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on September 20, 2012
Seiko owns Pulsar, this is a Seiko watch for all intents and purposes. Some complain about the band- not sure what they are complaining about. I find the band to be excellent. It keeps the watch square on the wrist, doesn't pull hair and has a huge amount of adjustment. The watch is built like a tank and the craftsmanship is top notch- right up there with Citizen. The only downfall of this watch is no screw-down crown but I have water tested it and it did not leak one bit. The unidirectional bezel is tight and smooth. The size is perfect too- not huge and gaudy like some out there but not womens size like those smaller field watches. It is around 41mm. The lume is out of this world, it will light up a small patch of wall in the dark fully charged. At $65 it is probably the bargain of diving watches on amazon but I picked up one pre-owned in mint condition on ebay for $39 with boxes and papers. Not much else to say, this watch is an excellent value and being built by Seiko with a Seiko japanese movement inside there aren't too many bang for the buck watches out there that even come close to the quality of this Pulsar. Finally, the amazon specifications list the band width as 22mm which is inaccurate. The width of the band is 20mm. Also, it says the model year is 2006 which could confuse some. My watch was built in January of 2011 per the serial number on the back of the watch. The first number represents year of the decade watch was built and second number represents the month with the letters N and D signifying November and December.
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on February 5, 2011
Once the band is changed it is a great, comfortable watch. It is a decent sized watch for a 7 inch wrist. Second hand lines up perfectly. Bezel ring rotates very smoothly and is nice and snug with no play. It is the about the same dimensions of my Tag Heuer Aqua Racer. My wife would not let me change the metal band on my tag for a rubber one, so I bought this inexpensive watch instead. If you are thinking about getting the Casio Mako(cheap feeling, lots of play in the bezel ring), I will say that this is a much higher quality watch for just a little bit more. This is in the same league as my Seiko Pepsi Diver with regards to quality. Even though it says Pulsar on it, it might as well be a Seiko. Seikos are some of the highest quality inexpensive watches. The Lume is as bright as my Seiko Divers watch was. The crystal is slightly recessed, which is nice. Nice clean face and hands with similar styling to the seiko divers watches. The watch is very comfortable on the wrist- it rests nicely without a lot of jiggling around on the wrist, which is nice.

Downsides? Nothing is perfect. I was going to try to endure the strap that came on the watch. I lasted about an hour before I ran out to the local watch store for a replacement. The stock strap actually made red indentations into my wrist. It is sharp and cruel. Hence the four star rating. The new strap fixed all of that. I bought a nice black rubber strap with white stitching that makes the watch look more expensive than it is. The only real down side is the strap.

If I wanted to be really picky I could complain about the lack of a 200 meter rating, but I only swim on the top 1 meter of the water, usually. Or I could nitpick that does not have a screw down crown, or that the crown is not fancy. The bezel ring does not have a clearly identifiable marker at the 12 o'clock position- the 12 o'clock position looks almost the same as 3, 6 and 9 . The back of the watch is flat and unimpressive. But who looks at the back of a watch? The watch might not be as finished as my Tag Heuer, but it is good for the price.

The only other potential down side is that this watch was probably manufactured in 2006, which was about 5 years ago. So either the battery is going to be dead real soon, or else they already replaced the battery.

I think that the price reduction is probably because they have a lot on hand. Many people have probably bought ecodrive watches instead. Would I have liked the fancier Citizen ecodrive instead? Yes, but not for [...] more. If this lasts me 4 years before I am sick of it then I will have gotten my money's worth.

Overall great knock around watch. Just don't bother at all with the strap- plan on changing it right away.
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on June 15, 2012
I do not like to submit reviews until I have lived with the item for a while. Need to make an exception. The product description states that the band width is 22mm..INCORRECT..The correct band width is 20mm. Know this for a fact. The watch arrived today and I had planned to change out the rubber band with a black nylon Zulu band. Lucky I had both a 22mm and a 20mm. 22mm is to wide and causes the Zulu to pucker badly. 20mm fits perfect. Makes a difference if someone is also ordering a different replacement band (Zulu ect.)at the same time expecting it to fit. This needs to be updated on the product description. Will submit a review on the watch after I live with it for a while.

