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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 27, 2013
Changes to the UI from past years versions are virtually nil. The UI looks dated with Windows 95 era style icons in the toolbar.

The UI is slow in repainting itself while scrolling large datasets, this is particularly noticeable in the Investing tab if the number of stocks exceeds what will fit in a single window view, requiring you to scroll. If I edit a row then click off of it to edit a different row somewhere else in the window, the app will occasionally become non-responsive for up to 30 seconds before allowing me to edit the new row.
I have a high-end Intel i7 desktop PC with 16GB RAM and a high-end NVIDIA video card, so these types of performance issues are unacceptable.

Print to PDF functionality has never worked for me in the last version or this one (error code -20). Quicken installs a printer called "Quicken PDF Printer" which one would think is a general purpose PDF printer. I had to find a third party PDF printer in order to print to PDF.

Apparently new in this version you need to create an intuit id in order to download transactions from financial institutions. Be sure to read their privacy policy.

To Intuit's credit they do release frequent updates which is good and bad in that they are responsive to fixing bugs, but apparently many bugs get through their QA process.

In a few days of usage I have not seen anything to indicate 2014 is much more than 2013 + some bug fixes + carry over bugs that were never addressed. Will continue to update the review as things improve. Intuit should really rethink the price points for the quicken line considering each year's new "version" is more of a service pack.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 17, 2013
I started using Quicken in the 1980s printing out my checks on a dot-matrix printer.
Since then, I have been a loyal customer/user, upgrading almost every year.
I have seen the product go from DOS-based to Windows-based with many amazing features.
I have always used the transaction downloading capabilities which have evolved to the "One-Step Updates" to all my financial institutions thus avoiding manual entries.
My gripe is that the price to upgrade annually has increased, but so have the bugs. And the new functionality each year is limited. Despite that, I have continued to upgrade annually as I really like the product and typically there are some new functions I find useful. Until this year...

Specifically, when I logged onto my copy of Quicken 2013 (Home&Business), a window popped up from within the Quicken 2013 program prompting me, as a current user, to upgrade to 2014. The message was "Attention: Quicken 2014 is here. Save $10 when you buy today. When I clicked on the "Upgrade Now" button, my browser opened and I was brought directly to the Intuit web site with an offer to purchase the Home & Business version for $104.99 (marked down from $114.99). Much to surprise, a simple google search brought me to this page on Amazon where the same product is $72.99! So I was being prompted, as a current customer, to pay $32 more than the general pricing.
So this was a total turn off for me. How hard is it to market the product to current users for an upgrade price that is less than one anyone can buy on the street!
Needless to say, I've decided to hold off on this upgrade and maybe even skip this year! I can survive with version 2013.

PS The really ironic punchline of this story is that I'm also a loyal QuickenLoans customer, having refinanced a number of times with Intuit. There loans are provided to customers with an amazing experience that makes me think someone is really doing a good job running the show with their Loan Department. I wish the Software folks better understood the importance of delighting the customer!

Update (Nov 27, 2013) - Well I broke down and purchased the download update from Amazon for Quicken Home & Business 2014. I just can't resist having the latest release. In this case, I may have made a big mistake!

So far, I've been prompted with at least three upgrade "patches". I'm currently on Release R 3 ( The Quicken 2014 for Windows Release Notes, Updates, and Mondo Patch can be found here: [...]
I'm pretty amazed at how many bugs were fixed or "improvements" added in the two releases (R2, R3). Sixty-two in total.

My experience is that the software is buggy and unstable.
Specifically, even on the latest release, Quicken will randomly totally crash after I do an online update. I can't reproduce the issue. But it happens about half the time I do downloads.
Also, I can't seem to get the online downloads to work correctly with my Capital One accounts. A window pops up and says I need to enter the password, even though I have it stored in the vault. If I put in the correct password, Quicken tells me it's wrong. If I log on to the Capital One site via the link provided by Quicken, then the download will work if I try again. Clearly the passwords are not being managed correctly in Quicken.

