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on February 24, 2010
I bought this software Feb 18, almost as soon as it hit the stores. Believe me, it was the biggest disappointment ever. As a Quicken user of 12 years, this software is not recognizable. It's nothing but a budget tracker, with none of the advanced features of Quicken for Windows. Actually, this software is like Quicken for Windows, minus 90% of the functionality. Quicken Essentials is really just that, the bare bones basics. You cannot even set up your paycheck, cannot use online billpay, cannot use with TurboTax, and you cannot even download or manually enter individual stock transactions. And most shocking of all, you can't even back up your data!!!! Am I angry? You bet I am. Instead of Quicken Essentials, it should be called Quicken Kindergarten. The following is quoted directly from their setup guide. I wish they put this stuff on the box.

"As much as we improved the experience of using Quicken when we rebuilt it from the ground up, there are some features you may have been used to using in Quicken for Mac (or Quicken for Windows) that we didn't include in this version of Quicken Essentials.

Quicken Essentials lets you to track the overall value of your investment accounts and the value of specific holdings, but the software does not track individual buys and sells, nor will it provide some advanced investment performance reports.

Exporting to TurboTax
Quicken Essentials does not currently support the ability to export your data to TurboTax.

Direct bill pay
You can track your bills in Quicken Essentials, but the program doesn't have the direct bill pay capabilities that allow you to pay your bills directly from the program.

Other advanced features
Quicken Essentials does not include many of the advanced features in other versions of Quicken, including Business features, Rental Property, lifetime planner, cash flow forecast, spending plan, debt reduction plan, emergency tax records, tax planner, and home inventory manager."

If Quicken for Windows is worth a retail price of $60 to $70, then this new version of Quicken for the Mac is worth at most 5 bucks. Seriously, it does nothing more than downloads transactions and helps you track your spending or maintain a budget. I feel like a total fool for purchasing this product and will be returning it to Intuit. And to think I waited almost 3 years for this product. I was really expecting to be impressed. After Intuit's horrible experience with TurboTax last year, I really can't believe they have the temerity to unleash this worthless product on the market. I expect people at Intuit to get fired over this disaster, and deservedly so. This product looks like it was designed by an 8th grader in order to help a 3rd grader do his arithmetic. And did I mention the graphics? Oh, so elementary. That little pink pig next to my savings account makes me want to scream !!!!!!
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on February 23, 2010
I've been a quicken user for 8 years now, almost always on a mac. In my opinion Quicken was by far the best option for personal money management. In fact it would take a lot to make a loyal user of their products ever consider switching. This program, Quicken Essentials for Mac has made it blatantly obvious that I need to look elsewhere from this point forward for my financial software needs.

I won't nit pick at the software for the specific features that are missing(many of what I'd consider to be basic requirements for even calling it Personal Finance software) but instead I'll simply say that this software provides so little, and is so far off the mark from doing half of what prior versions of Quicken did that I'm not really sure what the purpose of having it is. The user interface upgrades are so lackluster in comparison to the degradation of usefulness that you don't even notice them.

to those consumers considering the purchase I'd like to point you to either Quicken 2007(if you need check writing, better online transaction downloading, bill pay, investment account updating and tracking) or [...] if you like the budgetary and overview side of things(Mint was purchased by quicken and the Mint team ultimately developed Quicken Essentials). Unfortunately if you buy this you'll be getting very disabled versions of both Quicken & Mint and will be left frustrated, constrained & forced to acknowledge the waste of money.
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on February 23, 2010
If there was a way to give this product 0-stars that would be my rating. Good thing that they have a 60-day money back policy as I am sending this back today.

I did see, before I bought this, that you can no longer track investment accounts (other than a balance) and I was fine with that as well as some of the additional items listed that were no longer included. However, they should put in big bold letters on the box and on Amazon's product listing that, "This program no longer allows users to print checks." What were they thinking? I, like many, do not write a lot of checks but for 5 or 10 each month that I do write--I used Quicken and printed the check in the program (using the overpriced Intuit checks--which I just happened to re-order 3 months ago) .

There are so many more things missing from this program that were in older versions (and are not spelled out in detail) it would be silly to list them. However, needless to say, if you made use of even one of these features then you will be asking for trouble in getting this program. For example, you can no longer keep track of loans or mortgages and show the actual principal and interest due. All you can do is show a "liability" account and the balance remaining.

