Programable Tstats? I have a 2 stage heat pump and want a programmable tstat, but have a concern. for heat there are auxillary heatstrips that come on when the pump cant meet the demand or when the tstat is set 2 -3 degrees higher. Aux heat is expensive! Normally when I go to bed Ii set the tstat to 65, when i wake up I turn it up one degree until at a time till I leave for work, I have found as long as there is airflow it is comfortable, when I leave I turn it back down to 65, then begin the same process when i get back home. So my question: If I set the programming to 65, then 70 will it try to raise my temperature to 70 or will it do it in 1 degree increments.
asked by Henry L. Evans on January 9, 2012