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VINE VOICEon May 16, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Set up:

It takes about 2 people (which is the minimum you should have) 2 hours to set this treadmill up. I can't say it was all that difficult, just takes a bit of time to read through the instructions.

Compactness/Maneuverability of the unit:

Once set up, you can lift the belt section upwards almost vertically in order to reduce its profile by about 67%. While it is relatively easy to move (for a man) around on a smooth surface such as the concrete in the basement I would imagine that it would be more difficult for those not used to moving around heavy weights and/or if this was placed on a carpet. I can't call it very easy to move in that situation at all.

NOTE: Please make sure that after you have reduced the profile and you then want to put the belt down on the floor again, that you DO NOT hold the belt by the belt itself, no matter how tempting, but instead hold it on either side of the unit or else it will slip off of your hands and possibly onto your foot.

Learning Curve:

I read the instruction for the functionality of this unit within 5 minutes and it only took another 2 or 3 minutes of playing around on the controls to learn how to use it. Frankly, I'm glad it doesn't have any more crazy bells and whistles because let's face it, you're there to run, not learn how to use a computer and you know that the more variability and functionality there is, the less you're likely to use each function.


I like that you can basically choose a speed up to 10mph (way more than the average person needs) and 10* incline (very difficult, I'm not sure why anyone would need any more than this).

You set the angle of the incline and the speed by one unit intervals (i.e. 1mph/1*) before turning the machine on and you can adjust the speed by .1mph or .5*incline as you are running which is great in terms of gradually increasing it manually; no need to worry for a sudden jolt either as the increase or decrease in speed/incline is very gradual and easy on you.

You can choose a preset profile to burn a certain amount of calories; these profiles will have a sequence of 20-30 different variations in incline and/or speed as you run; changing once a minute. However, as we all know, each person will definitely not burn the calories indicated as the estimates are just that, estimates.

The great thing is the calorie counter works if you manually adjust the speed/incline and just run how you want to, so I don't see the purpose in the calorie section except for having the machine automatically vary your incline and speed for you.

There is an option for you to put in flash disks from a store-bought training program that will supply you with more exercise regiments. It's a nice option, but again, as a purist exerciser, if you're not going to run just as it is, then an exercise program won't do it for you. Save your money.

There is a speaker set built in for your music player. The sound is good, but I don't use it since the TV is right in front of this machine.

A nice safety clip that magnetically allows the unit to function, and shuts it off gradually (but quicker than changes in speed if you're running normally) if you happen to fall or step off.


This unit has a heart monitor. Virtually useless in my opinion. If you put your hands on the monitor as you're running you will NEVER get an accurate reading, EVER. You need to stop running, put your hands on it, and wait 15 seconds and basically pray it will be close to realistic (I was getting figures of 160bpm when I hadn't done anything at all).

Also, 2/4 people in our house experienced an unpleasant tingling sensations in our hands and fingers after using this heart monitor, including myself, so I'm staying the heck away from it.


A household member had an older version of the ProForm treadmill that didn't have the joint cushioning support this one does. I was always personally skeptical of the claims of reducing the impact on joints; but this person insists that his back problems prevented him from ever using his old treadmill but he uses this one every-day without any issues. So, kudos to the company for making a quality product in this respect.

Overall: I'm very pleased with the machine. It's quite, easy to use, and does what it promises (minus the heart monitor).
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on May 13, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Wow, this thing came well packaged in a HUGE, Heavy box, have the delivery people put it where you want it because there's no way you will be moving it again unless you have a couple of weightlifters with STRONG backs! So have a large place cleared when you are expecting the delivery. As to the putting together of it, my 12 year old son & husband had no problem, it took them several hours though, if it had been me putting it together it would have taken much longer. Two people makes a big difference and of course your ability in assembling things in general.

