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on October 5, 2012
It's shameful Intuit would release a product that should be a beta than a production release. I am a long term Quicken user from back in the DOS days and a former beta tester! Upgrading from Home and Business 2010 was a nightmare! After purchasing the download I installed it, and the program returned an error it couldn't apply updates it had downloaded. Next up was to acquire the patch and manually install. Needless to say it broke the windows installer and and completely destroyed the Norton Ghost installation. This issue couldn't be resolved so I have requested a refund.

The program is buggy, the budgeting interface is aweful, no customization of a color interface, and very busy and confusing. Quicken never was strong on the budgeting component, but this is the WORST I have ever seen.

The add reports to the toolbar customization, doesn't work! Saved programs from previous versions do not work. The savings Goals graphs are not formated correctly and the dollar amount is cut off on the right of the screen. Additionaly, unless you specify a target goal amount, the current amount residing in savings goals won't even display. The budget reports are inaccurate and more time than there worth. The default Personal Income and Personal Expense groups cannot be removed which is the source of the inaccuracy. Geesh, did anyone at Intuit have an accounting primer or have a clue how this is to work. Many of the same errors have been present in the last 3 Windows releases.

Enter the Ipad, Android mobile app. All fine and dandy but I for one could care less about putting my financial data in the cloud, on someone elses server. A mobile app is fine, if it could sync directly to the desktop. Call me old fashioned. In testing the Cloud I have found it is a hybrid version of mint and desktop quicken and quite frankly doesn't work. The mobile version will aggregate real time account data which tells me you have surrended your passwords and given access to your accounts. It also produces and alters the register balance, deletes your historical transactions on sync which is the source of the error, making it incorrect and not accurate at all! Basically they have tried to merge Mint and Desktop together and its failed. For those that value your finances and keep accurate records, this is not the product!

I could rant on, but I wont. The bozos who are part of the product development team need to get their act together. What I am intersted in is a solid desktop financial product based on trusted accounting principles. What I am not interested in is a product geared for the GenX GenY generation. I have a feeling the end of comprehensive desktop software is near it's end.

Unfortunately I do not recommend purchasing this product at this time. Its nothing more than a public beta release. The cloud sync is a security disaster waiting to happen. Buyer Beware! INTUIT NEEDS TO RELEASE A PRODUCT PATCH WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK!


Little has changed in this release. Mobile Sync is still non usable.
Saved Reports shortcuts have not been fixed.
Verify file in File Operations hangs and does not complete.
Whole interface is more clunky and unstable, crashes routinely on Windows Pro 64bit. R2 did not have this problem.
Custom Expense Graph is not accurate. The sumary box displays an inaccurate total, until the view whole graph is clicked, which produces the correct result.

OVERHAUL ANNOYANCE is the inability to customize the categories used in the stock views. EG. My Money View, is of little value as a complete summation of useless data that one may or may not want to track. The lack of the ability to customize these views is an otherwise waste of screen space. I think most will agree, Personal accounting is just that, and what the developers feel what should be reported and viewed isn't necessarily the right one.

The strong points of the program are the powerful historical data collection and reporting capabilities, the direct downloads from hundreds of financial institutions, and free flowing data entry interface. If you can live without investment data and require to the penny accuracy you should consider Quick Books. Honestly Quicken is Intuits CASH COW, but I think this cow is out of milk. Unfortunately I am actively searching and trialing several competing products as an alternate replacment, and yes I have used it for more than 20 years. This product by all practical purposes is at the end of its life in its current state couopled with a mandatory update every three years with Intuits sunset policy, and a recurrent history of NEVER fixing whats broken and releasing the same junk year after year. It's not a matter of "if" but "when" will Intuit drive that final nail!


Released solved nothing. Product is mess, junk, broke. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!


Release resolved nothing. Core bugs remain, R6 completely screwed up the data file. THIS IS THE WORST RELEASE OF QUICKEN SOFTWARE SINCE ITS INCEPTION!!!!! I HAVE DOWNGRADED MY RATING TO 1, AND I MAINTAIN A DO NOT BUY FOR THIS JUNK! IT IS UNRELIABLE, YOU CAN NOT TRUST THE DATA, AND SO MUCH OF THE REPORTING IS BROKE AND INACURATE, I AM SORRY I EVER USED IT. This product is simply unacceptable so to the customer service reps that keep responding, STOP THE BULLSHIT. The product is broke!
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on October 12, 2012
I purchase a lot of items from Amazon but have never taken the time to write a review. Almost all items that I order from Amazon work well and I take it for granted that this is the way things should be. It takes a real problematic product like Quicken 2013 to motivate me to take valuable time out of my day to write a review.

