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on July 29, 2014
4.5 Stars

Ooh, the FEELS!!! This book pulled more feelings out of me then I knew I had. It was intense and overwhelming!! I was breathless, and in awe with the direction that this book took. PRODIGY is a action-packed, emotion-filled, heart-pounding of a sequel, that I devoured! I really did not see that ending coming, I was left with my mouthing hanging wide open and tears threatening to fall. To say I was pleased and SHOCKED with PRODIGY, that would be an understatement, I was ELATED and totally satisfied with this book!!!


The Republic is on the brink of collapse. The government is losing their stronghold on the people. The Republic has failed them, used an abused them, and the people are fed up, and are now ready to fight back... But then the unthinkable happens, and they're world is thrown into an uproar of chaos and mayhem that could very well change the world as they know it, either for the good, or the bad...
A Bombshell Of A Sequel!!

With the help from the Patriots, a rebel organization that revolts against the Republic, June has barely succeed in breaking Day out from his execution. But not without a price, a heavy price that will be paid one way or another. Now on the run and being two of the most wanted criminals in the Republic, June and Day have very little options. They can either join the Patriots on their mission to bring back the old United States, or they can run, and hide and try to make it to the colonies to seek refuge, if they make it that far. With little else, June and Day are reluctantly recruited into Patriots. June is now tasked with an elite roll in the mission, she will have to push aside all feelings of an old allegiance with the Republic if she has any chance of successfully completing her mission.

But as the plot thickens, June realizes that their is lies, secrets and conspiracy's that must be uncovered before she can go though with anything. But as it all starts to unfold, she finds herself in deeper then she anticipated, and that their is more to this plot then she once thought, and that it's to be paid in blood, and in highly powerful blood at that!!


Day injured and mourning his families death is tasked with his own special place in the mission, one that could very well change his life for either the good, or bad. But one thing is for certain, if he has any chance at saving his brother from the deadly clutches of the Republic, then the Patriots are his best chance to save his brother and get the hell out of the Republic once and for all.

But with Day's fierce trust in June, and her reluctance to go through with the mission, Day is starting to second guess his part in all of it, and if he can even go through with it. But he knows they only have once shot to get this right, and missing it could mean serious consequences, and even death for him, June, and maybe even his little brother Eden...

Day and June are finally fighting on the same side, but as they come closer to the end, they realize that they both have different agendas about what needs to be done, and who can really be trusted. But one thing is for sure, this plot runs deeper then they once thought, and their may be more enemies lurking around them then they realized. And choosing the wrong side could not only doom them, but the rest of the people in the Republic.

Overall, PRODIGY was a bombshell of a second book, with twist and turns that made me what to scream, cry, and laugh my heart out. I loved June and Day together or apart, they are just awesome protagonists! And with that serious cliffhanger ending, I'm dying to sink my teeth into the next novel, CHAMPION and see how it all ends. Because it seems like with that ending it could go so many different directions, and I'm eager to see which path Marie Lu takes us on!!
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on March 5, 2014
I original bought book one because I heard a lot of buzz about it. I typically DON'T by hyped up books because they tend to be...well..."hyped up". I didn't think this would be the case with prodigy....but it is. Let me begin by saying I DID NOT read this entire book. Do not chastise me for not reading this entire book. This is my opinion the content I did read, as well as WHY I stopped reading. This is my opinion. If you have your own, please write your own review.

I didn't feel a connection to any of the characters. I could have guessed this would happen since I liked Prodigy, but I didn't love it. This book is slow paced, tedious (infuriatingly slow). I don't want to spoil this book for those who have not read, but if you're looking for a book that's like Legend, then this is not it.

I do not recommend.
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on July 11, 2013
Wow, so I finally finished Prodigy! After it sat on my shelf for a month, and then took another two months to actually read! That may sound like a bad thing to most readers. I know I usually take one or two days to actually read a book. However, this one took me so long to get through because I kept getting freaked out about where Marie Lu was taking the story. It was so intense, and all the emotions that June and Day were feeling towards each other were escalating, and old characters were coming back and secrets were coming to light, and I didn't know who to trust anymore!

I knew that if I was going to really enjoy the last two thirds of the book, I just need to sit down and READ IT in one sitting. So I went outside to my backyard, lied down on top of our picnic table with my cool shades, a glass of water, and my dog panting beside me, and I read the book.

I didn't notice the heat, I toned out of all the bugs flying around my legs (after a few good swats they stayed away), and the only time I moved was to adjust the book to block out the sun. I was so absorbed and so happy that I was reading this book and enjoying it (while cringing, and sighing, and yearning, and screaming).

