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on March 31, 2013
I love this laptop for all the reasons so many other reviewers have indicated, such as its considerable power and its incredibly beautiful, resolute screen. Thankfully, my unit seems to have mostly escaped the issue where the upper left corner of the screen comes unglued (knock wood!) - I've got a very minimal protrusion there, but it doesn't seem to be worsening over time so far, and it's a minor enough issue that I'd probably just glue it if it got worse. Unfortunately, I was plagued by the maddening "touch screen stops working when the lid is closed and doesn't work until next cold-boot" issue, and after some time, the touch screen stopped working entirely, save for occasional very erratic points where it would spring back to life. I thought for sure it was a hardware problem and was tearing my hair out wondering whether to get another one or just jump ship to another model, which would have been a terrible shame as I absolutely love this machine. But I'm a stubborn SOB, and had a feeling there might be something more going on than meets the eye. After way too many hours spent trying everything imaginable, I finally stumbled upon the solutions to both forms of touch screen failure - the failure upon closing the lid and more semi-permanent failure - are both caused by simple, stupid bugs arising from the particular combination of Asus' touch screen interface design and Windows' USB power management algorithms. If your touch screen is going out when you close the lid, you probably have set the computer's power settings so that it "does nothing" upon closing the lid. Changing this setting to "sleep" - after first restoring touch functionality, of course - fixed the problem instantly and permanently for me, though this will probably only work if you first go into the Windows Device Manager and find the touch screen device - it's a "USB Input Device" under the "Human Interface Devices" heading - right click and go to "Properties", go to the "Power Management" tab, and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". The more permanent-seeming touch screen failure was instantly resolved by disabling the "USB Selective Suspend" feature in the power settings and cold-booting. So if you're having touch screen problems, chances are excellent that your touch screen is actually fine, and all you need to do is change all the settings as I've indicated here, cold-booting first if necessary to bring the touch screen back to life before you start. Hope this helps someone!
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on October 16, 2013
Let me begin by saying that I'm a computer science student, so I usually put my computers through as much as they can possibly handle. This laptop has fulfilled all of the needs that I have for a laptop, and I highly recommend that anyone who is on the fence about which new laptop to buy just stop wondering and buy this one! :)

Remember that the most important factor in buying a new laptop is what you're actually going to be using it for... for me, I will have my laptop plugged in to a monitor and functioning as a desktop 90% of the time. I needed web browsing, basic photo editing, and just enough power to occasionally run some CAD software. The most important factor for me was general quickness and snappiness, and I wanted something with a touchscreen just to see what all the windows 8 hype was about.

I actually went to best buy to try out a comparable Sony VAIO touchscreen that I had basically decided to buy (their T series 15, also with a touchscreen / full HD display / i7) and honestly I wasn't impressed by the general 'feel' of the computer. It felt sluggish and generally not quite what I'd hoped for in a quick, snappy, windows 8 laptop. I saw this ASUS next to it and just to compare the feels of the two machines I gave the ASUS a try. After about 2 minutes, I didn't touch the VAIO again. This ASUS looks like a spaceship with its aluminum brush finish and the keyboard backlight, and it performs just like you'd hope from an i7.

But now for what you actually care about, the concrete good, bad, and ugly...

The good:
- the 3rd gen core i7 is wicked fast, plain and simple.
- I know people tend to give windows 8 a bad rap, but I actually have grown to love it. I admit at first I was uncomfortable without my start button, but now that I've gotten used to the layout I actually find myself to be vastly more productive on a computer than I was with my windows 7 machine.
- CD/DVD read/write capability... this was a must for me and a reason I didn't buy most of the ultrabooks on the market.
- the high def screen... it's seriously gorgeous. Honestly I've compared it with a few retina displays on friends macs and the ASUS display is arguably better in a lot of ways...
- 10-point touchscreen. It's highly reliable and a good way to quickly perform tasks that were cumbersome on a typical laptop touchpad before. I think a lot of the reason that people harsh on windows 8 is that they don't actually have a touchscreen, and I wouldn't recommend windows 8 without one either.
- 8 GB of ram takes care of most of the big applications I need to run, and I haven't hit major issues yet. Even if I did, there's the option to upgrade to 16GB of ram, which is a nice feature.
- I'll list the 750GB hard drive as a pro because it's plenty huge. This will be the first thing I upgrade in the computer though, I'll swap this one out for a smaller SSD to drastically speed up the machine.

The bad:
- integrated graphics just isn't that good. For ultra heavy gamers, this probably isn't your laptop, but again, I don't need that. I can happily play my smaller games (league of legends, anyone?) on medium to high graphics settings without noticeable problems.
- it's not small. For the machine it is, it's a reasonable size, but if you're looking for something to hide in a briefcase or shoulder bag and tote around everywhere, it's could be a little big for you.

