Customer Reviews: Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PS3
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on September 11, 2010
Personally, i feel the the 360 has a great controller for their system. Not that the PS3's is bad, but i really do enjoy the size of the 360's controller. So, when i first heard of this 360 controller for the PS3, i was pretty excited about it.

Unfortunately, it seems like i may have to keep looking.

The Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PS3 looks pretty great at first, and, in all honesty, isn't that bad. But it seems like it could have been so much better. The product ships with the controller, a USB dongle (for your wireless play), and a cord to charge it with.

1) Great size and weight. Very similar to the Xbox's
2) Buttons have a nice glow feature that can be turned on or off by holding the select button and hitting the circle button.
3) Improved triggers (L2/R2). They're not quite a big as the 360's and they aren't as mushy as the PS3's. It's a nice hybrid.
4) The D-Pad seems to function well. Not as good as the PS3's in my opinion, but certainly much better than the 360's.

Neutral (Pro or Con?):
1) The Grip: I wasn't quite sure where to put this so I'll just mention it here. The grip has a rough, somewhat jagged surface. It seems like it will give you a great grip in long play sessions when your hands may get a bit sweaty, but it also seems like it may hurt some people's hands. I was indifferent about it.

1) HUGE dead zone in the analog sticks

Honestly, this con killed it for me. For those who may not understand what a dead zone is: It is basically the area on the analog stick where the controller won't respond. For example, if you ever so slightly nudged the analog stick on your PS3 controller, you'd notice nothing would happen. However, if you pushed it about half way to the edge, you'd noticed that the controller finally responds. That area where it doesn't respond is considered the "dead zone".

On this controller, the dead zone seems way too large. While this may not matter for all games, it can be horrible for games that require you to be a bit more precise. For example, while playing Call of Duty, it was very difficult for me to get those slight adjustments in my aim.

Overall, the controller is decent. Not terrible, but not that great either. If they ever fix the dead zone in the future, than this controller would easily be worth a 4/5 or 5/5.
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on November 5, 2010
Okay, I will say this. Out of every video game controller I have ever used, and I have pretty much used them all, the Xbox 360's controller is my favorite. It has the perfect weight, the triggers are placed in the perfect position, the thumbsticks have the concave(inward) groove to have your thumb rest in, and the most important feature for me, and many others: the reversed analog sticks. Now as much as I love my PS2 and PS3, I couldn't do extensive gaming sessions because I have larger hands and having the thumbsticks mounted at the bottom of the controller started to take wear on my hands quickly each time I picked up the controller. However, seeing how my 360 died not too long ago, I was/am left only with my PS3, and the controller I fear. What was I to do? Well Power A came to the rescue, and not only did they restore the happiness of my hands with a PS3 controller, Power A also proved that third party companies can make great products with the right resources and commitment.

First of all, you get all the features of the Sony brand in here. Six-Axis, dual rumble, and a built-in rechargeable battery; for $39.96 whereas the Sony brand is still $54.99. Now as for the performance, this is where I was on the fence about picking up this controller. I heard that the response time of the analog sticks were horrible and that the buttons would stick. Well after playing nearly 15 hours of Fallout New Vegas, I have had only one little kink, and that is if you have something blocking the dongle that is plugged into your usb slot, the controller will sync up around the obstruction. Example, I was my bed and I had my controller propped up my knees. My hands fell into my lap, and the controller's led ring blinked for about 3 seconds and presto, no problems after that. My knees were between my usb dongle and my controller, and it still worked great.

Now as for the unresponsiveness of the analog sticks. Honestly I haven't had any lag or dead-zones. On top of that, I'm using the Grip-Its on top of the sticks, and they still are flawless. Again, been playing New Vegas for about 15 hours, and no problems aiming in any direction...its just as smooth and responsive at the Sony analog sticks. Button sticking was a problem I haven't come across yet, either. As for the texturing on the sides of the controller, I don't get why its causing tons of concern. The only way I see the grips becoming a problem is if you are gripping your controller like a vice.

Overall, I'm 110% satisfied with this controller, and can easily recommend it to anyone who has a PS3, but wants a 360-like design for it...and without sacrificing any of the features of the original Dualshock 3. And one more thing, the battery life for the Power A is just as long as the Dualshock 3, and fortunately charges faster too. I'm actually considering getting a few as gifts for friends. Nice job Power A, you have a happy customer!
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on September 26, 2010
First let me say that I own both the Xbox 360 and PS3. As far as the controllers are concerned, I much prefer the size and feel of the 360 controllers. With the PS3 controller the base of my left thumb will hurt considerably after a few minutes. As far as my review of this controller is concerned, I highly recommend if you prefer the 360 controllers over the PS3.

- I found the sticks responsiveness as good the PS3 controllers - no issues there
- The size and layout is exactly the same as the 360 controller (obviously having the same layout is great from a gaming consistency perspective when switching back and forth between the PS3 and 360)
- The buttons are back lit with red light. Great for night time gaming given the light is subtle and therefore not distracting. Also, you can turn it off if you don't like it.
- Some reviewers have complained about the textured grips - I happen to like it given the controller is lighter than the 360's so it "sticks".