I have been using Quicken, TurboTax and Expensable since 1998 and have--UNTIL LAST WEEK--been very pleased and favorably impressed with their products. UNTIL LAST WEEK I have heartily recommended the Intuit product line to friends and business associates.


This 2013 product is simply not ready for prime time. It is buggy in my experience and refused to load one out of three accounts and one bank for web sharing. Various print functions on my menu system do not work. During the last week there have been no less than two different software updated released to try to fix the issues (remember this product is all of a couple weeks old). Even when it works, it does not web synch any accounts that are not essentially current assets/liabilities used for personal purposes--weak!

What we have here--in my experience--does not even qualify as reasonable Beta version software!

What management oversights at Intuit would have allowed them to release such junk is just beyond me. Are there no quality control folks testing this product? Is the senior management so out-of-touch with the developers that they could not have foreseen that this product was not ready for prime time?

Was it not foreseeable that software of this ilk would likely wind up in the hands or "early-adopter" customers of long standing with Intuit software? Releasing this software while it was in this state of ill-preparedness is the classic "wrong way Corrigan" of marketing. It disappoints and offends long-standing loyal customers and diminishes brand value and brand loyalty.

There are a number of nice responses from Intuit on this board regarding their trying to fix the many problems quickly and efficiently. This is, I am sure, well intentioned. It does not address the salient point here, however: THIS PRODUCT SHOULD NEVER HAVE SHIPPED IN THIS CONDITION.

TO NOTE ONE FINAL INSULT HERE: Intuit has typically tried to prevent migration back to an earlier version of their software by converting your existing databases into a newer format after you have upgraded to a later version of their software. While this is annoying, it is good, sound marketing from their standpoint. That is--good and sound marketing until you ship a buggy mess like this software. ONCE YOU HAVE INSTALLED THIS PROBLEMATIC SOFTWARE IT IS DIFFICULT TO REVERT TO THE PRIOR VERSION.

Save your money and wait on this product. I am sure that Intuit will get it right eventually--they certainly have in the past. At this juncture they have a big smudge on them from my perspective.Quicken Home & Business 2013 [Download]
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
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on October 8, 2012
I admit it, I got excited for the new version and upgraded. Nearly all the marketing features hyped above are not ready for prime time. Budgeting is a big fail. I'm going to revert to an excel spreadsheet and manually transfer the values. The numbers are off and there is an odd way of handling categories and future transactions.

Mobile sync crashes around 50% of the time and takes roughly 5 minutes to complete, while the software is locked and unusable. I hit sync and walk away. Using the iOS interface took some getting used to, and I may use it "on the fly" but it's not as nimble as the Pocket Quicken app in the days of Palm (yes, I'm that old and have been using Quicken that long!)

I could go on, but the other reviews hit the high points. I came from 2011 and wish that I could go back, but I've put too much new info in the data file, so I'm stuck.

If I could do it all over again, I'd wait to upgrade until users report all the kinks are worked out (if ever). Just head over to the forums and see what people are posting. I wish I did before I purchased. As of today (10/8/12) I have taken a step backward from usage. Thank god for Excel to fill in the holes while other people that purchased this too early "beta test" for Intuit.

EDIT 11/15/12: I just downloaded the seventh (R7) update and it completely corrupted my data. Mind you, I had to add a "balancer" transaction to a few of my accounts with the upgrade to 2013. Amounts were off, but I couldn't figure out where or why.

With R7, I had to restore from a backup (thank God I backup). If I could downgrade this review to zero stars I would. I no longer attempt to use the budgeting feature, we use excel and manually patch the data back into Quicken. I have mobile completely disabled (it added corrupt data). I bought a book to understand some of the "new features," if only to find a workaround.

If I could go back to my previous version or if there was a reasonable competitor I would abandon this product immediately.

