Customer Reviews: Pura Kiki 11-Ounce Stainless Steel Infant Bottle with Medium Flow Nipple, Aqua
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on November 15, 2013
Best nipple ever. I have used Medela Calma & Adiri "breast" mimicking bottles, and a bunch of regular ones, but nothing makes a baby work as hard as this one. (For those of you who don't know why that's a good thing you can do a little research on bottle vs breast and jaw and teeth development etc.) the infant nipples cut down our baby's gas (and consequent fussing) and spit-ups are gone.
I didn't buy this bottle for that feature, but that turned out to be such a huge standout I couldn't pass up mentioning it on this review.
What I like:
The stainless compared to glass or plastic:
It doesn't scratch, doesn't get dingey, doesn't retain odor, doesn't break, draws "oohs and aahs", does great in the dishwasher, and lasts and lasts.
The bottle size and shape: we have the 11oz bottle: it's more tall and narrow than typical which makes it comfortable for my son to hold while he is in my arms-that way he controls it & takes a break when he wants (again, more closely mimicking a breastfeeding pattern.)
The infant nipple: it's silicone, it vents wonderfully, it is very vey slow flow, it does not leak at all, it's fairly soft.

Do not like:
The inner rim of the cap has a sharpish edge. Not a big deal if you are paying attention, but why not fix it?
The bottle needs to be double walled. That's just my preference because if I'm going out I still want warm water for my son's formula.
The price of the accessories. Seriously, you want that much for the sleeve?
The cap: I'm 50-50. Love the color. Like that I can shake up a bottle and keep my finger on the nipple holes through the cap so there aren't drips. But, I also wish it wasn't so easy to lose and didn't take 2 hands to shimmy onto the bottle cap. If you put a strip of silicone onto the bottle cap that was also attached to the lid so it was "hinged" and wouldn't fall far that would probably create all kinds of warm fuzzies for me.
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on August 1, 2014
We ordered these bottles because of their good ratings here on Amazon. After opening them up and sterilizing them per the instructions (gently washing, sterilizing by sitting in just-boiled water for 10 minutes, etc...) we have noticed the paint is peeling off on nearly all of the bottles we purchased. Our daycare also provides labels so that we can write the date for the milk inside the bottle when we drop our son off - the adhesive on the labels has also taken the paint up. Basically, the paint on the bottle is very poor quality, or poorly applied, or defective.

I wouldn't normally mind if this happened after a few months, or we weren't following the cleaning procedures properly, or whatever - but we saw paint coming off after the very first wash. We love the bottle itself - it's comfortable, light,and durable. We like that it's convertible to something our son can continue to use as he grows.

I would opt for a bare version of this bottle if I were to purchase again - and honestly, even though this product seems defective, it still is a bit much to expect people to follow a strict cleaning regimen to avoid damaging the paint. The primary user of this product is parents - people who generally have limited time to fuss around with gently cleaning a bottle and making sure they don't chip paint. We need to get it clean as fast as possible before something else comes up.

The company should figure out this paint problem if they intend to keep selling these. Maybe an epoxy paint?
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on March 3, 2014
The very first day that my daughter used this bottle at daycare, the green paint chipped all over the place. The daycare providers had to peel it from her face, making her pretty upset. I can understand how it might chip over time, but this was the very first day of use and I had hand washed it.

Do yourself a favor and only get the stainless steel bottles. No color
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on March 18, 2016
I would love these bottles if.....the paint didn't peel off. In understand the paint is suppose to be safe but I still don't want my child accidentally eating it. We have little pieces of pain everywhere, they stick to his skin too! For some reason my orange ones peel more than my blue or green ones but they all peel. I would suggest getting the stainless steel ones if you are dead set on these. The nipple is good, it is difficult in the dark trying to mix formula up in them because you need good light to see how many ounces you filled in with water. The lids cannot be removed with one hand like most other bottles and if moisture gets around the rings it will leak even though the lid is on. You have to take extra care while washing the nipples because milk gets caught in the anti colic valve. Overall if you are looking for a plastic free bottle these are a decent option if you oppose glass but be sure to but the ones without paint on them. Ours peeled right away and after a few months of use ours had peeling paint and dents ( dents from baby dropping them on the ground) which cause them not to sit correctly. I may try hitting the bottom with a hammer to see if it fixes the problem. Needless to say, with our next we will try glass bottles instead.
review image
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on May 22, 2014
Stainless steel and silicone throughout - no plastic at all
Lightweight compared to glass bottles
Easy to clean, no little nooks and crannies
Vent nipple works fine

