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on July 1, 2011
My wife fell and broke 13 bones - happily all ones that do not require surgery; but she had a lot of pain and found the TENS at therapy helped. I ordered this and was surprised how well it worked for such a low price; but there were some issues.

For one thing, there really isn't a "1" setting on the dials - so the lowest setting can feel a little, well, shocking for someone who is not used to this kind of therapy. This is especially true when the pads lose some of their stickiness and concentrate the power onto a smaller spot.

For another, the three available patterns (beat, knead, massage) each might be perfect for different things, but there is no way of telling without playing with them and seeing what works. My wife stuck with "massage" the whole time and ignored the other patterns.

Still, a good deal for the money. I, too, would recommend getting the Tac Gel and some more pads - the replacement ones are larger than the ones that come with the unit and that's an improvement.
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on November 20, 2011
I used a Sonic unit in 2009 and 2010, went thru 2 of them. They operated on 110AC and cost over $100. See my review on amazon. This Prospera unit, at 1/3 the price suits me to a T. I get good battery life, replace them every 4-5 weeks and I use this almost every nite, running it thru at least a half dozen cycles per night.

I will say, however, that the 1st set of batteries that I put in, one of them exploded (popped actually) shortly after starting use. I expected a mess in the battery compartment, but no gooey mess, just replaced that one, apparently bad, battery.

I also am very satisfied with the life of the pads. I usually get 2-3 weeks of use for two pads. I lie on the pads and go to sleep with the unit on and sometimes I mangle the pad lead when rolling over in bed. I can sometimes straighten the wire (lead) and get a few more nights usage of the pad. I also find that after a weeks use (or so), I rinse the pads off with water and it seems to rejuvenate the pads a little.

I also like that the unit is silent. No beeping when setting it, or when a cycle ends, as with the Sonic unit. No dealing with a tangled AC cord either.

I have experienced that the unit will not work after restarting due to me having mangled a pad. Perhaps it's safety feature. But all I need do is unplug the wire and plug it in to the other port and it works fine. I've had to do this more than a few times and it always works when moving to the other port.

My mother bought this for me as a gift about 9 months ago and it has allowed me to avoid using pain meds. She also purchased one for herself and two of my siblings and we all love them.
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on November 16, 2011
Several years ago while actively seeing a chiropractor she would always start out the session by hooking me up to an electronic massage unit. This was my introduction to this type of machine and I found it to be very beneficial. Life intervened and going to the chiropractor was no longer convenient (distance). In the years since then I've toyed with the idea of picking up a consumer version of an electronic massage unit in the hopes that it would provide similar benefits to what I experienced with the professional unit she used but I just never pulled the trigger on doing so.

That is until about two weeks ago when I had an especially bumpy cyclocross race which did a number on my lower back. It was sore for days afterwards and I decided enough was enough. I happened across this unit here on Amazon and given its low price and positive reviews I figured it was worth a chance. I'm very happy that I decided to give it a try because it works wonderfully! I have since used it after cross races when my back is sore and it has been a huge help. I've also used it on my bad shoulder after playing volleyball and once again, huge help in reducing the pain and helping with recover.

But here's the best part... This week I decided to try putting the unit on my shoulder prior to playing volleyball in hopes that it would help loosen it up. I used all 4 electrodes on the bad shoulder (my dominant hitting arm) and ran it for the 20 minutes it took me to drive to volleyball starting from level 6 intensity and working up to 8. I got there, took a few practice/warmup swings and was amazed to find that I had absolutely no pain in my shoulder. None. I hit a bit harder and everything felt good. I played that night for 2+ hours of competitive, power volleyball and never had a single hint of pain when hitting. That hasn't happened for probably two years or more. I was amazed (and had an awesome night hitting). So then afterwards I was expecting my shoulder to tighten up and get sore later that evening... nope. If felt good and even the following day it felt just fine. It was like having a whole new shoulder and I was amazed.

Time will tell if this is repeatable or if the stars were simply in alignment and all the shoulder pain went away for one magical night but I'm optimistic and will be repeating exactly what I did prior to playing next week. I'm also going to try and apply this pre-activity principle to my cross racing and put the unit on my lower back before a race. Hopefully it will produce similar results and help with the back pain I've been experiencing which makes me fade the second half of the race. I'm optimistic about it. Also, I lent the unit to a friend who's back went out during a race it it helped her tremendously. She was in tears when she had to drop out and a after a few minutes with this on her back she was already feeling much better. So I've had first hand confirmation from another person as to the effectiveness of this unit.

Bottom line, if it continues to work this well I would gladly pay 5 times the price (if not more) to not have to deal with my usual shoulder pain when playing volleyball. If it helps me with cross races or the recovery time from other physical activities where I push myself to the limit then that's just an added bonus. Super happy!

Just as an FYI, there is a similar unit available, model PL029. I contacted Prospera and they confirmed that the PL029 is a newer model even though the PL009 is still shown on their website and the PL029 is not. They are very close in price and they (Prospera) advised that you should purchase the PL029 instead. You can find it on Amazon here: PROSPERA PL029 PULSE MASSAGER ELECTRONIC TENS THERAPY
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on March 15, 2012
Finally getting around to writing a review to this after I purchased in December. When I first purchased this, I loved it from the get got. Worked great. Two weeks later, when both of the sides were plugged in, one of the sides sent off very little pulse (to where you could barely feel it). I narrowed it down that both sides work fine, but when you have both sides plugged in there must be a short because that's when the issue starts. I contact the company via email 7 TIMES, no response! Oh and if you try to call them from the number on their website, it directs you to call a 900 number! My advice STAY AWAY.
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on January 28, 2012
After many uses, I have been happy with this purchase, which has been miraculous for my neck and shoulders.

