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on December 29, 2011
Light weight (really light weight)
Easy to fold up
Folds flat
Easy to lift into trunk
Inflatable tires make it easy to push.
Good on the beach if you don't put too much pressure on the front wheels
Brake and release pedals are easy to use


I purchased Safety 1st On Board 35 Air Infant Car Seat, Silverleaf and Quinny Buzz Adapter For Safety 1St Onboard 35 Air Ics, Black so I did NOT have to purchase Quinny Dreami Bassinet, Rocking Black. It worked out perfectly. You can transition the car seat from the stroller to the car without waking a sleeping baby. I would highly recommend all three products.

Edit May 2014:
My daugher is petite at 3.5 she is still only 30 - 33 lbs and fits in the regular stroller just fine. If she is tired and cranky I'll take her for a walk in it and she falls asleep in no time at all. Lately she will ask me to take her for a walk so she can fall asleep. Great product.
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on December 12, 2012
Unfortunately, I fell victim to the "it's pricey and looks good, so it must be amazing" mentality. Luckily we didn't pay full price for this. I stayed in this state of hypnosis/denial for a while until the stresses of motherhood forced me look for any areas in my life that could be made a little easier. And this stroller "ain't it." Firstly, I had to watch an instruction video on youtube 3 times to figure out how to collapse the thing. And when you have a hungry newborn, that's not an easy thing to do - both watching videos or collapsing this stroller. It requires a complicated coordination of both hands moving in different directions; and as a pianist I haven't done anything this complex with my hands since playing a Chopin Etude. And my poor husband, 1.5 years later, still has to ask me to collapse the stroller.

Also, I think we must have gotten an earlier version because our original seat was in the color "storm" with white straps and a light colored crotch strap. There seems to be no way to remove these and clean them. Also, the cushioned seat is made of some kind of foamy material that easily "pocks" and peels. We bought a replacement seat cover which comes in a nylon fabric; this seems to be more durable however the dirty white original straps still poke through. This makes our pricey, fashionable stroller look old and tired. So if you're gonna splurge on this thing, get a version with dark straps.

Lastly, I'm not sure why more people haven't mentioned this: holy front-wheel lock Batman! I decided to write this review after trying to do some holiday shopping today and was repeatedly embarrassed when, in a crowded store, I had to bend down to manually turn the front wheel - as annoyed people began queuing behind me. Seriously, trying to turn a corner with this thing will give you a complex. It had gotten to the point that I dreaded taking it into stores or any place crowded; how embarrassing is it to be pushing an overpriced stroller then have to bend over to adjust the wheel just so you can get out of Starbucks?

And P.S. This monster will take up ALL of your trunk space.
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on May 13, 2014
It really can be pushed with one finger, and even though the wheel base in the back is "wide" it's not terribly cumbersome. Sometimes it's harder to get through a small doorway if you have to hold it open yourself but it's doable. in tight quarters, this thing maneuvers like a ninja.

It's sleek and not 'baby'ish or cutesy. I have the limited edition one that is in all black, including the frame. Like a ninja.

The one hand unfold WHEN IT WORKS is great. It allows you to be quick. Like a ninja.

I like the small basket. It keeps people from making you carry their crap. I travel as light as possible. Like a ninja.

Thus concludes it's pros.


It is NOT for long legged children. My son is 99% in height and has had his legs dangling over the foot rest since 18months. They could really improve it by making an extendable foot rest. I don't see why this feat of engineering wouldn't work, once put back in the short position it should still fold fine. He's not even 2 years and i can't see this lasting past 3 before he has to consciously put his feet up or hit the wheels. As it is, he likes to sit with his feet splayed over the bar and legs wide apart, which has given my friends many an opportunity to use the "I learned it from watching YOU, Mom!" joke. Inexplicably, the seat itself is pretty high, so he still has like two more levels of the straps to go before outgrowing it that way. The strap between the legs seems a little short, but my son is skinny so there's still room (but who knows for how long). Also, the depth of the seat is much shallower compared to my Joovy jogger or Britax lightweight travel stroller.