Other than that, I can't really find or see any new functionality that would justify the expense. It seems like Quicken is trying to push the "mobile" computing aspect and cloud capabilities, but this is of limited benefit to me, so far.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 26, 2013
As my version of Quicken 2011 H&B has a) suddenly stopped connecting with my bank and downloading transactions again and b) will be sunset next year anyway due to Quicken policy, I decided to give 2014 a try, so far the problems are as follows:
1. Still cannot print an invoice to printer or PDF if it has a logo, tried every suggestion on 2011 and every suggestion again on 2014 and still does not work. You would think after many years and multiple new releases they would have fixed this basic functionality for the business section. Also in addition while trying to print invoices with a logo the program froze solid multiple times and I had to do the three finger control, alt delete to bring up task manager and kill the program.I was hoping to switch to H&B rather than upgrade QuickBooks for my business but H&B just does not seem professional enough
2. The upgrade appeared to go smoothly however, the first message after the update and file conversion was that the program could not open the data file, finally did open the file from the File Open menu and seems to be OK so far.
3. So far I have not noticed much in the way of new or improved functions, the program is already on release 2 one day after release.
4. Cannot vouch whether the banking connection is fixed as I had already downloaded the file directly from the bank site and updated the 2011 data file (and backed it up) prior to the upgrade so there were no new transactions to download, will check tomorrow and update the review.
All in all not much different than the 2011 H&B from my usage standpoint

Update 9-27-13
Tried the bank Express Web Connect today and it did not download the new transactions even though it showed as connecting with the bank, I went to the account settings and used the new reset button feature to reset the online banking connection. Net result after that was that the accounts a) still did not download transactions, b) the program created 4 new temp accounts and the one step update now showed 9 accounts connected, and still did not download new transactions. I deactivated all the accounts and decided to download the transactions file directly from the bank web site and now the program would not import the transactions into the program. After a restore from a backup prior to the use of the reset function I could at least import the file from the bank site to make the program useable.
Net result of all this is that the program seems to be going backwards on the basic functions.

Update 2 9-28-13
With new transactions available in my bank accounts I tried the express web connect one step update function and just like my previous version (Quicken H&B 2011) the process completes with no error messages but does not download the new transactions. This all worked on the previous version until about a month ago, I can download the quicken file from the bank and import into the program and get the new transactions but the express web connect function is NOT working.
At this rate the program is NOT worth the upgrade and I have reduced my rating.

