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on July 1, 2013
The Avid brakes are quality, as are all the parts, down to the details, such as the Continental tires. The power also lasts forever even when my trip involves steep hills. The motor is quite quiet.
The gear switching is very smooth, and the gear ratios have a generous range to cover different situations.
You need to put some time into adjusting the disc brakes yourself or a local bike store because there is no way a factory can do that for you.

My only complaint is that the frame is a bit heavy, and has many soldered joints; I guess it's partly because it's a foldable bike. But the frame is sturdy.

If you are unlucky, you might fall victim to what seems to me to be inconsistent quality control. I've seen several shipments of the same model, and none of the bikes are put together quite the same. For example, the length and wiring of the electric cable around the bike frame. One bike I got had a noisy motor on start-up speeds that sounded like a horrible whiny rattle; there was definitely something not right with that build. I guess that's to be expected with a smallish brand like this that is just starting out.

Update: after getting my replacement, I got another dud. The rear axle was wobbly. I took it to a bike shop and the mechanic said that the axle was never assembled correctly by the manufacturer and that it would be a headache for me to try to have it fixed and I should just return it.

So, I really want to like this bike, and I do like the design but they have serious quality control standards right now. I was originally proud to buy this since it is Built in the USA but unfortunately that doesn't mean much in terms of the end product. If you are lucky and get a bike assembled by someone on the floor who is competent, then this is a good bike for a front-wheel driven design.
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on September 3, 2013
This bike was delivered on July 30th 2013. I took it to my local bike shop and had to spend $80 to get the bike properly assembled, and adjusted. (That figure also included thorn proof tubes and tire liners) After charging the battery, I installed it and the bike ran for ten minutes and quit. I tried charging the battery again, same thing, ten minutes run time. I called customer service and was told I needed a new battery for this "new" bike. I waited, I emailed, I called. Finally was emailed a form to fill out and return by snail mail for a new battery. Still waiting. Today is September 3, 2013 and I have a $1300 bike that is useless.

UPDATE: Ok, I finally got the new battery after about a month of owning the bike. Prodeco emailed me a form which I had to print out and return by snail mail with my credit card info in order for them to send me a new battery. Took a while, I'm not sure how a company with "Technologies" in their name has to do business by snail mail, but that's what I got. When they received the form they shipped out the new battery promptly.
With a new battery, I like riding the bike. It is faster than I thought it would be (it's no speed demon, but fast enough for me) and the battery has a lot of life. I'm not sure how long it lasts as I haven't run it empty yet. I go everywhere I need to go and haven't drained the battery so far. One day I'll take it around a measured course until it dies and see how far it goes. Of course the battery life is highly dependent on how much you pedal.
Otherwise I'm really liking the bike now.
Prodeco should have a more timely way to take care of their replacements.

