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on January 22, 2013
We were trying to decide between the ProForm Power 995 Treadmill (2012 Model) and the 995c and opted for the 995c since it is supposed to be the newer model. Amazon delivery went fine; they will deliver to the inside of your front door, no further. The outside packaging appeared ok, unlike reviews for the 995. The box is extremely heavy; you will need at least 2 strong people to move it.

When we opened up the box, the pulse bar (curved bar connected to the display console) was completely broken off. We can't get past a certain point in the directions without installing this part, and so far no one at ProForm has answered the phone at the number they provided. Waited 30 minutes on hold yesterday and going on 23+ minutes so far today. Submitted a request for this new part on their service website yesterday, but no word back yet.

Looks like a good quality treadmill...if we can ever get this part and get it put together.

***Update 1/28/13 - After a third phone call to Customer Service and waiting 42 minutes on hold, finally spoke to someone at ProForm. Yes, they'd send us replacements for the parts that arrived broken, but 1 of the 2 parts "needed to be manufactured." The service representative did not know when the missing part would be available-- not even a ballpark estimate. I believe he said he had "no way of knowing."

I did receive an e-mail confirming I had ordered the two replacement parts. Here is the text of the notes, though: "Shipping Instructions & Notes: Orders may take 3-5 business days before shipping, and once shipped, all shipments will arrive in 7-10 business days."

In other words, if a part breaks on your treadmill (or God forbid, it arrives broken like ours did), know that you will be waiting weeks for replacement parts-- if they are in stock.

The only good thing is that the rep said he would graciously allow our 1-year warranty to re-start once we actually assemble this treadmill. The saga continues.

***Update 2/7/13 - Now that the replacement parts have finally arrived and we have assembled the treadmill, here are some final thoughts:

- Seems like a good quality treadmill now that it is up and running. Almost comparable to gym-quality treadmills.

- If your pulse bar arrives broken, ask for an entirely new replacement console and pulse bar and/or a service technician. Disassembling and reassembling the pulse bar took a long time and was not adequately explained even in the manual's exploded diagrams.

- As far as we can tell after consulting the manual, the calorie counter is not adjustable for the user's height, weight, age or gender. Intsead, the manual says all calorie counts are "approximate." The manual does not explain what kind of a person it is basing this calorie count on. I'd rather not call ProForm again and waste nearly an hour on hold to find out.

- The fan is positioned very low on the console (below the pulse bar), so all air is directed at the chest/stomach area, not the face.

- We bought a ProImpact Treadmill Mat to go under the treadmill. It prevents slipping and seems to muffle the noise. It is barely long enough, though; I might suggest ordering a slightly longer mat if there is one available.
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on March 12, 2013
If you are considering buying a Proform treadmill you should think twice. The lifetime motor warranty is what convinced me to purchase this treadmill. Sounds like a great think in theory but of course there is a catch. After less than 20 hours of use the treadmill started to make a loud noise, the belt wouldn't turn and the house smelled like burnt wire. Took the cover off and discovered the motor was very hot. Felt confident I was covered due to the lifetime warranty on the motor so I called up Proforms customer service. As a sidebar you should prepare yourself to be on hold for at least 20 minutes every time you call Proforms customer service hotline. Back on point I called Proform and was told sure the motor is covered but you have to pay $140 to have their guy come out and confirm that is the problem. I agreed to pay the service fee and waited for the technician to call and setup an appointment. I continued to wait for an entire week. Only after calling Proform customer service again did they have someone call me. He scheduled said appointment for 2 weeks out on a Monday night at 6pm. Technichian was a nice enough fella that confirmed sure enough the motor was bad. He called the information in to Proform while standing in my living room on speaker phone so that I could hear the conversation. Lady on the other end told him someone would contact me about parts for my machine within 48 hours. Again I waited to be contacted only to have to call Proform back 3 days later. After waiting on hold for 25 mins the man on the end of the phone said the technician never filed his field report therefore they couldn't help me. They agreed to email the technician and ask him for the report. Suggested I wait 48 hours for someone to call. Waited 3 more days and again had to call Proform. They said the technician still hadn't filed his report so again there was nothing than can do. It was at this time I realized how they can offer a lifetime warranty on the motor. They throw you in this BS loop wherein the tell you the technician works for someone else whom they have no control over and they can't move forward without his report. It has been 2 months of daily calls and conversations with the manager to no avail. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.
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on May 1, 2013
This is my second Proform treadmill. I had the other one for many years and put a lot of running miles on it. I bought it at Sears and had the Sears service policy. My son has a Nordic Trac treadmill and has always complained about the service. That weighed into my decision to buy another Proform. I ordered the treadmill on March 8th. It was delivered on March 19th and I put it together on the 20th. When I go to run on it, it makes a horrible beeping sound every couple of seconds.

