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on January 17, 2012
The 7 inch monitor is better than the 3.5 and 4.3 inch monitors although you need room to mount it. I always had bad luck with suction mounts for not being reliable so I removed the suction mount which left me with a horizontal hole in the bracket. I inserted a 1 inch long 1/8 inch dia bolt and nut into this hole with two small angle brackets that I got from home depot. I then screwed in two screws into the dash using the two small angle brackets and tighten the nut and bolt for a very solid and stable mount on my dash. I ended up with two screw holes in my dash but my Astro Van is +10 years old so this was OK with me. For more mounting details, click "See customer images" on the product page. It is the photo with the gold angle brackets. The instructions are not very detailed but there were only fives electical wires: a black, red and green wires at the monitor and a red and black at the camera. Red means +12 volts, while black means ground. Green means +12V when you put the tranmission into reverse to turn on the monitor. I elected not to connect the green wire which means I have to turn on the monitor manually. However, this also means I can leave the monitor on while driving forward. In any case, the monitor resolution is good but the color and contrast are disappointing even after adjustment. Buyers should not expect High definition but it is detailed enough to serve it's purpose of a rear view camera system. Cost me about $90 but I realized I could have purchase both the monitor and camera for $80 if I purchased them separately. Overall, I am happy with this purchase and I am thinking about installing a similar system in my BMW. You should cover the monitor with a towel to prevent potential theft.

April 2012 Update: Product is still working but I suggest getting "Waterproof HD Cmos 170 degree E363" camera. I got this for my second car and the resolution is beautiful and there is an extra red wire for the long RCA video cable. This makes providing 12volts to the camera a lot easier from the fuse box area near the dash. As I stated above, the camera with this product is not HD but the Waterproof HD Cmos 170 degree E363 camera is HD.
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on December 5, 2011
This product contains no instructions on installation or use and Pyle has been unresponsive to several inquiries. This is my reason for most of the 1 "star" deduction. The package contains a cartoon schematic diagram that does not match the components. I am still struggling to wire this system (my problem accessing required vehicle wires), but I have made a test hookup to assess the components. The video wire from the camera to the monitor is about 6 feet too short. I chose a wired system because of the problems reviewers have encountered with wireless systems, but with a wired system one has to remove interior moldings to conceal the wires. The camera produces a good clear, color image on the supplied large monitor. I have not yet assessed the ability to handle low light conditions. The large monitor is good for seeing detail, and the distance lines are helpful, but the monitor is too large to attach to the windshield with the supplied mount in light of the shape of the dashboard in an '07 RAV4. This is the reason for the rest of my 1 "star" deduction. (It rates more than 3 stars, but less than 4 stars.) I considered mounting the viewer on the driver-side visor, but the viewer is too heavy, bulges in the back, the wire exits from the "wrong" side of the monitor and the unique single wire from the viewer is too short for a neat installation in that location.
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on September 5, 2012
After the camera unit was installed, the camera worked for about 30 seconds and then failed. I contacted PYLE and asked for a replacement, they did agree to send out another camera, but i had to pay to send the old one back. Upon receipt of the replacement camera, I installed it and found that it did not work either. I again contacted PYLE, and after several calls and attempted calls, they reluctantly agreed to send another camera out. The second replacement camera never arrived, in the mean time I ordered another camera from Amazon, installed it, and it works great. I have never been able to contact PYLE again, they will not answer their phones or return calls after leaving messages with them. I strongly suggest you not use this vendor. A big thanks to Amazon in helping me get past these order issues!
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on August 1, 2012
Bought this a few weeks back. I do have electrical experience so, install was easy. After install, video was playing however, with a green hue. I contacted Pyle to ask if anything can be done to the circuit board but, no response. Product was very cheaply made and wish I would have upgraded to a more notable name and model.
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on February 12, 2012
This camera works great and I love the fact that it has the guide lines for backing up... however, the instructions are garbage:

1. For the camera, hook up the leads as posted in the instructions (I ran mine to the tail light, some folks ran them to their trailer connector. in hind site I wish I would have done this, it would have been much easier to access instead of the tail light).

2. The AV cable was just long enough to reach the fuse area where I wired the monitor. I have a FJ Cruiser, so not a big vehicle.

