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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 27, 2012
Good Product with terrible business ethics.

I have been a QuickBooks payroll and general accounting user since the early 90's.
Each year Intuit finds a way to take more and give less.
When we started using QuickBooks it was great product at a fair price. Payroll updates were an inexpensive annual charge.
You could use the program for many years before they would "Force" you to purchase an upgrade.
Then the "Enhanced" payroll was created and was a very expensive way to get tax updates.
At some point this became an annual practice were you would pay for a new version AND payroll subscription.
Each year the cost for these upgrades would substantially increase.

Several years ago they charged our card the annual fee but we did not receive the upgrade, we only received the payroll subscription.
Intuit decided to discontinue the practice of including the upgrade; however, they did not lower the annual price.
They were charging us approximately $400.00 under the auto renew program and now we were not getting the upgrades.
We found the current year along with a 1 year subscription for enhanced payroll for 50% less than Intuit was charging us.
We then contacted Intuit support and informed them that existing customers were being punished rather than rewarded.
Their response was "You can choose to buy from Costco or another vendor if you want."
Intuit does not understand how the "Auto Renew" policy works. This practice allows a company to lower the price for these types of customers as they are almost certain to remain loyal. This is why a gym membership is much less expensive you sign up for the EFT program. Each month you may or may not go to the gym, but the membership is taken from your bank regardless.


For the last few years we have purchased from an outside vendor, Costco or Amazon.
Each year Intuit charges my credit card for the Auto Renew, each year they apologize and credit my account.

Now it seems that we may be forced to purchase directly from Intuit again as they have discontinued the practice of paying $10 each month you employ more than 3 people. The upgrade to 4 or more employees now cost as much as the Auto Renew program.

So rather than award their existing customers they slammed the door on their new ones.

Intuit, If you are trying to bleed your consumers to death, GREAT JOB!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Scott. It is clear that we did not meet your expectations here. I am truly sorry you are feeling this way. The auto-renewal process is in place primarily to avoid a disruption in payroll services to our customers when their current subscription expires. One way to avoid the auto-renewal is by letting us know soon after you register that you do not wish to auto-renew. Maybe this will work for you. Intuit does everything we can to manage our internal costs while preserving the quality of our products and services and to meet the changing needs of our customers. As small businesses have become more mobile and even globally interconnected our customers are requiring more advanced solutions and continually evolving products to help them be more efficient and productive. Intuit also really strives to balance the value we offer with the increasing costs of doing business. We also believe that Intuit Enhanced payroll is one of the best values available for managing small business payroll needs. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Scott. Again, I apologize that the auto-renewal experience for you was so painful. Take care.
on October 10, 2012
Clearly, Intuit is in the business of selling as much as possible in as many ways as they can as often as they can for as much as they can... "help businesses like you by providing the best. . .[blah, blah, blah!]," what a joke. Why not just say you love Capitalism, the free-market economy and the right to earn a profit? I'd at least respect that.

It is difficult to thread through the myriad of products and services they intertwine. For instance, can a business owner purchase the CD version of the Enhanced Payroll (uh...why isn't it just included in the main product?) for unlimited employees, or does one need to purchase the 3-employee version and then add/upgrade and how much to do so. . .$100 for one more employee, for 3 more?. . .very unclear/misleading. And what's the logic for the difference in pricing anyway? They sort of remind me of another company that's been doing their best to "...shaft" the consumer for the past 35 years.

Then, of course, there's the obvious attempt to justify action and redeem reputation by responding to every single negative review posted on every website which sells their product. And only addressing the negative reviews [since the publishing of this review, QB has begun commenting on some of the positive reviews, too - how inspirational I have all of a sudden become to this company]. So condescending.

I'm purchasing this product because my boss has instructed me to do so. Already ordered QuickBooks '13, still trying to determine the most intelligent way to purchase Enhanced.

I buy a lot of stuff, very seldom write reviews - can't wait to open this product, give it a run, and then share my opinion a little more in depth.

