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on November 26, 2011
Well, I agree with most of the reviewers on here who say these are by far the best sounding Queen cd's released to date. Crisp, clear, full, quiet, beautiful best describes the way they sound. Yes they are louder than the 1992 releases, but no stupidly louder and their is an openness about them, i.e. they don't sound like Metallica's last release!

What you wont find here are louded up compressed to hell vintage tunes with no feel or soul to them. The quiet parts are quiet, the loud parts are loud etc. They sound the way the were originally meant to only better.

The second cd is cool, but nothing special. It is however a massive step forward from the 1992 releases. What was with some of those remixes? Were they trying to turn Queen into a dance band? I never understood stood some of those remixes back then and still don't to this day!

Inside the jewel cases you will find the same stuff you found on the albums with a few more pics thrown in here and there for good measure. Overall, all good stuff and well worth the price in my opinion.

As far as tunes go, I like Box set A and C better than box set B. However that's just my take and yours may vary. Box A is killer from start to finish. Box set B has two of my least favorite Queen albums. Both The Game and Flash didn't do much for me back than and still don't today. However I enjoyed Hot Space when much of the population was wondering "what the hell" lol. The first 3 songs on the game are fantastic, after that it alright. Flash is well Flash, nuff said! Box C also has some great material on it. The only two that again didn't do anything for me were The Works and Made In Heaven. Te works has some quality tunes on it, but overall it's lacking in my opinion. Made In Heaven which was put together after Mr. Mercury's passing is what it is, which is a final farewell with songs that were cut and spliced together from old master tapes that had been recorded months or in some cases years before hand.

Queen along with Zeppelin are bands that had careers cut way to short by the tragic death of one of their members. These band along with Pink Floyd, Sabbath and a few others are what music is all about. They were creative as hell and deserve to be known as some of the best bands of all time. I don't think you'll find that the bands of today or really the last 20 years will have the kind of loyal following or staying power (to quote Queen lol) these groups have. I'm not sure if it's because they're just not as creative as those older bands were or if it's just because they can't play their damn instruments and thus are limited in what they can do? Whatever it is, they are light years behind those groups who basically got the ball rolling in the late 60's, 70's and early 80's!

So in conclusion, if you loved Queen, you will not be disappointed with what you find here.
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on March 14, 2015
A cheap way to pick up every official Queen CD, when purchased with the other volumes of Queen 40. I'm coming to this from having owned Greatest Hits 1 and 2 for 20 years and deciding it was time to own more. I've been listening to these songs for a while and I wanted to own them, so this was my chance to make it offiicial. The packaging was decent. I would the bonus posters were in color or shaped less oddly, but the CDs all seem to play.
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on May 21, 2015

First Of All, I'm A Big QUEEN Fan Since The Early 1970's. In fact I grew up with and still have their Vinyl LP'S. As for me these are about the best U.S. CD releases I have ever owned. As for the sound quality, Even though these are a tiny bit louder then previous U.S. CD's. I think these have a fuller and are truer to the Original sound that I remember.

As for the Bonus EP CD included with each of these, It's kinda skimpy and they could have put much more bonus material "I Think". On a Positive note, I'm glad they put the bonus tracks on a separate disc. And the way I Look at it, I still would have wanted this remastered series even if they did not have the bonus tracks/discs. This series is a Must for any QUEEN fan that wants to own their complete studio albums "Sets Vol. 1 BLACK, Vol. 2 WHITE & Vol. 3 RED = Their 15 Original Studio Albums".

Now as for each of the five Albums/CD's of this set Vol.2 White Box,

NEWS OF THE WORLD 5.0 (A strong album stating off with 2 strong tracks WE WILL ROCK YOU & WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS as well as other songs that are great such as John Deacon's SPREAD YOUR WINGS & WHO NEEDS YOU. Also Brian May's IT'S LATE & SLEEPING ON THE SIDEWALK. Of course both Freddie & Roger had some strong song's as well.)

