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on December 13, 2011
This is one of the most entertaining shows on the air. No it wont change your life. No it wont launch you into a paradoxical tirade about life the universe and everything. What it will do is make you laugh, snort, chuckle, groan and giggle. Shawn and Gus are 2 of the most endearing characters around. They have good hearts and are always trying to do good (mostly). I am constantly amazed at how silly this show can be and then turn around and have me on the edge of my seat wondering how they are going to get out of the mess they've gotten themselves into. I marvel at how touching it can be too, (especially the scenes with Shawn's mom and the ones with Juliet) and then slap me in the face with some random ridiculous '80's reference that makes me glad that my personal memories of that time have been shoved back to the far reaches of my mind! Season 6, as it is so far, has been all of these things and more. The relationships have grown (or groan, I've heard it both ways!) so as to keep you coming back for more and the stories are perplexing and intriguing enough to keep you from falling asleep. Still not rocket science. It's not supposed to be. Personally I know people like Shawn and fact, I might be a little like Shawn and Gus... and I think that's a good thing!
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on June 9, 2012
I don't know how to explain the enjoyment I receive from this show; but suffice it to say that it is immence. I currently own all five of the available seasons on dvd and am waiting very impatiently for season six. For those of you who haven't seen any of the past episodes; well then you are probably not reading any of these reviews anyway, the show is just freaking fun. And you don't know how much you've missed even when you have seen the shows untill you watch them again. You'll pick up lots of smart-aleck comments, 80's references, and hilarious quips that you didn't get the first time around. The relationship between the people in Psych is one of a tightly knit family. You get invested in their lives; but it's all just for fun!! You think Trekki's are bad, you ain't seen nothing till you've been around a bunch of "Psycho's"!
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on November 15, 2011
This is one of those series that is just fun--plain and simple. The premise doesn't change but the writing is just so engaging and hilarious that you can watch the same premise over and over and not feel cheated. The antics Gus and Shawn get into and the dialogue exchanges are HILARIOUS. There are SO many quotable lines. Plus, the supporting characters are just supreme. Lassie and the dad are adorable (however, the chief and juliet are a little two-dimensional for my taste).

I totally recommend this season (one of the best) and series to anyone who is looking for something to watch. It isn't earth shattering or "stop the presses" must see, but simply delightful and worth a watch.
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on August 26, 2012
This show has continuously been snubbed over the years for award shows such as the Emmy's and Golden Globes. Although I don't give much weight to award shows, it's still a shame. This is definitely one of the funniest and most original comedies on television, and completely underrated.

I think the the whole "fake psychic" concept and the goofiness of Shawn turns some people off. It's a little silly (purposely), but typically takes a few episodes to get into and realize that the silliness is purposeful and well done. Give it a chance. Also - the show has gotten BETTER over the years, and it's almost in its 7th season. How many shows can you say about that? It's at its peak.

What is better? Compare one of the first few episodes to a current one. The writing is better, the jokes are more humorous, and the characters better developed and fleshed out. Detective Juliet O'Hara and Shawn Spencer are also in a relationship now, and while I don't believe it will last forever due to "breaking the formula" of the show (think Monk), but it's subtle enough where it's not butting into the storyline. While I love the characters of Juliet and Shawn and really like the pairing, I don't want too much romance or mush around it. And I honestly prefer Shawn/Gus interactions or Shawn/Henry interactions compared to him and Juliet.

Also, Woody the Coroner (Kurt Fuller) also has a bit more screen-time this season, and he's a really enjoyable character that adds to the cast. I definitely would like to see more of him. The characters storylines intertwine more and the pop culture references and parody episodes have risen over time, which I truly love. There's nothing funnier than seeing Psych mess around with it's opening theme song.

Never seen the show before? It's fairly easy to get into without seeing previous episodes, although it's recommended so you can empathize with them better. There is a slight amount of background history, but not too much (although some shows will have subtle references to early episodes) to make it impossible to watch without seeing most of them beforehand. The major changes in the story this far are Juliet O'Hara and Shawn Spencer starting a relationship, and Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) coming out of retirement to join the SBPD. A little different, but not super plot-altering.

What I love about this show is the "little things" you can count on to happen.