It's very easy to adjust the program and intensity, and unlike others I haven't had a problem with the pads losing their adhesion.

I do think the unit is a little over-priced, and really wish it had an auto-off feature (the display stays on even after the timer has elapsed). It would also be nice to be able to set the timer, which is fixed at 15 minutes. And you'd better use rechargeable batteries -- because this unit burns through them fast.

Those quibbles being said, I'd still recommend this unit.
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on March 15, 2012
I have fibromyalgia and often suffer from muscle spasms, cramps, and aches. This TENS unit is everything I could want. It's done more for me than any pill form of muscle relaxer.

It's dual channel - So you can have 4 pads plugged in simultaneously. The four pads are divided into two sets, and you can change the power of each set from 1 - 10. I've found I don't go past 5. It automatically does 15 minute cycles, but has a repeat button. It's got different programmed cycles for: "Waist, shoulder, joint, hand-foot, sole". You can increase/decrease the speed, or manually set it to one of three settings - massage, beat, or knead. I like all three, depending on where I'm using it.
It tends to make my skin around the pads slightly numb for about 15-20 minutes afterwards, but I find that my muscles stay relaxed and mostly pain-free for hours. It's amazing to wake up and know that I don't have to spend the entire day in pain.

I love this unit. I would absolutely buy it again and recommend it. It takes 4 AAA batteries, one set of which is included in the package.

The only con: The electrodes (the sticky pads) it comes with are small. I recommend buying this set - - They're big, and they don't leave any sticky residue behind on your skin.
review image
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on April 18, 2013
My first opinion when I received the Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager was "WHAT A DEAL"!. However, I have now used the item for 3 days and I have found that it eats up batteries like a child would eat candy if allowed. On my third set of batteries. No built in rechargeable batteries on this unit as in some others. Also, it doesn't show you how much battery power is left - just when it doesn't feel like much - batteries are empty. Next, it has 2 sets of electrodes - a total of 4 electrodes. Both sets of 2 have their own separate controls and, supposedly when one side is off and one is on, the one that is off should be literally off. However, I have found out that there is a leakage of electricity to the OFF electrodes to the point that if you touch one of the set that is off - SHOCK! OUCH! This is a bad problem that should not happen and could be dangerous. I will be sending this one back to Amazon and see if the next one has the same problem. I will update this review at that time if it is the same or better or worse.

WELL, just found out that it can only be returned and not replaced. Just like others, I bought this when it was a Gold Box Special, but even though it is Amazon Prime, it is sold by a non-Amazon company. Therefore, I can't return it for a replacement. I also do not want to return this one and pay an extra $10 for the next one that might or might not work right. I will just return this one and not try any products from this brand again.
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on February 3, 2012
I suffer from chronic scapula pain related to my work (software programmer). Sometimes, its so bad that I have debilitating pain that shoots up from my shoulder blade to my neck. I've got muscle relaxers and they help, and I've seen a chiropractor for literally dozens of sessions. The most immediate pain relief that doesn't leave me feeling dopey comes at the chiropractor when he applies a sono-type of stimulator to the inflamed muscle and tendon area in my scapula. This device, believe it or not, is ALMOST identical to that one but at a fraction of the price.

I carry this with me when I travel now. Its a little difficult to apply the pads by yourself to some areas of your back (hint, use a normal ruler with a piece of clear tape to stick it where you can't reach) but if you can do so, this little guy will totally do the job of a high-priced chiropractor visit! Amazingly effective, feels absolutely wonderful and provides long-lasting relief from joint pain. My wife is also a recovering cancer patient on Arimadex and that causes severe joint pain. She applies these to her knees and wrists on a daily basis for many hours of relief thereafter.

Highly, highly recommended little gizmo. Works exactly as advertised. Recommend you buy some additional pads so you don't have share them with others.
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on January 4, 2011
Had the Dr Ho unit for 7-8 years but it finally quit working so we bought another one locally for $119 but when we tried it we realized that it only had 1 connector, even though it came with 2 sets of wires. I did some searching and found this Prosepra unit at Amazon for only $39.95 !!! Read the reviews and decided to order and give it a try. This is a MUCH MUCH better unit that the Dr Ho thing !!! It uses the same cables and pads as the Dr Ho, which was great as we had a few left. There are more settings and more features on this and it seems far more powerful and much more solid and better built........ and at a third of the price !!
We returned the Dr Ho unit and are keeping this one.
I highly recommend this unit , and Amazon had it shipped to me in Canada in record time, I ordered Sunday night, it shipped Monday morning and UPS had it to my door at lunchtime on Tuesday !! Cant beat that.
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on May 4, 2011
Works great and a bargain. Setting 1 is intense but it also depends on where you put it. On my back setting 1 is too soft but on a sore knotted thigh muscle setting 1 is great. This is a life saver for hard knots in you shoulders.

I'll be sending one to my family members with back problems for Christmas.

**Update. Well the messager stopped working after 6 months . I thought for the price I'd just buy another, well the new one didn't work at all. I returned it and ordered 2 more. These 2 worked but on 10 setting you can barely feel anything. It seems like there is no consistency to this product.
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