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on April 27, 2001
Pure Rock Fury is Clutch's most straight ahead onslaught of a release since 1991's Pitchfork or 1992's Passive Restraints. It truly is furious, not to mention being pure rock. The first noise you hear is a long screech, quickly evolving into a barrage of guitar, bass, and drums the likes of which have previously not been heard on any Clutch album. "American Sleep" truly is a great opener for the album, and it's an indication of the fury and genius to come.
First, I'd like to address something an earlier reviewer said about the mixing. Yes, it is true that they were going for a "fuzzier" sound on this album, but the static and popping that you hear is not an error in the production or mixing; in order to optimal audio performance from this album, you should set your equalizer to "flat," or somewhere close to it. There should be no more fuzziness than was intended.
Anyway, as for the actual album: It is a masterpiece. Clutch has never made a bad album; in fact, Clutch has never made an album that would receive less than four stars, in my book. Still, the argument can be made that this is their best yet (although I would be hard-pressed to dub any one of them definitively "the best"). As I said, it is their most straight up rock album in a long time (perhaps ever), and it just flat out rocks.
There are no bad songs here. Some rock in different ways. For instance, "American Sleep" and "Pure Rock Fury" are balls to the wall rock songs, whereas "Open up the Border" and "Drink to the Dead" are slower-paced, groove-oriented jams. Then there are songs like "Brazenhead" and "Red Horse Rainbow," two of my favorite songs on the record, which are jams of epic proportions, hearkening back to the days when bands could rock out for more than two minutes. "Brazenhead" and "Red Horse Rainbow" are also very complex musically, and the former may well be the best song Clutch has ever recorded.
There is also the inclusion of a live rendition of one of Clutch's most popular songs, "Spacegrass." This is a particularly rocking version of "Spacegrass," rocking quite a bit more than the album version on the eponymous release. The CD also has a HyperCD feature which allows you to access a live video of the song when you put it into your computer's CD-ROM drive.
All in all, this is a terrific rock album, one of the best in a long while. Then again, all of Clutch's albums are terrific, because unlike the bands that receive the must play on MTV and the radio, they are great musicians who care about putting out innovative and enjoyable material. If you are a fan of Clutch already, a fan of groups like Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Nebula, Karma to Burn, or just a fan of rock music who is tired of "nu-metal" and the like who yearns for the days when there was real rock everywhere, then this is definitely an album you should pick up. You definitely will not regret it.
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Clutch is one of those bands with one heck of a unique sound that has been around for quite some time yet hardly gets the recognition they deserve (for other examples check out bands like Biohazard, Fantomas, and Corrosion of Conformity), but continues to make uncompromising music. "Pure Rock Fury" is no exception, it's laid back releaxed yet hyper sound is some of the most unique rock to ever grace my ears. "Careful With That Mic" is laugh out loud hilarious thanks to the lyrical content (where some unnamed bands are pretty much laughed at for "trying to act all urban", I think I could name a few) and insane vocal range. "American Sleep", "Immortal", "Drink to the Dead", and the looney closing live track "Spacegrass" are all great songs and nicely round the album out well, but the production seems rather shoddy on some tracks and takes the greatness away from the otherwise fantastic songs. Forget bands like System of a Down, Linkin Park, and Disturbed who everyone seems to think are so unique and check out Clutch's "Pure Rock Fury" and their even greater older material for a listening experience you won't soon forget.
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on June 10, 2005
I've been a huge fan of Clutch for quite a while so my opinion is slightly jaded but .... for the love of Gawwwwd man they ROCK!

Clutch really is a very unique band and although they do revive that 70's hard rock sound it's really and truly something to behold. To me "Pure Rock Fury" is the second coming of Clutch. Their 1st album, "Transnational Speedway" was crunchier and had a big impact on me. The 2nd self-titled was much better, there was a stronger direction and more unique style. The 3rd, "Elephant Riders" was a large departure from the Clutch I knew. Singing, what the hell? It worked and overall "Elephant Riders" is a solid offering but I feel it was a growing pain. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but they didn't seem as surefooted as usual. but...

"Pure Rock Fury" is altogether an entirely different monster, and I do mean monster. The first guitar line kind of sums up the whole album, it's loud, crunchy, precise, and full of energy. "American Sleep" is a solid jam, the musicianship is great as always and Neil seems a bit more solid on the vox.

The second track is definitely the star, a massive assault full hendrix soaked guitar riffs, insane drum fills, tight sure footed bass work, and insane barking vocals full of wit and humor. It's an anthem, really, calling upon those troopers of the CLUTCH army ready to stomp around the pit in their own unique fashion.

