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on September 9, 2014
One of my favorite 80's horror flicks finally gets the loving respect it deserves in a Synapse special edition Blu Ray (also on DVD). Before you start thinking, "oh great, yet ANOTHER issue of this 1980 slasher.", hold up, this one is different and presented like never before, and packed with solid special features which include:
- A new beautiful 2K scan HD transfer in 16x9 1.78.1
- A brand new 5.1 surround sound mix specially created for this release (also in original 2.0 mono)
- Captioning in English (only) for the hearing impaired or hard of hearing.
- Reversible cover featuring the classic original poster art & foreign version, which looks very nice too.
- About 9 minutes of additional scenes that were added for the original NBC TV Broadcast (though nothing spectacular)
- A new 25 minute behind the scenes making of Featurette: The Horrors of Hamilton High: The Making of "Prom Night".
- An insightful audio commentary with Director Paul Lynch & Screenwriter William Gray (the moderator is very annoying!)
- The original trailer & rarely seen tv spots (4 of them) were nice too; which were legendary in 1980, with the great tag line:
"If you're not back by midnight, you won't be coming home!". Great memories!

My only complaints are that during the 23 minutes of rare outtakes (exclusive to the Blu Ray version), there's no dialogue, it's just music from the soundtrack, and it would have been nice to hear what's being flubbed and talked about between takes. Also, the old iconic Avco/Embassy logo is missing from the opening, despite everyone talking about A/E in the extras... It says on the packaging that the program content is licensed from Echo Bridge, and none of their (EB's) previous DVD versions had the A/E opening.. I can't recall if the original 1998 Anchor Bay DVD had it either.. It's not a big deal, but that opening was one of my favorite studio logos when I was a kid.

Sadly, Jamie Lee Curtis did not take part in the extras, which is disappointing considering that she was part of last year's Scream Factory Special Edition release of The Fog, and previous Halloween disc extras.... It could possibly be a result of a fee dispute, but I'm just guessing.. I do recall her talking about Prom Night on The Fog SE, so maybe to her, that was good enough..

Overall, despite the very minor personal cons, I think this SE is definitely worth the upgrade from any previous versions, which by the way, never had any special features, aside from the '98 Anchor Bay DVD which just had the theatrical trailer.
So I am very satisfied with this, and it was well worth the wait..
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on October 6, 2015
Wow, what can I say about this particular edition?! It completely rocks if you love this movie and Jamie Lee Curtis. Synapse has really done an exceptional job on this movie. It has NEVER looked this good and the special features are outstanding. Animated menu with background music from the "Prom" with easy selections.
Bonus Features are ~
~Horrors of Hamilton High - "The Making Of Prom Night"
~Original Theatrical Trailer
~TV Spots
~Radio Spots
~Motion Still Gallery
~Additional TV Footage that was shot for the Television premiere (As this movie had to be trimmed from the nudity, etc.) (11:11 in length)
~Never before seen outtakes from original Prom Night shooting script.
Audio Setup ~
English DTS-HD 5.1
English DTS-HD 2.0 Mono
Audio Commentary with Director Paul Lynch and Screenwriter William Gray Moderated by Paul Jankiewicz
English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
The movie running time is about 1:32:44 with Credits.
See Jamie Lee in one of her first "Scream Queen" roles showing off her cleavage in several shots.

Look for a few actresses that played some of the roles in the movie like that of "Kelly", Marybeth Rubens who I thought was really nice looking.
We didn't get to see Jamie Lee herself in the special features talking about the movie, but she was mentioned more than once and I believe she talks about Prom Night in the features on "The Fog" movie Blu-ray. All in all, a really good edition to have if you love Jamie Lee in her early horror heyday.
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on September 8, 2015
This company did such an excellent job on this DVD!This is my third edition of this movie and the other DVDs look like a vhs tape now!Have never heard of this company before,but its obvious they enjoy their job and I will look for their brand in the future.Picture crystal clear,sound is amazing ,excellent bonus features too,first class treatment all the way!
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on March 19, 2016
Starring then scream-queen (and current yogurt peddler) Jamie Lee Curtis and a pre-goofball Leslie Nielsen, "Prom Night" is one of the first in what would be many holiday-themed slasher flicks meant to capitalize on the success of John Carpenter's seminal "Halloween." The concept is at once simple and yet convoluted: a gaggle of tweens playing a rather odd and slightly sadistic "hide and go seek"-type game in an abandoned warehouse accidentally drive another child to their death. Because it's always a good idea in this sort of movie, the kids all vow never to speak a word of this to anyone. Fast-forward six years later, and the kids are now teenagers getting ready for their prom. Only somebody saw what happened that fateful day, and somebody is going to make them pay.

