Ion ProfileLP Arm adjustment for weight of needle on vinyl record Is the arm on the Ion ProfileLP adjustable for weight and balance?
asked by Diane K Bush on November 1, 2012
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No it is not. The tone arm tracks quite heavily compared to better quality decks. A heavier tone arm will track older records better especially if they are scratched. I lightened the tone arm on this deck by attaching a uk penny to the back of the tone arm weight with some sellotape (scotchtape) to increase the counterbalance effect . I did this to play a record that had no damage. Some coins will be too heavy and the tone arm would not lower. I guess that a nickel would be about the right weight and this will probably reduce the tracking force to below 3 gm. To increase the weight you could attach a nickel to the the top of the cartridge head with some sellotape this will increase the weight to help the tracking of damaged records. If you use this deck to play records lots of times the increased tracking force will wear out new records quicker. It will be better to buy a better quality deck; a Rega RP1 would probably fit the bill.
goldenears answered on February 9, 2013
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