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on November 4, 2009
Tattoo ink preference really depends on the artist. I have been a professional tattoo artist for 6 years now, And I'll tell you this. Most of the reviewers here are NOT professional artists. They are merely experimenting. And their reviews (in my opinion) are irrelevant. Back to the matter at hand. Prizm ink is GREAT ink to use...On fake skin or pig ears. To me it is considered pretty low on the totem pole. Yes, It is rich and thick. But it also comes with some issues. Like fading rapidly after the work has healed. Or being too chalky. Ink that is thick is decent. But ink that is TOO thick isn't good. In my opinion, Prizm is a little too thick for me. I'd never personally use it on human skin, Due to fast fading. And not bright, Lasting colors in skin. What people fail to realize is...Ink looks GREAT, In the bottle, But the pigment will slightly change when it's in human skin. It's about experimenting with your colors, Personally. I don't use just one brand of ink. It depends on the work. If you're looking for a good starter set, I'd reccommend things like Kuro Sumi, Or Starbrite inks. Stay away from...Millenium, Iron Butterfly, Prizm, And Skin Candy (Unless it's outlining ink) As always though. Superior tattoo, Has the best products on the planet.
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on April 27, 2008
When I ordered this for my aspiring brother, I expected something totally different. Usually when you order a product that claims to have multiple items in it, you get a few colors that are the same.

This wasn't the case at all! Every color was different and even had very vibrant and lifelike colors included. Everything from tobacco sauce red to your basic black.

I was most pleased at the packaging. I figured I would have to sort through a box full of bottles when it arrived but I didn't. The kit contains four boxes with seven colors inside. The boxes contain see through windows so you can view the colors and anyone opening this as a gift can see immediately what they are getting.

For anyone who is wanting to become a tattoo artist or already is one, I quickly recommend this product. You won't be dissapointed.
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on April 23, 2010
This ink is horrible. I have been tattooing for 10+ years and used this ink one time on myself and it was needless to say an embarrassment. The color didnt stay, and it looked like it tends to puff up under the skin when the tattoo is healed. It was no error on my part either. Its just bad quality ink. I have seen other art where this ink was used and scarring occurred because of the overworking of the skin to get the ink in. If you are "Serious" on becoming a tattoo artists, and want a great "Rep" because lets face it, a good rep will bring you in clients. Go buy Starbrite, or Intenze inks. They are more on the expensive side, but well worth it in the long run. And more importantly your clients will be happier and will most likely come back to you for work.
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on March 7, 2011
I always try an unfamiliar product on myself before using it on a client. Just like all the other reviews state, the end result is extremely faded. Yes, Prizm is a whole lot cheaper than other inks but honestly, don't waste your money. The tattoo looks great right when it's done but loses half it's color after it has healed. Not quality ink at all. Don't do your clients that way. Spend a little more, get a little more.
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on February 22, 2010
If u go into a shop and this garbage is being used..RUN. Get some better inks like starbrite(iron butterfly-meets EU standards),intenze or even Millennium(moms).For practice it's fine. one star for that.
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on May 10, 2009
i bought this set expecting a larger bottle size... i guess i forgot to read it would be 1/2 oz sizes... cuase i was expecting 2 oz or at least 1 oz.

this ink is rich and thick in color/texture... it def looks great in the skin... bold and bright. and on the darker colors, they come out bold and dark.... so far my fave one to use is the special Tribal Black they have in this set. i have used the reg black just to find out how big of a diff there is b/t that one and the tribal black.. i'd have to say the tribal black just comes out looking fuller and darker... i don't know if this ink company makes bigger sizes of just the Tribal Black color alone, but i am most interested in picking up a big bottle of it... it's one of the best Tribal Black's i've used... it ranks among some of my top fave tribal blacks to use... including others of the Tribal Black Pass from Joker Tattoo Supply, Kurosumi, etc...

the colors included in this set mostly incl. alot of diff shades of blue, red, a few shades of purple (violet, dark purple, lilac), about 7 diff shades of green.... the set mostly focuses on those colors cuase in this set those colors have about 7-8 diff shades. i was surprised to see a couple bottles of brown (brown, dk brw, and tan), some yellow and oranges, some pink... the set has some good variety in colors, i'll give it that...but if you're like me and you're lookin to buy ink at a low price but get big sizes, then you might want to rethink this purchase.... unless you want 1/2 oz sizes... it's still not a bad purchase though... good for if you just starting out, cuase this is alot of diff colors at a very low price... but if you're lookin for a bit more, you may want to shop the 1 1/2-2oz sizes and up... i guess it depends on how much you're going to be tattooing and goin thru the ink... if you're in a shop, then this is not going to be a good purchase for you since you'll go thru it like water... but if you're apprenticing, then it may work out for you.

i'm only giving it 4 stars becuase of the size of the inks - the 1/2 oz... i'd throw it 5 stars if they were say at least 1 oz size... all in all not a bad set or purchase, but there is better out there... just got to look around for them deals..
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on June 16, 2010
Do not buy this ink. I thought initially it would be great, and like they say, you get what you pay for. Spend the extra couple bucks and buy some Intenze, Starbrite, or Eternal. Promise you the extra money is worth it. Dont waste your time.
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on June 27, 2014
really the only thing i didnt like about these inks in only half of them came with drippers to pour the ink into caps, but the ink takes well, is bright and so far no fading, everyone else i guess just needs to learn to put ink in skin, im just a scratcher but works well for me, keep trying amatures lol
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on August 28, 2013
Was shipped fast good packing. Just got done giving these "inks" a hell of a try. some of the ink was so thick you couldn't get it out the bottle, were as others ran like water. If you can get the color in the skin with out scaring its very light even the tribal black. My rinse cup never turned black even after dumping a large cap of tribal black straight in the water. I did however have color alteration in the water and flakes of color floating in the water. Had to change tubes several times because they were clogging up. $50 wasted but lesson learned. Never again horrible buy if I could I would have given this crap negative stars. Only good for practice skins only and still won't waste a practice skin on this crap, will pay the extra and stick with millenium moms ink myself
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on March 7, 2010
I purchased these awhile ago and since I was new to the tattoo world I thought this was great...NO! Just practicing with these colors was crap. The first test runs were fine but it got thick and clotty and did not blend well...I would not not not not NOT recommend Prizm ink to anyone...if your serious about tattooing get some legit ink and legit supplies from a reputable place that sales professional quality products....
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