3. For the monitor, RED is hot, BLACK is ground and the GREEN cable goes to the reverse light wire in the fuse area. Some folks added this to their shift sensor instead (it was easier to find the backup wire for me).

The only mistake I made during installation was I put the camera upside down, it needs to hang from the metal bracket not above it. Not a big deal because I hadn't done any drilling yet. Also, they just barely give you enough wire, I had to run a extra 8" of wire to reach my fuse box as to not put stress on the AV cable that fell just shy of the fuse area. Hope this helps anyone going through what I had to do.
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on June 26, 2013
Once installed, this camera works quite well. It has good detail and a nice wide field of view, and the monitor is viewable even in direct sunlight. My car (a 2009 Pontiac Vibe) has terrible rear visibility, and having a backup camera is a huge help. You can also connect an additional video source to the monitor, which is a useful feature. I purchased this MHL to RCA adapter Panlong MHL to Composite RCA TV Android Adapter 5-pin Micro-USB to AV/CVBS Converter for MHL-enabled Samsung Galaxy S Note HTC LG ASUS Smartphones/Tablets and now I can hook up my phone to the monitor to show videos or my GPS software on a bigger screen.

The adhesive dash mount that comes with it is useless unless your dashboard is completely flat or you're willing to drill holes in it, but the suction cup mount works well enough as long as you position it so that the monitor is sitting on the dashboard.

As many reviewers have noted, this product does have a serious flaw - an almost complete lack of installation instructions. However, it's not actually that difficult to install as long as you know what you're doing. The other reviews are extremely helpful in this regard, especially the wiring diagrams in the user-submitted images section. In hopes that I can help someone else, the steps I followed are below. As I said, it's not that difficult if you know what you're doing, but it does help if you've had experience with car wiring (e.g. installing an aftermarket stereo). Make sure you're comfortable cutting, crimping and splicing wire before continuing. Obviously, I'm not a professional installer, so proceed at your own risk.

--Butt connectors for splicing wires together (such as Gardner Bender 20-121 2 22-18 Gauge Red Butt Splice Connectors, 22-Pack)
--Ring terminal for grounding the monitor to the car frame (Gardner Bender 20-103 2 16-14 Gauge Blue Ring Terminals, 22-Pack)
--Fuse tap for connecting the monitor to the car's accessory circuit (ATM Add-A-Circuit (same function as Bussmann BP/HHH), ATM Fuse Tap) (Make sure it fits the type of fuses used in your car)
--Extra fuses (Assorted 120 Car Truck Fuse 5,10,15,20,25,30 AMP) (Make sure they fit your car)
--Wire stripping/crimping tool (Irwin Industrial Tools 2078309 8-Inch Multi Tool Stripper, Cutter and Crimper with ProTouch Grips)
--Scotch locks for tapping into the reverse light wires (Install Bay Scotch Lock Red 22/18 - RSL)
--Extra wire (20-22 gauge), because some of the included wire isn't long enough (Can't find any on Amazon, but a car parts store should have it)
--Black electrical tape
--Voltmeter for testing everything (DT830B LCD Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Multimeter)
--Tape measure (really!)
--Adjustable wrench
--Pair of pliers
--Electric drill


--Find an bolt connected to your car frame suitable for grounding the backup camera monitor. It should be unpainted and connected directly to the car frame. I found one in my car under a plastic panel directly to the left of the clutch pedal that already had several other wires grounded on it.
--Select a ring terminal that fits over the grounding bolt.
--Locate your car's fuse box (probably under the dashboard on the driver's side) and find the fuse for the accessory outlet/cigarette lighter (your car manual should say which fuse goes to what).
--Find the access panel for one of your reverse lights (should be in the trunk area). When you remove it, you should see 2 wires running into the socket for the reverse light.
--Figure out how to route the camera wire from your bumper area to the inside of your trunk. I was able to run it behind my license plate light and through a rubber grommet beneath the floor of my trunk. This may be harder or easier for you, depending on what kind of car you have and where you mount the camera.