JAZZ 4.0 (Although at the time the hit's BICYCLE RACE & FAT BOTTOM GIRLS did not really do much, It seems FAT BOTTOM GIRLS is more of a hit now then it was then. This album also had some very nice tracks such as DON'T STOP ME NOW, IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, DREAMERS BALL, DEAD ON TIME & MORE OF THAT JAZZ.)

THE GAME 5.0 (On this album they decided to include their hit single from the following year CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE. It also included the huge hit by John Deacon ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. Although I think there was other songs just as good in my opinion such as John Deacon's NEED YOUR LOVING TONIGHT. Also Rogers ROCK IT and Brian's DRAGON ATTACK I personally feel could have been hit's)

FLASH GORDON SOUNDTRACK 2.5 (Well what can I say, I never seen the movie so all I can do is give my opinion on the soundtrack music. For the most part I think the music is good .... at times very good "At Times"...You judge.)

HOT SPACE 2.5 (OK, OK, Every band no matter how great they are must have a not so great album. It did have one strong track UNDER PRESSURE as well as a few other tracks that are worth listen to more then once "At Times" such as PUT OUT THE FIRE , Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love) & CALLING ALL GIRLS.....As I remember having this on vinyl years ago, I hardly ever played side one. But would play side two.

Bottom line, Although I really don't care much for FLASH GORDON or HOT SPACE...The other 3 album's/CD's are well worth the price.
So I still give it an overall Five Stars.