On March 21st, I called the number for support. It's Icon Fitness, the same service my son has on his Nordic Trac. Anyway, I was on hold for 25 minutes before a technician got on the phone. Then he told me he had to look something up and put me back on hold. I was on hold for another 50 minutes then got disconnected. The following morning I called back and, after another 25 minutes on hold, got another technician. She had me taking things apart that I had already put together. Then when she told me to take apart the console that had come assembled I told her I wasn't comfortable doing that. She said that's understandable and she would order service. I would hear from the service technician within 5 business days and I could schedule an appointment.

We were going on vacation on April 1st, but I figured that would be OK. When he called, I would schedule the service for as soon as we got back. Well, he called the Friday before we went on vacation and told me a part had been shipped and I should call him when the part got here. That's the first I heard anything about something being shipped.

I had people watching the house while we were on vacation, but no part ever showed up.

When we got back on April 19th I called the service company and asked if they ever got the part. They told me no, but they scheduled a technician to come out and analyze the problem. He came on the 25th and said he would put in an order for a new console.

So today, May 1, I got an email from Icon Fitness thanking me for my order of the parts. It says the order may take 3 to 5 business days before shipping and once shipped will arrive in 7 to 10 business days. So that puts us somewhere between May 11 and May 16. Then I can call the technicians again to come work on the Treadmill. I suspect that will be another 5 days.

So it's possible that the treadmill I ordered on March 8th may possibly be working on May 21st.

I don't think it has ever occurred to anyone at Icon Fitness that we actually bought this treadmill to use.
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This is not an easy review to write even though I've been using the Power 995c for a couple of months already but, strange as it may sound, I am still not sure whether I love this treadmill (a 5-star rating) or hate it (a 1-star rating). I sometimes love it because it's a very well built, solid, durable, actually fun to use piece of equipment but I often hate it or hated it because the assembly was difficult, the customer support is sub-par and you can't do much on it absent the iFit module which is a very bizarre hardware/ecosystem and will get a separate review. I will therefore describe my experience broken down into a few sections and let everyone decide whether this is a worthy purchase or not.


Can't beat Amazon's free shipping, especially on items like these, weighing over 200 lbs. The box was delivered right into my basement thanks to the freight company's very nice and very helpful driver.

Now, putting all together... we had to do it ourselves and it was not an easy job and it wasn't easy for several reasons.

- One major part, the left handle's metal arm was missing and it took ProForm a couple of weeks to get it to us. But more on customer support later.
- The manual's 16-step assembly process was not as helpful as I expected.
- The dozens of parts were not labeled.
- The 'how to assemble it' video, while a little better than the manual, would often skip over steps or things were done so quickly, it was often difficult to follow.
- Many screws did not fit very well and had to use extreme force to... force them in.

On the positive side, I believe that there was always one extra screw and nut in each category.

It took us several hours spread over 3 days to complete the assembly but, yeah, once we had it all together, we found ourselves with a nice treadmill that should last.

Should mention that ProForm can send someone to do the assembly for you. They will also charge a few hundred dollars for the convenience.