--Disconnect your car battery (better safe than sorry)
--Using the wire crimping tool, crimp the ring terminal you selected above to the black wire in the monitor's power cable.
--Crimp the fuse tap to the red wire in the monitor power cable.
--Insert a fuse into each slot in the fuse tap (I used 10-amp fuses because that's what was in my car's accessory socket fuse).
--Cut enough of the extra wire to reach from the front of the car to the rear, and splice it to the green wire in the monitor's power cable.
--If you want, wrap all your spliced connections in black electrical tape.
--Run the plastic plug on the end of the monitor's power cable from your fuse box up to wherever you want the monitor to be. This can be a huge pain if you don't want the power cable to be exposed. Surprisingly, I found that I could pop off some of the plastic panels on the front of my dashboard, thread a tape measure down through the dashboard, tape the monitor power cable to the end of the tape measure, and pull it back up through the dashboard.
--Unscrew the grounding bolt you located earlier, place the ring terminal over the end of it, and screw the bolt back in.
--Remove the accessory/cigarette lighter fuse from your fuse box (I had to pry mine out with a Swiss Army Knife) and plug the fuse tap in where it was.
--Plug the supplied RCA cable into the appropriate plug in the monitor's power cable.
--Run the RCA cable and the long wire that you spliced to the green wire back through the car to the reverse light access panel. You may be able to pop off the plastic panels on the bottom of the door frame and run the wires under them.
--Using one of the Scotch locks, splice the wire you connected to the green wire into the positive lead for your reverse light. This will most likely be the red wire running into the socket for your reverse light. You don't need to use the crimping tool for this connection, but I found that I had to use a pair of pliers to get the Scotch lock to close properly.

--Run the camera wire from the location where you want to install the camera to the inside of your car's trunk. A tape measure may come in handy again here. I was able to thread the tape measure through a grommet in my trunk, down to the ground, and then up to the hole in my bumper that the license plate light snaps into. I then taped the camera wire to the tape measure and pulled it back through.
--Using one of the Scotch locks, splice the red wire from the camera power cable to the postive lead for your reverse light (most likely a red wire). I found that the tiny wires connected to the camera power cable were too small to use directly with the Scotch locks, so I used butt connectors to splice a short length of my spare wire to each one.
--Using another Scotch lock, splice the black wire from the camera power cable to the negative lead for your reverse light (most likely a black or white wire).
--Plug the power plug from the camera into the corresponding power socket in the camera power cable.
--Plug the RCA cable from the camera into the RCA cable that leads to the monitor.
--If you want, wrap your spliced connections in electrical tape. I also taped around the camera's power and RCA connections to keep them from working loose.

--Re-connect your car battery and test everything. You should be able to turn on the monitor when the car is running or in Accessory mode, and the video from the backup camera should automatically pop up on the monitor when you shift into reverse.
--If something doesn't work, use the voltmeter to test your connections. When I first installed this, the monitor worked, but I didn't get any video from the backup camera. I was able to use the voltmeter to determine that the supplied RCA cable was bad. When I replaced the cable with one from my own collection, everything worked fine.
--Now, insert the backup camera into the mounting bracket (the ring around the camera unscrews) and temporarily attach it to your bumper (I used tape). Try to get it as close to the center of your bumper as possible.
--Find a good place to park, and adjust the camera until you're satisfied with the image showing on the monitor. I parked in a quiet street in front of my house and bent the mounting bracket down slightly until the angled vertical lines in the camera's distance markings were roughly parallel to the sides of the road.
--Drill 2 small holes in your bumper where you want the camera's mounting screws to go.
--Screw in the mounting screws and remove the tape that was holding the camera on.
--Put back all the plastic panels you removed to install everything and mount the monitor on your dashboard (I used the suction cup mount).

That's it! You now have a backup camera with a very large screen in your car for less the the cost of a set of winter floor mats. I've been very happy with this product so far aside from the lack of instructions, so I hope this review is helpful to someone.
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on December 30, 2011
The wide angle camera works like a charm, day or night: I finally can see everything that's going on in the many blind spots of my car! I especially love the distance lines: No more guessing when I drive in and out of my very tight garage entry, which has a huge drop-off right behind. The night vision is awesome, as the backup lights of the car light up the scene more than enough. The crystal clear color monitor is huge, about the same size as my left and right rear view mirrors. I attached it to the lower left of my windshield, so it doesn't bother me when I'm driving.

The camera only turns on when the gear is put in "rear". There is a very short delay before the monitor lights up. A remote control was also included, but I have no idea what I could use it for. Unfortunately there were no instructions whatsoever included, and on the website, labeled as "manual", I could only download the same product sheet with the different components listed that was in the box. That's the only reason why I deducted one star.