EDIT 3/2/2013

We're on R11 (patch 11) now. I'm happy to report that I haven't had any data corruptions recently--for a couple of months. The mobile/iOS experience is still not working. Now every time I try to use it recently I get a "Data Error" and it boots me completely out. That is to say it requires that I go back an re-enter my UN and PW as opposed to simply the iOS program PIN. Then it simply gives the same error and requires a sign out. I may delete the account and create a new one, again, to see if that fixes it as it has in the past. As you can gather from my review above and other users, it hasn't been sufficiently reliable for me to consistently use it, so I can't say it's a huge loss for me. However, if you view it as a big selling point, don't purchase this software for this feature.

There are many bugs that are still not worked out (again, venture over to Quicken's support forum). My view on the software is still the same. This is not an adequately vetted program and is still not ready for public release. If you MUST upgrade for some reason, such as banking compatibility, it's tolerable--at least you won't lose data (well, maybe). I still backup frequently. The only reason I'd say that's a remotely acceptable option is because there are no real competitors here. My rating stands at 1 of 5 stars.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi MTB Quick,
Thank you again for providing feedback about your mobile app experience here-it has been extremely helpful for us in identifying and fixing issues with the slowness of mobile sync that some users are seeing. Again, we apologize for the issues you experienced--we know this has caused problems in using Quicken 2013 itself, but we are happy to announce that we've released a product and server update that should resolve the majority of issues some users are experiencing. To download this update, you can perform a One Step Update and then download the patch release, or download the "mondo" patch here:

We still have a small number of unique issues that we are tracking down, and we will provide more information as soon as fixes for these are validated--for details on these issues, and updated information on how to fix your issues, visit this updated FAQ

If you find that the updates have changed or improved your experience, please help us and other users by sharing your feedback here-the more we hear from you, the better we can focus on updates that will give you a best-in-class experience.

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on October 17, 2012
I am a person that looks at the bright side of things . . . so I took Intuit at their word when they claimed the last update to their software fixed most of the connectivity issues with mobile devices . . . I should have known better. Intuit is marketing a product that nearly everyone is causing nearly everyone hours of frustration. I spend three hours with it and I am done. I purchased this through Amazon as a download. If they do not issue a refund very quickly . . . notice I said very quickly . . . I will begin pursuing a class-action lawsuit against them. Anyone care to join? I find it interesting that nearly every major software manufacturer out there . . . even those producing suites that cost $1500 (Adobe) offer at least a 15 day trial (most are 30 days) of their product at no charge. You only pay at the end of the trial period if you like your experience. Yet Intuit does not offer such a program (at least not one that I am aware of). So . . . since Intuit monitors these reviews, I pose the question . . . Why do you not offer a trial period for your software? (I think everyone that has bought their flawed product already knows the answer.) Considering how many problems there are with this product, I almost consider their sale of this software "bait-and-switch." I have worked with computers and software for more than 30 years. I have bought lots of software. Never have I seen such an irresponsible release of a product that is still in the developmental stage Problem is, Intuit doesn't understand that. They are so inept at understanding the functionality of their product they think it is a "prime time" piece of work. There should be some people losing their jobs over this fiasco. Stay posted. I will keep everyone advised on how they handle my request for a refund. It is my opinion that Amazon should pull Quicken 2013 from their product offerings. I will let you know what their response is to that suggestion.

Update 10/18
Well I have to give credit to Intuit for following through so quickly on my dissatisfaction with Quicken 2013. I literally got an e-mail from them within hours of my post . . . very impressive. And I could tell there was definitely a genuine apologetic tone to their response.I had used Quicken for nearly 15 years, but went a new direction about five years ago so I could have connectivity to my smartphone. So I was really excited when I heard about the 2013 version. Anyway . . . looks like I am back to Mvelopes. Thanks Intuit to getting my problem squared away. (Issuing a refund). Well done!

Update 11/8 Heard that all the bugs which drove me to request a refund have supposedly been resolved. So . . . I will give them one more try. I used to be a user of Quicken 2010 before switching to Mvelopes. Not a lot new in Quicken 2013, but since I am operating my own business, I will give Quicken's Home & Business a try. If things go well, I will probably use both Mvelopes & Quicken. May be buying it all over again.