It says to have a professional put it together IF you do it yourself, as we did, the screws are very TIGHT to screw in, they do this so they will fit snug & not come out. You cannot use power tools as they might strip the screws, so be prepared for a workout!My husband is STRONG and It took him 3 hours to put it together.

Once it was assembled, I realized that where I had placed it I could not see the 36" TV screen on my dresser, (I am 5'5" tall) the control panel blocked it from my view, my 6'3" son could see the TV with no problem though!

Then the next feature came in sooooo handy....... I picked up the tread and pushed it to its new location (It has wheels!) on the other side of the room, now I could see the TV fine but discovered I did not have enough clearance between the wall & the back of the treadmill, you need about 8 feet so if you lose your balance & accidentally fall you won't be smashed into the wall where the treadmill will deposit you! (They do have a magnetic "key" on a string with a clip on the end, that you can clip onto you, so IF you fall, it will automatically shut the treadmill off!)
Now back to the repositioning of the treadmill!

We moved it again, effortlessly I might add, this time I had a new problem! The cord would not reach the outlet! The cord is only about 6 feet long and comes out at the front of the machine towards the wall. There is no room to run it under the machine and behind it or enough length to run it along the side to plug into the wall behind it & have any clearance between you and the wall! It is really designed to be plugged in FACING a wall no more than 6 feet away in front of you! So unless you are tall or have a higher wall mounted TV to view, you will be listening to music looking out a window or at a wall unless you use an extension cord or are fortunate enough to have a side wall outlet that lines up with the front of the machine EXACTLY where you want to place it!

Now for my profile info: I have mild scoliosis, I have been diagnosed with osteopenia (that means I'm pre-osteoporosis) I am 53 years old, 5'5" tall and weigh about 115 pound. I go to the gym regularly, rotate weights with cardio, & own a mid price range elliptical that was a Consumer Reports Best Buy about 6+ years ago. I have an 18 year old, weight lifting, "Navy Seal Workouts" type of son who also uses this, he is extremely fit, 6'3", and weighs about 220 pounds. I will be telling you both our perspectives on this treadmill.

My elliptical at home was bothering my knees when I did more than 4 miles on it, where I could do a 10 miles on a treadmill at the gym at a speed of 4.1 with no pain! So I really wanted a home treadmill, while researching various models this one was independently rated a Best Buy for medium price range model as my elliptical was, so I was pretty confident it would work well for my needs.

This treadmill is AWESOME!! I know there are more expensive models that are uber cool but are out of my price range so for what this has for the price it is sweet! I LOVE the ipod dock with the speakers! NO more ear buds!
There are 12 programs to select from where you can input the calories you want to burn & it will automatically adjust the speed/incline/time to what you want! It has a nice variety & you can set it for 200 to 750 calories!

The tread belt is 20" x 55" which suits me fine, my son however wishes it was a bit larger but it still does fit his gait, he just is about at the max for it we think. So IF you are tall like him or maybe even shorter but with longer legs you might want to go to a gym or fitness store and compare treadmills with similar tread belts to see if they are big enough for your gait. For us it is sufficient.

It also has the iFit Card Technology that you can get for it but are NOT included! It would have been neat if they had thrown at least 1 in with it. After we get done playing with the feature it already has we will be getting some and will update this review.

While the machine itself has a limited one year warranty on parts and labor, it also has a 2.25 Continuous Duty HP Motor that comes with a 25 year warranty! That gives us a sense of peace that we can go to town and not worry about burning it out as there is no one in our family that exceeds the weight guidelines (300 pounds max)

It is reasonably quiet, there are no noticeable "squeaks" or noises that make listening to TV or music difficult.
The LCD display is backlit, there is Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor, it can incline from 0%-10%, it has 12 different Quick Calorie-Burn Workouts to select from along with what they call "ProTech Cushioning" that reduce impact on your joints by 15% as opposed to running on the pavement/road! It also EASILY folds up, which is wonderful if floor space is a premium in your house, it is not an issue where I have it place in my home.