What made me initially kind of stop reading was when Day and June get separated. After all that work to get them together (plus all the sexual tension buildup), I almost cried. Then the whole thing turned into a love-square!!! A square guys!

I was like, what is Marie Lu is trying to do? Separate them and show that they don't need each other? NO. That is not allowed. They both may be independent, confident, and motivated badasses, but they NEED each other!

At this point it was about one third of the way done. I was crying inside. I hated what the author was making those poor characters go through. But in the end, it was necessary. You'll see why. It doesn't involve sunshine and daisies, let me tell you that. I was screaming (inside, but still screaming nonetheless), when I got to that ending. But it was what the story needed.

The pacing is excellent. Legend and Prodigy have a very similar feel in that both characters endure a lot of emotional and physical pain but survive it by relying on one another and on their own smarts. June returns to being her cold, calculated self, but her introspection reveals how much she's changed from her past naïve outlook. However, she's still very optimistic. Day, on the other hand, is somewhat of a pessimist. Everything that has gone wrong in his life up until this point, has, so it makes sense that he's a little (a lot) cynical of the system, of leadership, of relationships . . . I think I felt the most for him throughout this book because he has to watch June infiltrate her old government and pretend to be her old self while trying to suck up to the new leadership Meanwhile, he has to do everything he can for the Patriots in order to make sure that June and him can get out of this mess alive.

I did not see those twists at the end coming. I thought the whole plot was pretty straight-forward. I knew what to expect from June and from Day. Then everything went out the window and got ran over by a truck. I was like, WHAAAT?? Maybe it was because I hadn't read it in an entire sitting that I hadn't picked up the clues.

What was also interesting was seeing the Colonies' point of view and how they live. It was . . . enlightening. I think Marie Lu raises some interesting questions during this point (I won't give anything away), but it forces the MCs to really critically evaluate the institutions and structures they are being coerced and manipulated by unconsciously. In the end, everything comes together beautifully. It was what I was hoping for and more. And then the last couple of chapters just tore that apart.

Champion had better not give me a heart-attack, because I don't think I can stand any more of this emotional and action-filled intensity.
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on October 27, 2014
No spoilers, I should have stated that in the beginning, but...let's get to it. The second book starts off with June and Day traveling to Vegas, when they arrive there the unthinkable happens, the Elector Primo dies and his young son Anden takes his place.

June and Day send a made signal to the Patriots, so they can join forces with them. Day wants the Patriots to help him find his little brother and offer passage to the Colonies. The Patriots get their signal and agree to help Day but only at one request. Day and June have to help them kill the new Elector Primo. Day agrees, the Republic has been nothing but cruel to him and his family and he would do anything to have his brother back to him.

They love the idea that Patriot in charge is a undercover Republic commissioner, who says he wants the Republic destroyed. They trust him and together they come up with a plan.

June goes first on the plan, to be prisoner and get close the Elector and have him trust her completely, with the lie of a "assassination" to get the Elector to change course of his travels so the Patriots can kill him. But things change, June realizes that Anden is nothing like his father and that he actually wants to change the Republic.

To not run the whole book, I'm just going to say there is a change plan, traitors, new alliances, family, new discoveries and really heartbreaking news at the end.

Marie Lu did it again, Prodigy's story is amazing, it will keep you a prisoner until you are done reading it. I loved how in this book so much happens but also a lot of the questions are answered. But the way she finished this book, keeps you in the edge of your seat. That last chapter was AMAZING. Huge cliffhanger, that's all I'm going to say.

So I am off to start reading the 3rd book as I just want to know what the heck is going to happen. But before I go, yes I totally recommend this book and give it a 5 out of 5 stars. It blew my mind.
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on October 15, 2014
Marie Lu continues to make the Legend trilogy epic with Prodigy! This one's really a game changer in the long run because sooo much happens and gets revealed and we're kind of left hanging with where the characters are! Thankfully I have the next and final book at the ready!

June and Day are on the run after the chaotic events of Legend, they soon find themselves in Patriot territory and join the rebel group in order to finally take out the new Elector. The previous Elector dies--off scene--and his son takes on the leadership. The plan is set and both June and Day are taking part. June must return to her position and get the new Elector, Anden, to be in the "kill spot" for when the Patriots are ready. But June soon learns that Anden is nothing like his father and wants to make changes for the good of the people in the Republic.

This was quite the exciting read for the most part, about 3/4 in it kind of stutters out after a shocking reveal, but picks up again with a nice action scene towards the end! The second book in trilogies tend to be all about the shocks! We get quite a few of those in this one! There's also more indepth character development and naturally, trouble in paradise when it comes to romance.