Update 11/11
I have now been using Quicken 2013 for nearly a week. This has been a start over experience after my very disappointing first date with the product several weeks back which prompted me to ask for a refund. I like how things are going. I had been a long time Quicken user, but had jumped ship about three years ago in pursuit of a financial tool that had a good Android app. Over the years, I think I have tried nearly everything YNAB, Moneydance, Pocketsmith, Yodlee, etc. I have finally settled on two programs Mvelopes and Quicken 2013 Home and Office. I will continue to use Mvelopes because it provides a great weekly budget option . . . Quicken does not. But I have always loved the customization features of Quicken that helps me see the info the way I want it. And I like the ability to use my finance app offline as well as online. People (including myself) are highly opinionated about their finance software. Everyone has their own particular way they want the information about their bank accounts and budget to be managed. After having been around the block with nearly 10 - 12 different finance apps, I have concluded that Quicken is one of the best for my family situation. If quicken had a weekly budgeting feature, I would drop Mvelopes and be all in with Intuit. Quicken is not perfect, but I am still glad to be back with Quicken. I am going to run it through the trial period and if everything contines to work as expected, I will repurchase it. I am also looking forward to using the Quicken interface for running the books on my videography business.
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on October 12, 2012
Even after assurances from Intuit they are working like mad on the reported mobile/quicken cloud issues, and recently are stating "most problems are fixed" THEY ARE NOT FIXED. As of today 12/Oct/12 running patch version R4, it's still a wholesale disaster. HTTP 401 errors, "getModifiedTransactions" fails "forcibly closed by remote host" -- even their troubleshooting forms are confused on that one. Please don't buy this yet. I am now applying for a refund.
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on October 14, 2012
Buyer's remorse is an understatement. I have used Quicken for over 15 years and this is the worse experience to date. I have been waiting years for Quicken to come out with a mobile product so I can easily update my accounts and look-up entries when not at my home PC. This offering makes it clear they haven't put much though or testing into this concept either and it will be years before I can un-tether from my PC and use Quicken on any Mobile device with any degree of confidence.
I am hesitant to give it one star, as I will never reclaim the hours wasted on this upgrade and the data corruption that it caused. My life is worth more to me than the $80 and fixed issues I had such high hopes for from this upgrade.
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on January 1, 2013
Reviewed - January 1, 2013
Updated - January 31, 2013 (See below)

Like others I've used Quicken for years... so I'm a little accustomed to low expectations on upgrades and with features in general. That said, I'm only a few minutes into using it and already irritated more than I expected.


- Calculation issues
- Not many new features
- Removed feature: 'Don't include in net worth total' option:

I'm not sure what it's called, but I immediately noticed the removal of the option to not have an account's balance reflected in the net worth total; something that allows an account to function fairly normally but not be tallied. This has been removed entirely and replaced with an option to "keep this account separate- account will be excluded from quicken reports and features". I don't care for this. I don't especially care for features that I liked being removed and replaced, versus simply ADDING a new option on.

Additionally, it doesn't even work as described. When a particular asset account is separated with this option, it still appears in the list of assets in my net worth reports. It has only been removed from the account tab list in the report customization dialog; so you simply can't un-check it to hide it! You can get around it by removing it from the 'categories' tab list (counter intuitive and can cause other calculation errors in the balance display for other accounts), but it obviously doesn't work right.

So, a feature removed and replaced with something that does not even function right. Whatever the reasoning for the change, this is what make's me annoyed with upgrades. The only reason I purchased this was because I had a coupon available for a very steep discount and was willing to pay a small amount for a couple features. This is not a huge deal in itself, it more of an issue with my faith in their releases. It only took a few minutes to find issues, so I'm not looking forward to finding more.

There are a few other complaints I have regarding calculation issues, but I'm sure they are described by others. Some things are just not intuitive and actually don't make much sense at all. I was also not happy with the response they gave on their feedback site regarding the removal of the above feature.


- The search feature update. We'll see how I feel after awhile though.

If you have never used Quicken, I recommend starting to use it; simply because I don't know of many good alternatives. I'd give it a few stars from the perspective of going from a checkbook to a program. Weigh your options first though and be prepared to show patience.

Unless you have a big discount like I did (and maybe not even then), I'd recommend against upgrading. There are very few new features, some of those features don't seem to be tested thoroughly and I have a hard time justifying encouraging the Quicken team to be rewarded year after year with upgrade purchases when they consistently don't fix enough longstanding bugs, make odd decisions and don't really add much to justify the huge costs.

