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on April 21, 2009
I ordered this because I read about it in Oprah's O Magazine and they loved it. When I received it, I read the directions and even went to the REM website and watched a video of how to use it, but I couldn't get it to work for me. I almost gave up and thought about tossing it, but then I decided to experiment since there were other people who liked it.
Here's what worked:
1.) You don't necessarily have to bend the spring into a tight U shape as shown in the pictures (you can also use it bent just a little into a wide rounded U shape).
2.) Lay the spring against your skin just below where you want to remove the hair.
3.) As you slowly move the spring upward, twirl the right hand fingers clockwise and the left hand fingers counter-clockwise. If you twirl them the opposite way, no hairs get grabbed (this was the main thing I needed to figure out and the instructions didn't explain it).
4.) Doing this grips the hairs and pulls them out, and yes, it does hurt for a split second but no longer than that and it doesn't leave your skin at all pink or red or irritated. I suspect it hurts more when you first start using it, but after multiple uses, I'm thinking it will hurt less.
I cannot understand why the REM company doesn't explain how important it is to twirl your fingers in the right direction. I was ready to toss the thing. I should add that the hairs I want to grip are not at all unusual (just your average thing). So I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 only because I had to figure this out for myself, whereas the company could have done a better job of explaining how to use it. Once you figure this stuff out, the spring itself does a great job and is worth 5 stars for how it actually works.

Update: I have used this for quite a while now, and it by far hurts the most the first time you use it, I guess because it is grabbing the most hairs that first time. I find that I need to use it 2 or 3 times a week, and when you do that, you're only picking up those hairs that are long enough to be grabbed. It hurts much less because there are less hairs than the first time (I think individual hairs grow at different rates). So definitely do not judge this based on the first-time level of pain - it's no big deal and I LOVE the way it works. I have read what other people said about turning "both hands in, then both hands out" and that accomplishes the same thing I recommended (right hand clockwise, left hand counterclockwise) - that accomplishes "both hands in" and that is the sweep that grabs the hairs and pulls them out. The "both hands out" doesn't grab any hairs.

Another update: I'm still using this 2-3 times a week and I love it! I have noticed one additional thing that I thought I would mention. I have a magnifying mirror which I use occasionally and I've noticed that there are a few hairs that grow in somewhat different directions from the others. Most of my hairs get grabbed when I sweep upwards at them from below, but there are a few that grow in an upward direction, or from right to left or left to right, and those weren't getting grabbed with the others. So now I sweep at the hairs from every possible direction: upwards, downwards, right to left, left to right, diagonally, etc. This picks up those remaining hairs. This also should help if you're trying to get hairs on a curvy surface like your chin area. Just remember that whatever direction you're sweeping, the right hand goes clockwise and the left hand goes counter clockwise.
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This is a video showing my very first time using the REM spring. It hurts! However, it also works and works well. The coils grab onto my facial hair and rip, it's gone. I will continue to use it because it really does work. the chin and cheeks hurt less than that super sensitive area under the nose, that is a killer! But it's worth it to be hair free for awhile, especially for those of us who have a lot of embarrassing facial hair and don't want 5 o'clock stubble or red wax burn or to take hours in front of a mirror plucking.