What a complete and absolute waste this program is. It is little more than a conduit to download your various bank and credit card accounts in one place without going to the various account websites.
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VINE VOICEon February 25, 2010
When Intuit's CEO Aaron Patzer joined the company, he remarked, "Holy crap, we haven't put one of these out in three years."

Amazingly, he added: " It's called 'Mac Essentials' because it's got the essential features used by 80 percent of the users we've surveyed and talked to."

Patzer's notion is that something is better than nothing, and that next year he will issue a more complete version, bridging the gap between 80 to 100 percent, to make it fully functional. No, Mr. Patzer, sometimes nothing is better than something, especially when it's software like "Quicken Essentials" that was pulled out of the oven half-baked, served up on a silver tray, and dished out to Mac users who are going to find out that it's just cardboard cuisine.

Mr. Patzer, as a longtime Quicken user since its inception, I've got to say: I've used financial software packages for a long time, from various companies. I know them well. And this latest 'Mac Essential' is no software financial package worth our time or money; it's hobbled beyond human imagination, robbed of one of its most essential -- yes, essential! -- feature: to pay bills online or pay bills by printed check, neither of which is supported by this new, "improved" software.


For $60 prepub and $70 at full retail, this product is the worst piece of Mac software for the financial market ever coded. Others have, rightly, railed against all of its other deficiencies, but the lack of a financial package that won't allow bill payment is such a colossal error that it'd be like engineering a car and deciding there's no need to put an ENGINE in it because you should just park it and enjoy the view. (This software allows you to VIEW your current financial picture. You just can't use it for much of anything else. Looks pretty, but that's about it.)

The inability to export data to TurboTax -- another essential feature that's present in the current version -- is also missing.

This software just ain't ready for prime, and don't let Mr. Patzer convince you otherwise.

I'm sending this back to Intuit for a full refund, with a letter addressed to Mr. Patzer explaining to him that in the software business, the presumption is (a) when you offer a so-called improved version that's a giant leap backward, don't charge $70. As is, this software pretty much offers nothing but a quick picture on your finances--it can't DO anything with that data, however. Furthermore, on that basis, it'd be worth, maybe, $10 to me; and (b) I had to check my birth certificate, which clearly shows I was not born yesterday.

I'm sticking to my current version, which has all the features this version has omitted.

Mr. Patzer should fall on his sword for this one. When he said "Holy crap" upon finding out that the Mac version of Intuit had been ignored for three years, he was right to be surprised. Ironically, we, too, have been surprised: Who'd have thunk that after three years of gestation, this "new, improved" version is the best they could come up with?

Unfortunately, he seems to think we, as long-time customers that have supported his company with our dollars and entrusted his flagship financial product, Quicken, with our fortunes (large and small), will be happy with this misbegotten, rushed-to-press, hobbled, inadequate, unimaginative, and largely dysfunctional/nonfunctional software, for which we should be happy to pay $70.

Bottom line: I, and a legion of Mac computer users, can only quote his immortal, telling words, which should be emblazoned on every piece of "Quicken Essentials for Mac": "HOLY CRAP!"

In my considered, informed opinion, this product is wet, moist, and odoriferous. It's a piece of -- should I even have to say it? -- crap.
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on February 25, 2010
Three and a half years after the last Quicken Mac release (and many more years after problems with Quicken Mac became apparent) comes this disaster. It offers no BillPay, poor acount reconciliation, no export to Turbotax, no investment transaction tracking. And not only doesn't it allow you to track investment transactions; you can't even see your investment balances over time (not to mention your overall net worth over time)--just the total numbers as of today. You also can't manually add investments if the institution doesn't offer downloading (and some big ones such as Mass Mutual do not and don't plan to soon, despite all of Intuit's talk about thousands of institutions). And here's an indication of how brilliantly this program was designed: You can't even see today's account balances at a glance on an opening screen--you have to click through to another screen for that. I could go on (and on and on). Oh yeah: And if you don't like it, too bad--while data imports well, it apparently can't be exported. So this is like the Roach Motel--you can check in but you can't check out.