The canopy pops off ALL the time. Almost everytime I unfold or fold it. I'm about to gorilla glue it onto the frame

The frickin' cupholder. That I had to spend an ADDITIONAL 20$ for on top of the 600$ for the stroller. That constantly pops off. And is fairly useless.

The 'smooth' handle. I wish there was some kind of ridge on the sides of the handle right where it curves and becomes the frame. My diaper bag (from Skip Hop) had small loops that clipped on, but after three months I really didn't need a gigantic bag filled with useless crap for most outings since he was a voracious breastfeeder with no interest in pacifiers and needed nothing but one small bottle, a small change of clothes, and some diapers and wipes. But any regular short handled bag (plastic shopping bag, reusable tote, regular purse handles) has no place to hang or clip on (and remember the basket is very small). I bought that 'mommy hook' and all that happened was it slid down the frame all the way to where it met the bottom of the chassis, and then the bags get banged by the wheels and interfere with the folding. I'm addicted to those "Gear-Tie" rubber coated wires that can be bent a million different ways and have a million uses. For <5 $ they are THE best baby/child investment. I'll wind it around the handle and it acts like a bumper keeping the hook in place, or as a place to attach the bag since it's too tight to slip.

And the biggest con of all THE FOLDING

First, the 'unfold' is unleashed when you pry a plastic piece off the frame. So technically it can be done with one hand. But it can NEVER be done when time is of the essence (Like a child trying to run off) or when your other hand is actually occupied with something. Then, when you DON'T want it to unfold, it'll pop open for no reason at all. Like when putting it in the trunk or trying to get off the tram at Disney. YES, it has a strap to keep it secured closed if it does pop open, but the strap is at the bottom of the basket, basically requires getting on hands and knees, and has to be done with two hands. Usually, if I need it to stay closed, I'll wrap the seat frame to the base frame with a fabulous Gear Tie which only takes a second to undo.

**********************ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS***************************** No one can figure it out if they aren't very familiar with how it works already. Hands full of baby and various baby crap? 'Hey can you fold the stroller for me? Put your hand put your other hand not there, over there. Okay that hand has to push down and the other hand has to slide forward. the same time...push it down and slide. TOGETHER. Argh! You have to do that AND push down ON the stroller. Forget it! I'll do it. Here, take the kid..."

And that's if there is someone. If you're alone, good luck. Once the kid is mobile it's, "Wait here, perfectly still while I fold the stroller. WAIT. WAIT HERE. Don't move. OMG DONT RUN INTO TRAFFIC. Why don't you listen? B/c you're 18 months isnt a valid answer!" I'm not gonna lie. On a solo trip to Disney at 18 months I used, you guessed it, a GEAR TIE to handcuff him to me b/c he was determined to run into the Tram lane or the cars leaving the parking lot while I tried to fold the stroller. Just briefly. I wasn't proud, but it had to be done.

Also the Folding/unfolding can only be done with the primary seat in the forward facing and upright position. So any car seat or carry cot has to be removed first and if the kid likes to ride in the primary seat backwards then that also has to be removed. Luckily, my kid was trying to escape the carrycot at 2 months, so that got retired, and preferred looking forward at the world instead of gazing lovingly at me as I pushed him.

Overall, it's a stroller that can handle AMAZINGLY over most surfaces and will work quite well if you prefer something sleek and pared down instead of a lot of bells and whistles like a snack tray or a kid cupholder. People really are amazed at how it can navigate a crowd and not become a comedy of errors when trying to do so in a tight space (and I am not very graceful on my own). It also has a very horizontal recline if your'e lucky enough to have one of those kids that naps in strollers (I do not).

Along with the now infamous Gear Ties, I recommend getting that Green Slime stuff for the tires, as it reduces flats in any stroller using rubber inflatable tires. It can probably be used for jogging, but it's not INTENDED for that b/c there are no shocks (i've seen some people call it a jogging stroller, and I feel that is misleading). It does make a great walking stroller though. And it is overall still quicker/easier to get out of the car and ready than a more standard stroller like the Safety 1st travel system one that a friend of mine had. Another friend ended up buying it even after hearing my quibbles because she liked the way it handled so much. I think it is worth the price tag in the long run, but can forget how much I like it when the occasional issue pops up.

