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499 of 508 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2010
As a consultant to small business I have promoted Quick books for the past 14 years.

Overall the software is excellent and it does an excellent job of tracking your business finances.

The original cost of the program is very inexpensive, even if you upgrade every year you will spend less then $200/year.( I recommend upgrading every 2nd or 3rd year )

Even though Intuit charges extra for Add On services (such as support, payroll, off site backup, etc) these are still reasonable priced for the service you get. In the end you should only be paying for the services you need. ( While there are cheaper alternatives for many of Intuit's services, in some cases it may be worthwhile to do it all through Intuit.)


be very careful when dealing with Intuit.

Today I tried to reorder checks. It took almost 30min on the phone, and in the end the sales rep signed me up for 2 additional services that I had specifically told him I wasn't interest in.

It took me over an hour to cancel those services. (3 phone calls)

I continually have problems when dealing with Intuit's customer support(not Tech support). While eventually they correct the problems, it always seams to take a while. I usually do something like clean out my email while I am waiting on hold to be transferred to the person that can fix the problem.

When dealing with Intuit always double check your order, and double check what intuit is charging you.

I recently found that Intuit had been charging a client for 2 payroll subscriptions each year(Even though they were both for the same tax ID number and one subscription hadn't had any activity for 3 years).

Be patience and very clear on the phone. The will continually try to up sell you services.

Also I would not recommended that you buy any supplies from Intuit, they are expensive and the pressure to add on services is very annoying.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
585 of 598 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2010
The latest version of QB has now completely taken away your ability to attach documents you've stored on your own computer. Instead, you have to pay for their "service" (something always subject to the whims of the powers that be at Intuit) and pay for their Document Attachment Service (starting at $9.95/month for one attachment per item). Oh, you can still host the stuff on your servers, it's just that QB's charges you to actually access it. There are 3rd party software programs that will do the same thing, but they run around $200 a piece.

Manual payroll is still available- but I guarantee you will spend a couple of hours looking for the RIGHT set of instructions to set it up. Even the tech support didn't know how to do it in this version.

There are still compatability issues with Windows 7 64 bit. I ended up with the blue screen of death for a while. Program shuts down unexpectedly.

The ads for the paid services are intrusive and nearly impossible to avoid. The planned obselence of 3 years (you won't be able to download your bank/credit card items any more) is another form of Intuit's greed mentality. All in all, it's time to start migrating away from QB. And that's a shame, since I've used it successfully for nearly a decade.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
There have been many valid questions about the Attached Documents service and I agree, it's a little confusing. It might help to share how we got to where we are today with the service. With QuickBooks 2010 we launched Attached Documents as a new online subscription service which allows you to link to online documents right from QuickBooks. We heard from our customers that they wanted the option to also attach documents locally on their hard drive so we went to work quickly and added this to the online service this past September.

From your feedback, it's clear we rushed the feature to market and did it in a way that doesn't quite hit the mark. We're hearing that you and other QuickBooks users would like to have local document attachment as a feature of the software, and not have it only available in the online service. We're trying to see if it can make this happen. Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, we are presently offering customers who used Attach Documents in their 2010 version of QuickBooks access to both online and local Attach Documents at no charge for the next two years if you are upgrading to QuickBooks 2011. If you subscribed in the 2010 version you are automatically enrolled in the free service when you upgrade- no need to do anything.

A couple of other quick things which might help:

How to turn off the ads within QuickBooks:
Within QuickBooks go to Edit/Preferences/General/My Preferences and check the box "Turn off pop-up messages for products and services". That should do the trick.

Windows 7 issues:
Since we started selling QuickBooks 2011 we have uncovered some issues (.Net issues for instance) tied to Win 7 but we do have ways to solve them. If you have 2011 install issues, please let me know and I can connect you with someone who can assist in solving them.