From this point the album continues in solid fashion, a bunch of sweet cap'n crunchy hard rock romps, "Open up the Border", "Immortal". Some nice drawn out jams with lots o' rump shaking bass lines, "Red Horse Rainbows" and double geetarr riffage, "Brazenhead". And, of course Clutch always has a couple of those quirky ones, referring to the old red-necked Samuri from "Transnational" on "The Great Outdoors". Along with the head bobbing rap rock funk stew of "Careful with that Mic" which oozes with the groups capability to create music with a kleidoscope of influences. The closer is kind of a two fold punch. "Drink to the Dead" is a nice mid-paced anthem that really gives you the feeling of being in a barroom full inebriated fantasy characters, all swaying back and forth singing about good friends long gone. After that it closes with a live version of the Clutch classic "Spacegrass". If you've ever been to a Clutch show you'd understand why this bonus track is on here. Standing in the crowd awaiting the next song, then you here that bass line you can't help but join in with the rest of the crowd as everyone shouts the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

I can't stress how much I recommend this cd. It's a good time wrapped in plastic. Clutch really do unique Hard rock very well. They are truly an underrated band. They give you the funky head bob with a nice big smile across your face, the solution is so clear.
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on June 16, 2001
I downloaded this album after hearing "Careful With That Mic" on the radio not quite knowing what to expect. That song sounded like nothing I had ever heard before, and I was pleased to discover that the album contained more of the same. "Pure Rock Fury" made me an instant Clutch fan, as I found Clutch to be doubtless the most unique heavy band I had ever heard. While "Pure Rock Fury" is an extremely innovative album, it also contains many elements of the more traditional metal that I enjoy. Clutch to me sound almost like a weirded-out version of Corrosion of Conformity. This album can rock out, as on the title track, or lay the grooves on heavy, as on "Red Horse Rainbow" and "Open up the Border." There are enough diverse sounds on this album to keep it from ever getting monotonous, as jams mix with straight-ahead rock numbers to give "Pure Rock Fury" a sound all its own. Neil Fallon's throaty vocals also contribute to the album's distinctive sound. And all the while, the band keeps you thinking with some truly bizarre lyrics. However, the fuzzy quitar and bass lines and infectious riffing are to me the highlight of the disc, especially on "American Sleep" and "Brazenhead"
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on March 15, 2001
Talk about your truth in advertising- This cd is an onslaught of heavyness from the best kept secret in heavy rock. Clutch steps up everything on this album. Every song is crafted. The musicianship is stellar, particularly the guitar work. I really enjoy the guest musicians, especially the guest vocalist/conga player on Brazenhead. The mix of the cd feels more 'alive', without a doubt the best studio work yet. The live mix of Spacegrass is amazing. And Neil Fallon is the best wordsmith in hard rock today.
What a treat it is for us fans to witness the growth of this band. They are clearly comfortable and on top of their game, making music for no one but themselves.
I highly recommend this cd to anyone who likes heavy rock.
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on April 26, 2016
Took me a long time to get into Clutch. Such an under appreciated band. Great musicians, great lyrics. I'm shocked they aren't more popular than they are. Neil Fallon writes some great lyrics, great frontman. Check these guys out you won't be disappointed.
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on April 30, 2002
If your soul cries out to stomp your foot, throw your 'bow, and shake your fist to the heavens screaming "HELL YES", then your soul has lead you to this album. No collection is complete without it, no collection with it can be improved upon. It is the alpha and the omega of rock albums. It thumps like it wants to raise your ancestors, it grooves like the oribts of the planets depend on it - You depend on it. With out knowing it, you were put on this earth for the solitary reason of listening to this album, and it is for that purpose you are here right now.
Godspeed and pull no punches,
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on September 18, 2012
I have been listening to Clutch for years as well as their spin-off projects like The Company Band and King Hobo. Clutch has always been the bomb in my opinion.

Neil Fallon has to be one of the most hypnotic, captivating, high energy front men of all time. His lyrics on this album as well as their whole catalog of music is pure genius. He is so unique, puts me in mind of Frank Zappa in his prime, back in the good old days. I bet he could out rap anybody on the planet.

Incredible drumming by JP Gastor, pummeling flat out fury. As the name states, "Pure Rock Fury". That is why he is such a sought after drummer. I believe JP is one of, if not the best drummer alive today.

On lead guitar, the king of the Wah Wah, double tracking god and psychedelic riff master Tim Sult. And of course to round off the band Dan Maines on explosive bass.

This band has swagger, they are too cool, untouchable in my opinion. Guess you can tell that I like em'

Pure rock fury the solution is so clear
Calling all humans and able volunteers
Pure rock fury the solution is so clear
Calling all humans and able volunteers
I walk wherever the weather provides
'Cause everybody needs some time outside
Gimme no lip and I'll tell you no lies
Mmm hmm, mmm hmm, mmm hmm, mmm hmm

For other Neil Fallon projects try "The Company Band".
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on October 26, 2012
I like Clutch. This one didn't do it for so much. I got it due to the reviews here but I have to say I disagree on this one. Just a couple on the disc I like but not love. I'm my opinion "Blast Tyrant" is way more rocking then this one although lyrically a bit loose. The songs musically on it really rock. I play it all the time.
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on March 3, 2003
So I finally bought this cd, and i have to say, the first few times i listened to it i was a bit disappointed. I realize now however that some disappointment is an inevitable outcome of listening to a new clutch album in the context of their other stuff, for every clutch album is unique unto itself. It took some getting used to, but i now appreciate this album for its own worth, and it is actually quite good. and in the context of 99% of what passes as "music" these days, its excellent. red horse rainbow is quite the catchy tune, and have a look at the lyrics for that, where in all holy hell do they come up with their lyrics..ahh i digress.. I do have to conclude by saying however, their self titled is and always will be without question their best work, and anyone who tells you otherwise doesnt know what theyre talking about.
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