Customer Reviews: The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You're Worth in Sales
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on February 21, 2001
I have to admit that I ordered this book on an impulse from a couple of weeks ago. I teach some sales courses professionally myself and have managed sales people for 30 years. I presently have 158 consultants selling high tech consulting and business solutions for a full package consulting company. I half expected to send this book back and never expected to write an endorsement! First, this book is a true original. Second, it is written really well and its smash-mouth science approach is more fun to read than most books for sales people. Third it has more credibility and class than the feel good brain candy you get in Personal Selling Power magazine or Zig Ziglar seminars. If you think selling is for dummies pass over this one. But if you want some of the best return for effort invested in reading a sales book, give this one a try.
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on February 2, 2001
For many years most sales instructional material was from one of two camps. Either it was some attempt to reinvent the famous Xerox model, or it was filled with personal war stories and self aggrandizement. (See Tom Hopkins book in the "Dummies" series.) No more! This book comes at the science side of selling from a fresh perspective. The authors are neither sales people nor sales trainers, they are psychologists. As such their perspective is based purely on what they have been able to observe and measure. The authors have gotten to the bottom of most sales slumps... People simply stop making calls. The reason? Sales call reluctance. Pretty obvious right? But, the book doesn't just state the obvious, which is, if you've stopped making calls, start making them and you will end your slump. They have broken the causes for call reluctance into 12 different origins. They help you zero in on the reasons that keep you from earning what you are worth and then offer specific and scientific methods to help get back on track. It's a keeper. I highly recommend it.
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on March 5, 2004
A selection test guy I think his name was Donald Barnett came to our company meeting over a year ago and gave a talk that ranted against this book. Somebody that says he knows him said several of the rants here on amazon were written by him using different names. He seemed so passionate I believed him so I never bought it. Then I heard Tony Parinello interview the authors on his radio show a couple of weeks ago. Hold the phone! Tony gave it a glowing endorsement so I bought it. Tony has my respect for writing Selling To Vito and he has my thanks for telling us about this book. Like Tony said, it's one of the best books he's ever seen for salespeople and people not in sales. I think people should read all the rants in the reviews and make up their own mind by opening the first pages right here on amazon and look at the table of contents to see what the ranters are leaving out. It doesn't make salespeople feel like idiots. It's more than just the author's giving their opinion. It's backed by scientific facts not just war stories from personal exerience. Boring? I don't think so. It's downright funny unless you are one of those self-glorious sales gurus. I wish I read the part on how to pick out unethical people when I started my career. To get into what this book teaches you have to want to make more money. If you do, this is the cheapest ticket in town. I guess that steams some people.
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on October 24, 2002
I have consistently started out strong in sales roles and then petered out. I had started strong again in my new network marketing business, but had slowed down and saw my business dying.
The problem was that I would be overcome with shallow breath, a foggy mind, and churning stomach when I had to call people I knew but didn't know well.
The book allowed me to diagonose my problem as Role Rejection. I was afraid that I would disappoint people when they learned I was in a network marketing company, and I was physically feeling that fear every time I tried to make calls. I was able to bull my way through, but it was exhausting.
After reading the book and using the exercises I recognized that I was worrying to much about what other people thought of me. I used two of the techniques in the book to calm my nerves and remove the fear.
My business is taking off again!
It is rare to find a book that so obviously saved a career, but this is one.
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on December 20, 1999
This was one of the office presents I got for Christmas about two weeks ago. I confess I was put off and not just a little angry getting a book on selling. I'm a long time veteran of the sales wars. It's over 400 pages long and looks like a college textbook. Was I wrong. I just picked it up yesterday during a coffee break and haven't been able to stop talking about it since! It's not supposed to be motivational, but it's rekindled my attitude about being in sales. If I had to pick, I'd trade all my favorites for one copy of this book! It's the real deal we've been waiting for.
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on May 31, 2000
This book was mentioned in another book I was reading on sales. It is awesome! This has to be the one book every veteran sales person reads. It's long and has detail only sales managers and trainers could love, but it has already helped me raise my sales figures 15% YTD. The author's are obviously informed scientists but unlike the hacks and quacks out there writing sales propaganda, this book really gets the job done. To top it off they have a cutting sense of humor. I can't remember ever laughing while I was learning stuff I didn't think I needed to know. I found out that what I didn't know was keeping me from several thousand dollars of annual income. They got through to me and if you are serious about sales they will get to you as well. I would give it 10 stars if you had that many.
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on June 19, 2001
This book is real science for anyone associated with the sales profession. As a scientist myself, I appreciate the flawless logic and meticuloulsly worked insights. The citations are all properly referenced (unusual for any book of this genre!) and the applications are a welcome addition to the science of sales management. True, those who whince and wine about selling will likely be put off by this book. At times it lacks diplomacy, but never humor and civility, and wanna-be book reviewers will probably be put off by its no nonsense approach. But if I want a book on diplomacy, I will buy one. I'm an executive sales manager, and this book starts delivering what I want in the FIRST chapter. That's content I can use and results I can count. I can't speak for others, but for me, that is all that matters. E.Festinger, Ph.D.
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on July 29, 2002
This book is magnificent! I have been in sales and top sales management in communications for 40 years. I never had much of a good thing to say about any book on selling. Most were and are disappointments. This one is truely a breakthrough. Yes, if you're an excuse-maker, or prefer to whine and complain instead of making sales, you won't like it. You might even feel compeled to call the scientists who wrote the book, "fradulent" (read one of the reviews by Diaz.) Then read the book. The author's credentials are impeccable and they cover their steps with the one thing missing from "reviews" like diaz's, hard evidence.) People like Diaz are right about one thing. This book won't appeal to everyone. It is a serious affront to mediocrity! Speaking from experience, sales directors can't afford not to confront what's in this treasure. The part about Oppositional Reflex rattled my world and taught me how to "see" sales people who always have a lot to say but never seem to have a lot of sales. I challenge my colleagues in sales management to park their egos and read this book!
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on August 15, 1999
An updated edition of Earning What You're Worth, this book provides an intriguing analysis of the underlying fears and beliefs that inhibit our ability to positively promote ourselves, thereby limiting our financial success. The discussion throughout the book focuses on the behaviors of sales professionals, yet it has applications to anyone who must initiate contact with others -- in a business or social setting. As you read this book, you will more than likely recognize some of your own behaviors and hopefully some ways to improve your ability to accomplish your own personal and financial goals.
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on March 29, 2000
Thank you for writing this book! As an attorney, it was unacceptable for me to do anything that could be perceived as soliciting business. However, when I returned to financial services, solicitation was critical to my success. I was struggling with shaking those constraints. Fortunately for me, you easily pinpointed the source of my reluctance which helped me to find a "prescription" that would be effective in my unique situation. Thank you again. LF
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