This is the baseline model for this line, IF you can afford it or are Taller OR heavier I would definitely recommend looking into their higher end models! But for our wallet & needs this is the one that we recommend our friends with similar budget buy!

If there are ANY issues that arise I WILL update, I so appreciate it when other reviewers do updates!

5/23/2011~ update!
We discovered today that when you burn 1,000 calories it resets itself back to zero & restarts itself!
It's a good thing we caught this as IF we did not see it reset & looked at the cumulative amount of calories burned at the end of the run, we would have thought it was defective!!
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The unit was delivered in a timely manner in a large box that was placed inside where we wanted by the delivery men. I was at work when it arrived and my wife and mother in-law didn't want to wait for me so they unpacked and assembled the unit without incident in under 2 hours. The only thing they said was a bit tricky but nothing they couldn't work through with a little patience was getting the screws in the hand rails. So really a couple of women who aren't body builders unpacked and put it together on their own using only the instructions and no outside help, so assembly isn't that difficult.

Next I'll get into the things that are weird / bug me about the unit. These things were all noticed right away. First off plastered all over the instructions are notes about how you must use a single outlet surge suppressor but they fail to include one in the package. You would think that for something that is apparently so critical to the units operation that they would have included one, but they don't, you have to go buy one. Another thing I find odd is that to turn power on and off to the unit you have to use the circuit breaker down by where the power cord enters the unit near the floor. You'd think they could have put an on/off switch up on the control panel too. The built-in speakers could be louder and sound better but are better than nothing I guess. (You get a standard headphone jack connector for the audio connection not a iPod dock. Not a negative point IMO.) Finally the heart rate monitor, it is totally inaccurate based on our experiences with it and it is best ignored. The book says it is not a medical device and only a general exercise aid.

Now on to the devices core functionality running and walking. I have nothing but good things to say here. It seems to have a good amount of cushioning and a wide range of incline and speed adjustments to get you the workout that you want. You have volume type up and down buttons to adjust the speed in .1MPH and .5MPH increments (depending on if you press or hold the button) and incline in .5% increments. You also have direct select number buttons to quickly jump around the speed and incline settings. You can select a calorie burn preset that works you through a pre-programmed workout based on the general number of calories you'd like to burn. The unit will vary the speed and incline during the program at preset intervals until complete. During the program if you need to adjust what is happening you can manually interrupt things for that segment of the program. The unit has a large easy to read back-lit LCD display showing you relevant information in regards to the settings and workout progress. There are also two trays on the console to set things and a magnetic safety key to kill the unit if you fall off.

I'm not going to touch on the iFit cards because they didn't include one to review.

My wife has been using the unit 5 days a week for about a month and a half in her exercise routine that she started when we got the unit and has so far lost 15 pounds and 2 inches from her waist. This treadmill has helped her achieve these results and not beat herself up doing it. All in all I would say that this is an excellent unit to purchase to help you achieve your exercise goals. It seems like an overall well built unit that will hopefully last for years.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What a wonderful blessing to be able to receive and review the Proform 590T Treadmill. I have worked out during my life and used many different workout equipment, and I wanted to see how this one stood up to others. My husband has a treadmill but to be honest with you he has never been too happy if I use it. The problem is that I like to change the inclines and different settings but I usually don't remember to change them back. That does not leave a happy hubby. Now I have one of my own and I am tickled about it.
I did have to put this little baby together so I enlisted a friend to help me. It wasn't easy and took us most of the day and that is the truth. Now it's true we don't usually do something like this so our knowledge was limited. However the instructions were not real clear and we had to hope we were doing it right. Finally we were ready to plug it in and after several minutes of deciding who would do it we finally had the machine up and running. Victory!