UPDATE 2: When I tried to return the defective battery FedEx sent it back to me because the box was slightly damaged when I received it and FedEx said the box has to have zero damage because of the "hazardous" product inside. I emailed this info back to Prodeco Tech. "Alex" responded asking me if I had used the label, I told her what happened and she said a new box with labels and forms would be sent. That was two weeks ago. Guess what? No Box. I emailed her back to find out if they had sent a new box. She responded by telling me to just use the old box with the shipping label that was originally included, even though she knows I can't do that. I even responded to her with the same message thread but apparently it was too much work to read the entire message.
Soon, it will be two months since I received the bike and still cannot get this matter fully resolved. I'm sure the next thing that will happen is they'll charge me many hundreds of dollars for the replacement battery even though they know I'm trying to return the defective battery. I cannot return the defective battery without a new box that they have to send me.
Although I'm really trying to like this bike, their company seems to be suffering from massive non-communication issues.
I've lowered the rating on this bike from 4 stars to one simply due to company's unprofessionalism and lack of good communication. Prodeco Tech: it should not take two months to complete a simple order.
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on October 11, 2013
I really wanted to like this e bike. after ordering online as I waited for fedex to deliver, i wanted to get fenders for the bike. I happened to find a local bike shop listed as a dealer on the prodeco website, called them and found out they "USED TO BE" the local distributor. now I know why. after unboxing, setting up, hand checking cables and critical nut, bolt connect points (also noticed the battery regulator key face was already scratched up, was this a returned item) anyway, rode the bike in normal bicycle mode sans e power and detected a rhythmic thumping in the rear wheel, eight gear cassett that got worse under e power. i was able to see the wheel would spin true under pedal rotation, but when the wheel was spinning freely as it would when coasting, the entire gear cassett and tire wobbled. rear axel bearings really in there? for a deal costing me a grand three, this is totally unacceptable. sending it back on my dime, and my time, which does not make happy. two stars because the front hub e motor seemed to work well for all 15 minutes I got to ride it, but I can't ride the front end only. would try another prodeco e bike in maybe 7 to 10 years.(they will have either improved the build quality or there will be too many reviews like this) well it's back to a sym scooter with a polini 70cc bore kit. cost about 400 bucks more but I won't be worrying about the rear tire falling off. happy trails.
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on July 16, 2013
I am 5’1” and have always had an issue with the location of the bicycle handlebars being too low, high, or just too far from the seat causing me to overstretch my arms and back to reach the handlebars. Another issue I have with average size bicycles (24”, 26”, or larger), is the seat does not go down far enough for me to sit comfortable and paddle without almost tippy-toeing the paddles, making it difficult to go long distance without tiring out. The Prodeco V3 Mariner Seven 8 speed folding electric bicycle is just right for my vertically challenged statue. The seat and handlebars are adjusted in comfortable positions that allow for longer rides (3 – 4 hours). My back, legs, neck, and arms do not feel strained and I feel like I got a great workout while enjoying and concentrating on the scenic route instead of exerting great physical energy to get me through the ride. If I encounter a challenging hill or incline, I just use e-motor to assist in a successful ascend to the top. Overall the ride is comfortable and smooth (well worth the price and effort).

I did encounter a small problem with the lower gears slipping but contacted tech support who recommended getting a derailment adjustment on the gears at a Pro Bike shop (about $20). They even offered to reimburse the cost of the derailment adjustment! I am going to get the adjustment this evening…...more to come. The weight of the bike is a little heavy (46 pounds), and requires slow maneuvers and tactics to get it in and out of the car trunk, etc. removal of the seat, battery, and handlebars to lighten the lift. Aside from that, I truly love my new Prodeco V3 Mariner Seven 8 speed folding electric bicycle and highly recommend it anyone who may encounter similar issues when riding average size bicycles.
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on April 4, 2014
I bought this bike last spring to use around our marina. I was impressed with the quality, finish, construction and compact design that allowed easy storage on our boat. The only negative comment I had at that time was that the design put more weight on the rear tire and less on the motorized front, reducing traction and required some tender throttle control.

We didn't use the bike much since we only get to the marina on weekends. One day while it was out, it began to rain. I had a cover for it so it didn't get very wet. Next day when I went to use the bike it was dead. I thought the battery finally became depleted and charged it. After it was charged I tried again but it was still dead... not even the battery test LED's would light but the built-in tail light worked. I checked the replaceable fuse but it was good. My voltmeter confirmed there was no voltage on the battery output terminals.

I spent the next two months trying to get Prodeco to service their warranty. They would not return my calls, voicemail, emails, or web site forms. Their operator will apologize for their lack of staff and offer customer service voice mail. Finally after I threatened to begin filing complaints, they called me with an apology and a 'deal' just because of their mistake. The deal was they would sell me a new $400 battery for just $190, thereby eliminating my $50 'Hazmat' shipping cost to return the old battery for evaluation... and by the way, he said their batteries are water resistant; not water proof. So if they find ANY water damage, it's not covered by warranty. I asked if they had seal problems and made improvements so it could survive being out in the rain. He said these needed no improvements.