We had to call them as we were doing the assembly because one part was missing. It took almost one hour for someone to pick up the phone and then another 5 or 10 minutes to persuade the help person that we were a lot more interested in getting that missing part than in buying some extended warranty for something that was still on the floor in separate pieces.

To make the story short, the super-polite person agreed to send us the part and promised to send us a confirmation email. It never came and, after another 30 minutes or so on hold the following day, someone else desperately trying to sell us some extended warranty agreed to send us the missing part. Of course, it was going to be UPS ground because... why hurry, right? They already had our money.

The part arrived eventually but the one lesson to learn is that you should be prepared to spend a lot of time on hold.


The manual covers assembly and briefly describes what happens when you push some of the buttons. To my surprise, there is nothing on maintenance. A help support/extended warranty salesperson advised that... yeah, maybe it needs to be lubricated once a year and if you buy the ProForm lubricant they'll tell you how to do it for sure and... keep it someplace where there's not much dust.

There is also a section on iFit. More about it later.


The main reason sometimes I love this treadmill is that once you put it together it's such a great piece of equipment. It looks great and running on it feels great, once you get it to run.

Amazon's page has a lot of specs on it and all is true. It comes with a 2-speed fan, can play your music, has 2 nice cup holders, the display is okay and most of the buttons are within reach. This treadmill feels solid, powerful and reliable when used.

And then... it's the software. If you are not planning to buy the iFit cartridge think twice before buying the treadmill. Unless you don't mind manually and constantly adjusting the speed and incline during your workouts. The 30 built-in so-called workout apps are as basic as they come and not worthy of such a great piece of hardware.


But there's iFit to the rescue. Or is it?

The concept behind iFit is nothing short of genius. The cartridge should allow your treadmill to constantly communicate with ProForm's or iFit's mothership over the Internets and, once you get your account and iFit knows who you are and what your goals may be, there's a Web site that keeps track of your workouts and it beams up activities to your treadmill so that you can train with Jillian Michaels or some other fitness celebrities as the software would control the speed and incline, play the trainer's encouragements and get you something different to do every day.

Great concept, and there can be up to 4 different account per iFit cartridge. It's still not clear to me what the $99 annual subscription offers but they also have a 'free' membership and I haven't paid money for a program yet because there are plenty of free ones, including Jillian's complete series on fitness and weight loss and there are daily 'challenges'. But... there's more to the story.

The problem is that iFit doesn't work very well. I got it to work most of the time but my main motivation was the treadmill being almost useless otherwise. And here are the iFit issues:

- It requires that your router supports 802.11b. For anyone not familiar with Wi-Fi, 802.11b is a very old and very slow Wi-Fi protocol. My Cisco router claims support for 802.11b/g/n but it turns out that the iFit didn't want to talk to it. The support person's best suggestion was to replace my high performance router with 'an old router' that I may find around the house. In the end, I was able to overcome this by plugging into the 'big' Cisco router a tiny one meant for travel which, lucky me, was accepted by iFit.

- The Web site doesn't work very well. In more than one instance programs I opted out reappeared as 'active' one or two days later. In addition, its actually keeping track of our workouts is something that happens most of the time while sometimes a workout is not registered, or is registered one or two days later or sometimes it's registered more than once and at other times the site would update 'distance' but not 'elevation'. In other words... glitches.

- The interface between the Web site and the iFit module doesn't always work. Programs I subscribe at the Web site or new accounts for my other family members I created didn't appear on my treadmill until the iFit module was reinitialized. Sometimes iFit will refuse to update the workouts for one person/account, claiming 'time out' while working just fine with someone else's account.

But, in the end, you can make it work if you have the patience and don't mind spending some time learning certain 'patterns' and playing with Wi-Fi routers. Believe it or not, I am quite happy now.

One thing that they don't make it very clear, iFit and ProForm appear to be the same company or maybe 'sister' companies. The support/salesperson of extended warranties confessed supporting both the treadmill and the iFit.

And one other thing, also heard form 'support': they may release soon a new and more 'modern' iFit module that would actually work with most of today's Wi-Fi equipment so maybe waiting a little before buying would be a good idea.


