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Format: Video Game|Change
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on April 25, 2012
Ok, ok.. we all know the common complaints like less than stellar animations, rehashed materials, subpar story, excessive swearing, ect ect. To be honest, so what? Who are we kidding here? Anyone that played the first Prototype knew what it was and likely what the sequel would be. Seriously, did the first Prototype have an epic, page-turning story? Nope. Next-gen animations/graphics? Nahhh. Innovative, creative side-quests? You got to be kidding me.

The first Prototype was a respectable attempt at gore-filled, city smashing, turn-your-brain-off entertainment. Prototype 2 followed in its footsteps perfectly. An open world game full of random people to chop/slice/absorb/explode/splatter, vehicles to destroy/demolish, and a bunch of random collectables to hunt down tied together with a passable storyline and a mix of barely developed characters. And there is nothing wrong with that kind of game, not one thing. Granted, it may not be worth $60...

Far too many negative responses to this game are from people that got their hopes up. They got suckered into the marketing and somehow forgot what the first Prototype was. Hint: It wasn't a live-action trailer with a Johnny Cash soundtrack. It is what it is folks.... a game based on an old Hulk game model; mindless, gory, entertainment.

Take it at face value and it is a great way to spend a weekend. Any attempt to bring thinking into it and you'll ruin it. So, much like the SyFy original films of today: sit back, turn off the old grey-matter, and watch some crap get blown up.
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on May 21, 2012
I was starting to feel regret seeping into my mind about 6 hours into this game. Something just didnt feel right. Yeah i was having a pretty good time playing the game. Things just felt like they could be cranked up a few notches on the fun meter. Thats when i made it to the Red Zone, the final part of the game where the whole city is in ruins and overrun with infected. The buildings are the tallest here and you can use your Heller to his fullest potential. I highly suggest upgrading his jumping/ running early in the game, so when you make it to the red zone you are flying over huge sky scrapers and doing elbow drops on tanks from 50 floors up. It is quite exhilirating. The rush of vertigo never gets old and slaying hundreds of infected and taking on the challenging brawlers and strike teams is sooo much more fun when you have massive buildings to scale and plan out your attacks. This game redeemed itself in the red zone and now i dont regret buying it at all. The improved graphics help alot with the immersion as well.
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on April 26, 2012
I had a lot of fun with the first Prototype. The sequel is better in pretty much every way. The graphics are better, the mission set up is better, the story (while not great) is better. If you played the first game you know what you're getting yourself into. Full on over the top, comic book style, ultra-violence. It is what it is. That's what the developers set out to make and in that regard they succeeded.

I've seen several reviewers complain about the language in the game. All I have to say to that is don't buy a mature rated game again. There is no more foul language in this game than in a GTA title. In context, the F-bombs make perfect sense to me and haven't distracted me from my fun one bit. James Heller is one pissed off protagonist. If some manic murdered my wife and child I'd be dropping some F-bombs myself. Also I've been in the military and that is how men in the armed forces talk. Get over it. This game isn't for kids!

On to the review:

Greatly improved from the first game. The city has far more detail than before, in the first game the city was really drab and boring. In prototype 2 the city looks great, easily on par with a Rockstar game. Heller himself is animated well though some of his moves are obviously taken from Mercer. The other characters in the game, look much better and there is a greater variety of civilians and infected.

Game play:
The controls are pretty much the same, not a bad thing, but seem easier to pick up. I especially like how they added a "quick-time" dodge prompt like in the Batman games. This has saved me a lot of poundings (I'm playing on the hard difficulty). They got rid of the optional events from the first game and added side missions that lead to upgrades. I find myself focusing on these rather than the main story. They still have the "events" but they are handled via Radnet DLC where they release the events over time. These also unlock upgrades to Heller. Overall, the way they laid out the way you gain power is paced better and much easier to understand. Nothing like the monster list of abilities from the first title.

