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on November 1, 2011
I had the Harbinger 3/8" mat before this one, so can compare the two. This one is made of a thicker foam, and it does not slide around on wood floors (or at least only a little). Big plus when doing sit-ups. In the picture it looks like it is ribbed, but the ribs are actually very small, so not anything to consider one way or the other. I actually thought the bottom would be ribbed, and that was why it would not move around, but that is not the case. It is just that the foam is not slick like the Harbinger mat.

The 'carrying case' is just the straps you see in the picture. They slide off/on the mat, which is nice, as you can just set them aside. With the Harbinger mat the straps are glued on, and that did me no good as I most often have the mat unrolled at home, and the straps would get in the way.

All-in-all this is a higher quality mat than the Harbinger mat. If I was to knock it, I guess I could say that the foam is almost too dense. But I actually like the fact that my hips, etc, will never make contact with the floor (I'm 170 lbs, and with all my weight on one knee I would say that I'm still at least an 1/8" off the floor).
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on December 6, 2011
I tend to double up on yoga mats when practicing, so this mat is perfect when doing poses involving resting on your knees. However, this mat is not suitable for postures that focus on and involve balance. With the mat being so thick and well-cushioned, I found my feet sinking deeper into the mat and leaving an impression for the remainder of yoga class. Also, during certain poses, the mat will make a "squeaking" sound when adjusting your stances and postures. I would recommend this mat for anyone specifically looking for cushion & comfort. Also, when rolled up, the mat is VERY THICK bundled up and may not fit within most yoga carrying bags or cases.
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on January 10, 2012
I bought the ProSource Premium 1/2 inch Yoga Mat because my knees were hurting when I used the thinner mats the gym provided. I knew I needed to purchase my own mat and that it needed to be thicker than what I was using if I wanted to save my knees and still perform all the yoga positions. This does the trick. I am able to do everything and without pain in my knees. I strongly advise it for anyone with knee issues.
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on May 26, 2012
As the title of this review declared, the first thing my two yoga instructors told me as soon as they saw my new mat was that it was not a good mat. Unfortunately, I have learned they were right. I purchased this mat a couple months ago and have not been happy with it. If you are only going to practice yoga perhaps 1x a month, then sure, buy this cheap mat and you should be fine. If, however, you intend to practice yoga regularly (at least one time a week), then this mat will not cut it.

Issues with mat:

(1) Extremely slick. There is no grip when you place the mat on the floor. In addition to this, if you intend to practice hot yoga/Bikram yoga, you will slip and slide all over this mat as you sweat.

(2) Tears/rips easily.

(3) Although it looks thick and full, it doesn't stay that way. As you maneuver into different positions, the mat smashes down and offers even less cushion than a much thinner mat. After just one yoga class, the mat was already compressed and flatter and it never returned to its original thickness.

This is a cheap mat, but not a good one. It is better for napping on, not for practicing yoga.
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on December 19, 2012
Had to return it.

1. Much harder for balance postures as thicker foam makes for more instability.
2. Material started to deteriorate after my first few uses.
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on November 30, 2012
I've had this mat for 4 months now, and after a fair amount of usage (around 3 times a week), I think I can give a honest review. I don't do yoga on this mat though, so I can't vouch for that-I use it mainly for push ups, sit ups, and other exercises.

First thing about this mat is that it's thick (1/2 inch thick, as mentioned in the title). I think the reviewers who were complaining about getting holes in their mat received a defective unit or something, because my mat is still fine. You can't feel the floor or anything even if you press down hard on it, so it's pretty comfortable for sit ups. Also, I'm pretty tall, and the 71 inch length of this mat is perfect for me. The two sides on the mat are also textured differently-one side has little ridges while the other is smooth-so it's nice to have some choice.

Also, the carrying strap that comes with it is a nice add-on for easy transportation. It's separate from the mat so there's a chance of losing it if you're careless. After rolling it all up, it's around half a foot total in diameter, so it fits in the corner of my closet pretty well. It's a bit bulkier than some of the thinner yoga mats, but then again, it's also a lot thicker than the other mats so if that's a trade-off you're willing to make, I suggest getting this mat for the extra comfort.