Some BBB complaints and owner reviews verified I was not alone with my new opinion of this company.

I decided to repair this battery myself rather than waste more of my time and money with this company's battery warranty scam. What I discovered was a design that was NOT water resistant at all and a failed, under rated PCM (Power Control Module). I'm documenting the simple repair with an improved PCM and plan to publish it soon.
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on February 5, 2014
The unit is billed as a " Mariner" but we had two of them in storage bags in a locker on our boat and after 2 months one of the motors failed. We had to package it up and ship it to Florida at our expense. We had to pay $249 for a new motor. When it was shipped to us, it looked as though a 6 year old packaged it. Both ends of the shaft were pocking through the box and one end was so badly damaged that the new cable was damaged. The brake discs are NOT marine grade stainless steel as advertised . Screws and nuts are rusted too. The connectors to the battery broke on both bikes. Prodeco did send new connectors but they were the same as the other ones. In addition, you have to be a rocket scientist to install the new connectors. The front brake discs are warped. (very annoying) . The whole thing looks like it was made in China. The bike looks cheap. I am so disappointed that I can't even bring myself to list all the other defects.

As far as the company itself is concerned. They are absolutely hopeless. I spent $2600 with them and they treated me as though I was a second- class citizen .

My advice……… STAY AWAY!
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on February 6, 2014
!!!!!! This is important, if you're unsure about this bike, don't get it, Amazon will not give you a return shipping label, you'll have to pay 200+ dollars for return shipping and Amazon will only refund you 10 !!!!!!!!

Here is what I found out about the bike after riding it for a couple of weeks.

- I realized that the pin that locks the folding mechanism wasn't working because the flap was bent. This is a major safety issue and I wish I had discovered it before riding it.
- Easy to assemble.
- The kick-stand is ridiculous because it touches the ground even in some of the widest corners and is very heavy
- The area the kickstand is mounted to ads a lot of metal. There is also a bizarre tube sticking below the bottom bracket which I have no idea what purpose it serves other than add weight.
- Brakes are nice Avid 7s.
- Motor looks small and is pretty peppy but the weight balance towards the rear of the bike tends to make it spin without grip. (unsafe and inefficient) A rear wheel motor would be better.
- Battery is heavy. Li-Ion, while not as long lasting in terms of re-charge cycles would have been a better choice.
- Seat is uncomfortable and the spring just makes it feel awkward.
- Battery mount has all sorts of issues.
- First a piece of plastic broke off of it where the rear mounts hold it up. Cheap plastic.
- It's extremely tough to get the battery in and slide it in a position where you can turn the key (can't be all the way in)
- Front shocks are cool but probably add unnecessary weight. Hitting a pothole makes the rear feel like you hit a curb at full speed.
- Only way to get to use the motor is by twisting the throttle. That's a far cry from getting electric assist, making it more of a underpowered moped than a electric bike.
- It' slow. Can't reach the limit of 20 mph and pedaling on a straight only gets it around 19. However, downhill speed of 30 feels pretty stable for a small bike so it makes me wonder why they chose an underpowered motor.
- Range is good. About 30 miles real-life with hills and so on.
- Could use from a better gearing system.
- Pedals are too small
- No flats in a lot of miles. Amazing in this respect.

In summary, this bike should be lighter, battery should be water-bottle mounted, needs to have pedal assist or torque sensor, rear motor, better seat, better quality materials, and have better Quality Assurance.

