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on June 16, 2013
I absolutely love this product!

I had a surgery when I was a premature infant that lead to the removal of part of my intestines. Because of this, I am not able to break down and absorb certain foods as well as the average person. While I don't require a special diet, as I have gotten older, I have noticed I tend to have more difficulty digesting some foods. I also have Fibromyalgia, which also causes secondary digestive issues. Because most of our immune system is located in the intestines, and I am missing part of mine, I have struggled with various immunity issues my whole life. As well as getting proper nutrients from my food. When you don't get the proper nutrients, you feel hungry all the time, because your body is craving what it's not able to absorb.

A friend of mine told me about acidophilus years ago, and how it helps us to digest foods. You should have seen the skeptical look I gave her. But I tried it. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better I felt, within just a few hours. The bloating and stomach cramps I had learned to live with, didn't happen that night. Because I take Probiotics I am better able to absorb vitamins and minerals from foods, I am no longer deficient in calcium, B vitamins, or iron. I now keep a bottle of Probiotic in my refrigerator. I take it when I am grabbing things out to prepare dinner, so I don't forget. Because of the live cultures, it's best stored in the refrigerator.

I would recommend this product to anyone to use as a standard dietary supplement. It works with your bodies natural functions to help you absorb nutrients. This allows you to naturally maintain your health through proper diet, because you are giving your body a way to break down and utilize MORE of the food you consume. This means that you will be healthier, and feel less hungry. That lead in your stomach, heavy feeling goes away, and you don't feel as full and uncomfortable after you eat.

It's even safe for children to use, because the probiotics are totally naturally occurring in your body. You are just giving your body more of them to use, so that speeds up digestion. Because your body is not constantly struggling to digest food all day long, you may find that you feel better in other ways, because your putting less physical stress on your body.

The next time your little one complains of an upset stomach after dinner, give them one of these. If you take it before meals, it helps your body break down your food so you don't get than uncomfortable "I ate too much" feeling.

Though I am sensitive to many chemicals and substances, I have noticed NO side effects or problems taking any Probiotic supplements. They are 100% safe to use. You won't be sorry you tried these!
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on October 20, 2013
I've been using probiotics for about 3 yrs now as part of my daily take-care-of-myself program. I began because my last bone scan showed a small weakening in bone density. While I have not yet had another bone scan, I have lost weight, seldom had colds and handle stress a lot better. Now I've learned probiotics can help in those areas.Ulta Blend has a slight edge over some of the others I've used so I will stick with it. While it's kind of hard to quantify on over the other, bottom line is I highly recommend taking probiotics daily.
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on October 20, 2013
Works just like the more expensive ones. Replaces the good bacteria in the gut and keeps the diarrhea symptoms to a minimum. One of these in the morning and a yoghurt as a after dinner treat work miracles. I say, don't buy the more expensive ones, these work every bit as well. My wife and I both take them, her daily, me when I take certain meds.
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on May 17, 2015
I just randomly thought to compare the ingredients between this bottle, of which I am seeing how it is better than any other bottle of probiotics that have ever been tried, and a bottle of probiotics that I have (Nutrition Essentials Probiotic). I have enclosed an image of the side of the bottle that I own, and if you compare it to the bottle image at the top of the page, you will literally see the exact same thing...all the way down to the inactive ingredients. I am literally talking every single ingredient and dosage, as well as including the same verbiage on the side of the bottle as well. My point is, for all intents and purposes, it looks to me that by comparing bottles, these are literally the exact same thing. However, being that they are different companies, prices are different, reviews are different, etc. I guess it just puzzled me because I saw a review somewhere throughout all of these comparing this to Nutrition Essentials version and it was said that this version is remarkably better. So imagine my surprise when comparing ingredients and not seeing a single thing different...see for yourself. Only reason I am even writing this is because the Nutrition Essentials version is not working well for me, but I was able to get a free bottle simply by giving at least a 4 star review which is sad because I do believe it is an inferior product but because they are goading people with a free bottle for a good review, I would be willing to bet 95% of the reviews for that product are BS. So, I came here after seeing good things and noticed the exact same ingredients. Has anyone taken this and the Nutrition Essentials version? Notice a difference? Are they the same company? I am just trying to determine what is the best probiotic and feel a bit duped...
review image review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 14, 2014
This is my first ever probiotic (and/or prebiotic) review here on I have in the past purchased and tried several different probiotic formulations ("Renew Life Ultimate Flora Senior Formula Capsules, 60 Count"; "Sedona Labs Iflora Multi-Probiotic Formula, Capsules, 60-Count, 30-Day Supply"; and "Lee Swanson Signature Line Genetic Designed Nutrition Ultimate Probiotic Formula, 30 Count") both here on Amazon and elsewhere with the intention of helping a now 92-year-old relative of mine who in his old age has really developed intractable gastrointestinal problems consisting of excessive gas, bloating and - of course - ever present constipation.