- The biggest issue is that you can NOT turn the PS3 console on via the remote (you CAN turn it off, however)
- This controller uses a USB dongle for the wireless connection, blue tooth would provide a more reliable connection. As a result, you need a clear line of site to the console and is susceptible to "pillow/blanket" block.
- As mentioned, the controller is lighter than the 360 due to the 360's detachable battery. I prefer the extra weight of the 360. It does have that "cheap" feel to it relative to the 360
- Lastly, it's made in China.

I can't speak to the charge duration as I've had it for just a week, after a few weeks I'll update my review on that aspect.

Overall, this is a very good 360 controller for the PS3 and its allowed me to play PS3 games pain free. As a result, I'm buying two more for back ups.
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on August 31, 2010
SO I picked up one of these at Toys 'r US yesterday and thus far I must say i'm impressed. The reason I picked up this controller in the 1st place is because I primarily play a lot of shooters on my Xbox 360 and the transition to the PS3 controller was always a bit of a PITA (pain in the a$$) due to the placement of the analog sticks and the shoulder buttons as well as the fact that for someone with larger hands, using the analog sticks became painful after extended play.

Design-wise it's a handsome gadget, flat black with buttons that light up (a nice touch, especially for a $35 controller), a bit on the light side, but that's not a deal-breaker. For the most part it feels solid and well-built and has a textured grip that feels great in my hands. It comes with a USB dongle that has to be plugged into one of the USB ports on your PS3 and to charge it has a mini-USB cable that attaches from the controller to the dongle. It would've been nice if it was bluetooth out the box, but hey, it's a $35 controller and still managed to include sixaxis control and rumble. It took about 40 mins to charge fully once I got it out the box. Setup took a min or two for syncing.

This controller to a large degree mimics the layout of the 360 pad, especially in the placement of the analog sticks-spaced further apart so my thumbs don't start hurting after extended play. Just as importantly, the shoulder buttons (primarily the R2 and L2)have been lengthened slightly to give them more of a "trigger" feel that for me improves play when using for shooters.The only thing I don't particularly like about the analog sticks is they have a bit too much give and could've been a bit stiffer. The D-pad seems ok, I don't play a lot of fighting games, so it's not something I can give much input on.

Overall,I think for those of us who have issues with the standard PS3 controller this is a great buy. I'm thinking of going back through some games collecting dust as it really does give a whole new life to playing on my PS3 again.
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on August 3, 2013
I wanted an alternative to the dualshock controller because I cannot compete in MW2 with the PS3 controllers sticks. I thought this might be the solution because the sticks are farther apart. The controller material feels nice in your hands but all of the controls are set up high. They are on a weird angle from your hands. The sticks themselves are way to tall for my taste but the overall flawed part of this controller is the fact that it disconnects very often. It has almost no range beyond 12 feet and if there is ANY obstruction between the controller and the receiver then it will drop the connection. I'm saying you can't even have a sock sitting on a table. If it is in the line of sight for this controller it will drop the connection.

They need to smash the whole thing down so it is flatter, shorten the sticks to about 1/2 their current height, and get a solid connection to the receiver to be considered worth while for hardcore gamers.

**EDIT 8-10-2013***

Observations after the first 50 hours use. The left analog stick gets 'stuck' (literally physically) in the up position. Maybe it will wear in and not get stuck after more use? I do not see what it is getting stuck on. The diamond buttons are really good. The d-pad misfires often. It happens most to me on the down side of the pad. Dead zone is not that bad in my opinion. It does rumble but it's not very powerful. It is definitely a worthwhile controller for the casual gamer. Hardcore pro's will want something more precise.
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on August 16, 2013
After buying our PS3, we were impressed by everything but the controllers. I know, millions of people like the Dual Shock style best. For a long time, so did we. But now we prefer the concave sticks with textured nubs of the 360, as well as its stick placement.

Frankly, we didn't expect much from the Pro Elite. PowerA has always made the kind of controller you pull out when your friends are coming over, not one that you use every day. I also wasn't too impressed by their MOGA Pocket controller for Android, so we bought this one only because it was cheap (under $20 when we bought it), wireless, had Sixaxis motion detection, and had the left stick in our preferred location.

How surprised we were to find that we liked the Pro Elite better than not only the Sixaxis/Dual Shock, but the real Xbox 360 controller too. It's weighted nicely, charges quickly from any USB source (and you can keep playing on the PS3 while it does), the buttons, triggers and sticks are really responsive and placed nicely, and the textured grips feel great. Yes, other reviewers have complained that they're hard plastic, not rubberized. We consider that a plus, since hard plastic with the texture cut into it is a lot less likely to attract dust and get slippery than a rubberized coating. After over a hundred hours of combined play since buying it, neither of us has had the texture dig into our hands as some have described. It feels great.

