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Size: 10 Piece SetColor: BluePackage Type: Frustration-Free PackagingChange
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429 of 446 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2006
Trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle - using more reuseables and less disposables, and Pyrex is PERFECT for that!!!

I had been using plastic Gladwear, Ziploc, and Rubbermaid containers, but had several problems with them:

1. Storing tomato sauce and then re-heating it in the container dyed them a weird shade of orange.

2. They are supposed to be microwaveable but I found that after a few months of normal use, they were useless - warped, funny colors, scratched, etc.

3. The plastic scratched easily, creating chanels where bacteria could grow - eww.

4. I've read multiple articles from multiple magazines quoting multiple studies about how microwaving plastics release toxic chemicals into your food.

5. After several months of use, they were beat and had to be recycled - recycling is, of course, better than throwing them in the trash, but the process of recycling creates pollution and not only that, I'd have to go out and buy more, spending more money, which was what I was trying to get away from. Good for the company, because they got more money, bad for me, the customer.

BUT this Pyrex set is GREAT! 7 containers, 7 lids. LOVE IT!!!

1. I can reheat food in the microwave (without the plastic lid) and don't have to worry about chemicals leaking in to my food.

2. They do great in the freezer - we use one of the small ones to hold ground coffee - we buy beans and ground several days worth at once, then pop the grounds in the small container and into the freezer.

3. It's Pyrex, so it's no big deal when my daughter accidently drops one helping me put the dishes away.

4. I can use them to hold raw marrinating meat, chicken, or fish without having to worry about them holding on to the bacteria.

5. They are dishwasher safe, just put the lids on the top rack only, and they come out perfect, very smooth surface so they are easy to wash.

6. I've read other reviews saying that they look nice too, so they can go from fridge or oven (7. Oh yeah, they are oven-safe too) to table as serving dishes - this is true, if we ever had a dinner party, I would't think twice about using them as serving dishes.

8. They are simple, which I love, because I won't have to worry about them clashing with anything (we are a young family so we have hodge-podge of kitchen stuff anyway so it doesn't matter right now).

9. They "nest" together very nicely - we live in a small apt with limited kitchen storage, but these containers, one stacked up inside the other, with the lids separating the containers, don't take up any more space than my old plastic junk.

I use these ALL THE TIME, I can't say enough good things about them. All of mine are "in commision" right now, except for one which is in the dishwasher. My one complaint is a set of 7 lids and 7 containers is not enough, I need another set, LOL. :-) (I also have the loaf pan w/ lid - very nice, small, but nice, good addition to my set)

Highly recommend! :-)
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354 of 372 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon November 10, 2004
This has to be one of the best deals around, even at twice the price, because it replaces so many other things, and is so durable.

The containers work nicely for food storage, but they also can be used for cooking. They go from freezer to oven or microwave, and are dishwasher safe as well. Pyrex is practically unbreakable. With normal use, this set could easily last a lifetime. At the current price, they actually cost less than plastic containers, which do not have either the durability or versatility.

If all that's not enough, consider the health benefits. Glass will not leech plasticiser into your food, and there's no dioxin to worry about when microwaving.

I don't usually rave about kitchen items, but after I recieved this set, I rushed back to order another. I'm getting rid of most of the plastics in my cabinets today!
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243 of 254 people found the following review helpful
on June 26, 2006
A passionate home cook that has been honing her cooking skills for the last 25 years writes this review. My favorite cookbooks are "The Professional Chef" by the Culinary Institute and "Culinary Artistry. Cooking is my form of therapy. I have owned my set of these for at least 5 years, and possibly longer. I have not broken a single piece in that time. This may not sound like much but I am hard on things, and for all of them to still be intact is a minor miracle in my home. The glass is very tough.

1. Glass is very tough, seems almost indestructible
2. I like that they are not plastic, so I feel safe about reheating food in them
3. The lids fit well for the first 4 years or so
4. Replacement lids are available at the Corning and Revere Factory Outlet stores
5. These containers fit well into lunch bags so that you family can take your healthy home cooked food to work or school.
6. The containers stack well inside each other for space cramped kitchens
7. You can bake in these and then cool the food (I place the entire container into a roasting pan filled with ice water) put on the lid and slide the pan into the refrigerator.
8. You freeze can food in these containers

1. The lids do stretch and warp over time, I recommend buying extra lids before you need them. My lids lasted approximately 4 years.

