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on March 5, 2013
First, let me say I have the Kindle version, which I read mostly on my iPhone. It plays pretty well there, as well as on my iPad. I mention this because a few books I've tried are complete disasters when switched to Kindle; this is not. I really like having it on my iPhone, because I know I'll have it there for reference when I'm out on a shoot.

The Canon manual is a joke, as usual--it tells you what the buttons do, but not why or how. Bass covers every switch and function but he does add info on how to use the various functions, what's best, and so forth. Very helpful. At times he makes suggestions I've found very useful--for example, in low light: forget the zoom, put the camera to wide-angle and f/1.8, and zoom with your feet, which is fairly safe since image-stabilizing works best in wide-angle. Or, when there's not enough light for accurate focusing, set the camera to manual focus at rely on the large depth-of-field to keep you in focus. Works great shooting bands in dark bars. I'm coming from a stills background, with only a little experience shooting video on a 5D3. Bass speaks my language; he compares gain to ISO, discusses lens structure, 35mm equivalents, and so forth.

I also appreciate that he's not afraid to voice an opinion--for example, that the Canon shotgun mic isn't of professional quality, or how to integrate the G10 with DSLRs, or which lights, tripods and other gear to buy. Since he teaches this stuff at Temple, I'm inclined to believe him. This isn't just a book on the camera; it's an education in shooting better videos. And lastly--I've been through most of the book twice, and so far I haven't found anything that doesn't work the same on my G20. If there's a difference somewhere, it's minor and it shouldn't prevent you from buying this book now rather than hoping for an update.

Overall, I can't recommend this enough for a newbie video shooter.
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on February 24, 2013
Whether you're an experienced cameraman with a vast working knowledge of F Stops and Shutter Speeds or just starting out, this book is a must have and the perfect companion to the G10 and XA10 - It explains EVERY function of these cameras in PLAIN ENGLISH in a way that won't confuse the beginner nor bore the experienced photo pro.

The factory manuals are great, but in addition to being 10000000000+ pages in 12+ languages, the manuals can easily confuse the owner since they are almost always written by pro's who forget not everyone has a vast working knowledge of photography and video.

This book covers ALL of the basics and camera modes/settings. From full Auto to Manual mode, it's covered. The author makes it even better by providing crystal clear directions and clear diagrams. My copy is barely a month old but is falling apart from the use I have gotten out of it.

Buy the camera, skip the mind numbing manual, get this book and start shooting in more than just generic auto mode. Had I not bought the book to compliment the camera I'd probably of set fire to the manual and sent the camera back. There is simply too many cool and mind blowing things you can do with these cameras that the manual doesn't even get into - This book does. I figured it would be another book written in pro language, by a pro and (solely) for a pro - It's pro written but geared towards EVERYONE - Definitely one of the better 'how to' guides out there. F2.2 at 1/48th of a second sound confusing? After a week of testing and reading it won't, because this book explains the what and why of it - Def worth 5 Stars!
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on November 20, 2013
Great guide purchased for me to "pre-learn" about the Canon Vixia HF G30 that I ordered. Well written and generally usable for the G30 model as many buttons, menus, and functions are the same.
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on August 28, 2012
I've been shooting video for 30 years and have different cameras, including the XA10 model.
I bought the book to see if I can refer to this book and not the manual.... that's really not a good way to learn about the camera. Granted, the Canon manual has everything in it, but not an easy thing to follow.
That's why you're here :)
Am I correct?

This book makes it so easy to look up something on your camera. If you shoot AUTO mode all the time, this may not be much interest to you. However, there are loads of good tips how to shoot a great video. If nothing else, read those parts to make better movies:)
Am sure all new owners of this great camera will appreciate the detailed information. It's well written in simple language anyone can understand.

This is the best thing you can buy for such a little money and learn a great deal!
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on December 23, 2012
I've been shooting with my XA10 for one year now, thinking I knew my camera well. Turns out I didn't.
This book is amazing. You will learn a bunch of new stuff on every single page, not only about the camera, but about a lot of relatively advanced stuff on image composition, aperture, exposure, color balance, lighting, sound, etc. that can also be utilized with other cameras. It is quite technical and advanced but the way the book is written makes it relatively easy to absorb all the material. If you read the book carefully, I think that you will acquire the amount of technical knowledge students in cinema classes learn in their first few trimesters in college. There's a bunch of pictures and graphs that are very useful. If you have an XA10 and are serious about achieving high quality results, you absolutely must get this book.
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on December 7, 2012
There is no easy way to learn how to use a modern camcorder. Manufacturer's manuals are often not very instructional and an after market guide is usually quite helpful. This guide is quite detailed with nice colored, glossy photos. You are not going to read it in an hour. Expect to spend a week of evenings to get the most out of this book. I'm happy that I got it and would recommend it to anyone.
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on September 9, 2014
This book explains the many functions of the cameras involved. I have a Canon HF G20 and found this book very helpful in learning what the various settings do and why. Some complain that the Canon manual doesn't go into enough detail. Well, it shouldn't. It's a guide to the camera, not a how to manual. I found the manual very complete and easy to follow for the most part.

This book goes well beyond that and does so extremely well.

Something I haven't seen mentioned in other reviews is that this book goes way beyond being a manual for the cameras. It's a book that gives many valuable lessons on shooting videos in general. If you owned a different brand of camera and can get past the Canon references, you would be well served buying this book for its tips on general shooting. From lighting to camera placement to why things are done the way the are, such as the rule of thirds. Turns out we have been trained to look at pictures over the centuries by portrait artists and the like and so we expect objects in our videos and photos to be in certain places or they don't look quite "right."

Even if you don't own a Canon video recorder, you would do well to buy this book. Chock full of useful information for everyone.
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on March 15, 2013
This book was of great value to me starting out with video and helping to learn about my new G10 in a convenient streamlined manner. It's almost painful looking back at the factor manual now that I have this wonderful companion guide. I suggests settings based on different situations and explains why you would use that particular setting. For me this was invaluable to learn by example with my busy schedule. The author makes some great suggestions when using your camera with additional equipment, for example they suggested a lens cap that doubles as a white balance filter. They have clearly taken the time and done the research for you when it comes to the G10 and XA10. Highly recommended!
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on March 27, 2013
This book explains how the majority of the functions works and when to use or not use it. The Canon manual explains how to turn a feature on or off. The book is well organized, and provides lots of information on how to do a shoot, compose your shots, how to make use of all the advance features of the camera.
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on March 16, 2013
I recently sold my Canon GL-2 and bought an HF G10. What a difference a decade makes in camera design. Warren Bass's book is an excellent reference source for the G-10. It provides so much practical information that's not in the user manual. The reader also benefits from the videomaking tips from Bass, which are drawn from his many years of experience in video production and teaching.
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