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on September 30, 2012
I don't usually write reviews but in this case I felt it necessary due the negative reviews I've seen. All the complaints on how the manufacturing was off and it wouldn't fit together and the instructions were poor and it rocked and squeaked etc. had me real worried that I bought a lemon. Unfortunately I saw the reviews after I purchased one but it was still in the box and I considered returning it. But I decided to take a chance as I can usually fix anything even though I shouldn't have too. This unit had the features I was looking for, rear wheel (less linkage that way), adjustable stride, magnetic resistance, decent display, pulse, enough different programs and resistance levels and it folds somewhat, so I decided to take a chance and assemble it.

Well mine went together without a hitch, no filing sanding etc. I was expecting the worst based on all the reviews but that never came to fruition. Everything fit well an lined up properly. Putting the arms together where you have to insert the shafts was a little bit tricky because of the close tolerances but you want that in a bearing surface, you don't want lose and sloppy. Using a c-clamp to press the shafts in worked like a champ and the movement then was smooth without any binding. The holes and bushing were a tight fit, but you want that, filing sanding is going to introduce slop which is detrimental in the the long run.

I found the instructions more then adequate. Good pictures showing each piece and item numbers on the fasteners that you could cross reference in the parts list to know the size and even had the fastener item number next to the fastener on the card containing them. Have no idea what people are looking for that said the instructions were poor.

As far as operation once it was assembled, smooth as silk. No squeaking no rocking, nothing like that at all, very solid and smooth. I wonder if the people that complained about the rocking knew the about the levelers on the ends of each the three footing bars and adjusted them. And for the squeakers I wonder if enough of the supplied grease was applied and not only in the bore of the bushings and on the shafts but also on the face of the bushings.

The only complaint I have is some scuffing on some of the plastic in spots but that does not affect operation. And could have been caused by me transporting it home because I laid it down in the bed of my truck and it slid around a bit on the way. Its packaging it meant for it to be standing.

I was contemplating whether to give this a 4 or a 5 because to me a 5 pretty much implies perfect. I decided to give it a 5 because although it may not be perfect my experience assembling it was uneventful, it's operation is smooth and as described, and it has the features I was looking for.
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on July 2, 2012
I did lots of research on elliptical's before deciding to buy this one. I bought this one, because A) I tested it at a sporting goods store and thought it was amazing for the price, and B) there were no reviews of it available anywhere, because it was new. No reviews in my mind, meant, no negative reviews to turn me off from it like there were for every single other elliptical I considered.

Cutting to the chase, it works well. It has adjustments so you can set the pedals between 16 and 20", whereas I typically use mine at 19" and I'm only 5'5". There is a total of 18 program settings, 9 that focus on how many calories you want to burn, and 9 that focus on how long you want exercise. There is also a manual setting.. just start peddling, increase resistance and go until you want to stop. This is the setting I typically use, at resistance level 6, for 20 minutes. Burns me 250 calories. Not bad.

Other capabilities are the myfit option, which excited me when I bought it, but you have to purchase some things separately for about another $100, which I will probably never do. It also has a build in Ipod dock, that i have not tested. I prefer to watch a video on my laptop off to the side while exercising.

Now the cons, and honestly, this will be enough to make me wish there were reviews before I bought this. These cons may or may not, only apply to MY elliptical, however.
-It rocks back and forth. And again, I'm small, light, and am not using a lot of resistance or effort, so it's a structural issue. As you see in the picture of it, it doesn't have a lot of support at the front to keep it down.
-Mine squeaks like crazy. Although I know why, and I'll tell you, it is the most annoying thing ever. Although I can get away with dealing with it because I have a hearing loss and just keep my hearing device off. The reason for the squeaking is because when I was putting together the leg with the arm on the left side, the leg, or arm, piece was off in its design. You have to insert a metal rod into the front end of the leg that attaches to the arm, then back to the leg, so it glides like it does, and I had to push down on the leg to get it aligned with the arm to get the rod in. And when I use the machine, I can tell this is where the squeaking, and maybe even the rocking issue, is coming from, b/c when peddling, it's forcing itself in and out of the appropriate alignment to deal with this. Otherwise, this does not seem to have a negative impact on it's capabilities and its usage, nor will it probably cause structural issues someday. It is just an annoyance that if it turns out the squeaking is more common than with mine, no one would buy this. Again though, the one I tested at a store, didn't speak...and didn't rock.. that I recall.

