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on June 1, 2011
This is my first time reviewing something that isn't a book, lol. Anyways, I'm a culinary student and I happened on this knife in Macy's along with some other things I needed. I was skeptical at first because of the price (it was on sale for 7.99) but I had always seen other people in class using knives that look like these (I didn't know what they were called til now) and despite my hatred for pink, I went ahead and bought this knife. I'm writing this review right after using in class for the first time today. I got a few glances, but the knife is very lightweight. The knives in our knife kits are Mercer knives and since they're German they're heavier so it was weird for me to use such a light knife. It felt like a toy knife, but it made it easier to handle. It's a sharp little knife and I hear that it can take to being sharpened. I chopped onions, minced onions, minced garlic, minced cilantro, and peeled and sliced a pineapple.

After class I took it to the chef-instructor, since he had taken notice of the knife during class. He looked it over and said that it was made of quality steel and that since its Japanese, the blade is thinner and easier to maneuver. He said it was good for people with small hands. He told me that it was very good that they now have quality knives mass marketed. All in all it got a good review from him as well. I think I'm going to buy the entire set for at home use. I still live with my mom and all we have in the way of cutlery is this old discolored knife which as been there since who knows when, a slicer that we use as an all purpose knife because no one wants to use the previously mentioned knife, and this newer knife set that I hate since ALL the blades are serrated (using the serrated chefs knife to chop an onion is torture, I always wind up using the slap chopper). This knife set just stays in the block all the time since no one wants to use it either.

As a side note I also asked my instructor about the multi-use knife in this collection (the pretty blue skinny one with a half smooth, half serrated blade) since I had never seen a knife like this one before. He advised to not use that kind of knife as it is inconsistent. Since these knives aren't for cutting through bone, I would advise you to have a heavier chef (I believe the Komachi chef knife is thin as well) and boning knife (Komachi doesn't have a boning knife but still). I'm going to keep using this knife but I'm always going to have my trusty Mercer knife on standby, just in case.
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on January 19, 2011
I was a little leary about buying this knife but I figured if I didn't like it I could give it away. Cooking one of my favorite dishes I decided to give this knife a try. I was amazed just how sharp this knife was, I mean razor sharp and you better know how to handle a knife otherwise you will be loosing fingers. It cut through everyting like butter and shaves razor thin. I'd buy another in a heartbeat, different color. A razor sharp knife.
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on August 19, 2011
I just got this in the mail a few hours ago and started using it right away to cut a bunch of vegetables and all I can say is WOW. I didn't think this knife would be so easy to use and so sharp, especially considering the price I paid for it. I own two far more expensive Henckels knives and this little knife is right up there in terms of cutting ability! I was also hesitant on the color when I ordered it but now that I've used it, it actually looks cool! Its not exactly neon pink as the picture might indicate but a softer, lighter shade of maroon or red. The knife is very light so you do have to use a little more energy in cutting harder vegetables (naturally) but so far it has sliced through everything I've thrown at it including onions, bell peppers, carrots, cucumber and a cabbage with ease. I also tried to chop some raw almonds finely for a dessert and it made quick work of that too! The handle is comfortable to hold for my smallish hands and most importantly, does not allow for slipping even when my palms are wet. The blade, although not a conventional shape for a Santoku knife, actually works better for me than the conventional Santoku shape.

I'm thoroughly impressed with this thing- my only hope is that the blade stays sharp as long as my Henckels. There are other reviewers who say this knife gets rusty or loses the colored coating but the instructions on the back of the knife case clearly recommend washing and drying by hand to avoid these problems. It is also not recommended for bone cutting, but that's not why I bought it. For everyday cutting, this thing is going to be perfect for me. If I notice any rusting or peeling of the coating, or see that the blade is loosing edge quickly, I'll make sure to edit my review.

Now, to get back to cutting..!!

EDIT: After using this knife extensively for over two months, I have noticed that the blade has lost its cutting ability. Its not bad by any means, but its definitely noticeable. I am a little disappointed that it only took 2 months of use before the blade went dull but a quick sharpening has fixed the issue. I'll continue to use this knife over the next few months and report what I've found. I did think of lowering the review to 4 stars but the knife is back to its old sharpness with minimal effort- so no love lost!
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on August 17, 2011
Very good quality for the price.
Please remember, though, that this is a Japanese-style knife. That means that yes, of *course* the blade is thin, the knife lightweight! It's supposed to be. If you want heavyweight, buy yourself German steel. But if you appreciate a lighter-weight knife that's superbly easy to handle and use, and slices through everything like it's nothin', then you want this knife.
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on October 6, 2010
The thought of taking my $200 Shun knife camping was not attractive so I looked around for a cheaper product that did not compromise on quality. This Pure Komachi was an instant hit with me and every single camp mate that's had the pleasure of using it. No one believed me when I told the what (little) it cost me. I have since bought two other different length Pure Komachis and portable knife guards. I now find it hard pressed to justify paying top dollar for high class knives. The only drawback I can see (yet to test) is that these might be a little too brittle for chopping, twisting and cutting hard items.
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on April 24, 2012
I found these knives at the low cost of $5 so I was very skeptical but I thought I'd give them a try. I work as a private chef for 50 people so they get used 40 hours a week and have held up extremely well. The blade is sharp and holds a nice edge. I like how super lightweight they are. I have tiny hands so they are proportioned perfectly for me. After 4 months of heavy use the paint has not chipped or flaked, however I carefully hand wash all my knives and keep them in a knife roll. I would strongly recommend not letting knives this sharp ( or any cutting knife) just bang around in a drawer. I would not recommend using this knife to cut anything hard like butternut squash or to smash garlic cloves but they work just fine for regular vegetable prep and cutting meats with ease. I am concerned that the plastic handle will eventually snap but at the low price I would just pick up another. I use a D ring to keep the edge honed and have used a sharpening stone on them with no ill effects to the enamel. I'm a bit of a girly girl so I like the bright colors when I flip open my roll. The hot pink was super cute. This isn't something to replace my good Santoku with but I'll admit it holds a sharper edge longer so Komachi definitely did something right with their metal blend.

EDIT- After two years of daily use this knife is still working well. I have ground the edge sharp twice ( on a mechanical grinder) and it did mess up the paint slightly. I haven't had a problem with the paint chipping off. The cheap looking handle is holding strong even after being put through a sanitizer at high temperatures a few times a day.
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on March 24, 2010
I love all the Komachi knifes and so do everybody I know because I always buy them as gifts. This one will cut everything you want cut and it cleans easily. Great product.
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on December 20, 2011
I work in a restaurant where I do a great deal of vegetable prep. I was a bit hesitant about buying this knife because every review I read said it's so light weight, so I wasn't sure it could handle my job. But I decided to get it anyways because it's pink and cheap. Much to my surprise it is still just as sharp as it was on the day I bought it. I use a steel on it regularly and the pink coating hasn't chipped at all. I love my pink knife and highly recommend it.
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on April 18, 2011
The picture of the knife looks lavender, but is pink. The knife was descibed as coming with its own protective sheath for storing, but does not. Despite these 2 little misleading issues, I love the knife. It's lightweight and very sharp with a good grip. I would definitely recommend this knife and am already thinking of getting more.
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on August 25, 2010
lOVE this knife. the only problem is it is so sharp i have cut myself twice. wish they made a cleaver
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