Manual Payroll setup:
here is a link to the directions:

Thanks for the ongoing feedback-

The manufacturer commented on the review below
339 of 351 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2010
I was happily using my 2007 quickbooks pro and then all of a sudden I am no longer able to download my bank statements. Why? Because intuit is stupid.

All I can say is that intuit deserves nothing more than an entire customer group that does everything in their power to minimize intuit's profit margin and maximizes their bad press. Each year amazon reviews contain the same fundamental issue.. That intuit does everything they can to force upgrades, charge for basic items that they lead the consumer to believe is included for free, and generally rely on the fact that no real competitor exists.

It amazes me that my distaste for microsoft in the windows 98 era is now realigned to the point that intuit makes microsoft look like apple.

In 2010 windows me still lets you use a mouse

In 2010 windows 98 still lets you email

In 2010 windows 95 still lets you connect to the internet

In 2010 office 2000 still lets you use the numbers on the top of the keyboard.


Why is it that..

In 2010 quickbooks 2007 no longer emails?

In 2010 quickbooks 2007 no longer lets bank downloads go into the program?

Intuit deserves to have a competing software company receive a large amount of funding from some investors and put out a product that does a good job for a fair price, and guarantees it will never turn off your ability to do simple tasks and will entice people to upgrade because the upgraded version has better features.

That is what I call a respectable business model. The exact opposite of intuit.

Intuit, You Suck and so does the fact that I just had to pay $180 for nothing but the ability to turn my 2007's email and download features back on.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
My name is Greg Wright and I am a product manager for QuickBooks. Thank you so much for writing these reviews. We really value hearing from our customers, especially when they are telling us how to improve.

I know many of our customers really dislike our service discontinuation policy. And that is putting it lightly. I have read the customer reactions that they think Intuit is greedy, that Intuit lies to its customers. I understand why some might feel that way. But, it is just the opposite of how I feel and what I am passionate about. I work at Intuit because I believe in our mission to help small businesses save time and let them focus on their passion, not their books.

So, why do we have a "service discontinuation policy"? The reality is you can use QuickBooks for as long as you want. If you use external services that work with QuickBooks like payroll, credit card processing, connecting to online bank accounts, use email services to send invoices or have a Customer Care plan, you have to be on one of the last three versions of QuickBooks. Why would we do that?

Well, we have to test all of the QuickBooks code along with each external service it works with. We have to do that for every update and new version we release. We provide multiple updates and fixes to QuickBooks over the course of three years. That requires a lot of work for our testing teams and systems and takes away from the time we can spend working on new time saving tools. Also, to provide the best customer support experience, we have our agents focus on the most recent versions of QuickBooks rather than try to be experts on every version we have ever released. So, we limit the number of version years of QuickBooks that we support and continue to test.

I know our service discontinuation policy creates a burden for some customers, but I also understand why we do it. I want to help small businesses succeed and provide them with the best time saving solutions that we can. I will keep working on that and see if we can improve our policies as well.
116 of 117 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2011
I just upgraded from 2008 to 2011, because of inabilty of Intuit to ever get the PDF and Print function worked out. I was constantly trying to find solutions to printing. Eventually, Intuit just said they give up and I would have to upgrade to get that function. Terrible solution and everyone I talked to had the same issue. Eventually it just stopped working completely. Personally, I think intuit shut that down completely to force people to upgrade to newest version.
I installed 2011 and I dont see much difference, except for the fact that everything seems to be pay service. The fact that I have to pay for the "convenience" to attach a document and save on my own personal server is UNBELEIVABLE. Seriously???? I have to pay to store on my own server???? Ridiculous. How is this functionality not part of the core package? I understand if I am storing on your server, but on mine???????
I am currently looking to "downgrade" to 2010 so I dont have to pay for every little service.
I personally, am going to look to other software for my accounting needs. I also beleive that Intuit thinks that the customers who have been using Quickbooks for years are so entwined in the software that it would be a monumental task to switch software, so now they are going to nickel and dime.
I will be passing this info on to all business owners I know. I am a consultant, so I know many, many business owners and I will recommend to not upgrade to 2011 unless Ituit changes policy.
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108 of 109 people found the following review helpful
on December 25, 2010
I have been using QuickBooks since their second version, many years. I have worked with lots of different companies and with numerous clients through a CPA I was employed by. Their programmers and planners just get worse and worse. The last decent version was 2005.

