks. Of course in these scenarios you should also have a back-up. How much would I pay for a drop-tested, super durable headlamp? Probably between $100 to $200. For around the house, non-survival type use I would use a much cheaper light of course. So for around $80. should this light be more durable? Maybe. They do offer a good warranty so I will see if they will replace this.
Update: They sent a replacement no charge. Can't beat that, I'm a Princeton Tec fan for life.
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