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on September 12, 2011
I am seeing a lot of superlatives being thrown around in these reviews. It can make it difficult to determine if this is the right product for you. I would say that for MOST audiophiles and nearly all other ps3 owners, this is a worthy purchase. There is however a segment of highly discerning audiophiles that this will simply not suffice.

I struggled at first to determine what I thought about the product. What I ultimately concluded was that for convenience and ease of use alone, this is a worthwhile product that is close to the correct price point. I locked in when the preorder price was $65 here on amazon, so I am definitely satisfied with the value. $100 may have been close to the high point, but I still think it is a decent value for what you get here. Here is the breakdown:

- The virtual surround is not going to blow you away. Like others have pointed out, it makes the low end sound a little thin, and some realism is lost in the process. I have a difficult time determining which I prefer, stereo or virtual surround. For sports games, I prefer stereo. For shooters, virtual surround does offer a little bit of directional recognition, so it is useful, but again, nothing impressive.

- I am a borderline audiophile. I have spent upwards of $500 on headphones before, and have considered the purchase completely worth it for the fidelity provided. My current favorite is the Shure SE 535: [...]

I would say that high end headphones have spoiled me to the point that I could never consider this sony product as exceptional sounding. It is not. I can't really listen to this product at high volumes without getting ear fatigue very quickly and noticing the sound signature short comings. I prefer to listen at a very low volume (~25%) because it still provides a degree of immersion that I was not able to achieve at night, or even during the day, if I didn't want to be blasting the home theatre. Which brings me to my next point:

- For pure convenience and reliability, this purchase was worth it. If I want to watch a movie with headphones on, I will be using my shures, no doubt. If I am going to sit down to a long session of an epic single player game, I will probably plug in the shures (I use a 25 ft headphone extension cable to reach the couch BTW). But if I'm gaming online, or just playing a quick game of Fifa or NBA 2K11, or any other casual session of gaming or online browsing, I am definitely not going to put myself through the inconvenience of tethering myself with cables from my ears to the receiver. It's just not practical. And that is where this headset will earn its value in spades. It's so easy to just pick the headset up, turn it on, and get a fairly immersive gaming experience. To be honest, since receiving the headset in the mail last friday, and a weekend of gaming, I have not had the desire to use anything except this wireless headset. It's so nice to not have anyone in the house even know I'm there, whereas before I would be getting constant requests to turn the sound down.

- Comfort is a huge plus. These are among the most comfortable headphones I've ever placed on my noggin. The leather used is plush and of suprising quality. I'm impressed. They are lightweight and just barely noticeable. Another valuable aspect of this product that makes me happy I ordered them.

- Being able to use this wirelessly with my laptop is also a plus. Plug the dongle into the usb, press play, and listen to some tunes. I won't be doing this much, since the shures are already so minimalist. But it's nice knowing I can.

- The ability to have crystal clear chatting is the icing on the cake. Can't do that with the shures. I had not used voice chat since the original Xbox days, and I forgot how fun it can be when gaming with friends. It's like they are right there with you.

So, even for audiophiles, I would say this is a product to consider. However, there is that 10% segment of audiophiles that constantly get upgrade-itis, and only want the highest end product out there. If this is you, you already know that you should be seeking out a better headset.

For me however, I'd much rather save the extra money for a worthwhile audio upgrade that isn't specifically tied to gaming or a computer. Why spend an extra few hundred dollars or so on a gaming headset when that money could be used more effectively to upgrade some other area of your audiophile life. Unless you game an unhealthy amount, the money can be better spent elsewhere.

*****Update (9/13/11): I just wanted to mention something that I am noticing about the negative reviews. Some people are complaining of static. I have absolutely none. In fact, you would think the headphones were off completely during loading screens it is so quiet. The people complaining of that are experiencing interference with some other device, probably a wireless router near their ps3. There may be other devices that create interference. I have experienced none whatsoever. I use a powerline adapter to get internet to the ps3 from the computer on another floor rather than a wireless router, so it is not an issue for me.

*****Update (9/21/11): I just wanted to say I now prefer the virtual surround exclusively when gaming. Maybe I just had to get used to the sound. It's still not very convincing, but the sound stage is wider and more realistic than the stereo, even on games that don't require much directional recognition of sound.

I hope this review helps customers to better evaluate whether this is the right headset for them. Feel free to leave comments or questions and I'll do my best to provide more information.
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on September 6, 2011
Finally an official headset that does not suck! I was a little worried at first but this headset is truly amazing. The range is really good and the bass is awesome. I was able to walk all of my room as well as a half way outside my room with walls in the way.

