Problems with Vtech's Learning Lodge Navigator? Is anyone else having problem with the Learning Lodge Navigator download from vtech's website? I have tried downloading it on 3 different computers now and I keep getting the same error message: you need to download Adobe Flash. I tried downloading the latest verson of Flash and re-installing the software, but still no luck. The Vtech support tells me there is no problem with their product. I think I'm going to return it. The email address they have on their website won't even work.
asked by Starol on December 7, 2011
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Poor programming by Vtech here but managed to work it out after 5 hours!!!!!
Basically the learning lodge is not compatible with Adobe Flash 11 (which is the most recent version)
Here are the steps took to resolve the issue -

1) Uninstall Flash player from your PC (Start, control panel, Uninstall a programme)
2) Go to (which is all the Archived Flash Players)
3) Scroll down the page and click Flash Player and click open (a message comes up at the bottom of the screen that say's downloading from site:
Pear-lé answered on December 11, 2011

& the file takes around 5 minutes to load)
4) File downloads as a folder named fp_10.3.183.11_archive, open the folder and there is another folder named 10_3r183_11. Open this and there is a list of files, click on the file called flashplayer10_3r183_11_win (make sure it's this file not the similar named file ending winax!)
5) Flash Player 10 will now be installed on your PC
6) open the Learning Pad and it should work - Mine did!

I'm just so relived I attempted to set up son's Xmas present before the big day otherwise he would have been very disappointed and I would have been very stressed!

I hope this helps everyone else with the same issue and your kids will actually have a toy that works on Christmas day!
Pear-lé answered on December 11, 2011

I loaded the Leap pad version of the software (because i was giving up, but wanted to make sure the leap pad's version would work) and got the same message about Flash player. it took me to download flash, so i tried again. After I used the link from leap pad's website to download the flash update, all of of sudden the Learning Lodge started working. I don't know if it linked me to a different flash download or what, but it's up now. I am finally able to download games from V-tech, and my own mp3's, avi videos, and photos. Also, I noticed they have added new apps on the website. It's been a hassle, but glad it's finally working. (no thanks to v-tech customer support, but thanks to people who have posted advice here.)
Starol answered on December 9, 2011

I tried Starol's LeapPad work-around above and it did the trick.
T. Reynolds answered on December 12, 2011

I went back on adobe flash and my can see the innotab; but gets stuck on "loading" and then the screen goes white? Anyone else having this issue?
S. Snodgrass answered on December 24, 2011

I've been helping many on FB and came up with my own FAQs that addresses many common issues and provides answers.

InnoTab FAQs by KBarrett...

Q1 - What do I need to download games, e-books, or transfer Music and Pictures?

A - You'll need an SD Card (8GB or larger) and goes in the battery compartment. You'll also want an AC Adapter.

Connect the USB chord to your PC and install the Learning Lodge Navigator (LLN) software.

Q2 - How do I register my child's InnoTab in the LLN software?

A - Click on the Image of the InnoTab and choose Add Child. Fill out all fields to complete registration.

Q3 - How do I register more than 1 InnoTab in the LLN?

A - Click on each individual InnoTab image and choose Add Child. DO NOT add children in the My Account section. It will not retain your child's information!!!

Q4 - How many V Coins do I get when I register my InnoTab and what do I get for them?

A - You get 3 V Coins per InnoTab you register. Each V Coin is worth $2.99, which will give you 3 free Games or E-Books.

Q5 - How many programs are there available to download?

A - There are 80 applications (as of 12/28/11). 90% of those are $2.99, with the rest costing $4.99.

Q6 - Where do I go to find the Games and E-Books and Transfer them to my InnoTab?

A - You MUST click on the image of the InnoTab once connected to your PC. DO NOT use the Downloads tab along the top!!! Once you have clicked on the image, you will see a Menu down the Left side of the screen. Click on the "Learning Apps Download Center". Select the Games/E-Books you'd like to buy with V Coins and/or Credit Card or PayPal. Download the apps and then Transfer them to your InnoTab.

Q7 - Can I access the Games/E-Books that I've downloaded previously?

A - Yes. Click on the image of your InnoTab to access the Menu down the Left side of the screen. Click on "My Downloads". You will see all the software programs you've downloaded and if the program(s) haven't been transferred yet to your InnoTab, you'll see check boxes next to each program. Select the check box you want and click Transfer.

Q8 - What format does Music have to be in?

A - Songs must be in .MP3 format and be free of DRM protection. Google search for DRM removal programs like TuneBite or SoundTaxi.

Q9 - How do I transfer Music to my InnoTab?

A - Click on the image of your InnoTab to access the Menu down the Left side of the screen and select "File Manager". Then choose the Music tab. Navigate to the folder where your music is stored, which will auto-populate the LLN with all the songs in that folder. Check the checkbox next to each song you want transferred and click the Transfer button. You can keep selecting songs as you scroll down the list and then Transfer in one click.