Well I have lived with this watch for awhile now and here are some further thoughts.. Nice size on this watch, not over sized which seems to be a current fashion trend. Solid feel and a very comfortable weight. Bezel rotation is solid and easy. Illumination on the watch face is pretty good and last as long as some of the more expensive watches I have. The watch face is very easy to read and the date window is easy to read...Now for the couple of short comings I have found..The bezel has no illumination at all. Most bezels have a dot at 12 position. This watch has none which means the bezel in low light is pretty useless. Not sure what the thought process was on this decision.
I cannot figure out what they were thinking when they decided to put THE WORST BAND EVER on this watch. $2 watches come with better bands than this watch has. Not only is it uncomfortable but really cheap looking. Does not fit the watch well and seems to almost be an afterthought. First thing I did was throw away the original band and put a 20mm black Zulu band on. All in all I really like this watch now. Handsome, solid watch once the band was changed out. Great kick around watch even with the extra cost of changing out the band.
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on December 20, 2006
I got this one for my friend. Looks kind of "manly", the dial is big and you actually feel it on your hand. A good choice indeed. This model is actually a modified version of another model(#PF3293) by the same company which is priced at about $90. Needless to say that the other one is much more stylish but then this model saved you about 40 bucks and comes with just a little compromise on that guys kinda casual-flair.

I would say this watch is certainly worth its price. So, go for it if you are running tight on your budget but if you can spare another $40 the other model is definitely a better choice. Someone else talked about the flimsy strap, I have'nt really had any problems with that.
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on January 18, 2014
I looked at (literally) 2,000 watches on before choosing this one. I also purchased the Armitron Men's 20/4892BKTI Black Ionic-Plated Automatic Bracelet Watch (what an awkward long name!) for my "dress" wear.

This is my work horse. If I'm not wearing my other watch, I'm wearing this. It has a classic look/style, and it fits my needs.

For the price point, there are some trade-offs, but it's an excellent purchase. You can't expect to get Rolex features on a sub-$100 watch!

First, the glass is mineral glass. It's a step up from plastic, but not top of the line sapphire crystal. Since I will be wearing this every day and at work, I needed a step up to resist damage.

The band is rubber, which is good for me, because leather seems to rot on my wrist, while metal seems to rip hairs out. Everything wears out, and while the band seems sturdy, if it breaks in the next couple of years, I will simply replace it, like a belt in my car engine.

The size is good, a bit bigger to go with the larger watch trend, but not so big that it will get in the way at work, or draw attention from co-workers. The larger size also makes it easier to read.

The hands and numerals have luminous paint and glow fairly well when first in the dark. The second hand also has the paint, but is very small and a bit harder to pick out in poor light. Still I'm pleased with the visibility in the dark.

An important feature for me is the water-resistance, which is good to 100M. That is a rating based on water and pressure in a static test chamber. While this is ok for swimming, and possibly for the shower, I likely won't do either...the hot water in the shower is a big variable that might let water in because of unequal expansion/contraction. But for work, it will be safe in the rain and snow, and unlikely to develop condensation inside. The housing is stainless, and the cover on the back has notches where it is unscrewed, which is the best type of back for water-resistance. I've had a watch with mini-screws get water inside, and recommendations say to avoid those watches or trust their water ratings less.

The bezel is one-way and not too flashy, some of the other watches I looked at were a bit loud with the numbers.

On the back of the watch the serial number is stamped into the case, and the watch comes with a 3 year warranty. Both speak of quality. Someone wrote a review that the watch stopped after 7 months...since it is battery driven, and since the battery is installed at the time of manufacture, there is a chance the battery will die, depending on stock rotation, turnover, storage temperatures, and manufacturing tolerances inside each battery. However, because of the price of this watch, I decided not to get an additional warranty from Square Trade like I did on my other watch...I simply figured that the cost of the battery replacement would offset the cost of the additional warranty and is a "maintenance" cost, like changing oil or tires on a car, or filling up with gas. I also decided that having the manufacturer replace the battery would likely contribute to a longer life of my watch. If this was a high-end watch, I would seek out a authorized dealer for the service, but anything up to about 30% of the original price is a good value to keep it running for another couple of years. Beyond that, I will simply buy a new watch.

