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on April 3, 2014
Being a mobile DJ for 26 years and having used several sets of passive speakers in that time, I wanted to make sure I did my “homework” before I made the leap into powered speakers. My criteria for the powered speakers was that they:

- needed to be under 45 lbs.
- have enough power to do a mid-to-large event
- sound good when cranked up
- have the features I needed (flexible inputs, daisy chaining, etc.).
- have a good reputation (quality and warranty)

After compiling a list of prospective models, I took a weekend and listened to the models side-by-side (luckily, my local Guitar Center had just about all of them on display for me to test). For each speaker comparison, I:

- set all EQ to flat in the source, mixer, and on the speaker itself.
- made sure the level was compensated so that the loudness (DB output) to my ears would be the same when I switched between the speakers.
- positioned myself in the same position and distance from each speaker
- played the same source material in each (and varied the source material as necessary to get a balanced feel for what the speaker could do).
- played the speakers at varying volume levels

I tried all the top brands and models: Mackie SRM450v2, EV (SXA100+, EV ELX112P), JBL (EON515XT, PRX612M), Yamaha (MS400, DXR12), Behringer (VP1220D, B112D, B912Neo), QSC K12, and Peavey Impulse 12D.

During the testing, for any two given speakers, I would pick a “better sounding” speaker and use that speaker in my next comparison. After I reached the QSC K12 in my testing, I liked the sound so much that I used that as my “reference” speaker from that point on and went back and compared it against all of the speakers I was testing. It was after this extensive exercise that I determined that the QSC K12, hands down, was the winner (it was also the most expensive, but I wanted to find the best).

The reasons I chose the QSC K12:
- The sound was the most balanced and natural sounding of any PA speaker I have heard (powered or not). At mid-to-high volumes, most Pro sound speakers have a tendency to overemphasize the high-end and upper midrange frequencies, which are the precisely the ones that cause “ear fatigue” when you are exposed to them for any length of time. On the K12s, you can particularly note the difference when playing Jazz and Big Band music (for example, Frank Sinatra’s vocals had more of a “megaphone/honky” quality to it on the other speakers).
- The bass was clean and tight, especially when enabling the “deep” switch setting on back. No other speakers (with the exception of the Yamaha MS400) could match its bass response at any volume in this mode.
- It was made in the USA and backed up with a 6 year warranty

A few weeks after I bought the K12s, I decided to put them to a test at my next DJ event (a mid-size wedding of 175 people) that was held in a converted airplane hangar. As you can imagine, the environment was not well-suited for acoustics (30 foot ceiling, cement floor, glass on the entire back wall). However, these speakers turned out to be ideal in such a “live” environment. Because of their natural sound, they did not generate the ”ear fatigue” that would normally occur with other speakers in this setting. They were also slightly less prone to feedback than what I am used to.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone who wants the most natural sound from a “turnkey” sound system (i.e., one where you don’t have to contend with separate speakers, amps, equalizers, phase correction, etc.).
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on September 23, 2010
Honestly, it's difficult for me to being a thought process on the sheer godliness of this speaker.

Well, heres a start. My bluegrass band recently bought two of these bad larrys, and they are unmatched in quality by anything (except this one stage setup that was all analog and hand made by a sound-man at Podunk Bluegrass Festival). These speakers put out 1000 watts each, and thats the truth. This power gives you the most head room to eq all you need to without compromising clarity at high output levels. We run a banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and upright bass through them and its as if there are 16 constant directivity horns absolutely putting an arena in its place.

The 12's have a very very solid amount of bass, we were deciding on whether or not to get these or the 10's and get the KSUB one day. The 12's are more then enough (but maybe one day the icing on the cake will be one of those KSUBS). I would recommend these speakers from the bottom of my heart. Their build quality is rock solid. Their sound quality is ridiculously precise and clear. Their output is higher than 4 or 5 average pa speakers. Yes they are pricy, but if you actually want to get something that you will /not/ need to upgrade, bingo.
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on October 26, 2015
I'll start this review by saying that I do not give out 5 stars for anything. I am a highly critical, cynical, evil, sinister person. I like nothing and I love to pick apart gear/people until there is nothing left. My nature is distrusting of companies, government, people and most importantly sound gear. These days companies like to boast ridiculous wattage levels that boggle the mind and don't make sense. Now that that is out of the way...
I love listening to vintage electronics and I love vintage klipsch home speakers. I am working on collecting a set of every vintage klipsch speaker and running a complex tube amp style system for a listening room. One reason why I mention klipsch speakers is because paul klipsch did not inflate any numbers like many companies do today. So with that mouthful in mind feel free to read on if you haven't fallen asleep yet.

I run my own sound rental company/entertainment company and I use a variety of active/passive systems. I have been using a pair of 15 inch active peavey speakers and in some cases I use a peavey triflex system. The peavey cabs deliver for their price point and I love how the triflex system sounds. It isn't extremely portable but it delivers good sound. The 15 inch active cabs are not bad either, they sound pretty good.

I decided it was high time for an upgrade, and I wasn't going to end up with the same quality, weight or size.

I heard qsc was the way to go but they were some of the most expensive given some of their counterparts cost half the price new that a used pair of k12s does. I did more and more research in active speakers from many different aspects. I finally decided that I would take the plunge and get some k12s because they are 12s and because of the deep mode. I figured the bass would be deep enough for weddings and corporate events.