Story is not why you play a prototype game, it could easily be Resident Evil done as an open world game. Gentek (Umbrella) created the virus that made Mercer, Heller, and all the "infected". They in turn are supported by Black Watch, a military organization that specializes in putting down biological threats. This game is about revenge! Heller wants to kill Mercer for the death of his wife and daughter. Pretty straight forward. There have been a few twists and turns, a few double crosses. Not too bad, but not too good either. Most the time the story is just a reason for you to go hunt and destroy. That's all it's needed for in a game like prototype.

Final Thoughts:
This is the game I expected. No more no less. When I've had a tough day and just want to cause chaos, NYZ is where I'll blow off some stream. The feeling of jumping 300 feet off the top of a sky scraper and gliding half a mile is awesome and I haven't tired of the movement in the game yet. Is it violent, oh yes. Is it brutal, uh huh. Is it everything they said it would be, definitely. That's saying a lot now a days (I'm looking at you Bioware!).
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on August 6, 2015
I got this for my brother because he wouldn't quit talking about it and it was a lot cheaper than buying it from ggamestop. Once the game arrived he was completely hooked on it and pretty much wouldn't do anything besides play the game. He seemed okay with it, but it only took him a total of five hours or maybe less to complete the game; so anyone looking into a game that has a longer story line and takes longer to play I wouldn't recommend this game. Definitely a game for the action seekers who complete games in a fast manner though
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on March 6, 2015
Pure intense fast paced destructive carnage, this game has a beautiful concept that's so new to gaming and with amazing graphics and outstanding morphing abilities your looking at an insanely addictive game just for the pure joy or wreaking havoc in the city. The story line is well made and it has a perfectly performed plot in addition to prototype one. Highly recommend this game to anyone who has a destructive passion and joy for combos as well as intense side missions. Very well made game and really reflects activisions skill at entertainment.
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on August 1, 2012
Dear Amazon Shopper,

Prototype 2 is a step up from the original game but contains many of the same weaknesses. I have broken down the positive and negative aspects of the game below:


1 - Satisfies your desire for visceral combat. You spend the entire game either tearing opponents limb-from-limb using a wide array of fleshrending maneuvers or stealthily chowing people down like wheat thins. There's enough in the way of blood, guts, and explosions to keep you sated from start to finish.

2 - You are a god among mortals. Want to leap tall buildings? No problem. Feel like lobbing tanks through the air? Sure thing. Missile battery look attractive? Wrench it from whatever it's attached to and start carpet-bombing. You are a sprinting whirlwind of chaos that can shrug off explosions and is literally bulletproof (with the unlock). Everyone and everything around you is either a weapon or a snack and there's nothing they can do about it.

3 - Varied unlocks. There is a wide variety of skills and powerups to choose from that allow you to significantly customize how you want to conduct combat. You can opt to max out your speed and rely on dodging opponents' attacks or bulk up on health and tank. Other powerups increase the damage percentage of certain attacks or make your avatar bulletproof (the latter being extremely useful), allowing you to emphasize the aspects of combat that appeal to you the most.

4 - Varied enemies. There's a decent variety of enemies in Prototype 2, so you wont be slogging through the same old foes for the entire game (rather, you will be slogging through the same extremely diverse array of foes).

5 - Bonus objectives offer different challenges. While the easiest way to skin just about every cat in Prototype 2 is to charge in an obliterate your foes, bonus objectives offering incentives for the use of stealth or particular techniques encourages the player to take on additional challenges and change up what would otherwise become monotonous gameplay.


1 - Plot. Even if you played the first Prototype, the plot is thinner than a bulemic runway model with Crohn's Disease. Expect to be driven by the promise of greater power, rather than the story, as you plow through the game.