Like its fellow brethren in "My Bloody Valentine," "Prom Night" is a low-budget production straight out of Canada. Director Paul Lynch works the meager concept into a rather sleek and efficient blaze of tension, bloodshed and disco. For better or worse, not much blood is shed until about 2/3 of the way through the movie. For at least the first half of the movie, we are treated to a lot of obscene phone calls, botched hook-ups in locker rooms and student-on-student pranks. There's also adequate time to set-up the somewhat stock characters, which is handled surprisingly well. Jamie Lee Curtis sticks out from the bunch as the innocent by-stander who, before becoming the de-facto survivor girl, gets to bust out in an obscenely long dance-number that almost gives a similar scene in "Airplane" a run for its money. The kill scenes are then, somewhat ironically, less memorable than all the stuff that comes before it, which is perhaps a testament to Lynch's unheralded skill or maybe just dumb luck.

Either way, "Prom Night" is a great example of the '80s slasher. All the tropes you've come to expect -- revenge, premarital relations, bratty teens, recreational drug-use -- it's all here. Perhaps not as refined as its predecessors, "Prom Night" remains an entertaining and somewhat endearing experience all these years later. It even inspired a pair of silly yet throroughly entertaining sequels in "Prom Night II: Hello Mary Lou" and "Prom Night III: The Last Kiss," along with a somewhat forgettable fourth film and an absolute piece of garbage remake. But if you're looking to hit the dance floor with a well-worn semi-classic of its era, you couldn't pick a better date than the original "Prom Night."

After being released on DVD in various shades of terrible, the Synapse Blu-Ray set finally gets it right. If you've ever seen this film prior to this release, you know that the film itself has always looked like something that sat in a dumpster on many a hot afternoon. Time and care has been taken to restore not only the picture but the soundtrack as well. The print is polished just right -- it still retains that dream-like haze that makes the film stick out -- and it feels like a small miracle that the scenes at night are even visible at all. It's also packed with a slew of illuminating special features and retrospective interviews from just about every survivor of the film, sans Curtis. If you own an Echo Bridge DVD release of this film, kick it to the curb immediately and take a dance with the good folks at Synapse. You won't be sorry.
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on September 12, 2014
Odds are, if you're looking at this, you know the story. If not, here we go:
Four tweens accidentally kill a girl in some weirdly threatening version of hide and seek. They vow to never tell anyone... but little do they know, someone saw everything. Six years pass, and it's the night of the prom. The now teens start getting calls and stuff and then the heads roll to a disco beat.

I've loved this film since I saw it on the Syfy network when I was in like 2nd grade. The previous releases don't hold a candle to this one. The picture and sound quality is astounding. You know how it has that 'hazy/dream-like' filter? Well, it looks pretty good here, for once. It's got great balance. You can see everything. You'll probably see things you might not have noticed before, especially in the night scenes. There are a few parts where it gets a bit grainy, but overall, it's clear and looks crisp.
The special features are to die for. You like that? Lol. But yeah. It's great to see the cast and crew, still proud of a little film they made 35 years ago. And after viewing the trailer and many TV spots, the ad campaign was pretty strong too! No wonder this is often remembered as one of the 1980s better slasher offerings.