I will rate ProForm's treadmill a 2 stars because of all the frustration and irritation that came with it but, now that most but not all of it is behind, I feel that I am getting good workouts out of it - I am training for a 'half marathon' and the iFit software is gently getting me fit and I expect to actually run it in several weeks. However, I don't believe that most buyers are going to be happy with this purchase because there are so many things that could go wrong. One may not be able to assemble it because it's not 'easy' and then have to pay hundreds more for a 'pro' job, the iFit may not work with your router or the software may refuse to work with your iFit.

So, my conclusion... buy it if you you are willing to face a challenge making it work before you face the challenge of actually doing your workouts.

>> Brush your teeth, it's the law! <<
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on January 28, 2013
I did not purchase from Amazon so I have no comment on that (although I do love Amazon!). But I really like this treadmill. I researched treadmills and the 995 and 995c received great reviews. We decided on the 995c model as it was newer. We have had it for about 3 weeks.
Assembly went well. The box is really heavy so you need 2-3 people to carry it up/down stairs. All pieces were accounted for and intact. When it says not to tighten the screws along the way, they mean it. We finished the first time and it wasn't square (so it would not fold up). We had to take it apart and leave them loose and tighten when the instructions said so..all and all it took just under 2 hours to assemble.
It runs super quiet compared to many other machines. I can run after the kids go to bed and there is no problem with noise. It is nice and stiff (I hate the bounce that some have when you run). I am a bigger person, 230ish, and the machine handles running very well. The speed adjusts quickly when you change the settings. The fan is a little weak but sufficient. The speakers do have amazing sound or anything, but they are nice and loud and clear. The iPod connection is super handy (remember to buy a cord to connect). The iFit feature seems really cool but I haven't gotten my self to purchase it. It is pricey plus a pricey subscription fee.
All and all it has been a great machine so far. I will update if that changes!
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on July 30, 2013
This is a nice looking treadmill, but not worth the money because it doesn't last. I set it up, which was more of a pain than any other treadmill I'd ever put together, but I figured the effort was worth it because it had a lifetime motor warranty so it had to be built to last. After getting it assembled I used it for less than 5 minutes, just testing out that it ran, incline adjustments worked, heart monitor worked, etc. The next morning I went in to use it and it wouldn't run. The controls and display light up, but nothing happens when you press any button. I double checked every connection, left it unplugged for 2 days to make sure it completely reset itself, and have had a couple other people look at it without any success. Now I have a 268 lb dead weight to try to figure out how to return to Amazon. I couldn't be more disappointed with a treadmill. I would have been far better off going to Walmart and buying the cheapest treadmill they have. It would have at least lasted for a second use.
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on August 16, 2013
I haven't been able to try it out yet, because it didn't work as received. It took some testing with technical support to figure out htat the console was bad (the electronics brain) so they shipped one out. It arrived with a crack in the display. Very disappointed.
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on December 13, 2013
Edit on 9-2-15:
After battling support, a repairman was sent out. Since then no problems. We love it.

The extra-long treadmill allows setting a shelf across the arms for a laptop PC or even a small TV.

The product arrived with a defective creased treadmill belt, When I called the first time, the tech said give it a few days to see if the creases in the treadmill belt that are rubbing on the frame guards work themselves out. Since they did not, I called back was told they are out of the parts and I must do the repairs myself after they mail me a good belt.


That's like buying a new car. While driving home, I notice a noise with every wheel rotation. I call the dealer and I say "I'm returning the car, it's got a defect." The dealer says: "We're out of that part but we'll mail you one when it arrives. We don't repair defective cars. You'll have to do it yourself"

Caveat emptor - buyer beware!
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on February 20, 2014
Great treadmill (and I caught it when Amazon had it on sale for $765 making it even better!), but I do have a couple of things to mention.