Not only does it seem Anden likes June, but when Day reunites with Tess we learn that she loves him too. It's this part that weirded me out a bit. Tess is about 12, for I remember it being said that Day found Tess when she was 9 and he was 12. Three years isn't a big difference when it comes to age and relationships, but it's the fact that she's 12 and proclaims to be sooo in love with Day that weirded me out. When I was 12, I wasn't anywhere close to those feelings. In fact, I think I laughed at the "boyfriend-girlfriend" scenarios around me at school. Because really, what kind of relationship can you have at such a young age! Day and June being 15 and so in love still weirded me out a tad, but I can get over that one because it's close to 16 when most YA books have the intense feelings of love going around. But 12?! Sorry, but no.

I could understand where Tess was coming from though in falling in love with Day. She's known him for 3 years and the two have been inseparable until recently. But I would've thought that would get more towards sibling affection rather than romantic ones, but I digress.

The action in this one was good! June and Day are apart of the Patriots' plan to assassinate Anden, but then things change. There's a definite tension going on throughout the book and the end results give strife to Day and June's budding relationship.

The ending was yet another shocker! It's not so much a cliffhanger, but you're left reeling at why this and that happened or didn't happen! There's a lot left unsaid between Day and June and I am more than eager to dive into the final book of the trilogy!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars
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on February 2, 2014
I loved the first book in the series, and I wasa super excited to read the second. I hated it. The first book was a great idea. A brilliant boy vs. a brilliant girl in a dystopian city. It had its complexities, but it was a relatively simple idea.

The second book gets away from everything I liked about the first one. The two characters are allies, not adversaries, and the author has to go to great lengths to keep them from just being a happy couple. Way too often, the narrative comes to a screeching halt when the two teenagers are basically going on and on about their feelings. I got tired of it, and I wished it had the same narrative crispness of the first in the series.
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VINE VOICEon August 19, 2013
If a group of rebels is to ever overthrow a corrupt government, they must have a better option waiting to fill the void. In Marie Lu's Legend, Day and June became the poster children for the revolution against the Republic. In Prodigy, they become the heart of the people who demand something better from their government.

The Republic has always been run by the Elector with an iron fist. June was his prodigy, and now that she has joined a common street thug, Day, whose Robin Hood-esque antics have always made him the Republic's nuisance, she is on the wrong side of the Elector. Then the Elector dies. When his son, Anden is tapped as the new Elector, he becomes a target for the Patriots, the rebel group fighting to overthrow the Republic. June and Day barely escape the rest of the Republic that is hunting them, but they finally find themselves in the hands of the Patriots. They are wary of the Patriots intentions, but Day needs medical attention and June will do anything to save him. The Patriots fix Day, but under one condition. June and Day are to assassinate the new Elector.

As a former insider in the Republic, June is planted as an inside woman. With an elaborate plan to bring her back into the Elector's fold in order to distract him with a fake assassination plan while the true plan runs its course, June becomes the heart of the Patriot's plan. But something isn't right. From the moment she speaks to Anden, she becomes aware he is nothing like his father. She cant explain why exactly she trusts him as much as she does, but something tells her there is something very wrong with the plan to assassinate this man. She has realized it, but will Day? Especially when part of her cover is to play on Anden's obvious affections for her?

Wow! This series could not possibly have more twists, turns, and surprises if it tried! I loved Legend, but it is amazing how Prodigy took the series in a whole new direction while still staying true to the amazing story Lu created in the first place. It truly was a fantastic follow-up to a great first book, and you won't be disappointed because there is absolutely no sophomore slump happening here! One of the best parts of this book is how connected Day and June are. Even when he has no reason to believe her about the fishiness of the assassination plan, his trust in her shines through. He won't let anyone tell him to trust or not to trust June. She is the one person whom he doesn't doubt. And June feels the same way. A lesser couple would have doubted one another, but these two really have an amazing connection that I can't get enough of!

The world building is also a huge strength of this series. We see more of the former United States in this novel, and I was glad to get more about the history of the Republic and the Colonies than I did in the first book. There is so much alternate history wrapped up in this story of rebels and patriots that even if you didn't have the fabulous connection between June and Day, you would still love this story. I find myself wanting Lu to write a whole history book separate of the June and Day story so I can learn more and more about this world. And that, my friends, is a true testament to an amazing world an author has created! I really enjoyed this book and this series as a whole and I am looking forward to the final leg of the journey. But if they ending of this story has anything to do with it, I can tell it is going to be a doozy! Can't wait!
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on March 12, 2016
At first, Prodigy seemed like it was suffering from second book syndrome. June and Day were separated and wrapped up in what the other one was thinking, adding a lot of relationship drama to an already dramatic plot. I liked that June and Day weren’t all googly-eyed throughout Legend, so I was kind of disappointed by the direction of the plot.

