Question about replacement filters I'd like to buy this, but the comments on the suggested replacement filters say they're a new design, missing the indicator - and also incompatible with the cooler (yet they still work with the pitchers). Does anyone know if Amazon is selling a cooler model that has been updated to accept the new filters, or is another style filter available that fits the dispenser sold on this page?
asked by Mina on July 30, 2007
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We just had to replace our first filter. The original fit great, the replacement leaks water past the "o" ring and the filters fit loosely. I got the filters (3 pack) when I bought the dispenser. I had to take the top off and tape around the filter to keep the water flowing through the filter. The dispenser does a great job as we have a high iron content, but it has to go through the filter to work. I think the "O" rings are too small
C. bowyer answered on January 1, 2010
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Our family drinks a lot of water, so we have to change our filter much earlier than the 2-month increment from the indicator sticker. We know it's time to change the filter when it gets unbearably slow.
Rad Reader answered on June 5, 2010
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If you click on the product advertised, it has a pack of 3 that fits. It's not a good deal for only making 40 gallons before you have to change the filter.
tmagent answered on April 21, 2008
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Well, I too have a question about the water filters for the PUR DS-1800Z, and maybe some of you that have had it longer can help me out. I got my pitcher (from here) back in February--late February, to be exact--and I put that little indicator sticker on the side of mines which I know is to give you an idea when to change it. Now the timeframe that it gave was to be somewhere around mid-April. Obviously that time has come and gone, and I still have my original filter in. It still works fine in filtering and the water taste just as great as did when I put it in. And though I am a consistent water drink, day-to-day it can vary as to how much I tend to drink on any given day, plus I'm the only one that really drinks out of it the most (my Dad seems completely fine to drinking that yucky-tasting tap water from the faucet....eww) as well as using it so I'm wondering if because of this I might have kinda bought myself some time in changing the filter. My dilemma is, since I've technically went past the 'change date', I am completely confused as to when I should really change this filter--as it's still my first one.

I used to use a Pur water faucet mount and know w/ filters for those--even the non-digital ones--when it came time to change the filter usually you knew b/c the mount would slowly start to stop flowing the water until it just all together cease running (letting you know it was time to change). But w/ this pitcher I'm not so sure. So my question is--for those that have change theirs before (or multiple times)--does the pitcher styled filters give any sort of physical red flag as to the EXACT time when you change it? For example, will the water start tasting funny again or something of like.

I know that I'm going to be replacing the filter anyway (matter I'm getting ready to buy one off here in a bit), but I don't want to take a perfectly working filter out until it's time, yet I don't want to leave it in for too long if it's not suppose to be. This is my first time owning a purifying water pitcher so the mechanics as to when to change the filter is still new to me. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Yeshiva M. Wright answered on May 14, 2010
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1 case of nestle pure life is about 5 dollars a case(depending on sale) which is about 3 gallons per case.Now, thats about 13 cases or 40 gallons.65 bucks.Plus all those bottles.The dispenser is $ 20 with promo +40 gallons per filter.Or say 35 per filter(if you do not beleive the adv.)If this dispenser is any good at what it does, thats not a bad deal for water.(do it yourself!)If you read the reviews for faucet mount products,seems to me a a lot of leaking and cracking is goin on.
Claxon,Bill answered on May 11, 2009
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The 3-packs of filters are $20. How is $6.66 to filter 40 gallons not a good deal?
Lil' Fish in a Big River answered on April 20, 2009
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