Original review:

Got the bike today so I can commute to work and get a little exercise without having to over-exert myself on the hilly areas.
Here are some things I found on first impression:

- Well packed box for delivery.
- Easy to assemble. Took me about 10 minutes from opening the box to having the bike ready to go.
- Easy to adjust the rear derailleur from the twist gear cable connection.
- Seems to be pretty good construction overall
- Thick gauge spokes
- Climbs a pretty steep hill without pedaling
- Doesn't brake you on the downhill for power regeneration like the Bionx, and since batteries aren't capacitors to charge up quickly regeneration is useless.
- Somehow lightweight under 50 lb compared to some other electric bikes which I tested and which seemed more like scooters in terms of weight
- Decent components, Continental tires, disc brakes
- lifepo4 battery, which have a lot of recharge cycles
- Short handlebars making for a more sporty ride
- Foldable
- Tail-light
- Quick release seat
- Took me around 10 minutes for a ride in the neighborhood that without traffic would have taken me 7 in the car. Add parking further from the door, and the need to do u-turns, it's probably faster on the bike.
- pretty quick charging time
- Acceptably fast for a small bike
- My wife finds it fun and she doesn't like bicycles or scooters

- Foldable pedals are too small and awkward.
- Front wheel drive but rear heavy with the battery, kickstand, seat, and an abnormally thick frame. This causes me to lose grip and not take advantage of all the available torque.
- large heavy kickstand ~1 lb, which touches the road in turns. It has to do that to avoid getting in the way of the chain. I removed this pronto. For a 30-40 lb bike (without the battery), you don't need it.
- Aluminum frame seems a little clunky. Feels like a lot more metal was used than needed. For example the area which the kickstand mounts on is huge and pointless.
- Slow uphill
- No speed indicator
- No headlight
- flimsy bell in the way of the grips.
- no pedal assist - have to use throttle
- small twist throttle. I prefer to control speed with my thumb or the entire grip like a scooter/motorcycle
- wind resistance at higher speeds is noticeable and annoying, but that is common with all electric bikes
- potholes feel pretty rough even with the bouncy seat. The heavy rear doesn't handle the bumps well
- Seat and seatpost are heavy. (together almost 2 lbs) I quickly changed this to my carbon fiber FSA mountain bike seat post and got this to under 1 lb
- only 300 watts but that should be good on the range as going faster reduces the motor efficiency due to wind resistance
- despite the good packaging, the frame still has a major ugly dent in it. It's probably due to the pedals.
- expensive battery packs

Still for me to check on:
- real-life range
- time before I get a flat
- ease of changing a tube
- how it rides with a backpack on
- grips with gloves on
- time to get to work (~15 mile distance) and whether I can make it there and back without needing to recharge
- ...
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on June 1, 2014
It's a fun bike (I'm 6'0 240 lbs). It's got plenty of power to push me along and it does get big enough where it feels like a full sized bike. I'll report further as we go here. And it does fit into the tiny trunk of my z4 roadster and I plan on taking it to Sanibel Island on vacation this summer. Wasn't sure if it would fit.. But it did. If you own an S2000 or a Miata you might not be able to get it into those trunks because their trunks were smaller than the z4, you need the depth in order to pull it off and those 2 didn't quite have it(I've owned them before).

So far the ride is good, it has good power that seems to last quite a while, IT'S FUN!! And I'm looking for excuses to ride it.. Assembly was very easy (just a few parts). Comes in a box about 4' x 2' x 3' . I don't feel like a big guy on a little bike with this one. It feels normal size.

I added a photo of the bike in my trunk for reference.
review image
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on August 21, 2013
The only problem about this ebike is its weight. Even without the battery, it is not easily carried folded, especially if you have to make it a floor or two up. Other than that, the bike rides well; the motor is pretty silent; it is easy to shift from the power-assited mode to the bike mode, thereby saving on battery life. I use the motor when going to work, and bike my way back in the evening, when sweating is no longer a concern. Quite practical, I must say.
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on August 11, 2014
The bike is very nice and the battery (9Ah) really brings you far. I had the one without 8 speed Transmission before and like this one much better.The Price is too high if I compare the bike to my Phantom X2 with 12Ah batttery.

The paint had some chips and the battery is very hard to push on and off, but Amazon was generous to compensate for these points.

I would definetly buy the bike again from Amazon.
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