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on May 31, 2008
After reading several reviews for this tent, we knew when we purchased it that we were taking a bit of a risk. However, given the amazingly cheap price compared to other similarly-sized tents, we decided to go ahead and give it a try. The shipping was fast, and we were able to track the tent as it traveled to us. When the box arrived, it was pretty banged up, and had a huge hole in one end. Once we sorted through all the pieces, we were only short one of the 8 feet - not a major deal. We were able to build the tent, with the provided VERY bare-bone directions (it took about 2 hours, with 2 adults and a bunch of helping hands from kids) and it looked great once it was up! However, do NOT plan on being able to use this tent if there is much of a wind - the poles are extremely light-weight, and we did have some bend under high gusts. Along with the fact that the pieces were lightweight, some of them did not "click" together as they are supposed to, so until we got the tent well staked-down, they tended to pull apart, which made building it a bit frustrating. The canopy and sidewalls are made of a lightweight tarp, but since they're white, they look better up than you'd think.

Tent worked wonderfully for our evening party, and came in handy when light rains came through the area. After the party (because I didn't have enough time before it), I called Golf Outlets of America with my order number, and told them the tent had arrived missing one foot, and that several of the poles were bent. The CS rep took all of my information, and within a week, I had replacement parts at no cost to me! Very responsive and receptive. Overall, extremely pleased with the product. Yes, it's a lightweight tent, and yes, it's not of the greatest quality. HOWEVER, take a look at what else is out there... if you only need this for occasional use - it's the perfect solution!
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on May 4, 2009
I read the reviews, and knew I had to take this product with a grain of salt. I understood in advance that 1- it was going to be cheaply made and 2- it may not last more than one night.

The package arrived just fine. It was packaged and taped really strange, but no poles had fallen out! All parts were included.
One bummer: only basic instruction for the poles was included. The poles are labeled with the appropriate number in relation to those instructions, but the joints were not. I labeled those with a permanent marker before setup, it is recommended.

Setup: We had about 5 people. One handing out poles, the others building the top of the structure first. Some poles snapped really well, others we needed to tape, which was fine. I wrapped white christmas lights around the poles before putting the top on, which was a huge time saver. We added the tent top, then the legs (raised tent), then the sidewalls. It was SURPRISINGLY easier than we thought!

The response: People were SO impressed with the tent. Everyone wants to borrow it now. The sidewalls kept us warm, since it got cold that night, and RAINED very hard all night long. The tent NEVER leaked, and never fell over in the wind. We set up the tent in our back yard with a privacy fence next to it on both ends... it helped I'm sure. We still have the tent up today since it's been raining since. It's now been standing for 5 days... still going strong!

Great investment if you're considering hiring a rental. Might as well buy this one!

Would recommend this tent for parties and weddings. Despite the cheap material, it held up, I was shocked and impressed!!
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on October 26, 2010
Alright.....the deal with this tent is basically what most people here are saying. However, after reading negative review after negative review and having my expectations be brought down lower and lower, I felt like my purchase would be a big mistake. Wrong. I received the tent literally 36 hours after I ordered it. The box was secure and every piece was included and numbered correctly. Thanks to another review ( I forget the reviewer's name) I used her specific instructions on assembling the tent (the one page instruction diagram that is included with the tent does not have words, just pictures- therefore an ignoramus might have trouble). It took me 2 hours 10 minutes with my wife and myself ( 2 people!) and going at a steady pace.

The tent is beautiful after assembly. Like everyone else, I taped all of the poles that insert into one another without a metal clicker. Pulling the tarp over the frame can be difficult for it requries it to be pulled very very tight. I pulled a bit too hard and had some of the ends of the tarp begin to tear, but that's just because all of these negative reviews made me so unbearably nervous, I had to triple make sure everything was secure.

In any case, I assembled it on Sunday. The tent lasted all week until the next Saturday, when I was having my party. It lasted through an overnight rain shower and a night of moderate wind. Yes, the poles are not the top quality you would find at a hollywood party with catering tents everywhere, but they are plenty secure, not bendable plastic that crack in half like others are saying. We put christmas lights all around the poles on the inside and it was gorgeous.

The only concern or major issue with this product is anchoring it down to the ground. The wind lifted the tent and shifted it over a few inches. I used the stakes provided to anchor all the standing poles into the grass. After a few days, I decided to fill jugs of water and tie them to the corners of the tent for extra sturdiness. That worked great and a few hours before the party, I just adjusted all the poles again to their proper place. It's basically babysitting the tent on a daily basis to shift the standing poles so that they are even. Other than that, it looks great and everyone loved it.