The installation in a body shop cost me $250, but overall it was well worth it. The mechanic told me he had to call the manufacturer for advice, as the instructions for installation were also missing.

I guess you can do a lot more with the monitor, which has quite a few buttons. But I am hesitant to try any other settings, because without instructions I wouldn't really know what I'm doing. I only wanted the camera to cover my car's blind spots and give me peace of mind when I am backing up - and that's what it's doing perfectly!
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on May 3, 2012
I purchased this unit to install in my RV in November; however, the RV went into winter before I had a chance to open the box. Last weekend, I started installation. The instructions included are useless, even for someone comfortable with automotive electronics installation.
After a review of numerous web sites, I started installation by running the video cable through the RV. I then connected the camera, and finally the monitor. NOTHING, no picture not even any lights. I have checked all connections verified that 12v+ power is at the red lead and the black lead is grounded. 12v+ power reaches the green leads when placed in reverse. I may change my review depending on problem resolution. Right now STAY Away
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on June 24, 2012
Excellent package for the price but, as pointed out by many, many, other reviewers, the instructions are nonexistent. The monitor appears to be very good quality and the size offers a very good image. Before going into any further detail, I must offer my thanks to reviewer Jessica S. Chamberlin (2/12/2012). Her wiring insights were invaluable. I offer my comments in the hope they may help others.

I installed this unit in my 2008 Nissan Frontier King Cab with automatic transmission and dealer installed tow hitch. I wanted the camera / monitor to act strictly as a backup camera so all wiring was done to activate the system only when backing up. Based on prior experience, I decided to solder all electrical connections instead of using "splice connectors":

1. Camera: Luckily, the tow hitch had a wiring diagram embossed on the electrical connection cover. I connected the camera Red wire (12v +) to the reverse light power light and the Black wire to the hitch ground wire. Soldering the connections allowed me to fold all the wires back into the tow hitch's wiring harness "case" resulting in a secure and clean install.

2. AV Cable: The Yellow AV cable was just long enough to reach the engine compartment. I ran it along the existing cabling down the driver's side and secured with cable ties.

3. Monitor Fuse Box and Wiring: Since my truck has an automatic transmission, I needed to go under the hood to the smaller relay box located on the passenger side to find the reverse / backup lights relay and wiring. All the wires were way too short for my desired install so I lengthened all wires. I soldered connection terminals to the Red and Black leads coming out of the monitor fuse box. I connected the resultant Red terminal to a sub-terminal on the truck battery connector and the Black terminal to a good grounded bolt. The green wire I soldered to the Yellow wire found in the terminal box (this is the reverse light wiring for the trailer hitch). I could have also used the Light Blue wire which is the wire for the actual truck reverse lights. My final entry point into the cab and monitor was a small rubber plug located on the driver side firewall, adjacent to the entry point of the wiring harness. I drilled out the plug just enough to push the monitor cable through and replaced the plug into the firewall. Plugged everything in and the unit works as advertised.

I would never have found the proper wires to connect to without stumbling onto a post submitted by "micl9" on the "" website entitled "2005 & up reverse wire - AVIC-D3 install complete! ". He posted complete with photos. The link, if Amazon allows, is: [...]
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on May 27, 2012
Received the back up camera from Amazon in good condition.I have actually installed this in a street rod so I wanted the camera to stay on all of the time.Nothing too hard to hook up once a person can figure it out because the directions,if you want to call them that are no better than the paper their printed on.There needs to be MAJOR improvement there.(don't try to go to their web site thinking there is better dirctions because they are the same crappy directions that come with the unit)Camera would not work and finally figured out that one of the connectors are bad,it's loose and will not stay tight.Tried to wrap electrical tape to hold it to see if it works,but the connector will need to be changed out.
Picture is good once it works.All in all,not too bad for the price,just make sure you have a working knowledge of the wiring on your car.3 wires on the monitor,black is ground,red is power and green is for the reverse if you need it.(like I said before,I am using it as a constant on)The camera has 2 wires,black is for ground,you may not need this if you ground your monitor.Time will tell,I hope it works well down the road.7" monitor is good,it has a remote control with it that I haven't quite got figured out yet.
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