And Intuit, please spare me the response to my remarks unless you actually have something intelligent to state. :)

Continued 12/15/12:
After having used this product now for a while, I am even less happy with it and the additional, substantial, and unexpectd fees I have had to pay to make it usable. Therefore, I am downgrading my review to a single star.

In agreeance with the comments of a previous reviewer, if the option to assign a "zero" to this product were available, it would certainly receive my vote based alone on the poor ethics of Intuit and it's deception associated with this product.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 1, 2012
First of all, to activate you MUST use Internet Explorer, I don't use internet explorer. I don't want to be forced to use it, I have no choice. With fewer than 10 employees I have a small business, some might even say a micro business, but I am still forced to pay additional money to process my entire payroll. I must suffer through Intuit constantly trying to up sell me - direct deposit, health plans, retirement, payroll cards - you name it. There is very little discount when you renew, and the rates have risen beyond the CPI every year for fewer included services. You are also forced to enter credit card information for automatic renewal, so it is up to you to positively opt out of renewal when you get the notice 11 months later.

Buying it through Amazon, is the best way, you get a bit of a discount, but only if you do not renew the subscription. The only hassle is transferring the account at the end of the year to the new one you just bought off of Amazon.

The good news, it works well. I wish I could say the same for the company. It just leaves such a bad taste in my mouth each time I use it. If I, as a professional services provider, treated my repeat customers this way I would have been out of business after my first install of quickbooks and the transition to Quickbooks Pro in 1990.

EDIT: It has been a year and I still have not found a suitable alternative. I still use the buy retail and deal with Intuit to install, but I have it down to a science. I don't know if it will work for 2014, but 2013 can be activated within 2 months of purchase up until May 2014. To self renew:

1. Uninstall your old subscription service by going to Employees - My Payroll Service - Manage Service Keys. Click on your companies and uninstall. You will get a warning about it being removed from your computer but you have to call Intuit to discontinue your service. That is okay. I do this after my subscription has expired.

2. Now install from the CD. Under Employees, you should now have an install from box option. Use it. Yes you will have to have a CC and give all the information. But you can call to deauthorize the auto-renewal with a phone call - or if you are luck your card will expire :-)

3. You will now have an activated 3 employees or fewer payroll service. If you want to add more employees your must call customer service. Don't Panic.

4. Call and ask to add employees, you will told that will cost 469.00 +/-. However when you get to the end of the conversation, you will be told that the 469 will appear on your credit card for 24 hours and then it will go away and 100.00 plus tax will be charged to your card. This is what happens.

It is a hassle, but still less expensive than doing a straight renewal from Intuit.

Shame on you Intuit for making us do all of this! It should cost less to renew than to start fresh. tsk, tsk, tsk!!

Still looking for an alternative and if you are just starting a business -- USE SOMETHING ELSE!!!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Dee. My name is Kelsey and I'm with our Intuit Payroll Team. I can understand your frustration with the activation process being on IE only. We are aware of this constraint and are working to change this in the future. Here at Intuit we are focused on helping businesses simplify the way they do business, this is why we offer products like direct deposit or pay cards to help streamline these processes. The automatic renewal is another example to ensure you continue to receive seamless service. We work to keep our prices low and Enhanced Payroll continues to be one of the most competitively priced offerings in the payroll market. We hope to keep serving your payroll needs and appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 19, 2012
I've been a user of Quickbooks Pro since (CD 12/31/1999), so you can say that I'm a qualified expert at this program and all the ways that Intuit has changed in the past few years. They are destroying what used to be a fantastic small business accounting product. I am now on the phone with my (5th) agent from Payroll Services because I purchased this RETAIL version instead of going to through the auto-renewal. I was told originally by Intuit a month ago that the best way to save money is to shop around for a retail version and find the best price for Enhanced Payroll. I went and purchased a copy through and tried to use the install CD from the box ...