I have to say it is very and I mean very well made. No plastic sides or handles. It is a sturdy piece of equipment that appears to be able to take a lot of wear and tear. Okay so we plug it in and start it up with a cute little red circle key.
Bright and cheery. I started off slow and with no incline. It ran smoothly and very quiet. That was nice. Of course after a few minutes I have to incline and that was a snap.I love the incline feature. As you hold on to the center bar it keeps tabs on your heart rate with built in sensors. You do not have to put something on your finger or wrist. That was a little bit unnerving at first. It seemed my heart rate was running the track and it made me a little nervous. However, I realize it is a good feature, just one I need to get use to. You do not have to put your hands on the sensors, you can easily hold on the handle bars on the sides and be just as secure.

The walk was very smooth and the speed was perfect to where I set it. I felt safe and on it and actually enjoyed walking. I saw where an I-pod could be played but I don't have one so I decided to try and plug in my mini cassette player and see if that would work. Bingo! I had sound and it was great sound. Crystal clear! What a plus to have while walking, what a great feature It says that you can use iFit workout cards but none came with the machine. I did go on the net and check them out. They are not pricey but reasonable in cost so I will have to invest in one and let you know how it turns out. I think I would like to have a personal trainer helping me along, unless he gets too pushy. But than again if he is on a card I can always turn him off. Another good feature.

All in all I believe you will really get your money's worth out of this treadmill. It is very well made, has great features and will help you to get in shape. What else could you want?
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Really great customer service with the company.

I've never owned a tread mill before. My experience, though, has been that they invariably become great spots to hang the dry cleaning you just got back from the cleaners when you get home. So, absent a real will to work out or an already established work out routine it can be a rather expensive purchase that won't be used. When this particular unit came up on Vine for a free review I had to take the plunge and get it.

Assembly: Really, pretty simple to put together. Book says you need two but I did it alone without much trouble. I'm 6 foot tall and a bit heavy. The shipping weight was around 250 pounds so let that guide you as far as getting help. You'll probably need a handy chair to act as a second pair of hands at a couple of points. Two people will make the process go far easier if not much faster.

The hardest part was installing the console. You have to sit under it to work on it. So, kinda tedious there.

Missing Parts: I was missing the two hand rails. Doh! I was able to resolve it in about 30 mins over the Internet with Icon Health. Very cool. The shipping box was torn open so I assume that the parts were lost in shipping rather than an oversight in packing. I'd like to reiterate that it was very easy getting in touch with the company and getting the new handles shipped out. No questions asked. I did have to reveal that I'd gotten the TM for review with Amazon but the CS guy said nothing about that. I got the impression that they take care of their customers. For one thing, the first thing he asked me after I told him what was missing was had I registered. My heart sank as I admitted I had not. He said, no worries, pasted in what he needed to know and we registered right there in about 5 minutes. Super.

Use: Wow. Very easy to use. The presets are very cool. You want to burn off that candy bar you indulged in late this afternoon? Just ballpark the calories, pick the preset and away you go.

Inclining the belt is an excellent feature. You can keep the pace pretty slow and still get a pretty intense workout by doing your slow pace going up hill. The mechanism that raises and lowers the platform is very smooth in both directions. So you can maintain a low impact workout and still increase the difficulty.

There is an LCD readout with a track so you can watch your progress as you go around the track.

It is a great looking unit. The fold up base is a great feature that transforms a really big space hog into something you can have in just about any room without having to dedicate the full space needed except when in use. That means, among other things, that you can put this where it would be in the path of traffic, fold up the base and utilize a spot that would otherwise be unavailable. Wonderful.

The unit is very easy to fold up. The bar that locks it into the upright position does so automatically when you reach the right position.

My unit's belt was tracked far to the right. Tracking it back to the center was pretty easy with easy to follow directions in the instruction booklet. After my initial experience with the companies customer service I wasn't worried about having to contact them for help if needed.

iFit: Gimmie Money. An expensive gimmick to get into your pocket. Harsh but true. You can tell that the health industry is booming based on the really high price for this accessory. Basically, it is an SD card with a workout on it that the TM can use to pre-program custom workouts for you along with the 'trainer' (whoever made the workout you buy) urging you along. At this moment I think the price is around $50 for a 3 SD card set. That is about $3 worth of cards at wholesale quantity levels and $47 bucks worth of gouging. Well, not really but you get the picture. iFit pricing needs to come down.