Overall, I would recommend these to anyone that likes to cook in quantity and doesn't like to reheat food in plastic. I use these everyday in my kitchen.
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1,016 of 1,099 people found the following review helpful
on December 13, 2010
Glass kitchenware is absolutely terrific, I have used Pyrex for many years and have a lot of it. Original "pyrex" is a very hard and durable glass that is tough and can withstand fluctuations in temperature without getting too plussed about it. With my love affair of the stuff, I purchased a few new clear round pyrex pieces recently, and was surprised to see that the clear yellowish color had changed, it is now clear greenish. I am a glass artist and melt different kinds of glass regularly, and the color of the new pyrex dishes in the store reminded me of what is called float (window) or soda-lime glass. I thought maybe it was the store lighting but when the new pyrex dishes arrived home they were still greenish.

Then I got the current issue of Consumers Reports last week...they had an article on the safety of pyrex. Apparently it has been breaking and exploding unexpectedly in home kitchens, in some cases causing traumatic injury. It turns out that the "pyrex" name, first of all, was sold by Corningware to two other companies...Corningware left the home glassware business in the late 1990's. I was not aware of this. Then I read about the complaints that have been filed about shattering, cracking, and worst of all, exploding dishes. Why this is happening is fuzzy - some claim that the "pyrex" base glass formula has changed. To me it looks like it - my new pyrex looks like greenish soda-lime glass, not thermal shock resistant yellowish borosilicate glass. But the company making the new pyrex denies this, and of course glass color can be altered....when I dug into the issue generally, what is going on is really unclear.

The ONLY thing that is clear is that people seem to be having a lot more trouble with new pyrex as compared to old pyrex - be it from a base material change, the glass not being tempered properly, or people now knowing how to use it. When pyrex was still owned by Corningware through the late 1990's, they were not having these kinds of complaints and issues from the public.

Although I did not resonate with the methodology that Consumer Reports used to test the glass dishes, I did agree with their conclusion to be careful with the new pyrex. In following prior Consumer Reports threads I saw that some independent labs cut up and analyzed some new pyrex items, and they discovered that the tempering of the soda-lime glass was not even. That is sobering. Tempering is a process that introduces stress gradients into glass to make it more durable under impact conditions - if you drop it on a floor, for example. But improperly tempered glass can hide little or large tracts of internal stress that you can't see. The dish may be fine at room temperature but if you heat it can break or explode with no warning, sending the glass and whatever was in it everywhere.

Again I'm not sure if this explains why people are having trouble with unstable dishes, or if new users of glass bakeware just don't know how to handle it, or if there indeed was a post-Corningware basic material change from borosilicate glass to tempered soda lime. What I do know is that under conditions of heat, "boro" as it is called is just a very tough glass. It's due to the basic properties of the material - soda lime glass has a coeffficient of thermal expansion anywhere from 90ish to 100ish, whereas borosilicate is half that. As a result, borosilicate glass, which is what pyrex was originally made of, and still is over in Europe, is more resistant to thermal shock than pyrex made from soda lime glass. Borosilicate has withstood the test of time, it started in chemistry labs as a great material to use safely under tough conditions (that is, tough conditions for glass, which does not like to be heated) on things like bunsen burners, test ovens, etc. Somewhere along the line this was recognized and "pyrex" was brought into home kitchens.

In Europe "pyrex" is still made of borosilicate by a company called Arc International (they bought the name from Corningware too). They have not received the hundreds of complaints - they have not had any complaints - about shattering, breaking, or exploding dishes (under low to mid heat conditions) that have been logged in the U.S. about the new pyrex. Their line is really limited, howveer...I could not find another company with some of the nifty storage designs that are sold here in the U.S.