Q10 - How do I transfer Pictures to my InnoTab?

A - Use the same directions as Music, except select the Pictures Tab instead of Music.

Q11 - How do I transfer full length Movies to my InnoTab?

A - First "rip" your movie to a folder on your PC. I use DVDFab. Also only select "Main Movie" before ripping.

Then you'll need to convert the movie to an acceptable format (.AVI). Get FreeMake Video Converter and use the following steps and settings:

Step 1 - Once installed, open the program and click the +Video button.
Step 2 - Navigate to where your movie folder is and select all files in the folder and click the Open button.
Step 3 - On the bottom of the program select the "to AVI" button.
Step 4 - Click the blue sprocket or "Edit Settings".
Step 5 - Choose the following settings: (Videos display perfectly using these settings)

Frame Size = Custom, Width = 512, Height = 320, Adjustment = Auto, Video Codec = XVID, Frame Rate = 29.97 fps, Bitrate = Auto

Audio Codec = MP3, Channels = Stereo, Sample Rate = 44100 Hz, Bitrate = 128 Kbps.

Step 6 - Give the new Setting a Title like "InnoTab Settings" and click OK.
Step 7 - Choose where to save the finished AVI file.
Step 8 - Click Convert.

Finally, you can either close the Learning Lodge program and navigate to the new Drive on your PC, which is the SD Card (varies by computer) or you can take the SD card out and place it in an SD Card Reader (faster transfer speeds than through the InnoTab). Once you navigate to the SD Card on your computer, go to the LLN folder and inside you'll see a number of folders. Open the Movies folder and simply drag-and-drop the AVI file you made with the FreeMaker program into the Movies Folder on the SD Card. Once done, put the SD Card back in the InnoTab and turn it on, or restart the InnoTab for it to recognize the new movie.

Q12 - How long do Batteries last?

A - There are many reports that 4 AA batteries will only last a few hours. It is recommended that you purchase an AC Adapter.

Q13 - Why does the InnoTab keep requesting to update the Date and Time?

A - The InnoTab has a very limited internal battery to maintain the Date and Time. If the batteries wear out or it is unplugged from the AC Adapter for a long period of time, it resets the internal clock. It is best to keep the InnoTab plugged in and/or batteries are replaced as soon as they wear down.

Q14 - Can you use rechargeable batteries in the InnoTab?

A - Yes. Though you'll want 8 batteries, 4 of inside the InnoTab and 4 in the charger at all times, unless using the AC Adapter.

Q15 - Can the InnoTab recharge batteries?

A - No.

Q16 - Is there an Alarm Clock included with the InnoTab?

A - No. The original press release stated that it would include an Alarm Clock, however, there is not one. Maybe with a future Firmware update, but not keeping my hopes up.

Q17 - Is there an update for the InnoTab?

A - Yes. In the LLN, click on the InnoTab image and on the Menu down the left side of the screen, click on "Update InnoTab". Follow the prompts and choose to Update InnoTab. The latest Firmware version is 6.10914 as of 12/28/11.

Q18 - Where do I access the Games/E-Books that I've downloaded to the InnoTab?

A - On the InnoTab, click on the Downloads icon, at the bottom will have the Games, E-Books and Other options.

Q19 - How do I track my Child's Progress?

A - You MUST click on the InnoTab image first, or see the Menu down the leftside! Then click on the "Progress Log" on the Top Menu bar.

Q20 - The LLN keeps saying I need Flash Player. How do I get Flash to install correctly?

A - Uninstall your Flash Player then open the LLN program. When it asks you if you want to install Adobe hit "Yes", pick the windows 7 32bit, then on the browser question DO NOT put in Internet Explorer, instead choose "Other Browsers".

Q21 - How do you know so much about Swallows?

A - You've got to know these things to be King.

I hope this InnoTab FAQs was of some use. Please let me know if it was.

Kelly Barrett answered on December 28, 2011

I sent an email we will see if I get an answer.....have deleted and reloaded several times and still doesnt work
Danielle Thornburg answered on December 9, 2011

Thank you so much for sharing that information. After attempting to access the learning lodge navigator for several days I finally realized that the program was not working with the most recent version of flash player, but I wasn't sure how to download version 10 from archives. I followed your instructions and was finally able to access the learning lodge navigator. Now I can download some games and apps so that it will be all ready for my daughter to play on Christmas morning: )
Kristen answered on December 12, 2011

I also had the same issue. I only had Explorer as my browser, so I continued to attempt to download the latest version of Adobe and it just wasn't working. Finally, after attempting to contact customer service and not yet recieving a response, I went ahead and downloaded Mozilla Firefox, installed, went back to Adobe, downloaded the version compatible with that, and low and behold it worked on the first try. I've had no issues since!
Calebsmommy answered on December 13, 2011

Thanks so much for your advice. This has worked for me! I spent 2 hours trying to work out what was wrong. This works people. A complaint to Vtech is on its way!
Kf Donovan answered on December 16, 2011
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