They keep using software that they have sold to us to advertise and sell us more. Now with this new version they have provided Data Protect. If you don't want it too bad. You can't turn it off. It will load every time you start QuickBooks. It takes up resources on your computer and you are stuck with it. You don't have to use it or pay for it, but you can't get rid of it either.

Their bloatware has gotten to the point where I will simply not recommend it to anyone who is starting out fresh. Buy something else.

And then they force you to upgrade if you use payroll. If you don't use payroll, don't upgrade. Run the other way.

If it wasn't so hard to switch to another product (partially because of the way Intuit designs their database to make it difficult to extract the data) I would have switched products years ago.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
244 of 255 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2010
So I just updated from 2008 to find out that in 2011 there is no free document storage (100mb available in 2010) and you are looking at $9.95 per month basic fee to attach documents. You also have pay for your own local storage! Another words, I am paying Intuit to store my own PDF files on my own PC.. what's next: paying Intuit for printing my own checks?

History next to each bill payment is quite helpful, however, I am really considering returning this product due to excessive additional fees required and the fact that free features are being removed by paid functionalities..
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hello PKJR,

Thank you for taking the time to write your review. Since we've added functionality to QuickBooks 2011, I'd like to clarify a few things. Intuit will never charge you to simply store and access your own files on your own computer. Also, QuickBooks does not store any of your documents online unless you specifically choose to do so.

Your review references our new QuickBooks Attached Documents service. This optional add-on to QuickBooks provides the ability to quickly organize and find documents (signed contracts, receipts, etc.) by "attaching" them to your QuickBooks customers, vendors, and other records. You can also scan documents directly into QuickBooks and share documents online with anyone you choose, even if they don't have QuickBooks.

This service was launched under the name Document Management with QuickBooks 2010, and was not available with any previous versions. In talking with our customers, we learned that they would like to attach files without having to store them online. So new with the 2011 service, you can choose to attach documents locally or online.

Again, as with previous versions of QuickBooks, there is no charge for saving PDF files or any other documents on your hard drive.

We look forward to hearing what you think and appreciate your feedback as we improve this service.
72 of 72 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2010
Brian from Intuit has very carefully played with his words.

As a small business we have "time logs" which we attach to invoices and send to our customers. Normally, we print the invoice on paper, then print the time log and staple the two sheets together send them via snail mail.

The time logs are in pdf format, created outside of QB software. If we want to attach these time logs to their respective invoices and save it WITHIN Quickbooks, we have to pony up $9.95 per month. We are neither storing any data on Intuit's servers nor are we connecting to Intuit's servers. All data is strictly stored on OUR OWN PC's. Unlike what Mr. Brian says, Intuit DOES charge its customers to save their data on their own PC's.