One Word of CAUTION if you decide to buy this series, The CD Discs fit very tightly onto the jewel cases disc holders. Be very careful when removing the disc not to crack the center of disc trying to get it loose. Kinda turn the CD Clockwise and gently twist it off.
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VINE VOICEon January 7, 2014
Some great reviews on here about the sounds and this and that. I don't care about that. I owned most of these tracks on albums. Some even on cassette. One of my buddies used to have them on 8-track and we would cruise our town in his Charger....listening to Queen at a really loud level. I just never got around to rebuilding on CDs. Finally decided to bite the bullet. I think it is a great collection. I have no negative comments, sorry.
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on September 22, 2011
All puns aside, they will rock you. I read an earlier review of a queen album, and they stated that the singles is where the band is the strongest, so you'd be better off buying the greatest hits packages as opposed to the albums. To that I simply way, they are wrong. Of course the hits were huge, and many of those songs are so much a part of our lives and the fabric of our culture, that they tend to overshadow the album tracks. But, I am a huge fan of Queen, I would say they are my favorite band of all time (with the Rolling Stones being my second). I love music, and I love Queen's music. I had literally worn out the old copies I had of these albums, and a few were borrowed but never returned. I was looking into purchasing all of their catalog when I searched online and found the remasters were coming out, great timing. Well even better timing if I lived overseas, as it was released earlier there. I have the first five, which I bought seperately, and this set I bought as a box set from Amazon. The albums sound great, the included bonus tracks, are icing on the cake, and I love how they seperated anything extra to the second cd and maintained the original album track order for the first cd. It's not a major issue if they would have kept it to one cd, but this gives it more of an authentic flavor. Back when Queen was biggest I was young and couldn't afford to buy albums on my own. My brother had an 8-track of Queen's Greatest Hits, that I played so much that he ended up giving it to me in exchange for me doing a few things for him. I loved that album a lot, because I was on a budget the Greatest Hits was the best place to start. Later I found Flash and eventually Hot Space on cassette and a cheap price at a store in downtown cincinnati. I think they were around $2.99 or $3.99 which was a lot for back then considering they were cut-outs. But I was just happy to have them. Hot Space was definitely a unique album, and I really did love "Life is Real", which was a track I had never heard before, and a track that made me listen to all of their tracks rather than the singles. Queen was always a strong group, and each of the members' presence can be felt in these tracks. Queen was probably one of the few groups where you knew everyone played a part, and it showed. I do not know too much of the history of Queen, though I have watched a few documentaries, but it seemed like they got along well, and that they vibed off of each other in ways you don't see too much today. I've also have always loved the cover to News of the World. a Great album as well. The weakest part of this set is "Flash Gordon" since it is a soundtrack album, and aside from two exceptions, is mostly an instrumental album with diablogue clips interspersed within the songs. That isn't to say it is a bad album. I have to be in the mood for an instrumental though. However, Flash and the Hero are two really good songs, and really rock. My favorite among these five, is Jazz. I loved that album from the moment I first heard it. An interesting title to say the least coming from a Rock Band but it all works out. The songs are great, and Freddie shines bright on the slower songs. As a band they sound awesome on these releases, due to the remastering. I do not know what everyone is talking about when they mention loudness issues. I have found none. There is one track however where it's like the music plays through one speaker, and the words are played in another, but since I have not heard that song before I don't know if that's the original intent. it's very different and seems like something Queen would do to challenge the listeners. Some people are bent out of shape over the included Bonus tracks, mainly because they aren't focusing on what IS included instead they focus on what IS NOT included. This approach seems counterproductive to me. I did not collect Queen stuff back in the day, I do not know which b-sides were missing or not included, as I only bought a few 45s back in the day and most of those were double a-sides. But, after the experience with the old remasters back in the early 90s where the bonus track was crap, not even a remix done by a member of Queen, I find these new songs to be a great addition to my collection. I am a serius music collector. and I am very glad to have these remastered/expanded editions in my collection. Sure, I don't know what I'm missing, but I know I'm happy with what I have. My only negative comment on the tracks is that they could have fit more. But, I am greedy. The box it comes in is ok. Not Great but it will do. the poster is very nice. Though I am not sure if I want to hang it up or not. I always hate seperating things from my collectibles. I wish they would have included a bigger sized version of the nude bicycle race poster, not for any voyeuristic reasons but because back in the day you got the poster with the LP and the Royal box set also included a mini version. The Jazz cd has an insert (two pages) version of the poster, and it does look nice in the booklet, but it would have been nice if it were included additionally. But, this isn't anything to bring down the amount of stars for this set. Also, and this is the collector in me talking, it would have been nice, if on the spine of the cds they would have put a number so that we can keep the cds in order of release, as it is, it comes that way (in order) but I know at some point I will get them mixed up. I can always search online, but a number would have just made it easier. I can not recommend this set highly enough. It is great to have. You won't be disappointed in the music or the sound quality. However, if you are not into slip covers or posters, you can probably just buy the albums individually from amazon. But, in buying this set, I did save a few dollars, not much, but since I got the poster and the slipcase it seemed like an even better deal. I do plan to buy the third volume as well. Made in Heaven is one of my favorite Queen albums and I think one of their most underrated albums. I love the idea that I can get all 15 of their albums in a collector's type quality. Meaning that the albums have a similar theme, two cds etc, Great artwork reproduction etc, so they all see like part of a collection instead of a hodge podge of mismatched cds I purchased online. I like the uniformity of sets like this. The artwork as I said looks great and the pictures inside the booklet are great as well. I am definitely glad that these are available (just wish they would release them faster lol) I can not tell you how invaluable these discs are to my collection. So do yourself a favor and pick up this collection by one of Rock's greatest bands. Freddie Mercury just may be the finest vocalist in all of rock history. Brian May is probably one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and the rest of the band round out the group pretty well with great drums and bass. Real Music by Real Musicians (as Prince would say) These albums are part of Rock history and also as relevant today as when they were released. You'll love them when you hear them.
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on March 21, 2014
Similar to my previous review of volume one, this review will solely be focused on the bonus tracks.

Outside of the Flash Gordon soundtrack, all of the proper albums have a number of stellar tracks on them and sound great in their remastered form. On to the bonus tracks:

News of the World contains Feelings Feelings. An interesting blues song that clocks in right around two minutes. It's not the best composition in the world but it is fabulous to hear in pristine quality. There should have been far more tracks like this made available on the bonus CDs. The next two tracks are from Queen's last session at the BBC. And they both sound fantastic. I really like how they speed up Spread Your Wings and jam out. But there were two more songs performed at that session not included here. Why don't we get those when there is about 60 minutes left of unused space on the disc? Then comes a great version of Sheer Heart Attack from the "recently opened 1979 tour tapes". Great. So...again.... You opened the box and only give us one song. Why? I know songs like It's Late were played on that tour. Where are those? And finally another fast version of We Will Rock, which is fine. But taking single tracks from different live performances and patching them together just makes the whole thing seem haphazard.