If you are wondering about the possible stability of your old pyrex as I was? It does not seem to be clear when the new soda lime glass replaced the old pyrex borosilicate glass for bakeware, some are saying the change was made in the 1940's, others are saying it happened after the pyrex name changed hands in the late 1990's. Soda lime glass has a greenish tinge and looks like window or car glass, whereas borosilicate has a yellowish sunny tinge to it - this is easily seen in the edges of a dish. However, glass color can be tinted so this is not a foolproof guide. Based on what is happening, it seems like a guideline of glass made by Corningware before 1998 can be relied upon as glass that is stable under the conditions of proper usage. As an alternative, you could also purchase the european made borosilicate pyrex, which is also sold here on Amazon. I don't know if there is more than one company or not, Arc International has a limited line as compared to US made pyrex.

All of this said, the pyrex glassware being made by the new companies is being used by millions and millions of households every day without issue? It may be fine for you? But please be careful if you are going to heat it - be sure to understand how not to subject the pieces to thermal shock by reading the instructions carefully!!! Especially don't take a hot dish out of the oven and set it on a room temperature or cold counter, stovetop, or in cold water, instead place it on a thermally insulating hot pad to cool.
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132 of 138 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2014
I put it in microwave to reheat my food.
After 1-2 mins, it is suddenly exploded in the microwave.
Thanks that no one gets hurt with that poor quality bowls.
I maybe used it in the wrong way, but it is supposed to be ok to heat in microwave.
I hope there is a way to get a replacement item. (How?)
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85 of 89 people found the following review helpful
on May 27, 2008
I had fairly recently invested in a set of Rubbermaid Premier containers when the news got out about BPA (bisphenol-A) leaching into foods from plastic.

I didn't want to invest in more plastic -- even grades of plastic that are currently considered safe. I decided to go with glass. And I'm glad I did.

This set is one of three that I purchased. I also bought the Pyrex Storage 6-Piece Refrigerator Shape Storage, Clear with Blue Lids and the Pyrex Storage 18-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids. With these three sets together, I feel like I've got plenty for my storage needs for a family of 4.

I had feared that switching to glass -- although the right decision for me from a health-consciousness perspective -- would be the source of some headaches. I imagined having to be overly cautious with the containers, treating them super gently, worrying that they would slip out of the refrigerator and break, wondering how I would stack them in the cabinet without having them all fall down.

To my delight, this hasn't been the case at all. The manufacturer's claim that the glass is light-weight is fair. Obviously, these aren't as light as plastic containers, but they are very manageable.

These pieces are not as attractive as those in Pyrex's more fashionable lines, but I would have no qualms about serving from these at any casual meal. They look much nicer than anything plastic.

The Pyrex lids are, to me, an improvement over the lids that come with Rubbermaid plastic containers. First, each lid has a lip that runs all the way around the outer edge. This allows the bowls to be stacked safely on top of each other, whether in the cabinet or in the refrigerator. The storage bowl on top rests inside the lip of the bowl on bottom and won't slide off.

Also, the design of these lids makes them easier to clean. All the Rubbermaid container lids I've owned have had a very narrow opening on the outside edge where the container fits into the lid. These crevices can trap bits of food (usually sauces gone astray in my experience) and can be very difficult to clean. The Pyrex lids have a wide lip that can easily be wiped out.

Other reasons I am glad I replaced my plastic containers with these:

1. No more concern about harmful chemicals getting into my food.
2. I can microwave leftovers right in the storage container.
3. I can wash these in the top or bottom rack of my diswasher without any worries.
4. I can put fish, tomato sauce, whatever into these and not worry about them retaining stains or odors.

Buying these Pyrex sets was a bit of an investment, but now that we're being told you should replace plastic every few years since it breaks down with use, heat, etc., I figure I will make up the cost in the long run.
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64 of 66 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2010
My husband reheated some spaghetti w/ chili in a Pyrex storage container today. He placed it in the microwave w/o problem. He removed it and began eating. About 3-4 minutes later, the bowl exploded. Luckily nobody got hurt, but there was a loud pop and some flying glass. I replaced all of my plastic storage containers with Pyrex due to concerns about reheating plastic in a microwave. Now, I feel like I need to find a new solution. If you do a little research, you'll find that there have been many cases of exploding Pyrex. I know I'm no longer comfortable using it.
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256 of 281 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2005
Pyrex has two product lines, Storageware (of which this set is a part) and Serveware, that really should be combined. As others have pointed out, this set could be improved by having some larger bowls. The Serveware line features larger bowls, made of textured glass, that look nicer on the table than these plain glass bowls. But the Serveware bowls don't come with lids; you need to use disposable plastic wrap for refrigerator storage.