Yes, in a rain storm or heavy winds, the tent will sway and shift and be very crooked. This puts pressure on the poles and may cause damage to them.

Put the tent up a day before you intend to use it, or if earlier, babysit it once or twice a day to shift any poles that may have moved from wind.

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on August 19, 2008
Tent was a good price compared to the $200 rental fee wanted for tent of same size. It only took 4 people to put this up. However we did go buy rope and used that instead of the thin string that was included. Also we used spikes used in patio installation instead of the spikes that were given. Directions were just a picture but was very easy to follow. After party we packed everything up in a duffle bag for the next party. Would recommend this to anyone. It also held 5, 5' round tables and 30 chairs comfortably.
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on May 30, 2015
Ok so I'm finally getting to this review. The set up is a little tricky, might require two people but it's perfect for what we used it for. Now I will say it is a solid design and perfect compared to the eBay one. I had it side by side with the eBay one and light wind knocked down the eBay one. Luckily it was the next day after the party was over. I didn't get a chance to use the walls but I'm sure they would work fine. This tent it all about taking your time and doing it right. Make sure all bars are locked in. They tend to pop out sometimes during set up which is why I say it might require two people. We are very satisfied with the tent. I am very particular on a lot of things and items I purchase and was hesitant on this tent but having the chance to use it against and eBay tent you can easily see the better design. This grant also has the bigger diameter poles then the eBay tent. Once I opened the eBay tent I immediately said "oh man" because the poles where half the diameter. The actual canopy is a little thin but still thick enough to be sturdy if that makes sense. All joints are a thick durable plastic. Wish I had more pics. Again it's all about set up. U do it right and it will work and last.
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on September 30, 2008
After 1 hour of setting this up before my wedding the tent poles snaped in half from the wind.
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on April 29, 2014
A few weeks ago we decided we needed a tent for our baby shower since our house could not hold 40+ people comfortably. We looked into renting a tent of this size (albeit of likely higher quality + delivery + setup, etc) in Atlanta and received quotes from $400-$700. This is insane, but I'm told by our friend who plans weddings for a living that this is what it costs to rent a tent.

China to the rescue.

We paid $156.00 for this cheap tent from China. It arrived on time, was (reasonably) simple to assemble, and stayed up even in some light breeze that I thought for sure would have killed it. And it looked great doing it. This is EXACTLY what this tent was designed to do. Hence the 5 stars.

I'm reading other reviews and noticed some are complaining about the "PVC pipes being weak". Our poles are certainly metal. Aluminum? They'll bend if you force them, but they're not weak. But this product is ultra cheap and must go through countless iterations. I notice in the pictures that the joints seem to be made of a different plastic than the ones we have. So, beware that this could be different when you buy it, but our 2014 version worked great.

Are there better tents out there? No doubt. Is studying the pictorial instructions a little more than you might have time to do on the day of your event? Certainly. But, FOR THE PRICE, this tent was absolutely unbeatable. Perfect for our party.

*** Others have recommended purchasing a roll of white duct tape as well. I'll agree with that. Our tent fit together fine, but a little more wind might have been too much stress for the plastic joints. Reinforcement would be a VERY GOOD idea. ***
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on November 29, 2009
We bought this tent because we didn't have enough room in the house for everyone to sit at the same table. We put it up the afternoon before, without any major problems. Do what the instructions say and have about 4 or 5 people helping. The frame is a little wobbly on its own, but we used electrical tape to strengthen it, and had no problems. We strung lights all along the frame, and put tarps down for a floor, and it worked great! I am considering purchasing another one to have on hand for bigger events.
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on October 29, 2012
This tent is poor quality. After setting up this tent for a friend's coming home party, this tent collapsed when rain built up on the roof after only 3 hours. It caused all of the roof and side bars to completely bend and I was unable to use the tent for my party. This was only a light drizzle and it could not even stand up to that. After letting GOLF OUTLETS OF AMERICA know about my issue they sent me a reply saying that they would not refund my money because they were not there to personally set up the tent, and that it was my fault for not properly setting up the tent. I followed the instructions to the T and there was no "winds and/or other adverse weather conditions" other than some light rain. This is a poor quality product that should not be purchased.
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on March 31, 2015
Like some of the reviews suggested white duct tape is a must specially if only two people are putting the canopy together. The pipes are very thin and therefore are not ideal for windy conditions. Luckily on the day that I used it there was only a light breeze and the canopy served its purpose. I put duct tape on every joint of the upper part of the canopy and I noticed a significant difference in the sturdiness. I did not use the side panels. I would give it 5 stars because of the price but due to quality and durability it definitely brings it down to three.
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