Plus I'm STILL mad about paying another 20$ for a useless cupholder.
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on November 22, 2013
Let me just say I NEVER write reviews about anything but this is a wonderful stroller! We originally had the Graco Metropolis stroller that is HUGE, heavy, and a pain for me operate but this is the complete opposite. Lightweight, rolls so nicely, lays flat so it stores excellent, and I love the rear facing and forward facin option not to mention it is SO easy to use. Highly highly recommend.
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on April 4, 2013
I bought this stroller to go with the Maxi Cosi Prezi, it works well! I receive lots of compliment but the foam pad on the top can easily be torn. Otherwise, I would recommend this product to anyone. I love it!
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on August 23, 2012
I've had my Quinny Buzz for about four years now. It performs just as well now as it did when I first got it. Wear and tear is very minimal. It maneuvers great and I get a lot of compliments due to its looks. The bottom basket is quite small, but I learned not to pack much. I also bought a universal cup holder/organizer that works well with it. I would definitely recommend it.
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on September 30, 2013
Love this stroller, great for active new parents. We had a regular Chicco Cortina and it was so hard to get around the park areas and sidewalks. we ended up getting the Quinny Buzz due to the large wheels and the option to flip the seat forward or backward, it gave the baby a security of seeing mommy or daddy while going for a stroll.
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on May 11, 2012
I love this stroller. I cannot say it enough!! I got the Moodd hoping that all the new release reviews (from other sites) were right in saying it was the Buzz plus more... but it is not!! The Buzz has many better features that were just not improvements with the moodd:

Easy to push, it just glides and maneuvers with a finger!
Looks great!
Good hood (could be bigger, but it is adequate)
Great seat
Goes truly flat!!
Easy breakdown and setup (can't be beat and is worth its weight in gold (price))
The straps are really soft and comfortable, my daughter loves getting in the stroller and refuses to get out! (she thinks it is her princessmobile)

A bit on the heavy side, but I find it worth it for a stroller that pushes like this!
No drink storage and the under stroller storage is a bit pitiful (looking to get the joovy parent organizer for it)

Advantages over the Moodd: Can carry 50lb child, better hood, better and more comfortable seat, lies flat, the seat does not pitch forward, I like this bar better than the Moodd TBar, easier to unfold-one bar to move whereas the Moodd has 2 levers then a bar, no shiny plastic to get beat up and scratched

Mood advantages over the Buzz: Different colors (not my priority), easier to recline the seat with one hand instead of 2 on the buzz, looks trendier.

Overall the Buzz for us was a better option at a bit of a better price, although we were willing to pay for the Moodd, but it was not right for us for the above reasons (mainly the lack of a truly lie flat position and the weight limit..
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on August 14, 2014
We have only put this together because the baby is not here yet but it was easy to put together, easy to change the adapters, and moves great! I am so excited to use this! We also purchased the car seat adapter for the Onboard Air 35 car seat. It was easy to install and fits perfectly!
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on June 2, 2013
We got this stroller as a gift (we had registered for it on our baby registry). I love the modern look of the stroller and have received so many compliments about it ("It looks like a Mercedes"; "Where did you get that stroller"; "It looks like a spaceship" etc). I was worried about folding it and putting in the trunk by myself, but it is so easy to do! The stroller is very easy to maneuver and has a nice tight turn radius. The rear wheels are a little wide, so sometimes it's hard to fit in some areas (between tables at restaurants, or down some aisles at a department store).
We did have to get an adapter for our car seat, which was an extra expense, but it is very handy to be able to click our car seat of choice right on to the stroller. We also purchased the Quinny Dreami bassinet, but only used it once (our baby did not like to lay down in it, plus transporting the bassinet and getting baby out of the car seat and in to the bassinet etc turned out to be a hassle). I would skip that purchase if I could do it over again.
The down sides are that the basket underneath the stroller is small and the stroller frame is in the way if you want to put anything tall in the basket. Also, there is no cup holder (it is available for purchase separately, though, if you're so inclined).
I would definitely recommend this stroller to a friend, and hope to get many more years of use out of it!
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