But otherwise, for only $600, it's not a horrible elliptical. But I've definitely read enough reviews to see many in this price range break down within a year, come with broken parts, have limited electrical options (setting the resistance or time, etc) and so on.

The one thing I wish it had though, as a free, built in BMI took where you simply enter your age, weight, and height, and it'll take a more appropriate guess at how many calories you burn. I assume that would come with the MyFit program if you buy it, but it's not built into this.
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on May 2, 2013
I purchased the elliptical 4 months ago. Although the box was factory sealed, it was missing parts which were on back order. When we finally received the parts and completed the assembly, the machine didn't work properly. We have had 3 service calls and are currently waiting on 8 parts that are on back order. According to the tech, the problems are related to the frame as well as the belt assembly (to me that seems like basically the whole machine!) Icon, the company who owns ProForm, states that their policy is to replace every part in the machine before they will replace the machine. At the rate that parts arrive and the slow timing of the service company (Treadmarx in San Diego--dreadful!), I am guessing the one year warranty will be over by the time the thing is finally fixed, if it gets fixed at all! I tried to speak with a supervisor at Icon, her name is Liz, but I was told by the customer service rep that she would not take my call. I would think that if a lemon of a machine was a rare occurrence, the supervisor would have gotten on the phone to make things right. When the machine is finally working, it might be nice, but the difficulty of dealing with Icon/ProForm is not worth it!
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on January 2, 2013
Husband put elliptical together by himself with no trouble at all, in 2hours. Have had no trouble with it . Over Christmas my family members including 80 year old mom tried it and loved the low impact of it. I was going to get a treadmill but I am glad I got the elliptical!
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on May 16, 2014
I researched & agonized over which elliptical to buy for weeks. I read all the reviews & weighed all the pros & cons. I dismissed the reviews I read about a "noise" as probably being an error on part of the person putting it together. I really loved the idea of incorporating Google maps & was glad to see that there were EIGHTEEN workout apps! HA!

First, if you want to use this product to the fullest of its capabilities, you have to purchase an additional $100 item & then pay for a monthly or annual subscription to continue using it after one year. The service itself is patchy & unreliable. If you elect not to make this purchase, say goodbye to all of the perks like Google maps, iFit Live, & customized/personalized workouts. But there are still 18 workout options, right? WRONG. The "workouts" are the same, incredibly simplistic workouts with miniscule changes. Would you like to work out for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour? Would you like to burn 250, 300, or 450 calories? Second, assume you put it together properly. I did. I used to work as a mechanic, I am mechanically inclined & detail-oriented. I followed the directions exactly. I had no problems & no noises. The second time I went to use this thing, this horrendous "clunk-chunk" sound occurred, so loud that even with ear buds in it is difficult to ignore. I have to take apart the front end to try to remedy this & frankly I wish I'd never wasted my money on this piece of crap. Ultimately, at some point I will spend too much of my time fixing this, then I will see if someone else wants to take it off my hands. Worst purchase EVER.
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on January 7, 2013
I ordered this elliptical with some trepidation due to negative comments in the on-line reviews on the difficulty of assembly. Frankly I do not understand all the fuss. My son and I followed the directions and fully assembled the unit in two and one half hours with no difficulties. It does take two people (like the instructions state) and anyone trying to assemble this unit solo is in serious trouble. Maybe the key is to actually read the instructions before starting. Everything fit, the small hardware was nicely and clearly identified and packaged so there was no hunting, looking for a one inch versus a one and one quarter inch screw. We did assemble two sections backwards and had to go back to go and repeat that sequence. For comments on its performance and reliability please read other reviews as I only have a couple of days experience with the unit.
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on January 25, 2013
Like a recent reviewer, I had read enough feedback to feel comfortable purchsing this unit and while I was awaiting delivery saw additional reviews that had me somewhat worried. But also similar to him, I found these concerns unfounded.