There isn't much more to say, I haven't noticed any lost time yet, but as this was a Christmas present to myself, I haven't really had it long enough, and the time keeping isn't critical for my needs. It helps me track time throughout the day, and it looks nice on my wrist. The wrist watch is a symbol of modern masculinity, and as such, I bought one.

I'm very pleased with this watch, it is neutral but classy, so I can wear it with a uniform at work, and the rest of the day in my regular clothes. It is nice enough for wearing with business casual, but I don't think it will fit with a suit or tuxedo for a formal event.
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on October 4, 2006
The watch itself is really nice. The body seems like it is rugged and tough. The rotating bezel is also smoothe. The only reason i give this a 4 is because of the rubber, flimsy strap.
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on May 31, 2013
Pulsar is a brand currently owned by Seiko and a reputation for similar quality despite a lower price point. I went in knowing this and was not disappointed.

There are no issues to speak of with this watch save one that you'll find present in other reviews - the strap is subpar. I didn't find it as outright uncomfortable as others did, but it wasn't my favorite. However, I bought it with the intent of switching it out. I took it off and used some of the nylon NATO watch straps that I have; it looks good and I receive compliments frequently on the watch. It's very versatile, appropriate for casual and business situations.

My personal favorite features are the minimalist face (no numbers save for the date window) and the date window itself. The size is just right - not oversized like many watches these days, but not too small either. The lume is very bright for easy viewing in sudden low light. It has a nice weight to it and feels good on the wrist. The lugs (the rods that hold the strap on) are rather thick and seem strong.

One note - Amazon notes the band width as 22mm; this watch is actually 20mm. Hopefully Amazon will rectify the oversight at some point. Be aware of this if, like me, you plan on using other straps.

Quartz watches are not expensive to produce, and it isn't advisable to overspend on them unless they have some sort of exceptional feature, like the solar powered Eco Drive from Citizen. This watch is priced just right - certainly a higher quality than, say, you're average Timex (no disrespect to that brand - I have a few that I love), but not overpriced like many quartz watches that you'll find out there that frequently are sold for double this price. When you have it on your wrist, feel the weight, and so forth, you will understand the value inherent in this watch.
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on March 20, 2016
After a day of owing it, I regret buying it. The band straight up sucks! The watch stops and gets stuck between 12 am and 2 am. I have to pull the crown and push it back in, in order to work. At first I thought it was the battery but it's not. I don't recommend this watch. Now I'm stuck with a dud. You've been warned.!!

So after looking at the watch to see what is wrong with it I now know what is wrong. The second hand randomly get stuck and the watch becomes useless. I went to my local watch repair and they told me it has to do something with the watches movement. no wonder these watches went on sale. Now, I cannot return item because i've removed all the tags that came with it. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM DISCOUNT WATCHSTORE EVER AGAIN!!!!!
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on August 26, 2013
I've never spent more than $100 bucks on a watch, so I'm no expert on the high-end ones, but I've learned what to look for in watches around $100 or less. First, the bezel: It should move smoothly and uniformly, with just the right amount of resistance. I owned a supposedly $495.00 Invicta that I got for $100.00, and I found that the bezel would become REALLY tough to move between the 9 and 6 o'clock positions. The bezel on this watch turns very well, like it's turning on miniature ball bearings, but not TOO easy so as to inadvertently move out of position. Secondly, the second hand seems to line up perfectly with the markers on the dial. I've looked at countless watches in department stores costing much more than this one that don't pass this test. Finally, if the watch has a pull-out crown always check to see that the dial doesn't shift when you are pulling or pushing on the crown. I noticed this on my Invicta and almost had to laugh. What a piece of crap. Anyways, I've owned this watch for 5 years now and have only had to replace the band and battery. It's gotten wet numerous times with no issues as well. Yes the band is pretty crappy but you can always get another one. Totally recommend it.
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on February 9, 2013
Could not beat the price for this good looking watch. Battery already dead and needs tool to replace. Band was way too long but after I cut it the keeper will not stay on. I will be buying a new band when I replace the battery. Once I do this the overall cost will be about the same. Always pay attention to the reviews both pro and con. They were right on with my experience.
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