Customer Reviews: Projection of the Astral Body
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on December 23, 1999
This is certainly an interesting book. When I checked this book out of a library years ago, I was expecting a poorly written book with no good explainations. How wrong I was! This excellent book is the best of the best. The Projection of the Astral Body offers great information about OOBEs, and theroies on how they work. This book has been my favorite in all of my collection.
Meaning: It's damn good.
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on April 12, 2000
I've had alot of conscious out-of-body experiences in my life and read many books on the subject. This book really hit the nail on the head! The most detailed and accurate book on the subject with lots of exercises that really work! I recommend it highly!
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on October 20, 2000
Since this book was first published in 1929 my friend doubted that I would like it suggesting it's information is out of date. But it's a masterpiece! It doesn't waste time looking at piles of other people's experiences. It tells you how YOU can have an out of the body experience yourself. There are plenty of effective inducing methods to help you get out of your body. You just have to imagine particular visions. You focus on the image of you going up in a lift. You are shown how to lossen your astral body from your physical body! Then you can have a great adventure. The main reason I want to astrally travel is to travel in time. My main objective is out of the body time-travel! Wouldn't it be so COOL! I know some of these things are really hard to believe but it must be true...
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This book really is as good as everyone says in their reviews. The only reason I marked it down to 4 stars was because I found the reading (not the content) a long hard slog. I found myself reading only a few pages at a time because it was like walking through knee deep sludge - hard work! This is mainly because it is written using very old-fashioned English terminology and style of presentation (of course it is, being written in the 20s) and it can be difficult to follow because of that. Content wise, well, I am using my new found knowledge now and working on my own OOBE and having some success at the early stages - still a way to go yet. To sum up? WORTH EVERY CENT - BUY IT!
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on March 23, 2003
Simply put, an excellent book! I read many other books on Astral Projection (Monroe, Bruce, Peterson, Buhlman) before I read Muldoon's which was written decades ago. I found it surprising how many concepts were discussed in Muldoon's work and how much this influenced the later studies on Astral Projection. This is the book that opened up the gate to understanding astral projection.
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on February 6, 2006
Along Robert Monroe's work, this is widely considered one of the classic books on the subject. This book is an interesting read IF you are looking for very technical parascience that discusses nitpicky details about questions such as "is the astral body made of etheric magnetism or magnetic ether" (note- I made that bit up, but it's really not far off from the approach taken in this book). This book may useful if you are researching historical texts from the early 1900's, perhaps associated with Theosophy and Spiritualism.

I personally could not find value in this book, because it is essentially an attempt to look at astral projection from a scientific lens. This in itself is interesting, because in our scientific age many people seem to feel a need to find "empirical scientific evidence" to justify their ideas about things that may simply be beyond the senses, i.e. "extra sensory". [if you are wondering why this might be, I would very strongly recommend reading "SSOTBME" by Ramsey Dukes... look into it]

If you find it interesting to read about other peoples experiences with astral projection, I hesitantly say you may find this book interesting. I hesitate because it is a very slow, dry and boring read, and if you simply want to read tales about otherworldly phenomena you may prefer Monroe's books...

My ultimate recommendation, though, is to avoid these books altogether and actually try to get some practical experience of astral projection. Why do you really want to read about other people's experiences , when you could be having your own? These books are definitely not very practical, no matter what claims they may make. Their "practical" elements are primarily based on looking into the different "vibratory states" your etheric body undergoes during the process of separation from your body. Pfffft. How useful is that? The overly technical and outdated language of this book makes it absolutely pale in comparison to any other information you can get about how to actually astral project (or if you are unsuccessful, to at least have lucid dreams)... there is no shortage of info on the internet and more recent and more practical books are available.


First of all, it is important to keep it simple, because the more you think the harder it is to project. Ironically, this means that it will be harder to project if you have read a lot about it, because your mind will be clouded by preconceived notions and a bunch of expectations.

The most important elements are: awareness, relaxation, and concentration.

Start by remembering your dreams every day, by recalling them when you wake up and writing them down in a journal. The more you remember your dreams, the more you will dream (I didn't dream for about 8 years, until I started this practice, which has helped me have at least 3 dreams a day, and usually several lucid dreams every week... now is a good time to point out that smoking pot will make you unable to dream). It is helpful to look over your dreams occasionally, preferably before you go to sleep. Also, before falling asleep try to go over everything that has happened to you throughout the day, because this helps you to increase your memory of your dreams. You will likely notice that you can only remember things you have paid attention to, which leads us to our next step...

Pay attention to as much as possible throughout the day. The more aware you are while awake, the more aware you will be while asleep. This helps you have lucid dreams. Try to think as little as possible during the day, instead be aware of your senses... "thought is an obstacle to conscious astral projection" (a quote from Samael Aun Weor). Meditation is very helpful, but meditation must be carried through your entire day to be effective, so simply be aware at all times. Put down that book and notice the world around you!

Then work on concentration, one of the two essential elements for astral projection. Meditation is extremely helpful. In particular, try to clear you mind and be aware of your entire physical body. Being aware throughout the day helps develop this ability. Two meditation exercises that help with astral projection: concentration on your heartbeat (if you persist, you will be easily able to feel you heart beating), and concentration on a mantra. Then, when you are trying to project you can do this meditation...


If you are concentrating on your heartbeat or a mantra, and fall asleep without drifting off into other thoughts, you can astral project.

Also helpful, for refining your technique, is visualization. Visualization is an essential tool for any magic, and apparently the astral plane is the realm where most magical work takes place, so you may find yourself interested in faaaarrrrr more than you initially considered when researching astral projection.

Very helpful is the ability to visually recall an object in perfect detail, and then to visualize an entire room. This is part of the principle behind projecting to a particular place... so, imagination and willpower are two essential elements involved in astral projection.

In lucid dreaming and astral projection, you will discover a lot about your self and you mind. How much of your dreams are projections of your mind (subjective), and how much is "actually there" (objective)? Does the astral plane (or even our physical world) "really exist"?

One reason this book may be useful is simple... it is easier to astral project when you are determined, and when you are reading about it you may find yourself more determined.

Books about dreaming/astral travel I recommend are: Astral Travel and Dreams (Samael Aun Weor), Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep (Tenzin Wangyal), and Realities of the Dreaming Mind (Swami Sivananda Radha).
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on August 31, 1999
I've tried many methods for achieving an OBE. After reading many authors, Muldoon's "falling dream" method is the only one that even came close to working for me. Also, I've experienced some of the OBE-related phenomena he describes, which further validates his writing for me. Although I have yet to have a "full-fledged" OBE, I've come closer practicing his methods than anything else! Highly recommended.
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on May 29, 2000
This book is excellent even for the skeptic! This guy did an amazing study. I actually had my first OBE during the time I was reading his book. It was awesome!
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on January 28, 2005
this is a dense, scholarly work on astral projection reminiscent of the theosophist writings of the same period (1920s). It goes into extreme detail, recalling experiences of astral projection, and then analyzing and comparing them. Embedded in the details are actual instructions and advice that might prove helpful to the dedicated reader. Also see `Mastering Astral Projection' by Bruce and Mercer, a 90-day guide. And check out some books to help you understand what an 'astral' or 'energy' body is, like Energetic Anatomy by Mark Rich or Change Your Aura by Barbara Martin.
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on July 25, 1999
Offers alot of info other books can't provide. Excellent for anyone who is interested, plus it provides excercises to practise.
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