Waiting for a hard and painful bowel movement to occur has become almost like waiting for a glacier to advance just a few inches by the next millennium. Laxatives and stool softeners such as Senna, docusate sodium and polyethylene glycol powder naturally have provided only temporary relief - nothing lasting - and they must be used repeatedly with an associated risk of habituation over the long-term, namely no longer being able to have a bowel movement without their use.

All of the aforementioned probiotics were given a fair one-month/one-bottle trial, but there really was no noticeable lasting improvement, nothing that could not just as well have been attributed to a transient placebo effect and laxatives, stool softeners, etc. were still required. Thus, all of these probiotics were eventually discontinued.

This bacterial formulation by Natural Goal has yielded different results: Undoubtedly because of this user's advanced age, it did take nearly an entire bottle (2 tablets daily) for anything noteworthy to happen, but from irregularly having a once-weekly bowel movement to now being able to go two to three times each week with notably softer and no longer painful bowel movements to boot is certainly quite an improvement for this 92-year-old spring chicken.

Needless to say, he is a happy camper and will be continuing to use this specific probiotic formulation by Natural Goal for the foreseeable future!

Apart from the aforementioned positive and beneficial results obtained, what I especially like about this Natural Goal probiotic is its high potency (as in high CFU count) bacterial formulation which is also being sold at a very reasonable price here on The fact that it is made right here in the USA and that all manufacturing procedures are GMP-compliant (Good Manufacturing Practice, namely pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing practices) indicates a high level of professionalism on the part of Natural Goal and that they take the task of producing high-quality probiotics very seriously indeed. Furthermore, the unheard of 100%, no-hassle lifetime guarantee is not only confidence-inspiring, but hard to beat!

I give this Probiotic Ultra Blend by Natural Goal, which apparently packs a big punch even in those of advanced age, 5 out of 5 stars and strongly recommend it without any reservations for anyone who once again would like to regularly enjoy one of life's truly simple pleasures. It certainly has earned the Wood B. Hermit's seal of approval.

Note that the manufacturer provided me with a complimentary sample for this hopefully unbiased review.
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on March 20, 2014
Thank you for this Probiotic. I have used Pearls and Currell in the past from the store.

After 7 days. I have no more stomach nausea or gas.

Much better than the store brands.

Age 45

Takes no other medications
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on March 14, 2014
I've been taking these for about five days now. Two at a time. I did some research because I always have horrible gas. From what I read, the Bacillus Coagulans are the strain that helps best with that. I do have noticably less gas when I take them, but I also have to be careful to take them in the morning on an empty stomach with a lot of cold water. People don't realize this, but our stomachs can kill a lot, if not all, of the probiotics in supplements. So can some combinations of food. The best way to take it is with a tal glass of cold water. It's less toxic to the bacteria and gets to yoru intestines quicker.

I just took a pretty nice dump, too. Hopefully it will continue to do well for the rest of the bottle. Pretty good price as well.
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on April 1, 2014
This product is AMAZING!!!!! I suffered from severe digestive problems from taking several prescription pain medications. I would be in severe distress for weeks at a time! Since winning a bottle of this in their contest, I have been feeling WONDERFUL!!! NO more digestive problems, I feel like a new person. I seem to have more energy, and I just seem to feel better. I am definitely going to be purchasing a few bottles from them very soon!! Love this product!!! Trust me, if it helped me, it will surely help you!!!!! Thank you so much Natural Goal!!!
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on June 5, 2014
I was on Amazon, looking for a reasonably priced Probiotic as I was sure it would be a regular monthly expense. I read many reviews about this particular product regarding price and effectiveness. I suffer terribly with IBS and have for about 30 years. It is a daily problem and doctors don't have anything that will relieve it, even just a little. Many of the reviews mentioned IBS and said how much the product has helped them so I thought I give it a try. Oh my goodness, what a difference it has made! the IBS isn't totally gone but the pain is gone, literally gone! I know this because I accidentally forgot to put the pills ( I take 2 a day ) in my pillbox and was hurting again and had a horrible week only to realize that I hadn't taken them all week. You owe it to yourself to try them, I think it is only $17 or $18 for 60 pills on Amazon. I am a senior and on a limited income so the price is very important to me and I can afford this.
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on September 11, 2014
4 stars, NOT that there is anything wrong with this product, but it is packaged like another version of theirs, that I have been using for 5 months, and ordered this, thinking same thing...WRONG....PLEASE read carefully before you order...this is not the one I was using, but guess I will start using this now. I did not read the fine print above PROBIOTIC that says what version it is. My fault.
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