Update 3 10-2-13
Talked to customer service about the inability to download transactions from the account update or OSU selections and tried every suggestion on the Quicken support pages with no change in the problem and no error messages, this was all working fine on H&B 2011 about a month ago and I suspect a Quicken problem with the data as it goes through the whole connecting dialog just does not download new transactions. I finally tried a new approach, first I deactivated all accounts, then I exited Quicken and restarted, I then changed my login ID and password on the bank web site and set up OSU in Quicken. The accounts all showed up and I linked them to the existing accounts and viola the program connected and downloaded the new transactions. At this time (fingers crossed) OSU seems to be working. I downloaded the iOS app for 2014 yesterday and this appears to be working OK however it does not sync the investment accounts which the app for Mint does, it also says no budgets are set up which is not the case. So far though it all seems to be working.
UPDATE !!!!!!!! 11-28-13
Just wasted an entire day sorting out a problem with Quicken where the online totals from the bank were off from the quicken totals, turned out to be a problem with the cloud sync where it indicated differences with the mobile sync and recommended actions (ignore or delete), I chose the recommended action and it screwed up the entire register by adding and deleting transactions that had been previously reconciled, register was off by over $1000!! I had to go back a year and work my way forward to find the error and eventualy ended up restoring a 5 week old backup and redownloading transactions. Tried reloading the cloud data from the Quicken mobile page with the same result and ended up deleting cloud sync entirely. From a web search this is not an uncommon problem so I plan to stay away from the cloud/mobile feature and have deleted the mobile app. My bank mobile app along with mint gives me all the mobile alerts and banking features I need and does not screw up the basic quicken program which seems to work OK.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 12, 2013
I recently upgraded to Quicken 2014 Home & Business. For several weeks it has worked, although it has been a little quirky. After entering data for about 12 hours last night, I initiated a manual backup and Quicken crashed. I opened Quicken again and it said the data file was in use by another program. I shut down every nonessential process, no luck. Rebooted several times, no luck. Spent 2 hours chatting with tech support. That's when I discovered my data file had gone from over 780 mb to only 28 kb. It destroyed my data. Luckily I back up after every use, but it will take days to reconstruct this disaster as I have already shredded the images that I put in Quicken. I have also learned that to go back to the 2013 version, I will lose all data entered since the upgrade. I have used Quicken for over 20 years and routinely buy each new upgrade. I am floored that they would release such a poorly tested product and make it next to impossible to get support. I have never written a review before, but I am hoping no one has to go through what I am about to go through . . . trying to reconstruct lost data because the program(not a hard drive failure, fire, theft, etc.) destroyed it. I repeatedly asked the agent on the chat line to elevate this issue to the engineers in the US, but was told I was a high as I could go. They offered a number for phone support, but stated that the support over the phone was very poor. I am hoping that by putting this review on Amazon, Intuit will see it and fix there product (it would also be nice if they would help restore the file their program destroyed).
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on November 8, 2013
The manufacturer ("kathyrn") is cluttering up the whole review section by responding to the endless series of (deservedly) negative feedback with the completely generic, repeated, and unhelpful response "Thank you for your feedback-we are always working to improve our product-I will be sure to pass this to our development team... blah... blah...blah"

The intent of allowing manufacturer feedback on Amazon is to provide HELPFUL and SPECIFIC responses -- not just generic marketing spam that helps no one and bothers everyone.

I really do NOT need to read the same blather 100 times. If you want to thank people for the feedback, then just write it once. If you actually appreciate customer feedback, then try actually doing something to fix your poor & overpriced product. You can start by getting rid of the ridiculous 3 year obsolescence or at least sell a reasonable renewal package, rather than forcing users to constantly repurchase and reinstall the same basic buggy product.

Quicken is one of the few products that seems to decline in quality and utility with each new version. As the old adage goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and certainly if it is broke, then please stop marketing and start fixing! (btw, the last useful feature was allowing for online downloading of account transactions, more than a decade ago).

Trust me, you are not doing your brand any good.

I am so praying for a competitor to come in and an introduce a better alternative.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 3, 2013
Have been a Quicken user for a long time and i am tired of being their beta tester. They release software before it is ready and there are always bugs that take months to work out, Home and Business 2013 is on its 12th release and 2014 has only been out two days and it is already on release 2.

Downloaded the program, installed it and all went ok but on first use the conversion failed three times and the program stopped every time. Some how after restarts etc it was able to complete. Now I have problems with categories no longer matching saved transactions, duplicate transactions after download, the display hangs when switching between registers and i have only used it once so i am sure there are more to come.

My recommendation to everyone is wait until the 6th or 7th release because that is when Intuit BEGINS to get it right thanks to all the consumers who performed their beta testing. If your going to install it, do it on a non essential computer with a copy of your data file and keep 2013 running on you day to day computer like I did because on install it uninstalls your previous version and screws up your data file without fail. I am ready to jump ship to another product because i refuse to sit on the phone for hours trying to get their product to work like I have done so many times before.


Tried to get a refund from Amazon and of course you cannot, it has to go through Intuit. What a scam, Intuit is allowed to keep your money and you have a product that is completely useless. Do not buy this software!!!


I appreciate your effort to help but you do not understand, I do not have the time to help you make your software work. That is Intuit's job. They should make sure the product performs before releasing it to the public. I have my hands full making sure my business provides the customer with a service they can depend on and one that works. I do not rely on my customer to troubleshoot my work.