1. ASSEMBLY/INSTALLATION: Purchase assembly/installation. Even if you ignore this advice, once the product arrives and you unbox it, there's a yellow sheet with the instructions again offering you discounted installation. Call them. Let a pro put this 375 lb behemoth together for you. This is a professional-grade treadmill. The parts are heavy, large and unwieldy. The screws that assemble it are almost all self-tapping into holes that are NOT threaded and you can easily cross-thread them in their holes. They also require an Herculean amount of strength to torque the screws into the holes as you are cutting the threads into the steel as you go. You CANNOT use an electric screwdriver. If you do, the heads will strip and you'll have to drill out the screw and start again - and when you ruin more then one spare screw, you'll have to call ProForm and wait for replacement parts to arrive. - two to three weeks. I am very large with giant hands and arms, and after the first half-dozen screws, I had to take a break. It took me two nights to assemble this beast. So, unless you place zero value on your own time and you enjoy fruitless wastes of physical exertion, I strongly advise that you opt for professional assembly and setup - you'll be exercising that much faster

2. IFit COMPATIBILITY: This treadmill has a slot that will hold an optional iFit module - a wifi-enabled device that allows you to download circuits from the internet, upload your own workout stats to an iFit account (a free one year account comes with the module, which sells for $100), and, according to the advertising, you can enjoy Google Maps Street View for your walks. All of these features work well, but the last one - the integration with Google Maps Street View - I really cannot say this feature adds any value with this particular treadmill, because the display on the ProForm 995c doesn't support NTSC video at all - is is more like a giant stopwatch screen, and all the animation on the display is done using those little segments - making those Google Maps animations look pretty dumb. You still get the programmed walk - the hills and valleys, etc., but the visual aspect on this treadmill is non-existent. Just a warning in case you plan to purchase that option - it does NOT improve the existing display at all.

3. COMES WITH A STRAP-ON: The 995c comes with a chest strap that wirelessly monitors your heart rate during walks and displays it so you don't have to grab the handles to check your pulse. This is a really nice feature.

4. THE MOTOR: Let's face facts - this is the part we're paying for - the thing that mills the tread so we can move that ass and lose those pounds! The 995c has a great motor - quiet for its size, but far from underpowered. It is able to handle the changing needs of a complex walk without flinching. It is also modular so that, in future should it require replacement, doing so appears to be a very straightforward repair. The warranty on the motor is ten years. I don't know about you, but if I'm still worried about using a treadmill in ten years, somebody please shoot me.

5. STORAGE WARS: The deck (the part you tread upon) on this unit folds up securely so you can clean underneath it, and also so that you can move it. CAUTION: Moving this beastie is a two-person operation. You have to fold up the deck, lock that into place, and then tilt the treadmill onto a new center of gravity over two casters so that you can kind of jockey it into position. Again, I am 6'2" and 250 lbs - a big, solid dude, and I am no match for the almost 400 lbs of metal and mass that this thing is packing. Moving this around with one person is dangerous and foolhardy, but if that's your situation and you have no alternative, please go very slowly and move it in increments to avoid injuring yourself. When something this large and heavy loses it's balance, there is no telling which way it'll go when it goes.

6. THE FLOOR BELOW: If using this on a floor that is directly above anyone trying to perform any productive activity, you should purchase and deploy a shock-absorbing treadmill mat along with your ProForm 995c, and here's why: The treadmill clocks in at 375 lbs. the weight limit for the 995c is 350 lbs. So, potentially we are starting with 725 pounds of mass - and that is before we factor in the force energies, vibrations from the motor, tread belt and inclinator - all of which gets transferred to the floor below the treadmill (and from there, to the ceiling above the heads of the people living below you). Common courtesy here appears to guide us appropriately. Note also that padding between the treadmill and the floor will also ease the resistance you experience during your workouts. While there are Air Shox installed on the. 995c to help mitigate the counter force that strikes the knee when your foot strikes the treadmill bed, not all of those oppositional forces can be negated (this is physics were talking about here, remember?), so a little extra help from a nice thick rubber mat certainly wouldn't hurt the overall equation.
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on January 27, 2014
2/6/14: Edited to add one extra bit of info: the machine will pick up'other' brand chest strap/heart rate monitors. I broke the clasp on the one that came with the machine (my error) and found a cheap one at Sears. I can't gurantee it will read ALL brands but have heard from other users that it reads other brands as well.