Speakers: Well, they didn't do a very good job but I used a talk radio program to test them with. You can plug in you iPhone, per the directions, but you can also plug in anything that can output to a standard 3.5mm jack. Like... my Android LG Optimus phone. Or pretty much any mp3 player. That is pretty nice if ear phones bug you or keep falling out while working out. I'm thinking that if you really want excellent sound you can just use a boombox.

What I'd love to see, and I'm sure it is on the horizon because of Android's stunning success, is an 'open' framework that would allow you to program your own workout and trade code on line. Can you imagine the community that would spring up around something like that?

Along those lines, and it is available in the much more expensive models, is allowing you to plot your own course through the neighborhood, city, state or country. Fantastic! But not available on this model. Those models also have Wi-Fi but that really isn't needed since an SD card can carry all the info you need without connectivity to the Internet. The company has an add on WiFi adapter but you need to check their website for compatibility.

So. A great tread mill with some really cool features. A bit more expensive than what you'll find at the big box stores like Wal-Mart or maybe Target but worth the extra money if you will use your investment. There are enough features, particularly the cushion built in for lower impact walk/run/jog, that justify paying a bit more.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
... Which is a good thing. Having a good deal of my treadmill experience based on the one my mother had while I was growing up, I was extremely impressed by the treadmills in my university's campus gym. Nice, sturdy machines, lots of options for speed from a slow walk to keep me busy while I studied a textbook to running very fast up a steep incline was I was filling particularly crazy, even nice little counters for calories and heart rate. Couldn't tell you what models those were.

So while this is a little more updated than what my university offered (I figure a perk), I felt the same excitement over this as I had with those and am pleased with this sturdiness, options, and little extras this treadmill offers.

For one thing, this is just... sturdy. And do mean that as a positive. It's big, strong, and I sense it to be a fine piece of machinary that can withstand lots of use.

The speed/inclination options. As I mentioned before, it's always good to have options for need, desire, etc. There's a nice slow walking pace, or you can run as fast as your heart desires. The inclination options can get quite extreme, to my delight and hopefully to that of anyone looking for ways to up a workout's challenge.

I've seen other reviews not so fond of the calorie counter and heart monitor, but I like them. I'm not sure if I would trust them medically speaking, but when one is desiring to set goals without involving a lot of specialists, they are quite convenient and I see no reason not to have them.

Though no workout cards have been purchased, I'm thrilled with the option and for those who like that little bonus.

It's also very user-friendly. Everything is nice and big and obvious, and the key feature is extremely handy.

All in all, this is a fine treadmill for anyone.
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on June 2, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Proform Treadmill is a great treadmill for everyone from beginners to exercise nuts. The treadmill is lightweight compared to others I have owned, and moves easy enough for a single person to move it if necessary. The Proform 590T features a nice display that makes it easy to see how you are doing, and with a virtual personal trainer option and a built in speaker for mp3 players, the Proform has nice bells and whistles. The treadmill also features an excellent warranty, so I have confidence it will last a long time.

I have enjoyed using the treadmill and it is relatively quiet compared to my old one. At first it seems like it may be complicated considering the display, but it really is easy to use. I simply set the speed and then change the incline once I get going. The treadmill has a 300 pound weight limit, so it should be fine for most people. This model is actually an entry level model, so if you are over 300 pounds or need a larger unit, you may want to check out the other available models.