If Intuit had made this a one-time fee for customers who would like to attach documents and store on their own PC's, I'm sure a lot of small businesses would have paid a nominal fee for it. Ofcourse, if businesses want the option of on-line storage and back-up, then, the extra $$$ per month is well justified.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
155 of 162 people found the following review helpful
on October 11, 2010
I just got done spending an hour with tech support for intuit trying to resolve the issues that I've been having. I've been patiently waiting to upgrade QuickBooks to version 2011 to resolve the issues I've been experiencing. The conclusion is that QuickBooks is not in some fashion compatible with widows 7 64 bit and office 2010 64 bit. Seems very interesting that the resolution to my problems is to downgrade to 32 bit versions of both. I know that I am not the only person with 64 bit versions of office and windows. It seems to me that a logical choice for a business investing in new hardware would purchase windows 7 64bit with office 2010 64bit. Intuit's own software compatibility states that QuickBooks pro 2011 is compatible with Excel 2010 where it is obviously not. [...] I have display issues with QuickBooks (Words extending out of the text boxes and weird scroll bars in the middle of the screen), blank error messages (Can't figure that one out. A little hard to diagnose without a code of some kind), and incompatibility with excel issues (Can't export quarterly reports to excel). These are the exact same issues that I had with my previous version of QuickBooks. Nothing has been fixed. This was a total waste of my money.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
There are several reviews citing incompatibility between QuickBooks 2011 and Windows 7 and I want to make sure the right information is available to any customer considering purchasing QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is most certainly compatible with Windows 7 and if you are having issues we can assist you in resolving them. Some of the known issues are tied to .NET components, others are not but our tech support teams are available, at no charge, to help any customers trying to install or register the product but having issues. If you have experienced a problem installing or registering and you think it is tied to Windows 7, please contact us at 1-888-859-4056 or contact me directly so I can make sure you can install and register the product.


81 of 82 people found the following review helpful
I have used a version of QuickBooks for a little over 10 years now. With this upgrade, I don't see many new benefits for how i use the program - small LLC, no employees except me, and minimal inventory and PO requirements - and I am extremely annoyed with being "forced" to upgrade to the new version. If I am going to be required to upgrade, I would really prefer some new bells and whistles that makes me think I got something for my money vs. basically a software licensing fee.

My install on a Windows 7 machine took a little time, but it was pain-free and not like my Vista nightmare install of a few years ago. The backup file integrated smoothly.

I do wish there was a way (maybe there is, but I can't seem to find it) to turn off the annoying ads that appear everywhere. I have told the software numerous times I don't want their payroll or online storage options, and I don't want to order blank check stock from them yet the ads appear.

Sorry to rant. The good does outweigh the bad with this program, but they sure do a great job of annoying their customers!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
72 of 73 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2010
I upgraded from 2008 to 2011. I have been using it for about a week. I have two accounts set up, 1 for personal, 1 for business. I go between my laptop and office computer backing up and restoring. Yesterday I backed up from the laptop and restored to the office computer. I started entering charges and found it odd that a couple of vendors had disappeared. One was for grocery store that I KNOW should have been there. Suddenly Quickbooks sends up an error message and say its needs to restart. I said OK. When it came back up ALL MY VENDORS DISAPPEARED. I called tech support (got India) and after 45 min. all they did was restore my earlier back up. I could have done that! I asked if this was a bug and if there was a patch or something and they said no, there's nothing wrong with the software, you must have restored improperly or there was a power surge. They took no ownership for this issue. If you look on the intuit community, there were over 300 posts about vendors disappearing. I rechecked my laptop's version of vendors and they were all there. But as I worked on the office computer, they were slowly disappearing, Macys vendor was the first to go that I noticed, then the grocery store I mentioned. I don't trust this software. I had read the reviews before I bought it and had seriously considered going with Peachtree and set up a demo, but even Peachtree had its issues with features I liked better in QB. Back up often!!! Cover you butt!!! I do not use the online back up. I back up to an external HD. I also hate that after you do a back up, QB keeps throwing up the offer to do online backups. Your answer options are "not now" or "no thanks". If I say no thanks, then stop showing me this message after every back up. Its annoying. There's no box that say "do not show again". I will never do online backups with my data to a third party especially one with such buggy software. There are other glitches too but the Disappearing Vendor trick gave me a heart attack yesterday. What if all my clients disappear next!? I've been using QB for 15 years. Very disappointing. Don't even get me started on the time tracker software or the markup feature.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Maria Herbert,

I'm sorry that you experienced a problem with your vendors. I'm glad to hear it is now resolved. I'm also sorry our customer support agent made it seem like that we aren't taking ownership of bugs in the software. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix so it's not a problem for customers.

Thank you,

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