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on July 22, 2012
 I was curious about this controller so I bought me one. Not that I have a problem with the Sony DS3 controller but wanted to check out what the whole fuzz about the XBOX360 buttons layout has a better feel. First thing you will notice it is huge making the thumbsticks feel tall. So the thumbstick throw from one end to the other (left to right/down to up etc.) feels long and slow. Not a bad thing just a different feel to it. The D-pad/X/O/TRIANGLE/SQUARE/L1/R1 has a tiny stiff feel to it but perform well with games where you are required to press a buttons repeatedly. L2 & R2 trigger design are comfortable with the pressure sensitive feeling somewhat twitchy. In other words not as smooth as the DS3. For example, In a racing game like GT5 it is a lot harder to maintain the accelerator at low rpms. To find out if this is a problem or not I loaded up GT5 (L2 braking/R2 acceleration). After setting lap times and switching controllers between dS3 & Power A, turns out both controllers set similar times. Just a different feel to it. The L3/R3 buttons do need to be push a little harder than the DS3. I did not find any deadzones in this controller as some say there is. The controller housing has a smooth grip feel to it. Games I tested with are GT5, GTA IV, GOW3, RDR, Dead Space 2, RE5, Skyrim, TR:Underworld, inFamous, Birds of Steel(works great with this game) and many more. All perform well but with one slight problem with the left thumbstick. It seems like it is registering as if the thumbstick is pressing to the right while the thumbstick is in neutral position. Only seen this happen in Uncharted 1 & 2. When the player character is hanging from a ledge. This does not really affect gameplay but it is there. I posted a video to show what I mean. All other games I tested does not have this problem. Will this controller replace my DS3? No, but I have not being able to put it down either. In conclusion it is a great controller with room for improvement. 4 out of 5 stars.
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on June 9, 2012
This controller has completely transformed the way I play the PS3. The standard controllers are pretty lame since they're holdovers from the 1995 Playstation 1 !!!
The Pro Ex makes games where response time and precision a lot more fun to play. They feel a lot like 360 controllers and as a result I jump on the PS3 a lot more often for games that I have on both platforms. My kill ratio in MW3 has gone up considerably, I can now get a ratio of close to 2:1 on a regular basis. I used to get more like 1.1:1.
I am now a total believer in this controller.
I'm going to buy a couple of spares right now.
PS3 is now my go to platform. Now if Sony could only publish more 1080p games...
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on September 17, 2010
Been using this controller for about a week now and so far its been functioning well, Its light even with the rumble but not too light like the sixaxis. The feel of the controller is smooth like matte or suede. The grips are a nice touch and help if you get sweaty palms and in those cases where that leads to dropping your controller; with the grips this most likely will never happen. I've been mostly playing FPS games with this controller and its been excellent it feels like your playing on xbox 360, the whole controller is mapped like the 360 controller down to the shoulder buttons which look and feel like the xbox controller.
The controller is good for fps games mostly as I tried playing fighting games (MKvsDC,SSF4 etc and it did'nt fair to good thanks to the d pad which is better then 360s but not by a lot.

The only small problem I have with this controller is that you can't turn on your ps3 with it by pressing the home button on the controller instead you'll have to manually do it. Which is not huge negative, you can just turn on your ps3 while your plugging in your controller. But that added convenience would of been nice but its a 3rd party controller so I understand some features would be missing like motion controls; which I didn't care one bit because the ps3's motion controls is a joke and most people forget that it even has that function

There is a wireless version but it costs a little more. All in all I'd recommend this to any ps3 owner whose looking for a great alternate ps3 controller, its the best one out in the market from my use with it.
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on February 13, 2014
If you're looking to play PS3 games with an Xbox 360 controller, this isn't bad... but... it could be better.

Firstly, the controller works. Just fine, no problems. Can't speak for it's lifespan, but there you go. The Home Button features 4 lights which like the Xbox 360 indicates which of the 4 player positions your controller occupies. It's a nice improvement over the PS3's original design.

The whole controller has a strangely textured surface which actually feels pretty nice. The handles however offer what can only be decribed as a "grip" texture, but due to the material, it's simply too slippery to make a difference, and if anything it'll just be a weird rough surface on your palms as you play. The control stick caps are obviously made of a cheap rubber, so if anything goes first, I'm betting on those.