That is where the fun has started. First it runs through a whole question / answer process about who I am and my company. Then it tries to install the Enhanced Payroll Service, but suddenly stops and gives me a screen saying that there is one already installed and I need to call Technical Support. Oh boy, I'm getting excited now. I spend now (currently 38 minutes) on the phone while one agent after the other, each of whom speaks little to no english, is attempting to remove my old payroll subscription and install a new retail version. Apparently this is causing a HUGE mess because I use Direct Deposit for my whopping 6 employees. Oh and that leads me to the next problem. They tell me now that they will have to charge me almost the EXACT same amount for the Unlimited Employee option, which is a complete joke starting at 4 employees, as if I used the damn auto-renewal.

Are you serious? You gonna make me go through all of this with a RETAIL copy under the guise that I'm going to save a little money (which has been stated on Amazon by Intuit) and then come to find out that after all of this I'm paying the exact same amount almost?!? You guys are becoming unbelievable. I had even cancel my online subscription to [...] this year because your company (Intuit) has butchered it to death. I'm shocked that its service doesn't cost $395 a year as well.

P.S. I'm now finishing the review and still on hold getting the new service key activated with Agent # 5 (41 minutes).
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Michael,
I would love to help with your issue. If you still require assistance please email me at Attn: Corie. Let's see if we can get this all resolved for you.

QuickBooks Customer Care
on January 6, 2013
I've been using QB Payroll for almost 20 years. For the most part it is flexible and easy to use. I like the ability to prepare paychecks immediately and not worry about the tax tables. Federal tax forms are prepared quickly and reports give me the information I need. There is a glitch with scheduled payroll liabilities that I've never been able to fix but I figured out a workaround. Except for that the program is just about fool-proof.

Pricing and marketing is completely the reverse. Intuit makes it very difficult to figure out the pricing structure, mainly because it has a higher price for long-term users than new users. I have never seen the price for upgrading to 4 or more employees--the only way to learn the price is to call and spend a long time on the phone with representatives. This year the rep charged my credit card for a higher amount and then Intuit issued a credit because even the rep doesn't know the actual price.It seems really dumb to me to hide prices and to punish your faithful customers. Furthermore however you buy it the program has become over-priced. Intuit's pricing and marketing creates a great opportunity for some other software company to come it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 28, 2012
I just purchased the Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll 2013 product. I have the 2012 Premier Manufacturing Quickbooks product, and added the 2012 Enhanced payroll last year.

All I want to do is UPGRADE to the new payroll product. The install process requires you to activate the product from IE (as it uses a MS created application), which is bad to force a customer to use IE which is virus enabled.

After inserting the CD to my PC, it forces me to 'activate' the product, before I have installed it. I use my 'already registered' customer userid/pw, and get sent to a 'create a new customer screen', which I do NOT need as I'm already registered, and have validated that I only have 1 registered userid/pw that is active and valid.

I tried for over 45 mins, talking to 3 different people, and none are capable of helping me figure out how to install the product. All people are 'polite' but just 'incapable'.

Over an hour ago, I have been transferred to another queue -where hopefully, if a support rep ever gets to my call, they will be able to help me.

If Intuit's support lines are so in-efficient, they should at least enable the option to 'call you back' when you are at the front of the queue.

I purchased quickbooks payroll option to make my completion of the necessary W2 forms and other required Fed and state forms correctly, as I spend too much time (or at least I thought) doing this manually for the 2 payroll checks and W2 forms I have to write a year. I am a VERY SMALL business, that only writes a single paycheck a year--

Based on all the time I have spent today, I will rethink purchasing QB Enhanced Payroll 2014---

A VERY UNHAPPY customer.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
I would love to help you with your issue. Please email me at Attn: Corie. Please provide me with a number where you can be reached so I can have someone call you and help you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Quickbooks Customer Care
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 27, 2012
I have been a longtime Quickbooks user, but would warn anyone who is considering purchasing Quickbooks to look elsewhere. As has been said, the company is horribly mismanaged. If I ran my business like Intuit, I would be out of business. The only reason they can sell their product at all is that people have been using it for years and are reluctant to switch to a different program and try and transfer their data. If you never need support, you might be OK, but the day WILL come when you need to call Intuit, and then you will regret your decision.