In shopping for a treadmill we wanted to purchase a new machine, under $1200, with a 60" belt and speeds of at least 12 MPH. In checking with local sporting goods stores and online, the Proform 995c seemed to be just what we wanted. I did see many bad reviews, particularly about the assembly process and deformed parts. Even so, the price as an Amazon Daily Deal was hard to pass up. I figured if we received a damaged product, Amazon would stand behind it and do the right thing.

I scheduled delivery for a Saturday. The delivery company called upon receiving the order to confirm the delivery date & time frame. The driver called when he was about an hour away. He helped us get the treadmill into our garage. My husband and I (with the help of our 15 year old son) opened the box there, and carried the misc. pieces into our basement to assemble the treadmill. The majority of the weight is in the bottom/main piece of the treadmill. It was awkward moving it, even with the 3 of us. Rather than carrying it, we stood the belt up and 'walked' it along. The awkwardness was at least in part due to the positioning of the path from our garage to basement.

The assembly process went better than I expected. All parts were present and in good shape. I was able to do the majority of the steps by myself, though I had difficulty with the screws. (Bolts, no problem.) For that, it was useful to have the 2nd person to help hold things in place so that the openings lined up. I attached the console by myself, but it would probably be best to have a 2nd person for this as well as its fairly large and a little awkward to maneuver. I would have liked the various screws, bolts, washers to have been better labeled. The instruction manual indicated a part # for each type/size but the part #s were not on the baggies of bolts/screws/etc. Even so, I was able to line them up by size and figure out which was which. I considered taking away a star based on this, but it didn't pose a major problem in the assembly process.

We have not yet purchased the iFit unit (not sure if we will in the future) but the manual incline, speed functions of the 995c give plenty of versatility and functionality. The included chest strap allows your heart rate to show on the console. The line-in feature allows you to play music or sound from a tablet, phone, etc. thru the console speakers - and avoid the hassle of earbuds.

The treadmill has standard display features. It shows speed, time elapsed, distance traveled, # of laps, heart rate (if you're wearing the included wireless heart rate monitor, or if you grab the pulse handles) and calories burned. The calories burned, however, is not a reliable figure. There is no option (that I've found so far) to edit information for the user (height, weight, gender, age). A 4'2" 100 pound woman will burn fewer calories than a 6' 220 pound man even if speed, incline, time are the same. Perhaps this would be adjustable with the iFit device/subscription, but I can't say for sure.

At this point, the treadmill has been fully assembled and I've spent a little time on it. It works as intended. We will most likely leave the treadmill open/out. It is HUGE in comparison to our old treadmill, but we knew this going in. It has the option of folding up, so it can take up less space when not in use. We have 2 adults in the household who will each use it 4-5 times per week. I'll be back to update the review if I have anything to provide.

Additional Notes, After 5-6 30-60 minute sessions. a) the fan feature is nice. Low & High speeds, aimed at my chest. I'm just shy of 5'6" so it might be a little less than ideal for a taller person, and the fan angle is not adjustable. Worth noting: my prior treadmill did not have a fan so I'm easy to impress. b) the volume on the line-in feature, to play music/sound from your phone, tablet, etc. is ok but not great. The sound of the treadmill can be a little distracting, even when the device volume is on max. c) when walking at an incline, the display shows how many feet you have climbed vertically. I like that... d) your distance and time are displayed on the console screen constantly. Other details rotate. My prior treadmill rotated all information, and I like the constant display. e) you can set goals, even without the iFit device, such as to walk for X minutes or to go until you've burnt Y calories. Though for calories, its somewhat random as already discussed since you cannot enter your own height, weight, etc. information. You'll have to figure this out on your own, the instruction manual is lacking when it comes to instructions!
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