The program is useful; but the upgrade itself is only worth 1 star to me at this point compared to the 2012 version. I'll reevaluate as I continue using it; especially if they continue addressing issues and restore the missing option.

***UPDATE 01/31/13:***

Another issue:

- The debt reduction planner is broken.

Payment schedules for the planner can't do simple math correctly. Not only does it perform an odd calculation of minimum payments on accounts with 0% interest when setting up the plan, but a more serious issue occurs. Allocating extra money for the plan will cause it to instruct you to overpay on account, instead of rolling over the extra money to the next account in line.

So for an account that owes $170, it could instruct you to pay over $200 on the account even when added interest for the month would make that impossible. Instead, the extra ~$30 or so should rollover to be paid on the next account in line. This worked fine in previous versions, it does not now.

Additionally, lowering the monthly payment can cause the planner to claim the account will be paid off when it is not. So for the $170 owed, if only $150 can be allocated, it tells me that the next month no payment is due and the balance on the account would be $0!

I've reproduced this issue a number of times in many different ways and it has defeated the whole point of the planner for me, making is useless. If you use this feature and don't want to be disappointed, DON'T UPGRADE.
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on November 24, 2012
It seems like they fixed all the issues since they first released it. I'm not sure what others are seeing, but I had no issues upgrading from 2012 and the IOS app works perfectly. I don't need to remember anymore what i spent cash on when I'm out of the house, because i can just put in a cash transaction on the fly on my iPhone and then sync it back to my desktop install. I was extremely hesitant to upgrade after reading all of the poor reviews, but then saw a few people say the issues were addressed so I thought I'd give it a try. If you're at all concerned, do what I did:

1. Backup your 2012 data.
2. Upgraded to 2013.
3. Don't do a bank sync right away. Test out the features on your phone and sync that to see if 2013 pulls data down from their cloud without errors to your local Quicken install.
4. I did this for 5 days and then did a sync with my bank. No issues whatsoever.

My plan was to downgrade back to 2012 and get a refund for 2013 if it didn't work flawlessly.

I'm syncing to 3 different bank accounts and 2 credit cards. No issues. I really was expecting to have to deal with some problem, but I may be one of the lucky ones. The release after all the updates ran is: R7 ( Home and Business edition.

I know your results may vary, but I hope you at least give it a try because the new features with the mobile client are what I've been waiting years for and it's been a great experience so far. And no, I don't work for Intuit. :)

Good luck!
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on December 31, 2012
Long time Quicken user and former beta tester. Couldn't even get Quicken H&B 2013 to install correctly.

Validated and found no errors with my Quicken 2012 data file. Tried to install Quicken 2013. Installation hangs at the "Update may take several minutes" screen. No progress bar seen updating. After 40 minutes and still apparently not updated, I had to stop the installer from running.

Clicked on the Quicken 2013 icon, Quicken started and converted my 2012 data file. When Quicken reopened, it was running version 1. When I went to update, it prompted me to register. Registration hangs and does not occur, preventing me from updating to R10.

Major fail on Intuit's part. Uninstalled Quicken 2013 via Control Panel uninstall, deleted converted 2013 data file, restored 2012 data file and reinstalled Quicken 2012.

Q2012 working perfectly. Updated to R7 without a hitch. Everything back to where it was. A little tense sweat and a waste of about 30 minutes.

Tell you what, when Quicken 2012 sunsets in 3 years, I'm moving to MoneyDance. This is ridiculous. The morons in India who support and produce this product should all be fired.
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on October 13, 2012
I too have used Quicken since the dos days and am disappointed. I have been forced to return to 2012 as the program will not update one of my files correctly. I have many loans and the 2013 did not convert the payments portion - so i have no payment history. Customer service suggested i re-input them but that would be an insurmountable task and not worth it especially in light of all the other problems that this program seems to have according to the other reviews. Must say i'm very disappointed as i definitely need the mobile portion.
And it's so slow I can't believe it. Hopefully these issues will be fixed - i think my whole life is in this program.

As a result of this review, Quicken did contact me and try to help resolve my problem - i absolutely appreciate that (GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE). However this version of quicken does not allow for loans for when you lend money - only borrow. I must say this is shocking and i hope people read this before you convert.
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