Some of the other reviewers complained about the the mat slipping, but I don't notice it when I'm working out. Maybe that's a yoga thing. There's only one minor part about this mat that annoys me personally, and it's that the imprint of whatever's been on the mat stays on the mat for a little while, kind of like memory foam mattresses, but that's such a minor detail-not enough to warrant taking a star off the review.
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Update: After 6 Months of Use
I have to admit, after 6 months I am shocked that this is still is the shape it's in!! The foam has not deteriorated like I thought it would. It still has is spongey feeling and works great. I have since completed P90X, Insanity, and now I'm on P90X2. For Insanity, I did not really use this mat at all because my shoes stuck to it too much during the resting video.

My only complaint is that the elastic carrying band broke. I gave it to my girlfriend and after about 5 1/2 months, the elastic came unstitched from the nylon strap. Other than that, this is a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!
Original Review
Why did i purchase?/What was i looking for?:
First of all, i am using this mat for P90x. I wanted something that was soft for my knees and feet so i could properly do the yoga video of the series. I also am 6'4" so i needed something that was long because a lot of the mats out there are 60" which isn't long enough for me.

As for the comfort, this mat feels great on my feet! However, when you really start sweating, it becomes extremely slippery and makes it hard to do simple moves like downward dog as my feet slide out from underneath me.

Slippery when wet
Another huge flaw i found with the mat is that it keep the impression of whee you are standing on it (see pictures i have posted) and also cracks very easily.

Yes, the mat is cheap, but i would purchase something different if you are serious about yoga. If you're someone that is just going to use it for stretching then this is AWESOME!

Additional tips:
I have found that using a Clorox bleach wipe after each use keeps the mat very clean and also avoids odor growth.
review image review image
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on April 6, 2012
I was really excited to get this mat for my yoga classes. A few of the moves that we perform hurt my knees and I was hoping that a thicker mat would help alleviate the pain.

This mat did help to provide the extra cushion needed for my knees, but it has made everything else more difficult. After 20 minutes of class, the mat starts to stretch and dents are created where my hands and feet are. It ends up feeling like I'm doing yoga on sand and even simple poses are more difficult.

The "new mat smell" is also a problem. I've had this mat for over a month now and I still smell like chemicals when I finish a class.

Overall, don't waste your money. If your knees hurt while working out, invest in a towel instead.
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on January 31, 2012
Was on sale when I purchased; wish I'd bought more before they ran out of stock as my sister and mom both want one (would have made great Xmas gifts - oh well). One of the few mats I could find that is thick enough to be truly comfortable for me and also reasonably priced. I use it for both yoga and pilates, although some may prefer a thinner mat for yoga. I prefer a thick mat for everything as I need something to cushion my bones from my hard tile floor. Seems to be adequately "sticky" - certainly stays in place well for me. Also easy to clean; I just wash it off in the tub once in a while, pat it as dry as I can and then let it air dry. Nice and light for travel and the strap for transport and keeping it stored is simple and effective. I noticed a lot of people complained about the smell of this mat, but have to say there is no odor unless I have my nose shoved up against it, and then there is a definite (but mild) smell of foam rubber because, hello, this is made of foam rubber. I.e., perfectly normal and typical for this type of material. I have extremely sensitive skin and am prone to allergies, but have no problems with this mat (or with foam in general), however your mileage may vary. If you are sensitive to man-made materials, buy an all cotton or other all natural materials mat; for everyone else this is a decent budget buy.
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on February 8, 2013
The mat came quickly and looked and felt great. Nice carrying straps and great color selection. I chose the green one. After using it for only two nights for doing planks where only my arms were on the mat (no shoes touching the mat), I noticed a rip in the rubber. The mat surface is extremely soft and comfortable, but I did notice even on the first day that it holds the indent of anything that touches it. For instance, the straps leave what could be described as tire marks on the mat's surface. I will try to upload some photos to show what I am talking about. I don't know if I received a faulty product or if this is just how the thing normally is. This is just my experience with the product. I will probably try to return this if Amazon will let me. I used to own a Harbinger and used it through all sorts of conditions with shoes on and it never became damaged. It also wasn't as comfortable as this mat, but that is something that I will gladly trade for having a mat that doesn't fall apart so easily.
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