While it's a wireless controller, it comes with a USB receiver that must be plugged into the PS3. For us this actually a bonus, because it turned out to also work as a standard PC gamepad with our laptops and with our Tronsmart Android TV stick. (We've only tried it with D-pad-and-buttons games on those machines so far, though.) We haven't tried plugging it into the PS3 through a USB hub, so we don't know if you can use more than two at once. But most of the time, it's just the two of us playing, anyway.

So, just before writing this review, I ordered a second one. Now the spare controller we pull out when we're playing with friends will be the Sixaxis that came with the PS3.
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on January 8, 2013
My fiance is going to paste in his review of this remote:

I have been using the standard "dualshock" remote and others, since around the time PS1 was released.
(I was in my early 20's at the time) Being a man with very large hands, I found the original(PlayStation=PS heretofore) design flawed. When grasping the PS controller with both hands using the middle, pinky and 2nd fingers, leaves a large gap for the index finger and thumb, to close in onto the 4 front bumper buttons and directional arrows, Tri. Cir. X & Sq. Buttons,as well as the dual joysticks. This as you might imagine, causes longer delays in reaction time, because of finger closing the gasp to the buttons, differences. Also the lack of concave tips(joysticks) causes thumb slides, during gameplay.

Without modification add-ons like pelican trigger & FPS freek:

Getting the best control of Stock PS style controllers, would be impossible.

Power A has solved this issue, with an intuative controller that amounts to near perfection for the trifecta, issues with PS controller. Some would say Xbox created the first controller like this. Not true, I saw them before the xbox release(around PS2 timeframe), by now defuncted companies. Their style might not have been at the par, they now, but still they were functional.

I have never experienced, the "lag" other reviews claim exists, between, this and stock PS3 controllers, but I don't allow anything to block the direct line of sight between, the controller, and USB transmit/receive device plugged into a direct USB port, I use the other for NZXT Cryo notebook cooler
To keep PS3 from getting freez-ups due to hot GPU chip(video) and other internal parts, then connect Sony's Move Wand/dual controller charger, and other accessories to those USB ports

The the two rear grips, that make the power A the most stable in gameplay, also allows the user to hold this controller with just the, hands(knurled backs allow skin to breathe), using the 2nd and pinky fingers, with the L2 /R2 triggers having a slip guard, allowing full control with the index, pointer, and thumb, while preventing the pinky's from slipping off! The analog sticks, directional arrows, and 4 buttons, have powerful springs, allowing fast return, to default positions, while still providing faster movement functions.

I had a Batman Arkham asylum controller, (madcatzs with Treyarch) that the 4 action buttons springs, which got soft within 2 weeks, & was RMAed another, unfortunately, it did the same. You don't see them less then 2 years after their release. This is the 3rd Power A, we bought. The first still works flawlessly, after almost 2 years, the others is only 7 months old.

I still add FPS Freek (Infinity), [left stick]for games like COD ll, MW3, Resistance 3, Metal of Honor Warfighter, etc. as the extra height allows for faster movements, and FPS Freek(classic) for the right stick, which gives more precise aiming control when using faster controller view & aim settings in game(my preference) but I still use the Power A, as is, just as often for the same games

You should enjoy the quality build, of this controller, I know my friends and I do. I'll follow up with this controllers build quality in a few months.
(I expect it will be working the same, and btw I'm hard on controllers!)
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on September 30, 2013
Bought this for my girlfriend who prefers the Xbox 360 controller over the PS3's. Having this controller sitting side by side an actual 360 controller, you can see some differences obviously but the sticks and the feel to the controller are almost identical. Neither of us have experienced any lag when playing any games, was easy to set up! I can understand some people are unhappy that there is a USB dongle that takes up one of your ports to be able to use this controller but I feel that is a minor flaw with as good of a controller as this is. Only complaint I have is that this controller is unable to turn on the PS3 when pressing the PS Button (Home button on here). Again, not too big of a deal since my PS3 is right next to where I have my controllers sitting. Would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants an Xbox 360 like controller for their PS3!

On a quick side note, I had purchased a Warehouse Deals: USED GOOD CONDITION item and the controller looks brand new! Packaging was clearly opened but item was all there and clean! Just in case anyone was worried about going on the cheaper side of things!
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on January 14, 2014
I wanted a third controller for my PS3. I wanted it to be wireless. This was a cheap option.. and the wired controller I bought by Power A is nice. The construction of this one is equally as nice.. but the connection to the ps3 is kind of lame. It does not connect with the built-in wireless so you can only run a maximum of 2 of these wireless controllers. Also... if the controller is not fully charged.. it will not sync with the receiver.. meaning the little button is not red to push to connect the controller. The only fix I found for this is to plug the controller into my PC and once it is charged.. unplug and replug so the receiver will turn on.

If i had it all to do over again.. I would have just bought a Sony controller.
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on April 14, 2014
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who needs a wireless PS3 remote. We've been charging it for over 8 hours, stopping every two to check to see if the charge has taken. it hasn't. Terribly irritating.
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