The software was updated and most of my issues went away, the screen rewrite is still a problem but the program is much better. The android app is a major improvement over the 2013 release. Things are looking much better!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 12, 2013
I switched to a Mac about 3 years ago, and since then, I have run Quicken H&B 2010 under Parallels. Since Intuit essentially cripples the most useful features of their software after 2-3 years (when online updates stop working), I upgraded to 2014, thinking begrudgingly, that at least the software would work for the next several years, and I could spend the $115 (now $73 after a price drop in the last two weeks) knowing that I was getting what I needed.

I was wrong. I have never experienced this much crashing from any program I've run under Parallels, ever. Ever. My Quicken data goes back to 2000. I don't know if this program is just poorly optimized to handle memory or large data files, but this Quicken Home & Business 2014 is sluggish and laggy -- whereas every other program I run under Parallels, including professional 3D rendering software, runs smoothly. I want to reiterate this: This is not a Mac/Parallels problem. If I can run SolidWorks and other computationally-intensive programs within Parallels, smoothly, with the same resources, there is no reason why a comparatively less-requirements-intensive program like Quicken should ever crash or have trouble repainting the UI or choke on a batch transaction edit, such as renaming a payee.

Quicken has crashed at least 10 times in the last 3 days, with no warning -- sometimes sending an error report, sometimes just disappearing. And today I found that about 20 previously-reconciled transactions just plain disappeared since I reconciled the account 2 days ago. I didn't delete them; they just disappeared. This is extremely frustrating when you need the numbers to add up, and some of the entries just disappear. I had to literally hunt through old bank statements to find which transactions had gone missing and re-enter them manually.

Aside: There are a couple of other UI bugs that are extremely frustrating. For example, I have an investment (brokerage) account that has a linked Cash account. If I ever try to edit a linked transaction in the Cash account, Quicken pops up a modal that says I should edit the linked transaction in the investment account -- and then makes it impossible for me to click elsewhere in the transaction register or escape out of editing mode. Every click or button-press gets the modal dialog to pop up again. The only resolution is to click some other option from the menu bar, or to switch accounts. This isn't good UI design; this is a kludgy workaround. And then, when I do try to edit certain transactions in the brokerage account (such as Margin Interest), some fields such as "Description" are just plain un-editable. The only way to change them is to delete the transaction and re-enter it. I've also had frustrations with wanting to mark a security transaction as reconciled -- such as the sale of a security, so I can note that the cash is available in my Cash account -- and its status is impossible to change. I get the modal again. Then when I try to edit the linked transaction, changing its status to R (reconciled) does absolutely nothing to the status of the Cash transaction. I don't understand the logic that went into this behavior, because it makes no practical sense for the purpose of tracking where your money is and what it is doing.

This makes me have absolutely no confidence in this software as a repository that I can trust to keep an accurate accounting of my personal finances. Until I find a suitable replacement, I am now going to have to manually check every month to make sure that Quicken isn't magically deleting my entries. If it can't handle my large data file, then, well, I don't know why I'm bothering with this "full-featured" version instead of getting one of its less-expensive competitors. I've stayed with Quicken because it's been reliable and it's had all the features I needed for my personal income, investments, and business expenses. But this is just awful -- I need to trust my financial accounting software. This constant crashing (literally 3-4 times a day) and random data disappearance has me wishing I had saved my money and taken a chance on something else. I've never been this disappointed with any software I've ever bought.

TL;DR: Do not recommend. Crashes frequently. Transactions go missing. Can't trust the software, which is an enormous deal-breaker for managing something so important.
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on October 21, 2013
I've been a Quicken user since 1998. Nothing else comes close to the features that this software offers, and I use just about all of them. It almost does everything I want it to do, almost. It does not track restricted stock units (RSU's) or anything with an odd vesting schedule without playing crazy games. The vehicle mileage tracker allows "Rental Property" for the trip type, but it will not let you name which rental property. And other arcane examples.