However, my feelings quickly changed. The relationship drama had a crucial point since they both came from different worlds and their motivations and past experiences had a lot to do with not only their future together, but their loyalties. Would June stay loyal to a Republic that turned it’s back on her? Would Day be blinded by his hatred for the Republic? Could either of them trust the Patriots? Was the new Elector just as bad as the last?

Legend was a bit predictable, which was my only criticism, but Prodigy quickly remedied that situation. It wasn’t very predictable at all. I honestly didn’t know who to trust, if anyone. I loved getting different sides to the story and finding out how the world was actually set up. The idea that the Republic could be an isolated military regime in an otherwise democratic world was crazy, but not that far fetched. I liked that we got to see the Colonies and compare them to the Republic.

I really enjoyed Prodigy. The conflicts were amazing and I like the way the story pulled me everywhere and tested me. I had no idea where it was going or who to trust. I highly recommend the series and I’m glad that the second book was better than the first and that it surprised me. I was so worried it wouldn’t be as good when I first started.
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on May 12, 2016
June and Day come from two very different backgrounds, June came from an elite family while Day lived in one of the poor sectors of the Republic. After getting to know each other their entire lives change for better or for worse and now they are more or less in the same situation.
After escaping from Day‘s execution June and Day are on the run from the entire Republic.
Day is injured, his brother and only living family is either a prisoner or a lab rat of the Republic.
June has nowhere to go after leaving everything she knows behind her to save Day.
With nothing left to loose they take an offer from the Patriots that are fighting against the government of the Republic. All they have to do in return for the Patriots help with all their problems is to assassinate the new Elector, Anden, after his father‘s recent death.
But in those troublesome times after the old Elector‘s death where the iron grip that the government had over it‘s people is starting to falter who can Day and June really trust and how much can their newly formed relationship handle.

This like the first book was a fast paced read with some twists and turns. We get to know more about the world that the story takes place in and we get to know the main characters better. I really liked this book and can‘t wait to read the last book in the trilgogy to see how this ends.
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on June 11, 2015
I really wasn’t sure what direction Marie Lu would take in Prodigy, but it’s safe to say I wasn’t expecting to be punched in the gut at the end.

I really didn’t want to start by talking about the ending of this book, but it will not leave me! I had a feeling there had to be something HUGE coming when I was nearing the end, otherwise we probably could’ve wrapped up the series here. Not that everything is resolved, but there is some semblance of progress. I have a very bad feeling that there is no salvation for this particular turn of events. In fact, I’m resigning myself to the realization that my worst fear for this will come to pass. Am I going to hold out for a miracle? Well, of course! I WANT IT BADLY! But I can’t give my heart over to it, because it might kill me. WHY!?!? And that last page!!! I must confess, I cried in the end. That last page was so heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… *shakes it off*

Prodigy moved at a pretty steady pace. Not once did I feel a lull in this book. It’s intense, edge-of-your-seat action and nail-biting suspense. It felt like everything was in their hands from the moment I cracked the book open.

I thought June had impressed me in Legend…but that was nothing compared to how much I love that girl after reading Prodigy. While she was still her kick-ass self, in this book she was also so vulnerable. She still can’t express her feelings to Day, but you can see her trying. And maybe that’s why she’s so much better at sniffing out the BS than he is though. She lives by logic and intelligence, where Day is all passion and impulsivity. The question of whether they match very well comes up a few times. Are they perfect for one another? Probably not. But we can’t do much about it once our heart is set on someone.

That was actually one of my biggest frustrations with this story. Day. I love you, Day, but I wanted to slap some sense into you a few times during this book. His uncertainty was killing me!! There were moments with June where he really let me down. And don’t EVEN get me started about Tess. WTF?! Maybe I saw it coming from her…but, again, the uncertainty from Day?! DUDE! No. I was not cool about it. And this is actually funny to me because the synopsis makes it seem as if June might make a misstep. It doesn’t always have to be the girl who messes up, you know. Most of the time, it isn’t. Just sayin’! :P

I was really surprised by some of secondary characters in this book. I’ve already talked a little about how I wasn’t a huge fan of Tess in this book, but there’s one I LOATHED from Legend whose confession surprised me. I won’t give that one away. Then there’s Anden. I really liked him. I liked his personality and his ideals. I like that he’s a ruler who is strong but fair. He just needs a little help with the leading… Surprised by this? Yeah, I KNOW! So was I!

I don’t know how to wrap this up properly, but just know that this series is by far one of the best dystopians out there. And this sequel only elevated the series. No sophomore slump for Marie Lu. Nope!! You guys must read it. Meanwhile, I’ll just wait here with bated breathe until the release of the third book.
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