Works for both your PS3 and PC though you will have some trouble on the PC as you can't boost the mic gain but the sound works great. When turning on the 7.1 audio is seems like you get more treble and less bass.

7.1 and 5.1 only works with the PS3 and only works with games at the moment. Movies and music are a miss. PC users can only use 2.0 stereo.

The headset is very light and snugs well around the head for long periods of time. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone looking for a great wireless headset with less wires.
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on September 9, 2011
I echo many others who have said how much they enjoyed this headset. I purchased mine yesterday, popped in Uncharted 2 and spent about about 3-4 hours experiencing both the single player campaign and the multiplayer matches in an entirely new way.

Now to be fair, I am not an audiophile, I don't have a home theater set up, and have never used a headset before, so this is all new to me, and perhaps those who do have all of that stuff will scoff. But, if you're like me, just a guy who enjoys games but doesn't want to disturb his wife and kids, read on.

First, the negative (let's get that out of the way): The headset is bulky, it is plasticy and doesn't feel like excellent build quality, the extendable mic does feel a bit flimsy (I am a bit concerned how this will hold up over time), and the blue light on the mic can be distracting to some, but it wasn't a big deal for me (note, I only noticed this when the mic was in the extended position). That's it. There is nothing else I can think of that would fall under the negative column for this headset.

Now for the positives:

1) Extremely Comfortable. The pads are very soft and cushiony and the over-ear design fit like a soft glove. Also, probably due to the use of plastic on the set, while somewhat big and bulky, it is extremely lightweight. I had no problems after 3-4 hours and did not get hot-ear or experience any discomfort.

2) Ease of Use. It's a no-brainer to set up. It is just plug and play. Controls are easy to find and use during gameplay. Push the upper left side to mute the mic, push it again to un-mute. Sliders on the front and back on the left side for volume and voice/sound control. Pull out the mic for chat, push it back in for the single player campaign. Easy as pie.

3) Sound. Wow! A total immersive experience. I've been so used to mu HDTV's speakers that I had no clue what I was missing. Uncharted 2 has an awesome score and great sound overall, and I felt every bit of it. The Virtual Surround worked beautifully. Knocking on the door came from the back-right. Screech of metal came from the front-left. I heard footsteps and bullets during multiplayer, although things can get so hectic, I had a hard time processing where everything was coming from simply because I was too busy trying to stay alive! Overall, sound was crystal clear, with solid bass (although not very deep - if you like a lot of bass you'll be slightly disappointed). I had the settings at mid-volume and the voice/sound slider in the middle position and it was simply a whole new and amazing experience. Note, I did not use the chat function. Although I did slide the volume control all the way to sound so I wouldn't have to hear the annoying kids who swore like a sailor.

4) Value. $99? Are you kidding me? How do you beat that? What an excellent value. I've read a whole bunch of reviews before purchasing this. IGN, youtube, here on Amazon, and all over the net. A good many of the negative ones are comparing these to sets like the Turtle Beach PX5's or Astro A40's. I don't get it. Yes, those are in a different league, but they cost a whole lot more. Also, those are designed to due a myriad of things that frankly, the Sony headset is not. This is purely a PS3 gaming headset that has added functionality to be used for PC/Mac. That is it. To say it doesn't do 25 different things that it wasn't designed to do is silly. For example, I've seen some reviews knock these since they don't work with an Xbox. Hello? Are you serious? It's a Sony product designed for the PS3!