For you first timeys, I'll let you know a few things: This film kind of has a bad rep because of the disco, but it's not exactly a major thing. Also, people complain about it being 'slow'. Oh, you mean because half the cast doesn't die within the first 30 minutes? Lol. There's not oodles of gore like Friday the 13th, but the characters (in my opinion), are pretty likable. You care about them and are genuinely frightened for them. And HELLO, this movie was one of the first slasher films off the Halloween success cannon. The standards of the genre weren't quite developed yet, and that's why there's character development before gore galore and a kill every five minutes. I think the last 30 minutes of the film is classic though.

So duh, pick up this release! Okay? Synapse did a great job, as usual. You won't be disappointed.
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on September 21, 2014
Prom Night" Is another of my favorite retro Slashers.
I love the disco soundtrack especially the Title track 'Prom Night" It's a great example of the late Seventies/1980 Disco craze .It's like going back in a time machine.The characters are pretty well developed as we see them go from children to high school teenagers.

Ever since I saw Halloween I craved more Jamie lee Curtis in a horror role and Prom Night gives you a healthy dose of both.It is light on gore save one good decapitation scene, although there is a good amount of blood. But it still holds up as Slasher Royalty.

The Blu ray transfer was nicely done as were the extras and the sound was amazing.I am always pleased when a classic comes on Blu Ray and this certainly is no is both suspenseful and will have you empathizing with the killer.

A must for any collector.
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on June 14, 2015
I just have one word to describe this blu-ray release....AMAZING!!!! Great new digital picture quality (so long overly dim - lighted prints where you couldn't make alot of the night scenes out).... (but sorry Anchor Bay DVD release that's been going for over $50 on Ebay since before this release), phenomenal special features!! A total collector's dream come true with this release!! Must must own if your a fan!!!
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on April 17, 2016
Admittely alot of my affection for Prom night is its nostalgia. It has a great late 70s look and feel to it that gives it a stellar drealike quality like Brian De Palma`s amazing horror masterpiece Carrie. Jamie Lee Curtis is stunningly gorgeous in it and it has a fun whodunnit
plot. It also has some great disco songs and dancing as well that really adds to its place in time and fun. Made before the slasher craze started it kind of has a
lame killer unfortnately which is the films main downfall but other than that its a pretty fun slasher movie especially if you`re anything like me and has a month long October horror movie marathon annually. Its alot of fun to
throw in late at night during that time. I enjoyed the movie even more after seeing this gorgeous new blu ray transfer that brought a whole new life to it. Other highly recommended Jamie Lee slashers are obviously the great Halloween 1&2, Terror Train and the extremely underrated Blue Steel.
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In 1974, a 12 yo girl is inadvertently killed during a game of hide and seek. Six years later, someone has decided to avenge her death, by killing off the now 18 yo kids who caused the tragedy. The ski-mask-wearing killer phones each victim, threatening them in a whisper-y voice, before murdering them in terrible ways. It's time for senior prom, and everyone's dying to dance! PROM NIGHT moves along fairly quickly, and delivers some classic scenes, including the "disco-decapitation" sequence! Horror goddess, Jamie Lee Curtis (HALLOWEEN 1 and 2, THE FOG, TERROR TRAIN) stars as Kim, the prom queen. Leslie Nielsen (DAY OF THE ANIMALS, CREEPSHOW) plays Kim's dad, and school principal, Mr. Hammond. A basic, yet essential addition to the slasher genre...
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on October 11, 2014
Being a fan of the horror/slasher genre I was very excited to hear PROM NIGHT was getting a Special Edition release! I bought it right away & it did not disappoint. The quality of sound & picture far exceeded my expectations. Two highlights are that in this new transfer parts of the film that were too dark to see in previous dvd releases are lit up nicely. In particular, Wendy's stalking scene. She is running through very dark school corridors & in the Special Edition I can actually see the surroundings rather than just a dark picture---that was worth the price of dvd alone!!! Also, the bonus featurette with cast members was a welcome surprise. It had behind the scenes info that was new to me & seeing familiar faces from cast members was awesome ( MaryBeth Reubens, Joy Thompson & Michael Tough were the highlights for me). Pick this up if you get the chance you will not be disappointed. :)
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