Even though my wife helped with assembly, mainly consisting of removing packaging materials or holding pieces in place while I lined things up, it would have been easy enough and taken only slightly longer to do myself. The instructions were plenty clear; the harware card well-labeled (leave the plastic wrap and the fasteners in place and just cut around the group of harware so that you can refernce back to the descriptions); the fasteners are even numbered to make them easy to select. (There was one that was labeled incorrectly, with the instructions stating 50mm long and the card 45mm long, and the numbers were incorrect as well. This was late enough in the build, however, that it was obvious which to use (only ones left) so pretty intuitive.) My only complaint is that the front cover that mates to the cup-holder didn't want to go on and stay in position - I suspect it was packed such that it was deformed. So at that step I left it off; later, when the final covers are attached which go over this piece, I had to mess with it again, and this time I was able to get it on. Once in place it took the proper shape and all was well. The entire process, from unpacking to putting in the final screws, took a little over two hours.

As mentioned elsewhere, follow the instructions EXACTLY, including leaving various fasteners untightened until it's almost complete; use the grease as specified; and one extra tip I will throw in - I used a ratchet with the proper hex sockets instead of the supplied allen wrenches. This makes it MUCH easier plus allows you better leverage to tighten the fasteners. Do NOT file things to get them to go together easier, use a rubber mallet to drive the four pivot axles in place if necessary (I only needed it for one) and tighten everything securely. I've assembled a lot of things over the years, and there is nothing intimidating about this piece of equipment.

I'm amazed by the negative reviews about the unit in operation. Granted, I'm only 5'8" and 160 pounds, and my wife is the same height but 115 pounds, so I can't speak to how it operates with heavier folks aboard, but the thing runs flawlessly, smooth, quiet (almost silent), and none of the "tippiness" others describe. It was making an annoying knocking sound at first but I discovered the stride adjustment knob on one side was not tightened completely (my fault); once that was taken care of, it's as silent as a church mouse. I can't speak to longevity after a week, of course, but it shows no indication that it's anything but well built and I expect it will work fine for years.

So, to sum up, easy to build, works as well as expected (first week) and, for the money, I think it's a great deal. If their quality control is suspect, maybe the components vary enough that some poor representations are out there and that's what other reviewers are reflecting, but the one I received sure seems to be a good value.
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on February 22, 2013
It took me approximately 4 hours to assemble. I made sure to tighten everything and lubricated everything accordingly. It came out solid. No squeeks or unbalanced at all. It is even sitting on carpet. This machine feels solid. It could easily sell for 900 in my opinion. Little tip dont place covers on until after about a month. Retighten all the bolts and put a little extra grease in the joints and then place covers on. You will not regret this purchase. It has adjustable stride from 16'-20" to help work different muscles. It also has a great speaker. Obviously its not going to be a Bose audio quality, but it works great.
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on February 7, 2013
Seems like most of the negative reviews of this machine involve the assembly. I did it alone and it took me around two hours. Not very difficult if you follow the instructions.

One piece of advice - don't attach the plastic covers that cover up the joints and bolts when you first assemble it. After working out a few times I needed to tighten everything up once it broke in a little. After my first few workouts I experienced considerable squeaking, groaning, and rocking. I checked every bolt and tightened the best I could. Since then, it has been quiet, smooth, and solid. Now I can attach the covers.
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on August 6, 2012
The first shock: It takes two to put this hummer together. At 215 pounds I shouldn't wonder why, but I did not know its weight and I did not know how hard it would be. I am a bachelor and used to figuring out how to make do, but not this time. My neighbor and I spent several hours getting the thing assembled. Second shock: the instructions are not very good. The pieces are not easily identified and the clearances/tolerances for some parts are minuscule. Still, once I got it put together, it was one fine machine. If you decide to purchase this piece of equipment, take them up on the offer to have a professional assemble it. Yes, it adds an additional $200.00 to the bill, but you will then have the peace of mind knowing that the thing is assembled correctly and you will not have to face the headache of figuring out what they mean when they say, "hook up this whatsit to that gizmo."
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