Jazz - Single version of Fat Bottomed Girls is a useless inclusion unless you are going to fill the disc up. it is inexcusable to put a bonus EP together and include songs that are available elsewhere. Including this and the previously available live version of Let me Entertain You on this disc is just lazy. The next song is an instrumental version of Bicycle Race. WHAT A GEM!!! Again, if there were more inclusions like this on the bonus CDs these would be ten star releases. Hearing John's bass pop in and out of the track is such a joy. Brilliant. Next is the long lost guitar take of Don't Stop Me Know which includes some guitar work Brian put on the original song that got cut out of the mix. While overall I think the decision to cut his guitars was a smart one, this is again, another fun alternate version of a song that is great to hear. Finally we get an acoustic/drum/vocal demo version of Dreamer's Ball. So much fun. Another brilliant version of a brilliant song. Well done.

The Game bonus disc has yet again decided to provide us with five tracks, where three are available elsewhere. GRRRRR... On to the other two. First is A Human Body. This Roger Taylor B Side is a song I personally think is better than either of his tracks that are on the proper album. The song is brilliant and could almost be seen as a precursor to his and Brian's "Machines - Back To Humans" track from The Works. The other is a demo version of Sail Away Sweet Sister. Not the best song in the Queen canon but great to hear in its' rough form.

I'm just gonna pass over Flash Gordon.

Hot Space has a remix of Back Chat that doesn't stray too far from the original as well as the previously available Staying Power live track. There is a "b" side called Soul Brother which is fun to hear and a playful song referencing previous Queen tunes. And then two VERY fun live versions of Action this day and Calling all girls from Tokyo. (Although these were also available on a previous Queen DVD release).

Overall yet again the bonus discs on these releases are immensely frustrating. They provide fleeting moments of genius and creativity. A remix here, a demo version there. This stuff is great. But when 40% to 50% of the bonus material has already been released on other packages, it makes this die hard fan feel short changed and wanting for more.
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on November 11, 2013
I love the music on the cds. Freddy was a one of a kind performer and I was glad to have seen the band 4 times. My only gripe about the 3 different box sets is - why wasn't LIVE KILLERS included with the studio discs? If anyone knows, please answer.
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on October 9, 2011
outstanding sound...I have all the first copies and they dont compare to these new remastered.
I highly recommend these to queen fans...and their kids !!!
Mark Gillman
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on December 15, 2012
There is nothing more that needs to be said. The remastered Queen works with the back tracks is a must have for anyone with ears. The quality is phenomenal. This series of box sets are the must have compilations for arguably one of the greatest bands of all time (with the greatest front man of all time, no arguments accepted)...
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on April 4, 2013
Magnificent edition for every fan of group QUEEN. Bonus discs are especially valuable to every containing a number album. Also it is especially pleasant to see in edition complete, colorful, with a great number rare photos multipage booklets, with a lyrics and explanations to bonus tracks.
For me, as a fervent follower of group QUEEN, it in truth is a gift of fate. And, although, I on this moment already owned all albums of group QUEEN with the determined amount of bonus numbers: somehow B-sides or other rare songs, not included in albums, published by the Russian company CD-Maximum, I not sparing and purchased this complete catalogue of their musical legacy.
Pitifully only, that in this release are not presented the group's concert records, included in official catalogue. In fact them not so much: LIVE KILLERS, LIVE MAGIC, well and, perhaps, ROCK MONTREAL.
Indeed, not clear why it was needed to make a separate disc for bonuses (by the way, of short duration on sounding), when these bonuses it was possible simply to finish off to basic album.
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