In the end, if you want all those extras, great. Spend $400 on the complete Astro set or $250 on the PX5's. But if you're like me, and simply want a high quality headset with chat capability for PS3 gaming, with great sound, supreme comfort, and at a great price, you will not find a better option out there.
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on September 6, 2011
Amazing headset. Ive Owned a Turtle beach Px21 or whatever, and these Destroy it to a pulp. Ive also owned a Tritton Ax Pro Headset that i bought when they were new for $200 and i swear to the lord almighty these sound even better then them and they had like 4 speakers in each ear and stuff. I have never been so happy. Turtle beaches left ear stopped working after 3 months, trittions right ear stopped working after about 6 so ive been very skeptical about quality and as long as they actually keep working or claiming the 1 yr warrnty isnt hard these will seriously been the best headset ive ever owned. Ive never had Astros or Razers i know there really HQ but over double the price. I can't even express just how awesome these are. NO WIRES is so lIBERATING lol. they charged in like 2 hrs lasted like 8 and no discomfort NONE. They feel extremly well built unlike turtle beaches and there is no static i mean NONE when there is no noise (you know that annoying shhhhh thats really light) IT IS SIMPLY QUITE unlike the expensive Trittions. It's noise cancelation is disent could be a little better but the second there is audio you have no outside interferance and it holds in the noise great. If you look inside the cups there shaped to the back of your ear and there angled to direct audio to the center of your ear (its stuff like that they didn't have to do but they did). Hmmm what else could you guys want to know. Ohh the controls are very easy to use and access no hassle muting audio, or muting chat, no problems raising and lowering audio or chat audio. Ohh ease of setup is so Plug N play its not funny lol. I hope everyone who gets this is as happy as i was because i swear there were several times last night when i was playing Resistance 3 that i forgot i had them on and i had my tv up to loud....seriously. I was all getting off my couch and going to lower the audio on the tv and then id feel the headset and remember im and idiot haha. There just so much better then any headset ive owned and ive owned two from both ends of the price and gaming spectrem. These sound better then both feel better built, there wirless, and there only 99 dollars. There could'nt possiably be any haters out there SONY knocked it out of the park.

PS almost forgot, Chat is crystal clear, there was no cutting out i heard them clear and i think they heard me fine, they'd attack where i told them to so idk. I hope i helped my peeps.
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on September 6, 2011
Great wireless gaming headset with 7.1 Digital Surround Sound made specifically for the PS3. Battery life is great and easily syncs up to the PS3. Headset can be charged on a PC or PS3 with the USB cable from a PS3 dualshock controller. Quality of headset is amazing while playing video games or listening to music. Also has an awesome retractable mic that is noise canceling.

Quality: 10/10
Sound: 9.5/10
Mic: 10/10
Design: 9.5/10
Features: 10/10
Price/Value: 10/10

Overall: 9.75/10
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on September 15, 2011
So I decided to pick these up since I've heard good things about them. I have also wanted another sound/mic option for some time but most of the quality headsets out there have more wires and mixers hanging around than a 1989 Guns n' Roses concert.

A little background on me (as far as sound goes.) I'm an AV enthusiast and have been since the early 2000's. I've owned multiple TV's, speaker systems, receivers and amps. My current, and what will remain my "main" setup includes a mid/high end true surround sound system and a Jawbone ICON for my PS3 mic and the official (and only) Xbox Wireless Headset for the Xbox. I have my PS3/Xbox send an HDMI wire to my Onkyo receiver, which decodes the sound and plays it in 7.1 surround sound via my Energy brand speaker system. The Onkyo then sends another HDMI wire to my 55inch Sony 3D LCD TV with the video image. The TV speakers are obviously off. This is not the same "7.1 surround sound" that many headphone manufactures boast which basically means a handful of little speakers pressed right up again the same ear, firing off at different times and in different directions. In my opinion, calling these kinds of headphones "true surround sound" is disingenuous and false advertising since you're really not surrounded by sound coming from different locations per se. All the speakers in the headset are right next to each other. But calling this "virtual 7.1" would mean that the virtual headsets would also need to be called something else, since that's an actual thing as well. I'd be happy to explain the difference between these two kinds of headphones and what the unique strengths and weaknesses are of both, but that's another review altogether, I digress. My 7.1 system means seven different speakers positioned and calibrated around my living room as part my home theater system. I use a Dolby PLIIz (front high) matrixed sound codec, which basically means I have two of the seven speakers positioned 10 feet up in the air (i.e. front high speakers) to help create a more realistic sound image (e.g. helicopters and jets actually sound like they're above my head as the floor rumbles from the subwoofer.) My point in the explanation is just to show I'm a picky guy and sound matters to me, it's been a hobby for years.

I have tried the Turtle Beach PX3's along with my best friends Triton AXPro's. While both sounded pretty good (Triton's were a bit crisper in my opinion) I couldn't stand the wires hanging around, nor did they really hold a candle to a true surround sound system like the one in my house. Plus, $200 for a pair of headphones with wires everywhere felt like down right lunacy since I already have a $5,000 home theater system installed and calibrated. However, I have to admit, if the cost of a home theater system (you can obviously go much cheaper than I did) or space limitations are an issue for you, definitely do yourself a favor and pick up a quality headset. It will change the way you game forever.