It may seem obvious, but you can't gauge the level of the liquid from the outside. I figured no problem, it has etched graduations so you can measure the level by looking in the top while you're filling it. This is true, but I didn't consider the fact that you can't see how much the child has drunk from the bottle or how much is left. Obviously this issue is common to all stainless steel bottles, not this particular one, but it's something I hadn't considered before ordering.
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on September 10, 2013
Went with these because I wanted to get away from plastics and let's face it, kids love to drop I was fearful of the glass option. Probably didn't help that I am clumsy, too... Stainless seemed like the very best choice to us. We weren't disappointed. Only things I don't like about it are that it isn't insulated so the bottle is cold when the liquid is cold, hot when the liquid is hot. Gotta put the insulating sleeves on it to make it a little better. We used these: Pura Kiki Pebble Silicone Bottle Sleeve, Blue, Tall. Second thing I didn't like was the price. I don't understand why these have to be quite this expensive. Seems a little like they're taking advantage of the fact that we are willing to pay to keep our kids from being exposed to the plastics dangers. However, we bought four and will probably buy more now that we're familiar with them and happy. :) We bought this accessory also and didn't need it: Pura Kiki Silicone Travel Cover, Blue, 0 Months+. The bottles come with this and unless you need the extras for some reason or another, those are not a sensible add on. We don't even use the ones that came with the bottles, much less the extras. Hope that helps!
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on August 25, 2015
I like this product's concept and it does work fairly well with one problem that I see. The top is just silicone or something similar and I don't see how it keeps heat out at the top. The rest of the container, sure, it absolutely does. I just think that heat it getting in through the cover and nipple area and that should be addressed. All in all it's much better than me carrying around an ice pack in a soft cooler or something....this is much less bulky. I'm glad it's out there but maybe some tweaks could be made.
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on March 1, 2016
I am so glad I found this bottle. I hate plastic bottles because of the health risk, weird smell, and clouding. We were using the Como Tomo bottles but our twins started rejecting them, so we switched to the simba and evenflo glass bottles. But now that they are 18 months we have encountered a new problem. They started throwing them! So after two embarrassing bottle dropping in public fiascos and countless at home, I have found my solution. There is NO way for them to break these. Even the ring is made out of stainless steel. I do not wash them in the dishwasher or sterilize them so I have had no paint issues. Overall this is the perfect bottle for our situation..:)
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on November 17, 2014
Best Baby bottle we have ever had.
We bought these with out 3rd child and have loved them! The bottle design is simple and clean, which I appreciate.
As far as use goes, the bottles are great. Our baby has not had any gas or colic, thanks to the vented nipples, and the stainless steel makes the bottles very easy to heat. Once you mix your formula or insert the breastmilk, simply run hot water over the outside of the bottle for 10 second increments. Stop to feel the temp of the bottle. Once the outside temp of the bottle is a temp that you feel is appropriate and safe, your done. The inside contents will match the temp of the outside bottle. If it has been refrigerated, shake the contents after running the hot water over it and the outside will adjust to the inside temp of the contents. It's so easy.

The second thing I noticed is this bottle doesn't accumulate any residue like our Dr. Browns, and other plastic bottles did.

The only con that i can tell you is that if you wash it in a dishwasher the painted areas will wear off quicker than if you hand wash. We have had ours for almost 4 months and the paint is still intact, but we mostly hand wash them.
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on October 11, 2013
This bottle is great if you need something that can tolerate heat and cold extremes. I use it to scald and then cool milk before it is stored (I have a problem with excess lipase in my milk), and this can handle the hot to cold temperature change without a problem. The ounces are marked on the inside of the bottle and can be tricky to see if you need precise measurements, but not a big deal if you don't. It comes with a large nipple and it looks like a sippy cup lid can be purchased for it, which we'll probably buy later on when our LO is older.
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