The controller is both an improvement over the PS3 and a step back. I'll try to weigh the pros and cons.

Firstly, all of the buttons click. The face buttons, the start and select, the shoulder buttons, the d-pad, and even the sticks click into place just as you'd want. Gone are the terrible L2 and R2 which sloped away from your fingers and required too much of a push. The L2 and R2 this time around are recessed just like triggers and while they have less of a push than the PS3, they also have less of a push than the Xbox 360, just barely missing than ever so slight sweet spot.

The control sticks are both recessed as well with a small circle of bumps to help keep your grip. Ignoring material quality, this is a definite step up from PS3. The d-pad is better as well, being one solid, slightly recessed, and textured, tiltable button. It's not as good as the 360's more radial d-pad, but it does the job without hurting your thumb.

Now for two big drawbacks. It's much deeper than both the PS3 and Xbox 360, which results in taller control sticks than either controller. This means slightly more travel time between the control sticks and d-pad or face buttons. In addition, the face controls are much farther away from the shoulder buttons, resulting in bumpers that sit right under your index finger, rather than curving into the joint which allows those rapid clicks. Your thumb and index finger will be noticeably further apart than with either of the other two controllers, so your comfort, and by extension your reaction time, is likely to suffer.

HOWEVER, the controller is a solid block of gaming. It's got a good weight to it, and clearly isn't hollow in the handles like the PS3 controller.

If you thought the original PS3 controller was too small, this will probably be an excellent step up for you.

If you prefer a closer arrangement of buttons for those precious milliseconds, you might prefer the original PS3 controller.

As for me, I'm having trouble deciding. My hands aren't big enough to feel completely comfortable with the Pro EX, but the three big improvements on the d-pad, shoulder buttons, and control sticks are a tempting argument.

I'll switch off between the two for now and see which sticks, but if POWER A makes a smaller PS3 controller, consider me there.
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on March 8, 2011
As people have already noted, the dead zone is huge. I totally agree with this statement. I see this as a huge problem for serious gamers or for even the casual FPS fan. I am not one of these people. I enjoy adventure, action and sports titles. So the dead zone, while still large and quite noticeable, doesn't have a drastic/negative effect for me. Overall I like how the controller is laid out, the comfort of the grips and mimicked XBox design. I used to get thumb fatigue when playing a couple straight hours of games. Not anymore.

Overall design and layout = great comfort
I chose the cord version due my concerns with the wireless lag. The cord is very long and provides plenty of range.

D-pad is quite horrible. In sports game it's used to adjust and call plays. It seems far too sensitive. You have to tap it ever so slightly or it'll scroll through all the menus and options. Quite annoying.
Dead zone - while I noted it wasn't a big factor to me, it's still large and noticeable while I play. The controller stick just doesn't have the same response as the DS3 and will take an adjustment period.

Overall I think it's a great controller at the price. I have broken 2 of my old DS3 controllers and don't think they're worthy of spending $45-$55 for a new one, when I know it's going to break again and I have this controller as an option.
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on June 19, 2015
Garbage. Bought it in Feb of 2015, it crapped out June of 2015 and I am not a hardcore gamer like I use to be, picked it up a few times when I had some downtime. So disappointed, worked great at first then buttions stick after a few months. Also, they have a 30 day return policy, as if they expected their product to crap out and screw over their customers.
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on November 28, 2011
I didn't really care about the Xbox 360 form factor of this controller when I bought it, but now that I have it it feels much better in my hands than the official Ds3. I like the grip, and it is a bit bigger and fits in my hands better than the sony controller ever did. I bought this controller for a backup, and I basically wanted the cheapest controller that wouldn't break in a week, as it will only be used occasionally for split screen gaming. I really like it now that I have it though, and honestly I am considering using it as a primary controller. The dead zones are certainly larger, but do not seem to be as big of a problem for me as others have mentioned (I do play lots of FPS', and it didn't seem like much of a problem to me. I also wanted to make sure it would work with the recent firmware update, confirmed by the power A support section on their website -
"Sony recently updated the PS3 firmware to version 3.50, which - according to several media outlets - has caused issues with some third-party controllers because they utilize the PS3 USB ports. We have thoroughly tested our Pro Series controllers for PS3 and have found that even with the PS3 firmware update, POWER A controllers still function perfectly during gameplay. The only effect of the firmware update is that the 'Player Indicator' lights no longer show the player number assigned to the controller, but instead light up Player 1 and 2 simultaneously."
Sounds good to me! It is also nice to have a ps button that actually works on one of these controllers, a feature many don't have. Oh! and rumble! that's a nice touch too. I like this controller, if it had less dead zone issues it would get a 5, but they bother me just enough for me to dock a half star.

