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on October 21, 2013
In case you don't know, here's how this works. GSM phones (like AT&T, T-Mobile, and most overseas carriers) use a "SIM" card. For a while, SIM cards came in one size, and that fit any phone. However, as phones started to get more and more sophisticated and manufacturers scrambled to fit more inside the device, the SIM card was targeted for size reduction. First came the Micro-SIM, which is still popular and in use today in many devices (such as the Samsung Galaxy S4). Then came the Nano-SIM, which is even smaller, and is used in the GSM version of the Apple iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S.

But here's the trick... aside from the size of the SIM, all three SIM cards are exactly the same. In other words, you can take a big SIM and cut it down into a micro or nano SIM size. The chip in the middle of the card doesn't get damaged and doesn't know or care how much plastic is around it.

I purchased this because I wanted to cut my AT&T Micro-SIM card down to Nano-SIM size for an iPhone 5, but still have the option to use the Nano-SIM in the Galaxy S4 by using an adapter.

Cutter: The cutter that comes in this kit is a very good, solid quality. It is hard metal and is built like an old fashioned metal stapler. You put your full size SIM (or Micro SIM in an adapter) in it, press hard, and out comes a nano. My only criticism of this product is that, since it is a PRESS, the nano SIM that comes out can be a little bit rough-around-the-edges (literally). I used this on a T-Mobile SIM and I had to sand the edges to get rid of some burrs. Also, a SIM card should have one corner cut diagonally so that you know which way to put it. After using this, it was a little unclear which corner was the angled corner because the corners came out a bit rough. It wasn't a huge problem, but it is something to be aware of. Another limitation of this press is that it doesn't allow you to create micro SIMs from full size SIMs. The output is only nano SIMs.

I was very pleased with the size-up adapters. My newly minted nano-SIM snapped into the adapter and worked perfectly in a phone requiring a micro-SIM (Galaxy S4). I liked these adapters over another version I purchased which did not secure the SIM in place and added to the thickness of the card. This kit comes with two size-up adapters: nano to Micro and nano to full. No micro to full was included.

Overall, I was very pleased with this product and I would recommend it to anyone needing to re-size a SIM down to or up from Nano size. The price is great, and the drawbacks for the little hand press are easy to overlook in light of quality of the product and its usefulness.
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on February 11, 2013
I bought this purposely to convert my Straight Talk (AT&T) sim card from a mini (regular) sim card to a nano sim card, and it worked perfectly. I also converted other mini sim card (e.g. T-Mobile, Red Pocket, etc) into nano sims without much effort. The pictures on the cutter and on the box are concise as to how to cut the sim cards; basically all you have to do is match the notch of the sim with the notch on the cutter, push in the sim card until it is completely in and then push down hard to create the nano sim. This kit also includes converters for those that need to swap the newly created nano sim on micro and mini sim slots as an added bonus.

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on March 1, 2015
Bottom Line: it works well

I bought this to cut down my microSIM to nano size for the Nexus 6. How does that saying go: measure twice and cut once? Well, it defintely applies to this:
- make sure the card is oriented correctly when it's inserted into the cutter (micro SIM fits into the metal guide, which slides into the cutter)
- Being right handed: I used my left hand to hold the metal guide firmly in place and my right hand to press the cutter
- Amount of pressure required to cut the card: use a hand-held paper hole puncture on 10-15 sheets of paper. That's about the amount of pressure required to cut the card.

--> for me, I did cut off 1-2 mm of the metal trim of the chip, even with everything properly aligned. This did not affect the function of my new nanoSIM card. It worked fine. (see attached picture)
review image
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on August 18, 2013
I used this to cut a micro SIM from an iPHone 4s to fit into an iPhone 5. It worked perfectly. Also, the micro SIM was itself already cut from a "normal" (or technically, mini SIM) to go from an iPhone 3GS to the 4s (with a different cutter). Therefore, I used the included metal adapter to hold the micro SIM while cutting to nano size. Although the edges of the nano SIM were a little rough, it fit in the iPhone 5 without sanding, and the phone recognized it.
review image
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I was moving from one phone service to a discount cell phone service and had just purchased an iPhone 5S that was unlocked. The new company that I was going with did not have nano cards yet so I needed to be able to cut down a micro sim card. I ordered this device to accomplish that task. Here is what I liked:

1. The device is well made and includes all of the parts that the listing says it does. There is a metal tray to hold the micro SIM so that you can cut it to a nano size. You can also cut full size SIM cards to nano size. NOTE: No where in the product information does it claim to cut standard to micro as some other reviewers have thought. This device makes NANO SIMS out of standard and micro SIMs.