I have been trying to activate my 2013 payroll subscription all day. I have been transferred and transferred and now am being told that they do not support Amazon purchased products! What kind of nonsense is this? Who made the decision to not support products sold by the worlds largest retailer?!! This is a factory sealed, new box manufactured by them! Every time I call customer "service" I get someone who can hardly speak english, and have to repeat myself over and over. As a person who owns multiple businesses, Intuit has the worst customer service of any of the hundreds of companies I deal with regularly.

Intuit, if you're reading this, you have to make changes. In this electronic society, unhappy customers have a voice that can be heard everywhere though product reviews.

To everyone else, do yourself a favor and choose another company.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear PellaCPC,

I am so sorry to hear you have had a terrible time activating your 2013 subscription. It doesn't sound like we were able to resolve your issue and in the process passed a long some incorrect information. We do support all our products sold by If you still need help please send me your information to this email: Attn: Payroll. I hope we can make this right for you.

on January 10, 2013
I decided to purchase the enhanced payroll 1 year subscription since it was less expensive to purchase the software than to automatically upgrade through quickbooks. The installation process has been a nightmare with simply dismal customer service. While they offer a decent product, I'm afraid that intuit has lost all control of their company and associated services. I recommend searching for an alternative. The trend line is very clear... higher and higher prices with less and less service.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 29, 2012
I have to use Quickbooks for my accountant.

I purchased the Enhanced Payroll (Order# 1000????24195171) is doesn't work with MAC.

The company doesn't say this on the web site or in the sales literature - DOESN'T WORK WITH MAC.

The customer service is in the toilet, heavy accented foreigners one of my hold times exceeded 30 min.

The clowns is customer service couldn't handle anything that wasn't 'on script'. Unless your accountant insists on this company AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE, one other thing, I paid 300.30 for the payroll joke, they took the money in two (2) minutes out of my account - the clowns claim the refund will take 10 days - they are stealing my use of my money - this is dishonest.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi David. I am sorry to hear about the frustrating experience you had with our support team. This is not the experience we are striving for at all. I am going to provide your feedback to our teams on the Amazon account and have them take a look at the way we display the platform requirements on the website. We certainly did not want you, nor do we want others to experience purchasing this Windows based product for use on a Mac. Generally, the refund process takes much less than the 10 days and we hope this is true in your case. We appreciate the feedback you have provided here and again apologize that this has been a disappointing experience for you.
on April 12, 2013
OK, we all know that QuickBooks is the only game in town. We also know that Enhanced Payroll is the only way to make QB work. We also know that despite the continued frustration with annual subscriptions, sunsetting software, no support, etc., QuickBooks and its associated add-ons is still the cheapest solution for most small businesses.

That having been said, to continue to rape and pillage your loyal (resigned) customers is unconscionable. In this particular case, I tried to save some money by buying my enhanced payroll “renewal” through Amazon. The process is supposed to be simple: you purchase a retail license of Enhanced Payroll (for $199 in this case), you install it, you pay Intuit for the upgrade from 3 employees to unlimited employees ($100), and poof, you’ve saved $130 (over your payroll renewal of $429).

Not so fast . . . In order to charge you for the upgrade, Intuit charges you $429 for the renewal, then refunds you $329 for the payroll subscription you purchased at Amazon. While this sounds easy (stupid, but easy), and should result in the same savings, it doesn’t. The charge for $429 showed up on my credit card immediately; the refund, not so fast. In fact four weeks later, I’m still waiting for the refund after have spent literally hours on the phone with payroll support (so much for the $130 savings).

I wish there were an alternative!
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