*Most episodes have a pineapple in it, a Psych thing they've been doing ever since the season 1 premiere (find the pineapple!)
*80s references are just dropped everywhere. If you were a teen in the 80s you will really connect to this type of humor.
*Gus is super emotional and cries whenever someone else does, no matter who it is. lol.
*Shawn always introduces Gus by a hilarious name.
*Shawn and Gus love to eat food, and are notorious for finding food on the job and at inappropriate times.

The writers deserve way more acclaim than they've been given. You can tell the amount of effort they put into every episode, which you definitely can't say about all of the generic garbage network sitcoms that get MUCH more attention. Accept it's goofiness and you'll see the genius, hilariousness, and cleverness behind it. Most of it is a PARODY of things, and a very clever one at that. If you are super unfamiliar with the 80s you may find it less enjoyable due to not understanding the references (although they have 90s and current references as well), but I was born in the late 80s (don't get a lot of the jokes) and still love it to death.

Oh, and you can always count on Psych to give you awesome guest stars that were popular in the 80s. Some guest stars this season are Joey McIntyre, Kenan Thompson, Jaleel White, Corey Feldmen, Danny Glover, Molly Ringwald, Mekhi Phifer, and MANY others.

As usual, the acting is great. James Roday and Dule Hill as Shawn and Gus may be one of the best "bromances" I've seen on in a show in....forever? At least comically. They are hilarious together. Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's father is great as usual. Juliet and Shawn are one of the cutest couples on television, and I love how Juliet is a strong woman who doesn't use her looks and sexuality to get what she wants. She's a great female role model type and I like her character's modesty. Timothy Omundson is hilarious as the uptight, All-American cop, Lassiter, and has become more likable over the seasons.

Psych first aired around the time that Monk almost ended, and it was a great move on USA Networks's part. It is the perfect example of a "feel good murder mystery show," where it's revolved around dead bodies and murder, but it somehow light-hearted and hilarious, never leaving you in a poor mood. If you enjoyed Monk, you'll probably enjoy this if you give it a chance.

Great show and I hope it continues for seasons to come. It's getting better and better!
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on June 24, 2012
Psych is one of the funniest shows on television. It is well written and acted. The characters are rich and engaging. The show has some of the funniest jokes, pop culture references and love of the 80s. It also has a rich father/son relationship, incredible best friends, great partnerships and the sweetest and most adorable romances. The supporting cast as well as the two leads are talented and funny. Psych is definitely underappreciated and underated. It keeps getting better and better. One of the few shows where I own all the dvds and can still watch the episodes over and over and still laugh.
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on March 3, 2012
"Psych" is very entertaining and makes me laugh. It's my go-to show when I want to relax and vegetate. I recommend it to anyone who just wants to kick back, smile and have fun. Very enjoyable.
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on June 18, 2012
I can't get enough of this show! I have seasons 1-5 on DVD and watching them never gets old. I always notice something new every time I watch and somehow the same lines still make me laugh every time. Season 6 cannot be released soon enough. Also the cast and crew are very interactive with their fans so its fun to keep up with the episodes and follow them on twitter in the off season.
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2011
Name two detectives who would take $500 from a kid to recover his collectible Star Wars Darth Vader action figure. Only Shawn and Gus, with Shawn dressed as James Bond in a tuxedo infiltrating the home of a British diplomat. Shawn recovers Darth, but also uncovers a murder. Meanwhile Lassiter is livid because Juliet did not tell him she was dating Shawn. Lassiter uses the lie detector on Juliet, Shawn and himself for different reasons, and the results are not always what everyone expected. This is a solid episode about communication and trust and fatal consequences.
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on October 19, 2012
The second episode of the season called "Late Night Gus" is by far the funniest episode that I have ever seen in not only Psych but any TV Show. Getting the season for that episode alone is worth it. I laughed from the very beginning to the very end!!! The season as a whole is very well done too. Another fantastic episode is "Heeere's Lassie", the Psych version of "The Shining." By the way the cliffhanger at the end of the season was a shocker that I didn't expect from Psych but it is also very well done. The entire show including previous seasons have a good balance of hilarity and seriousness.

One other thing is that the Shawn and Juliet relationship is well done too. They are not going too fast with it but it is very clear that they both are committed to each other.
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on July 5, 2012
This series is one of the best shows out there, and it just keeps getting better. I am ready to own season six with all the extras and deleted scenes.
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