I was like a cat meowing for food waiting for the k12s to arrive. I was so anxious to test the speakers and see how the deep end sounded. 12s just don't keep up with 15s or even hold up to 18s due to their size. When I took them out of the box and hooked them up I got a mixer to test out the low end. Every test they just went deeper and deeper. I was continuously blown away over and over. I turned the bass up more and they kept up the whole time. I was speechless for a minute or so. The k12 delivers everything it needs to. It lives up to the price and name it's made for itself. These speakers are special. If you want quality, portability, and less back pain take the plunge and pick up a pair of these. I'm assuming no one is going to care about my review and in the grand scheme of things my review won't change a thing. But qsc, you have made something very special. My ears are never completely happy with how something sounds ever. You have a new fan and maybe one day I will check out a pair of matching subs.
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on May 28, 2011
This speaker is lightweight and sounds amazing. The plastic scared me at first but already ending my second year of almost weekly use and they still look great. I live in Northern MN and the cold doesn't affect the plastic. Keep in mind i baby my gear because i want to get many years of use out of them but well worth the money. I went with QSC over JBL because of the 6 year warranty they offer on there speaker lines. I have 4 pairs of speakers and still no problems. We do push them pretty hard most of the time too.

The K12 is the replacement to the HPR 122 and it sounds better, is just as loud and is about half the weight. I would highly recommend getting the padded bag to protect your speaker. The bag has shown minor wear from being slid across the truck bed, something i never do but sometimes the guys that work for me aren't as respectful. I'll be buying the K8 soon to use for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The only thing i don't like about this speaker is the lack of handles on both sides, it would have been easy enough to put handles on both sides.

On a side note i don't like length of the bags carrying straps.
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on January 14, 2014
Well I receive my K 12s today and could not believe the clarity and sound coming out of these speakers. I was thoroughly impressed with the K 12s. I have used JBL PRX615s and these blow them away with clarity and sound. I would very highly recommend these speakers to anyone looking for a great sound. I am a DJ and I think my clients will be very impressed. Can't wait to use these speakers this weekend.
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on July 31, 2013
I have to say I have been very impressed with my QSC products. The Speakers are awesome and the speaker tote bag provides great protection in between gigs. Every so often, I have to use my speakers outside, these covers worked very well. They protected my k12's from a downpour; they were worth every penny spent. I recommend everyone that owns QSC speakers go out and purchase these outdoor covers and tote bags!!!
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on August 12, 2011
I play in a classic rock band, and my bass player and I each use a K12 for a floor wedge monitor. With the exception of a Meyer sound system that we've hired out for in the past, I've never had a better monitor... plenty of headroom too. I never have an issue hearing myself. We run QSC KW153's for FOH, with a DBX Driverack PX for EQ and feedback filtering. Awesome compact system! I couldn't be more pleased!
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on May 14, 2016
I love my K-12's, so I figured I should be ready to protect them when necessary. I bought the covers and three days later was at a wedding where it started to pour. Not a sprinkle, I mean heavy rainfall for nearly 2 straight hours! The event was delayed, but as soon as the sun came out I unzipped the front of the covers, turned on the K-12's, and boom - everything was perfect! I was nervous when the rain started, but had a feeling all was going to be okay upon initial inspection of the clearly well made/designed covers. They're padded and have zipper openings in the back for cables, and tough Velcro for the top handle.

These are event savers in tough conditions. I was very pleased with how well they took the rain, then the front mesh protected my K-12's again from rowdy drunks at a packed St. Patty's bar the following week. Invest in your investment!
review image review image review image
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on April 24, 2013
Nice quality bags with good padding all around. The zipper runs around one end and up across the top of the other end, so that one end and the top area fold out. You can't see it in the picture but there is an approx 6x6 flap on the other end that opens up to the "top" handle of the K12. Front pocket for power cable and there is room there for some additional cables.

- Good Padding all around provides some impact protection, and obviously scratch protection and weather protection.
- Decent Handles
- Nice size pocket on front
- I like the flap for the K12 handle on the end

- Maybe a little overpriced, but probably in line with other bags when you consider the surface area of the canvas and the quality of the padding etc. I grappled a little with spending $90 a bag for these, but in the end, they are a perfect fit for the K12's and well made. I'm not sending them back, so I guess I find value at the selling price to protect the $1600 pair of K12's.
- I would like to see a larger side pocket, or side pockets on both sides.

Additional uses:
- You could use this to carry other gear or even for a travel bag when not using it for K12's, if you wanted to. It is large. (about the size of a K12, obviously). The one risk is the end flap for the K12 handle might allow smaller items to tumble out the end. It does have velcro though.
- A fender Blues Jr Amp will fit in this bag with about 1/3 of one side empty. If you happen to own a blues jr and no good way to transport it, this is an option but I wouldn't specifically buy it for that. For me, I have a couple blues jr's and a pair of K12's and they don't typically go to the same places so I might use these bags as "dual purpose".
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on February 18, 2016
The bag is great quality and well worth the money to protect my investment. They need to add handles on the sides for easier loading and there should be extra padding on the bottom since that's where the speaker grill is.
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