And the ugly:
Note that I actually bought my computer from SoCal Deals refurbished (manufacturer refurb). On receiving the laptop, the left side of the screen flickered in a disturbing way, so I had to call ASUS, create a support case number, ship in the unit, wait over a week, and only THEN get the computer back in like-new condition. After that fiasco, though, it's worked perfectly ever since!

The verdict:
If you're looking for an awesome all-around laptop with a gorgeous display, excellent build quality, a touchscreen, plenty of RAM, and a snappy fast feel, save yourself a lot of effort and just get this one, you won't be disappointed. Really the only area that this computer is lacking in is the high-end graphics performance, so if you're a heavy gamer look elsewhere. Otherwise, I can't recommend this laptop enough!
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on February 13, 2013
I've had this computer for a couple weeks but having experience with laptops, this one is very well built and is exceptional in every way...mostly anyway.

Not sure what the one star is complaining about because this is backwards compatible and works fine with my router which is not "N". Also, for its size, it is NOT heavy. There are many more that are worse that are not near as good. Battery life also is not bad but not the best. I get four hours of regular use. A little less if using heavy. It does have BT 4.0 which has been fast for me. The 8gb ram and I7 make this smokin' and when SSD's get cheaper, i plan on putting one in! This is not an ultrabook so the one star should go find a machine that is tiny and not serviceable!

Anyway, great screen with touch! I have not had any issues like some have reported. There are a couple things that some may not like. One is light bleed under keys on backlit keyboard and two, finger prints. It is a magnet for them. Also, not sure what they were thinking about when they made the power supply...

Outside of those few minor things, this machine is smokin' fast and worth every penny! It isnt a gamers machine but plays most games very well. But then again, i'm not a true gamer and don't care to be! If you are, you would be better suited to find a dedicated graphics machine.

All in all, i love it and if you are a daily user doing some office work and watching a movie or listening to music, this is the machine for you!

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on January 2, 2014
Windows 8 is very similar to windows 7 and in my opinion was pretty easy to get used to.

-Extremely fast processor
-Very large ram(ability to upgrade)
-1080 HD display
-Burns and reads disks
-Back-lit keyboard
-Touch screen
-Decent graphics card and battery
-Large hard drive
-ASUS Smart Gesture(yes, it's awesome)
-Stays cool
-Large screen
-Integrated Bluetooth

-Bottom of the laptop isn't very flat
-Bad resolution camera
-Lack of SSD

Now for my opinion on the hardware---

The I7 processor is excellent, everything runs quickly and smoothly. I often look at my task manager and my CPU usage is almost always 5% or less, the maximum that I've ever seen it at is about 30% when running larger processes.

Only 2 out of 4 slots are filled with 8 GB of ram, and to my understanding this means that the laptop is capable of having 16 GB of ram. Most of the time I'm not even using 4 GB of ram, so it's plenty in my opinion.

Graphics card(Good):
Capable of running many games that I play with 20+ fps on the lowest detail(and maybe higher). It's definitely not something for hardcore gamers though.

The laptop lasts about 3-4 hours with regular use, and around 1-2 hours when gaming.

It's not the best resolution, but I don't use it very often. There's also a light that shines while using the camera that's annoying(bright but not very powerful).

Hard drive(Great):
After owning an SSD, I do notice the difference in start-up time(both in applications and boot up), but it's not too bothersome. The boot up and wake are both still relatively fast even with the hard drive. The size is a benefit, with 750 GB I can store anything and everything. The hard drive can be upgraded to an SSD, but it's very expensive.

Touch screen(Excellent):
It's very responsive and I haven't had any hardware issues with it(minor software issues resolved with the internet). The 1080 HD display is harder to come by in a touch screen laptop, and it makes this laptop all the better.

Keyboard and touchpad(Great):
It's a back-lit keyboard that comes with 3 settings, so it's very useful in darker areas. ASUS Smart Gesture makes the touchpad much easier to use; however, I wish that the right and left mouse buttons wouldn't have been part of the touch pad(I've learned to accept it, kind of). ASUS Smart Gesture doesn't work sometimes(not very often, it probably happens twice every 30 days), in which case I have to put the computer back to sleep and wake it up again to get it working.

The bottom(Not so great):
It won't sit flat on someone's lap, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable(Not terribly but it's definitely noticeable). It does sit well on desks though.

Disk Tray(Fantastic):
It can burn and read disks.

They have decent quality sound. Sometimes I want to turn up the volume past maximum volume because it's not loud enough, but they're smaller speakers. Also, they play out of the bottom of the laptop. Yes it's odd, but they'd be just about as loud if they were on the front(obviously it will be muffled on a couch, but it's fine on any flat surface).

The fan always keeps the laptop cool, gaming being the exception. On occasion, the center of the laptop can get noticeably warm.
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on January 7, 2013
I bought this laptop weeks ago and it is amazing! extremely fast processor, with 8 gb of ram is astounding. The ONLY bad parts to this laptop are the amount of fingerprints this attracts which ill buy a hardshell for, and the 1 mp camera which u can just buy a new one. if your curious if this is a good gaming laptop, I play league of legends and guild wars 2 and they run perfectly fine. Great price and completely satisfied overall.
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on February 28, 2013
This is a very nice laptop for the price. Most other laptops with all the same features are well over 1000.00. I purchased mine at Bestbuy for 849.00. The only thing so far that I do not like about it is the speakers which are on the bottom of the laptop. why would anyone put speakers on the bottom of the laptop. I use a headset for my sound and that makes it much better.