It is reasonably stable. I just upgraded to the 2014 version from 2011. I have not seen much stability increase in the 2014 version over 2011, it still crashes occasionally (probably about once a week), usually during or just after a One Step Update. It does appear to be better at hanging onto downloaded data through a crash however. Older versions would randomly forget downloaded transactions after a crash, 2014 appears to remember them. Maybe its the size of the data file. My QDF file is over 200MB now and contains 15 years worth of data.

A couple gripes I have: I keep getting faster and faster computers, and Quicken continues to run slower and slower. 2014 suffers badly from slow screen updates, and appears to repaint the screen multiple times after nearly every entry. It gets a little frustrating, watching the spinning circle after simple events such as accepting a downloaded transaction, knowing that my time is being wasted by what probably amounts to lazy programming (I'm a programmer, I know how these things work).

Quicken also suffers from some persistent and stupid bugs that have been there for years. For example, in the vehicle mileage tracker, it gets way to aggressive in auto-filling the text fields, to a point where it overwrites a value that I just entered. Then, when I save the entry, the screen spastically cycles through every entry I ever entered, showing each entry in the text fields for a brief few milliseconds before showing the next one, and I watch my entire history flash before my eyes. C'mon, Intuit, don't you ever test this stuff? This bug has been in there ever since the mileage tracker was introduced several years ago.

2014 did not add any features over 2011 other than a mobile app. It's more of a maintenance release that didn't change anything except a few UI tweaks. Upgrades are forced by the sunset provision every 3 years.

Having said all this, I will continue to use this software, as nothing else comes close. Nuisance bugs and miscellaneous problems aside, this is a good package for managing personal finances that may be more complex than many web or tablet-based packages can handle. Web-based packages are way too light on features and I have not found anything that offers the amount of investing tools, business tools (small business, anyway), reporting, etc. that Quicken has. I hope that Intuit does not abandon this software in favor of lightweight tablet-based apps or web apps.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 11, 2013
This is the worst product I have seen from Intuit. I have been using Quicken for almost twenty years and Quicken H&B 2014 is by far the worst release by a significant margin. Not only is it extremely slow compared to previous versions when it comes to rendering screens and responding to inputs, but it has crashed more in the six weeks I've been using it that all the other versions of Quicken combined over two decades use. Talk about disappointed -- it crashed three times within the first hour of using the product. And the crashes have continued unabated. Unfortunately there is no 2013 downgrade option available. Moreover I have significant concerns about data integrity over the long run if these crashes continue. The sad part is there has been no communication from Intuit nor patches issued that address the problem. Very disappointed.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 3, 2013
I've used Quicken for way too long than I care to admit. I used to drive to their headquarters to pick up my copy! I also was a beta tester for a few years. The reviews of Quicken 2013 were so bad, that I skipped that version, but when I heard that Quicken 2014 was largely a bug fix, I jumped in and ordered it. I like it a lot so far. One Step Update is so much better than it was. The software prompted me to fix errors in accounts, and fixed a problem that I couldn't fix in Quicken 2012, even after several tech support calls to both my bank and to Quicken.

The software seems to work much smoother, and I haven't encountered any of the issues that I had before. This isn't a major upgrade, but it does fix issues that Quicken had and it seems to work more logically. This is all true, but now, after working with the software for a few months, lots of new issues have cropped up:

1. "COM Error - Quicken Window has stopped working." Not sure what this means (except their error messages were written by someone who learned English after their native language), but it happens to me nearly every time I use the program. Essentially, the program crashes and I'm done until I restart. NOT ACCEPTABLE!
2. Renaming conventions that make no sense. Company names are changed to the point of being unrecognizable. I change them back and delete the renaming rule that Quicken created and it continues to make those changes anyway.
3. Long time transactions with nonsensical categories. Many transactions that I have done for years with the same category were changed. For example, a regular payment I make to a vendor changed from a specific expense to another. I change the rules and it ignores my changes. Very strange.
4. Every time I enter a check, I get a non-sensical screen about duplicate transactions.

So, while Quicken 2014 fixed issues I was having before, it now has introduced many new problems. Hopefully, Quicken will fix these in the next update. Until then, I've given this product a lower rating than my initial review a few months ago.
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