Man I love this controller. I broke my arm yesterday, so I have a very large cast immobilizing my left arm and preventing full movement of my fingers. I can't use my dualshock 3 because of my cast, but since the Power A had the Xbox 360 controller layout it works just fine. I've been playing Red Dead for hours and it is just awesome.
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on December 1, 2011
Good solid, sturdy feel and good build quality
Grips for those who have sweaty palms

The only issue I had with this controller is that the sticks are not.responsive as they should be. I have to move them all the way left and right to get a response in the dashboard. In shooter games this could be a potential problem.
The grip sometimes hurt my hand when playing to long because of bumpy protruded texture.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase, it was a good buy. I prefer it over Sony's controller.
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on November 26, 2011
This controller's great for first person shooters, second only to the PS3 controller.
With most FPS games it works almost as good as the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller by sony.

The X Circle Square and Triangle buttons are as good as the sony controller,

The R1 and R2 triggers are a little bit larger, but are just as responsive.

R1 and R2 are MUCH better than the official controller in every way.

The right and left analog sticks are obviously in the Xbox style, they're spaced far apart. I have somewhere between small and medium sized hands and I'm barely comfortable with the layout. Someone with larger hands would fit this controller better though.

The overall look and design of the controller's top notch, much more smexy looking than the official. The exterior of the controller seems to be made out of a non-glossy plastic that grips pretty well, and feels very solid. I hear no strain whatsoever when I try to crush the controller, and the handles (For a lack of better words) have a diamond texture which insures you'll NEVER lose your grip on the controller. You'd injure yourself before that happened!

Pressing L3 and R3 is a bit more difficult than the PS3 official controller... But by no means does it deter you from gaming. You just need to adjust to it a little.

Lasty, the analog stick's deadzone...

It's not that bad actually. I was expecting worse. It's not as good as the PS3 official controller, for sure, but it's manageable. You have to push the analog controller about 1/4th of the way in one direction to see movement. It takes some adjusting, but you can master the controller. Just don't put it down as soon as you try it and you'll get the hang of it.
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on May 1, 2015
I got this controlled for my PS3, which I've had for some time. In all that time I never got another controller for it. I just use the original Duoshock 3 that came with it. Lately though I've been noticing the battery life dwindling. So I wanted an option of a wired controller so I wouldn't have to worry about it. When I started looking I found controllers that replicate the X-Box controller format and I do prefer that to the Playstation's. Many were over $20 especially if they had good reviews and I didn't see paying too much money for what is now an older console. I found the Pro EX for $10 with shipping which is right where I wanted to be.

I don't regret it at all! The controller feels great in my hands with comfortable rubberized grips and from triggered that are much more functional than the Duoshock's front buttons. The cable is a nice long ten feet allowing me plenty of moving room even though it is wired. Functionally, I notice no different between it and the original. Buttons, analog sticks and vibration feel just great. No motion control (but who cares? Never use that on the duoshock anyway). Also, be aware that his controlled cannot turn on the PS3, which makes perfect sense since, being wired, it has no power until you turn on the console. You CAN turn off the console from the controller though.

The only real gripe I have is with the analog thumbsticks. They have a rubberized coating that I'm sure will break sooner or later. It reminds me of the thumbsticks pf my old S-controllers for the original X-box that ended up all breaking. Its a minor thing so I took off no star but it is there. I would have preferred the hard plastic of the newer controllers.

The only real gripe is
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