The bowls in this set have mostly straight sides. While this is more efficient for storing things in your refrigerator, it's less so for stacking the set in your cupboards when not in use. A bit more taper in the sides would let the same-size bowls stack better. The Serveware bowls have quite a lot of taper in the sides, so they stack together well in the cupboard but don't use space in the refrigerator efficiently.

Here's what Pyrex needs to produce: a set of bowls, mostly larger than in this set, with the attractive texture of the Serveware line. The sides should have a moderate amount of taper so they'll stack together in your cupboards. They should have lids that fit the bowls.

WATCH OUT for mismatched lids. My set came with the correct assortment of bowls, but 5 small lids for the 4 small bowls and only 1 medium lid for the 2 medium bowls. Of course I didn't check this until I'd already run the full set through the dishwasher and torn the box apart for curbside recycling. I would have rated the set 4 stars without this warehouse goof.
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119 of 128 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2011
I had a set of Pyrex bowls in the early 90's that were made of borsilicate glass (bluish hue) from Corning and they were the best bowls ever made. I went from freezer to microwave to oven with them. I foolishly gave them away to my old roommate when we parted ways as a going away gift. I figured I'd just buy more of the same. I didn't realize that Corning had sold their glass bowl business to a company called World Kitchen in the US. The new bowls from Would Kitchen (aka Pyrex) use a soda lime glass (greenish hue) which, although tempered, cannot withstand heat or freezing and will break easily. I was microwaving some ravioli in a bowl and afterwards set the bowl on a hot pad on the kitchen counter. I stepped away for a second and came back to get my ravioli. As I approached the bowl, it exploded startling me half to death. A piece of the glass went into the skin on my face right next to my left eye. A inch to right and my eye would've been gone! The glass was HOT!!! The skin healed, but I now have a permanent dent about a half inch long in my skin just to left of my left eye. I also had a huge mess of glass and splattered ravioli to clean off the floor, the counter top, the walls, the kitchen sink, the refrigerator and the dishwasher. I called the phone # on the box and the company said that their bowls were perfectly safe and that what happened must've been a fluke. They were no help at all and didn't seem concerned one bit that I had injured myself. I had to throw the bowls out. I also found out (getting all my info from the Consumer Reports website) that in the United Kingdom, Corning sold to a company called ARC international that still uses the old formula glass (borsilicate) and the name Pyrex. I wanted my old bowls back badly. So I went to (the amazon website in the United Kingdom). I found the bowls I was looking for (made by ARC International) and bought them spending about forty some dollars in the end after shipping. The bowls arrived and they are just as I remembered. I've been using them for about 5 months now and no problems whatsoever! Please don't buy these bowls, unless you buy them from Amazon's United Kingdom website or some other European website.
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42 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on January 25, 2015
I have had these for a while and I mostly use them to store food in the fridge. When I first started using it for microwaving purposes, the plastic lid melted on the edge and had not been able to close properly. Tonight, when I put one of the smaller bowls (taken out from a cabinet under room temperature - it was not even taken out from the fridge) in the microwave for a minute and half to heat up some sesame seeds, the glass container exploded into pieces with a loud bang! Luckily, my microwave door did not spring open or it would have been really bad. When I opened the microwave door, some tiny pieces of glass fell on the counter and into the bowls that are on the counter and have my prepped dinner ingredients. I did not know there was glass pieces in my prepped food until I chewed on them! Luckily, they were small enough and there was no major injury. I immediately threw my dinner away. It also took me some time to clean up the mess in the kitchen.

This is quite a terrifying experience, and I will not put any of these bowls in the microwave again.
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