2 - Difficulty. While the game does offer a nominal level of challenge, once you figure out an opponent's Achilles Heel, there's essentially no more dying to that foe. As well, as you unlock greater power, much of the combat becomes an entirely trivialized romp through swarms of helpless enemies. The only hope most human enemies have of taking you down is to goblin you with a hail of unrelenting gunfire. The unlock that makes you immune to bullets effectively eliminates any danger you may face of being killed by human enemies. There ARE tanks, rocket/grenade launchers, armored vehicles, supersoldiers, and helicopters, but even all of those elements are not enough to overwhelm your agile, fast-moving character and take him down. Only the choppers can effectively keep up with you should you decide to bug out, and they go down like tin cans.

Another ability allows you to stand, COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE, and regain health at a rate of 1%/second without any penalty. You can literally stand there and block ANY ATTACK IN THE GAME and slowly regain your health. Not an ounce of damage gets through and there's no limitation on your use of this ability, making defeat just about impossible once this ability is unlocked. There are some sequences which initially appear challenging, but once you figure them out, this game, even down to the final boss, is a walk in the park.

3 - Repetition. This game can be extremely repetitive. Even with side missions and bonus objectives, the game becomes very monotonous very quickly, particularly considering that you almost can't die. You'll find yourself playing for the sake of playing before too long, just so you can grind your way toward the game's inevitable conclusion a little faster.

4 - Logic fail. While most games require some suspension of disbelief, Prototype 2 exists in a world where logic does not. Aforementioned stealth objectives will have you clearing out an entire base without being detected. This involves snacking on people one person at a time until they're all gone. In a normal world, at the very least the last one or two grunts would realize that the military base they're standing in that was just teeming with people is now as vacant as a tomb. You'd think this would alarm them, but instead they just stand at their posts, unfazed by the rapid depopulation fo the entire base, awaiting their turn to be eaten.

As well, you will often find yourself fleeing from the military (mostly because they're an annoyance rather than a legitimate threat). As with the first game, this is best accomplished by breaking enemy LOS (line of sigt) and shifting into another form. The moment this is accomplished, you are off the hook. You can run behind a lone phone booth in the middle of an open field, break the LOS of the five-hundred people and vehicles chasing you for one second, morph into a clinically obese member of the AARP, and waltz away without anyone being the wiser. You can even jump a hundred feet into the air and fly away without raising the alarm. This makes NO sense and is comical in practice. The AI just can't add one and one, which makes an already easy game even easier.

5 - You're the only thing that can damage other entities. Often, you'll run into a situation where the military is laying down enough fire on an infected enemy to level Hiroshima three times over, but is causing no damage. You can pick up a vanilla M16 (that a soldier dropped, no less) and mow down a monster with one clip that a downpour of rockets and gunfire from the military (including that same soldier you got the gun from) could barely faze. On the one hand, this makes practical/gameplay sense, as the game would be even easier if the military could kill your infected enemies for you, but that doesn't make it any less annoying or absurd. It also eliminates as a tactical option getting the military and infected forces to confront one another, as they do less than a fraction of a percentage point of damage to one another (except in certain missions).

Bottom Line:

All told, Prototype 2 is a fun, open-world game where an entire city populated with lesser mortals is your playground. There's a lot of enjoyment to be had rampaging unchecked through the streets and laying down death and judgment on anything in your path, but ultimate "victory" will leave you without a sense of accomplishment.
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on June 19, 2012
I read the lower rated reviews on this game and I dont agree with them. If you are a pc gamer then you wouldnt like this game or even the first one for that matter, Im not a pc gamer I play the 360 and ps3 exclusively so I cant compaire this game or any other with pc game playing which I have to imagin is better than the console games but enough of that and onto what I think of pt2 first off I like the new moves that heller gets but dont like what you have to go through to change the powers list to useing them. the first prototype was great the only problems I had with it was the fighting was limited exspecialy when dealing with hunters and supersoilders. in this game you can block when fighting but the challenge is all gone the enemies are so week and you get so many upgrade to fight them like health regenerate which takes away the consume ability unless you want dna or its part of the mission other than that no need to consume anyone even during the fights the bosses are so week no need to worry about health. the only challenge in the whole game as far as fighting goes was at the end in fighting alex but after fighting him a couple of times and learning his moves and how to dodge them he was easy as well. I personaly like the story line and yes it was a little like the story line in the first one but this one has him trying to get his daughter which was a change. so to end this post I have to say I liked the new powers, storyline and new enimies in this game I just which they would have made it easier to switch powers and made the game way more of a challenge the first one was a challenge to me but all it needed was a block button and it would have been just fine. this has to many powers for a week assortment of enemies even the dreaded strike teams are week in this one and I hated them in the first one. so thats why I gave it three stars. would I pay full price for it no but then again I havent seen a game since batman arkam city that I would pay full price for. look forward to darksiders 2 will pay full price for that one.
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on June 25, 2016
Prototype 2 for Xbox 360 was bought for my grandson. My gaming experience is limited to Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Now so that I could better understand this and give an accurate review I did attempt to play it with him. My grandson thoroughly enjoyed watching me get slaughtered at every turn. I had no clue what I was doing or how to even work the control most of the time. Once I turned it over to him he enjoyed hours of playing this game. How about from him talking about it my understanding is that there is some virus that's trying to take over the world and you're supposed to stop it so it was a little gory I didn't really see any sexual content other than language that was it. And yes my grandson is older and he knows the difference between right and wrong and I felt that at 17 he was old enough.
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on April 28, 2012
Prototype is an open world game that provides the gamer with a playground for destruction. Think of it like Crackdown crossed with GTA. It is a game similiar to Infamous but with more destruction. The first game came out in 2009 and was pretty good at the time but seemed a little unfocused. Other than the effects the graphics were poor and the Web of Intrigue was a good idea but not executed well, because certain characters would only appear in certain areas at certain times to absorb them and get the pieces to the story, so many probably did not even see alot of the cutscenes to understand the story.

Three years later we have Prototype 2 and a lot of work has been put into this one. I can tell because I played the first on both the 360 and PS3. First the graphics are miles ahead of the first game, sure it is not Assasins Creed or GTA quality, but those games have nowhere near the destruction, special effects, or moving parts going on. The lightning and the colors make the graphics stand out and look more polished. It won't win any awards, but its improved.

The story is more coherent and I find the man scorned revenge government conspiracy thing pretty cool honestly. Gameplay is alot like the first, but some of the powers are even more devastating, and the dodge has really been fixed to allow getting behind an enemy very quickly. They did away with the hundreds of orbs you had to collect from the first game with noway of knowing witch ones you didn't have. Now the collectibles are easily identified by your pulse radar and each area on the map gives you a summary of whats in that area of the city and they serve a purpose to upgrade your abilities. The seven weeks worth of radnet events are a decent idea for a few extra buffs to your powers, but it's not as meaty as I invisioned it being. It is nice that the developers actually made some bosses for this game worthy of fighting.

Prototype 2 does have some issues like the targeting and camera can still get wonky from time to time and for many the story will be throw away. The game is far to easy, which is a double edge sword here. The first game had some frustrating difficulty spikes. Proto 2 is much more balanced but with the powers you acquire the game becomes easy because the difficulty does not scale. So my suggestion is to start on hard and if you finish the game there is a new game + option to play on Insane if you like.

I have enjoyed this game some far and if you liked the first, you should enjoy this one even more. If your new to the series and you are looking for a game to have fun, create destruction, and feel like a superpower. I don't think Prototype 2 will let you down.
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VINE VOICEon April 27, 2012
I played Prototype and enjoyed it... I'm playing Prototype 2 and enjoying it too. However, I can't help but feel like it's lacking in the story department. There's barely anything there, and what IS there, I'm just not that interested in.

This series will never reach the heights of, say, Assassin's Creed/Uncharted/Rockstar Games because there simply isn't enough to get invested in.

A game can be fun to play... and Prototype IS fun enough... but I would prefer to have more of a story to draw me in and guide me forward.

I think we've come to expect better stories from games these days, right? It'd be like having a movie with 100% special effects and no plot and no heart.
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