2. The tool is easy to use, but takes a bit of pressure to make the cut. If you take the time to line up everything, you can get a nice cut. They include a bit of sand paper to smooth out any rough edges.

3. The included trays to change your nano back into a micro or regular size SIM work and allow you to move the SIM back and forth between different devices.

What I did not like:

Actually, there was not anything to complain about with this product. It does exactly what it says. It also warns you that some Micro SIMs are thicker than standard and that it could cause issues with your device after being cut if it is too thick for the tray. I did not find any problems here, but it is probably worth checking before you cut.

As normally happens, just after I got this and cut down my SIM, the company I was getting service from came out with a nano SIM. So, you might double check with your service provider BEFORE buying this as you might not need it.

I will carry this with me when I travel as I have found that inexpensive SIMs are usually available at airports but they are generally full size. This will allow me to cut one down and use it when I need it.

I would recommend this device to anyone who has a need for a nano size SIM and can only find a micro or regular size SIM chip.
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on October 24, 2015
I had high hopes based on all the favorable reviews but was disappointed when I actually tried it. I'm not sure if mine was just defective (the one in the product picture covers the edge), but while my micro sim card fit the adapter just fine, the metal edge did not extend far enough, so instead of punching out the gold contacts into nano size, the entire micro card just fell out of the hole. It probably could be secured with tape or otherwise but I did not want to risk misaligning it and damaging the card.
review image
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on January 10, 2013
QQ-Tech® Nano Sim Card Cutter Mini /Standard & Micro to Nano Sim for iPhone 5 iPhone 4, 4S and other Phones + Metal Tray + 2 Sim Adapters + Sand Paper, All in One Pack (In Stock Ready to Ship)I used the metal tray/holder to hold my micro-sim card in place prior to cutting down to a Nano-Sim, for the Iphone5. It worked amazingly well...I've tried others and had problems...This was made for this specific task and does it perfectly. I tested on a pre-paid AT&T micro sim and worked,but ultimately cut my Verizon Micro-Sim down to a Nano Sim and it works perfectly. I can now pop it in and out of phones, with the right adapter, which they included in this purchase. didn't need to use the sandpaper at all....
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on September 7, 2013
I followed the instructions to a T and a nano sim popped out. It had looked like it took too much off the sim card - but I put it into the provided adapter and put it back into my note and it works without a problem.

If you have a regular sim then you DO NOT need the metal plate. That is only to turn a micro SIM to a nano SIM.

For those wondering the plastic adapter may be a tight fit for some SIM card readers - it fit just fine into my note. Just ease it in there and be patient. If I had to guess the 1 star reviewers didn't read the instructions and/or then attempted to jam the adapter into the slot. I slid it in partly, then slid it out and kept doing it centimeter by centimeter until the entire thing fit in the slot. This way if it did jam - it didn't jam all the way into the slot and I felt like that made the slot "adjust" to the adapter. I have 0 problems sliding it in and out of a note.

I have not tried the micro SIM adapter but I have a feeling that should work without a problem.
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on July 16, 2015
Amazing. Simple to use but takes moment to figure it out. So far I've cut and verified two sims have been nano sized and still functional. Comes with a few adapters to allow the downsized nano to be used in a larger sim socket.
review image
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on December 21, 2015
The adapter worked, but when I removed it, the inside metal edge of the adapter caught on the SIM card slot contacts and ripped them out. Now the SIM card slot is completely broken and I have to pay a hundred dollars to get it fixed. DO NOT USE THIS if you have a pull-out SIM (as opposed to the kind you just put in a tray). It will render the slot completely unusable.
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