Now enters Sony's newest PS3 product. The Sony Wireless Stereo Headset. At a reasonable $99 I really didn't expect much from these but wanted to give them a shot. Although all the technology I have at home mentioned above is great, my living room starts to sound like a vietnam war zone very quickly. And although it's cool, it's really not cool with my wife when I'm gaming at 1am and she's trying to sleep. I have now used these for a couple days and I have to say, I'm impressed. While the sound fidelity isn't quite as good as the Triton's I tried, they're about 60% of the price and are completely wireless and not too far off the sound quality of the Triton's. And by my wireless, I mean no wires anywhere which is unlike Turtle Beach's wireless headset which means you have another "console" (the mixer) to plug into your gamging console and you run wireless from that. Too many wires are not an option for me since my setup is wall mounted and the sound and gaming systems sit on a neat and tidy shelf under it. More crap and/or wires hanging out is not going to work with my wife.

On to the performance itself... These headphones create a nice virtual surround sound experience (which can be toggled on and off.) This means the speakers in each ear have a very specific codec that allows you to fire off different frequencies in different directions creating a more realistic 360 degree sound image. The gaming benefit here is that not only do you get better sound than a basic TV, you can hear someone walking around you and get a really good idea of their exact location. Although they're not super bass heavy, they are nicely blended for gaming and movies. I watched Netflix, listened to some Eminem and played several hours of Call of Duty with these. I also sync'd these up with my laptop and found the same thing, incredible sound that's very well blended. Battery life is a nice long 7 hours and takes less than half that time to charge it full again. The design looks about as cool as you can get for headphones. Anyone who tells you that any pair of gaming headphones "look good" is lying and clearly has no sense of fashion whatsoever. But they have a nice sleek and modern image included some brushed gunmetal. They're comfortable with their oversized ear cushions and nice padded cushion above my head. They don't feel too heavy to me, but they're not as light as some of the others. Primary because they're wireless and the battery and mixer needs to be built into the headset themselves. The build quality feels good to me with one exception, the mic/boom is hard plastic and sort of slides in and out as needed. While it looks really cool, I could see someone snapping this off if they're not careful and tossed these with the mic out.

Overall, these are definitely a "best buy" if you're in the market for a good pair of wireless stereo headphones what will work with both your computer and PS3.
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on September 8, 2011
This is targeted at guys like me who have never owned a gaming headset or surround sound.

- Compared to sub-par tv speakers, these have amazing sound
- Great to hear bass in your ears
- Can definitely hear direction, from left to right, front to back. In Dead Space 2 I spun around slowly while listening to steam spewing out of a pipe and definitely heard the transition as the steam changed direction.
- Way more immersive than tv speakers. Sounds similar to a movie theater.
- Also works on my 5.5 year old laptop that is ready to kick the bucket. Can't wait to Skype with it all over my house!
- I went 2 rooms away in my house,over 20 feet away from my PS3 and laptop and only had slight disruption when using it on my old laptop. Worked like a charm with PS3 from far away.
- One person can be using the PS3 in the same room as someone on the computer and they don't have to disturb each other.
- Watch a movie, play a game, listen to music, do it all late at night without disturbing anyone trying to sleep
- Set up is impossible to not understand. Just plug in the USB and turn it on.
- These turn off and on quickly without a delay, unlike the headset I got with Warhawk.
- Volume controls are easy to adjust without looking. Not so loose you accidentally turn up too high by accident.
- On-screen alerts are helpful and not very disruptive to gameplay
- Microphone is said to be flimsy by some, but I think it being retractable and not obtrusive makes them unlikely to break
- Style fits the design of the PS3 if aesthetics is your thing
- Retains charge very well. Doesn't have to be plugged into the wall like more expensive, wired headsets.
- Very comfortable for long periods of time
- Can change the ratio of volume you hear between chat and the game's sound
- Easy to mute and un-mute the mic quickly

- Takes up a USB spot for the dongle
- A little bit bulky, but the lack of wires more than makes up for that
- Limited ability to adjust audio
- You don't get the same quality sound on netflix or Blu-rays as you do on games, but still good.
- Doesn't come with a USB charging cable, but wires that work with the Dual Shock 3's will also work with the headset
- Probably not as high-quality as more expensive headsets but likely a much better value

I'm obviously happy with my purchase. I don't think I'll want to play without these very often unless I want to talk to someone in the room at the same time. They are even very useful for the computer. For the record, I bought this for $65, but feel that it's worth much more than that. Amazon hooked it up with this deal. Thanks, Amazon!
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on February 8, 2012
On February 07, 2012, Sony distributed a mandatory firmware update 4.1. It screwed with the settings of which you can not change for the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset by turning into a really crappy sound amplifier that will amplify any sound around you. You will hear yourself echo, the sound of your breath, button presses and every minuscule sound annoyingly magnified through the headset.