If you haven't purchased a treadmill in a while, I think you will be quite surprised by how well the treadmill is built with how light it is. The features are years beyond my last treadmill, and I am having fun just playing with it while exercising. I haven't tried out the virtual personal trainer option, but I think it's cool it is there.
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on April 5, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first consideration in ordering the Proform 590T Treadmill is the logistics of delivery and setup. The treadmill ships via freight carrier. The delivery people will bring the box up to your drive or building entrance, but not into your house. The box is long, heavy and very unwieldy. It will take at least two stout people to move it around and a third to open doors and help past obstacles is not a bad idea.

The process of assembly takes some room and some patience. Of course, you will be much better off putting the treadmill together in the spot you plan for it to occupy, but if necessary it could be moved from one room to another as long as the doorways aren't too narrow (actually, once together the unit is fairly easy to move). Two people are pretty much required for assembly as well. The treadmill base and other large parts need to be positioned and manipulated while fastening together and I can't imagine trying to do this by yourself. The instructions are clear enough and the parts well enough labeled and packaged, but under even the best of conditions you should plan for a minimum of two hours and possibly twice that much. It's not that it's particularly difficult; there are just dozens of steps that take some consideration and adjustment in order to get right. The upside is, once the machine is together and running, it's a really great treadmill.

The Proform 590T Treadmill really screams quality. The parts fit together the way they should. If anything the fit and finish is a little on the "snug" side. It is sturdy, well balanced and looks "good". The belt is 20x55 and moves smoothly and as quietly as any treadmill I've ever run across. My footfalls are well padded and the surface has just the right amount of traction and "pull. I'm a fairly big guy and the base doesn't move at all from side to side as some treadmills do when we larger people use them.

The display and controls are well placed, easy to reach and set up so that they are easy to use at a glance. I really like the iPod dock and speakers. The sound quality is very good considering the size and placement of the speakers. The "Go' and "Stop" buttons are easily distinguishable and stand out from the other controls, with the manual speed adjustments right next to them. The incline adjustment is quick and easy. The heart rate monitor works well and doesn't require a death grip in order to provide an accurate reading.

In using the treadmill, I find myself wishing the rails on either side of the running area were a little wider for mounting and dismounting the machine. A longer cord would have been nice. At six feet it's not bad, but with a machine this size there's lots of places to coil power cord, so why not make it 15-feet and just keep any leftover coiled on the machine. I really like the ease of programming. Just choose from the 12 preprogrammed routines, enter the calories you want to burn and the treadmill will adjust to the correct settings and off you go. I think that you would be hard pressed to find a better treadmill in this price range. I can highly recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I store all my music on my iPhone and am an internet junkie and this is a great treadmill for folks like me! It has a built-in speaker system with aux input, so you can plop your iPhone (or other MP3 player) into the side pocket on the front console and jam away while you run! It's not the best sound system in the world, and it doesn't charge your device, but you can't beat the convenience of built-in speakers.

The speakers also serve the handy purpose of letting a personal trainer motivate you along a pre-programmed workout you can download from the internet and store on an SD card (or order an SD card with the program on it)! The iFit system accomodates runners of all levels and seems pretty handy. However, I was under the impression that such workouts were included in the system, but they are actually something like $30 per workout program. It won't break the bank, but it's kind of a downer that you don't at least get one freebie.

As far as the treadmill itself, it's nice. The treadmill section folds up easily and pops into place via a spring-loaded pin when you lift it high enough. Releasing the pin and lowering is as easy as giving it a light tug while holding on the treadmill itself.

The treadmill goes up to 10 MPH (6 minute miles) and has quick-press buttons to do things like burn x-hundred calories in the session.

I'm about 6'4", 210 lbs. and the treadmill seemed to handle my weight well. The main thing it didn't do perfectly was start up and stop quickly. It takes several (sometimes ~10) seconds to get up to speed and also a while to brake which may have you running faster than you thought you would initially. It's not a big deal once you learn your desired speeds.

Overall, I love this machine!

Oh, and another thing to note. It weighs 250 lbs and takes a few hours to set up for two people. Have some patient and burly friends if you set the thing up in your basement like I did.
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