Very fast and responsive. The touch screen is very nice and as far a finger prints all touch screens get finger prints so I do not feel that is a major concern.

Would definitely recommend this to my closest friend which I actually did.

You won't be disappointed if you buy this laptop.
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on January 3, 2014
So far, so good--I love this computer! I haven't pushed the limits at all, but the computer seems to perform really well. I do note a few nice PRO's compared to other PC's I looked at before buying this Asus:
1) The screen is just eye-popping--very clear, really beautiful picture
2) Text is amazingly clear--this was a big reason for my choosing the Asus since my vision isn't that great and I often have difficulty reading text on PC's. I have not had to increase the text size and am able to use the 15.6" screen directly without hooking the laptop to a larger monitor. Terrific. (See my note below if you do encounter blurry text in some applications--there's an easy fix.)
3) Accordingly to, Asus is now one fo the top PC brands (along with Lenove and Samsung) for reliability.
4) The Asus keyboard fn keys are very nice. fn+f3 and fn+f4 increase/decrease the backlit keyboard through 3 levels of brightness down to OFF. Another set of keys control screen brightness, another set control volume, and another toggles Airplane mode. Handy.

I upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 as soon as possible after getting the PC and recommend doing so. Using an Ethernet connection instead of my usual wireless it took me about 35 minutes to download the Win 8.1 files, and about another half hour to install. Including my research and prep time the total time to install was about 2 hours.

Blurry text problem with some applications and how to fix it:
Some applications (OpenOffice, fre:ac, etc) may have blurry text when you first install them on a PC with a 1920x1080 screen. To make the text sharp:
Right-click on the application's icon
Select Properties
Open the Compatibility tab
Check the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" option
Click on OK
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on March 16, 2013
I had two of these computers. I had to send one of them to have the screen replaced due to blue streaks. The computer had been in the repair shop for 1 month (plus a week in the mail). I finally got the computer back and I AM DISGUSTED by the repair job that asus service center did. They disassembled the computer and SUPER GLUED it to put it back together!!!!! There are glue marks and scratch marks everywhere!!!! Who uses SUPER GLUE to put together a computer???? On top of that, the fan does not work, the computer overheats ...

No more asus for me... I had a Samsung chronos 7 with touch screen. I mailed it to Samsung to have only the trackpad replaced. They replaced the trackpad, palm rest, keyboard, hard drive, and the screen (it had a few dead pixels but I did not complain about it). All repairs and receiving the computer back took 1 week!!!! I AM DISGUSTED BY ASUS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND REPAIR CENTER'S INCOMPETENCE AND LACK OF CARE !!!!

I have two of these computers. First one had battery and trackpad problems. Because the computer was a "bestbuy special" computer. Asus was not eager to offer any repair services :(

The second one's screen died (covered with blue streaks all of a sudden), exactly 1 year after I bought the computer ... it is a $1000 scrap metal after 1 year of use.

These machines were great when they worked fine or did not have problems. It is a hit or miss ... as I said I unfortunately have two of them. They both had issues (especially with the screen). Even the customer service is hit or miss. I talked to one Asus customer rep he said since it was a best buy special computer I should take it to geek squad. He pretty much rejected my request for repairs. A few days later I called Asus customer service and the customer rep was very helpful.

I am very disappointed. When you buy a premium computer, you expect it to last more than a year :( I have a 10 years old sony vaio. It is slow but it never had the problems that asus had ...

no more asus for me ... one computer failing is acceptable but both failing within a year is unacceptable :( SUPER GLUING A COMPUTER IS EVEN MORE UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 25, 2015
I purchased this laptop from Best Buy 14 months ago and been having a lot of problems with my screen flickering and the date popping up all the time I took to shop to see if it was a virus and it was'nt everytime I move the screen back and fourth or touch on right side the page starts to jump but all this did'nt start until I noticed that where you plug in electric adapter it has started to melt I have contact Asus and they say it is over a year old however I paid a lot for this laptop and I would not ever purchase another one and the customer service is not good either I am waiting for Asus to contact me to seen in for repair that I will have to pay for but if not to much I will have it repaired I think I will be going with Dell or a Mac next time strongly don't advise this one. The laptop has good speed but just now made well.
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on August 16, 2013
I may not be the best reviewer since I was upgrading from an older than dirt single core amd but I LOVE this laptop, everything is snappy and it's even pretty good for gaming and since I'm usually on the go, I can finally have time for them. The touch screen driver issue is easily fixed by pressing fn+f1 to put it to sleep (Note, I did not say close it) and then wake the computer and it should work correctly.
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