Suffice it to say that this program would be a huge disappointment even if it were priced at half what it is and even if it had come out right after Quicken Mac 2007. The fact that it's being priced above $60 and coming out 3-1/2 years later (and many more years after problems with Quicken Mac became apparent) is ridiculous.
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on February 25, 2010
Dear loyal customer: Here's the New version Quicken for the Mac that you've been waiting OVER three years for! More good news - we'll gladly charge you more than we do for our highly functional, feature-complete, Windows version (Quicken Deluxe 2010 for Windows sells for MORE than twenty-five dollars less on Amazon right now). You're patience and devotion to our product is about to be greatly rewarded. We know Quicken 2007 for the Mac is a dog. It's slow and buggy and poorly designed, but hey, what else were you going to use on your Mac? We're sorry we stopped fixing bugs or enhancing Quicken 2007 YEARS ago - but we still recommend it over Quicken Essentials for Mac, on our website, if you need to:

1) Pay your bills online
2) Track investment purchases and sales
3) Print checks
4) Export to TurboTax

These are silly things anyway - who really wants to pay their bills using Quicken - right? And after you've spent the entire year entering all of your financial information into Quicken - why not do it all over again in order to use one of our other products - like TurboTax? It's your time, not ours.

Look, we've been trying to figure out this whole "Quicken on the Mac" thing for a while. We know we promised you a new Quicken for Mac years ago - but, we kinda screwed up and had to scrap that project. Then, we were completely caught off guard by the fact the Mac actually became popular. So we figured we could just release a bare minimum product - you know, check the box and buy some time to add in what we should have delivered years ago. We figure, in the meantime, some of you will actually pay for this useless product AND, we can say we've addressed the needs of the Mac market.

We own the financial software market, so you're going to just have to accept what we give you and pay top dollar for it. Sorry people that's just reality. Grin and bear it - please stop complaining and just give us your money.
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on February 26, 2010
Let's see:

No online bill pay. No export to Turbotax. Features dropped from the previous version. The feature gap compared to the Windows version is even larger. $70 if you buy from Intuit. No upgrade price discount for purchasers of earlier (and much better!) versions.

If you have a previous version of Quicken for Mac, there is absolutely NO reason to buy this.

I've never seen any software company----and I include Microsoft here---treat Mac customers with such utter contempt.

These people don't deserve your money and they are certainly not getting another dime from me.

I'd give it ZERO stars if that was possible.
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on October 11, 2010
I've been using Quicken for at least 15 years. I use it in combination with a PDA that has an electronic checkbook program. When I purchased Quicken Essentials I discovered that Quicken no longer supports its own QIF data exchange format; it only supports QFX. Unfortunately, I can't find a single checkbook program for a PDA or smartphone (including iPhone and iPod Touch) that support QFX; they all support QIF. Quicken used to sell its own PocketPC version for PDAs, but they discontinued that too. So unless you intend to carry your laptop or desktop to the store with you, it's pretty useless to buy financial management software that can't exchange information.

In 2005 Apple introduced Intel-based Macs and a migration path. Intuit failed to keep step with the migration path by producing a universal binary version of Quicken for the Mac. In 2009, Apple introduced Snow Leopard, the first purely Intel Mac OS. So the clock has run out on previous, more capable versions of Quicken for Mac, and all that Intuit has to show for the last 5 years is Quicken Essentials. As Mac users move ahead with newer versions of Mac OS, Quicken is positioned to fade away with the past.

There is a very old rule in the information system business for keeping customers happy; with each new version, give your customer what they have today plus a little bit more. Intuit obviously hasn't learned that lesson, and they've just lost another customer.
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on February 23, 2010
I have been using Quicken for Windows for 12 years.My latest version is 2010 which I have been using on my iMac via Bootcamp. I wanted to get a native Mac application so I ordered this program. After 2 days its going back for a refund. Too many features missing: investments, detailed mortgage information, print checks, and most important to me is the ability to save attachments (copy of bills, statements, etc.). If you are used to the windows version, I would not recommend this product.
I just ordered VMware Fusion from Amazon so I can continue to use Windows based Quicken.
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on February 16, 2011
Intuit doesn't seem to have any interest whatsoever in supporting this product; product updates are nearly non-existent (I think I've seen one) and the developers aren't allowed to answer any questions about it -- has development stopped entirely?

In addition, it's riddled with bugs and unfinished modules -- investments, budgeting and reports are a joke.

It's passable for a basic electronic checkbook, but that's about it.

I would suggest either iBank 4, Moneydance, or Moneywell as a good alternative. My personal favorite is Moneywell (it's the best financial program that I've ever used on any platform) and their 2.0 version is getting released this month which adds investment support. Wonderful software and a great developer.
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