So I would advise you to not buy this product until Sony decides to fix it because they have yet to respond to the community and ETA on the fix is therefore indefinite.

[edit] Sony finally releases firmware 4.2 which fixes the sound settings. You can turn off the amplifier effect by going into the headset settings menu and either turn it up or in my case, turn it completely off.
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on February 8, 2012
This was a great product, but after the latest PS3 update they have become utter garbage. The update added a feature where you will now be able to hear your own mic in your headset. This is really not a bad idea, and is common in similar devices, but the problem is with the implementation. It seems they did not test this out at all before they shipped it out. The headset now amplifies background noise and produces a horribly annoying and consistent hissing noise. The headset will also do all this even if you mute it.

Other than that, this product is great. Dead simple setup that is far easier to use than any other device (no having to go through the XMB, or backing out of a game to turn off and on). The sound WAS great, 7.1 simulated surround worked surprisingly well. They are pretty comfortable, but can wear on you after a while, but this is the case for pretty much all headsets. I have been told the voice is crystal clear on the other end, and have heard others with this device that I too can attest to its clarity.

Buyer beware.... as of the update on 2/8/2012, these are not worth buying. Please wait until it is known whether or not Sony will fix this before you buy, otherwise you will be disappointed.

Update (6/29/2012):
After 6 annoying months, they have finally allowed you to disable the "Sidetone" in the 4.20 update which gets rid of the hissing noise (although it is buried fairly deep in the XMB and is hard to find like most things). I now fully recommend this product, although will deduct 1 star for Sony's slow response to this issue.
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on September 7, 2011
I have tried out various other headsets from Sharkoon, Turtle Beach, etc.. Let me tell you why this official headset destroys all the others.

First is the ease of use. All you do is plug in the receiver, turn on the headset, and the ps3 automatically pumps all sound into the headset. You'll note that you cannot share sound between the headset and a tv, though you can have sound on a tv and chat on the headset. Not sure why you would want to though, and you would lose the surround sound. I'll discuss that feature in a moment.

Second is the build quality. The whole thing is lighter than a dualshock controller yet feels amazingly sturdy. Lots of people complain about the plastic used in many of the Turtle Beach models, and I assure you that will not be a problem here. There is a very nice brushed nickel look on the top of it, though the thing does kind of look like a spaceship. Frankly it looks borderline ridiculous, though this should not be a problem since you are only using it yourself at home. Many places offer warranties, though I would not be worried; no Sony product has failed me thus far, and I've got all kinds of official accessories.

Third is the comfort. Let me tell you I am EXTREMELY difficult to please when it comes to comfort, but these I can recommend for comfort. They really went all out to make these comfortable to use all night. Besides being lightweight at 9.7 oz, they are highly padded. And the pads are incredible! You can't see it in pictures, but the ear pads are actually thick in the front and then much thicker in the back, accounting for the fact that your ears are not plastered flat against your head and that the pad needs to be bigger towards the back to properly envelope your ear so it sits entirely within the pad. The speakers inside are angled back to facilitate a perfect fit around your ear. I truly have never seen a better design, and I am puzzled as to why more headphones/headsets don't incorporate such design.

Fourth is the sound quality. I wouldn't say they get incredibly loud, though they are more than adequate. It is strange that they included a button to turn off the virtual surround sound, since there will never be a reason to use it. As stated on the box, surround sound does not work on blu ray movies, and this has to do with hdmi standards and nothing Sony is a part of. You can get surround sound for dvd movies though. Anyway, pressing the button will show you just how good the virtual effect can be. Some people have reported more bass in 2 channel mode, but there is clearly a lot "less" sound. The effect also does a fantastic job of providing positional audio, in that you can tell not only when something is to your left, but when it is to the front-left. I can't really say too much about audio quality since I'm hardly an authority on it, but I think it sounds as good as other headsets I have tried.

Getting surround sound and wireless for such a low price is already a great value, and the build quality and comfort of the headset make it a must buy. Sure you can't get surround sound outside of games, but having a wireless headset for use on a pc is hardly a bad thing. The battery lasts around 7-8 hours as I can tell, though you won't have to worry about it with the onscreen updates. Everything about this headset is everything it should be. Sony has created another amazing official product, and it's about time.
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