*edited, within a day it began to hurt less and boy does it work! My face it smoother than it's been in years! It still hurts under the nose and probably always will but totally worth it. Excellent and I love my hairless face! And no five o'clock shadow!
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on February 24, 2011
Me: 1/2 italian, 46 & perimenopausal. Yes a perfect storm for facial hair. Always had moustache (started bleaching in high school) & now, with hormones... I'm adding CHIN HAIRS?! And lots of em. Yikes! Could NOT stay on top of it no matter how hard i tried. Coming in thicker, both moustache AND chin. VERY depressing. So desperate started "bic-ing" my chin. But the stubble! and so soon! SIGH! Was miserable. Waxing - no $ or time for neither salon or at-home. Tweezing - exhausting. Hair removal cream - too long it burns, not long enough didn't work. And the smell, yuck. Saw this little product, was skeptical. Read the reviews. They're all very thorough and detailed. Couldn't NOT try. Now i'm hair free on the lip and chin (& have u ever really checked out the area right under the bottom lip? i was horrified). But it's ok. This product... (sigh of happiness). My only regret is i never found it sooner. i will NEVER be without it the rest of my life. And i'm not being dramatic. Yes, it's comically shocking the first couple of times. My friend actually shouted "son of a mother!" when it first worked on her upper lip. BUT it got like 12 hairs. All at one time! (she still bought one). Just start slowly and maybe on the chin, to get used to it. I do it every few days to catch the new stealth hairs. I'll lay in bed watching tv and doing it and don't even blink an eye now. I rub my chin all the time amazed at how smooth it is. All the time. Seriously. I'm really so very happy and NEVER have to worry or fret again. If only all life's problems had such a simple solution. Thanks for listening to MY story.
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on August 14, 2011
I am a 25 yr old African American woman. I've been blessed with a gorgeous head of THICK hair that runs down my back and unfortunately a gorgeous face full of hair that goes from my unibrow (even above that I have a pretty fuzzy forehead that I took care of by doing an upside down crescent bend and rolling downward) to underneath my chin, on my neck. I have struggled since the age 13. I didn't know any better because the women in my family didn't talk openly about being hairy and I was too embarrassed to ask. Come to find out as an adult they are freakin hairy too!

It started with shaving and went to waxing and tweezing my uni, cheeks, mustache, chin, jaw line, and neck.. in more recent years.

Let me tell u that I WAS DESPERATE. This was interfering with my whole life. I didn't want to go outside! Especially not in the daylight. I could feel peoples eyes on me in the grocery store line, in the line at the post office, sitting next to me at dinner, etc. From a certain distance people smiled or guys would look and when they got close enough to see my extra hair, they became disgusted with me or would look away. Waxing was breaking me out and tweezing 1 by 1 was OK but it took too long in the mirror and I could never get every hair because on top of having coarse hair was long ass peach fuzz... UGH!!

SO the shipping was ok. I ordered on Sunday and got it on Friday. I cleaned it with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol 1st. Then washed my face and let in dry. This thing was so painful for me that my eyes were constantly tearing and teeth clenching. I decided to do my normal 1 by 1 tweeze job on as many of the really coarse hairs first and then I went over all the areas with the spring. It was still painful but bearable. Since I'm sooo hairy I didn't expect to get it all the 1st night. I did as much as I could bear that night, and followed the next night.

MY FACE IS VIRTUALLY HAIR FREE AND SMOOTH NOW!!!!! I use the spring every night just to catch any strays and keep my face smooth. My skin is sensitive so it does get red and a little swollen from all the removal but that goes away in about 15-30 mins. I usually hold a cold bottle of water on the areas to soothe and that works magic. I was going to give this 4 stars because of the pain but I HAD a ware wolf face so there is no way it wasn't going to be painful. It pulls every single little hair from the root. You can try less of a U shape (more like a crescent shape) and also try rolling in different directions because hair grows at all different angles sometimes. If you have like 4 or 5 hairs on your chin I would say to save your 20 bucks and tweeze those suckers. The mustache was unbearable for me so I just shave it...but that's like a walk in the park for this gal.

Give it a try! If you're really hairy just try what I did and you won't regret it. Good luck all!!
I hope this helps someone.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 28, 2012
I was really disappointed when I first tried to use the Spring Sprong; it had such great reviews it I ordered it and it hadn't really occurred to me that it was going to be a HUGE problem getting it to work for me. On top of having pretty bad arthritis to begin with, I have joint replacements in my left hand and my left thumb is fused at the knuckle. Somehow being bionic managed to slip my mind as I hit the "buy with one click" button.

I do have some pinch grip left in my hands but the smaller something is, the harder it is for me to grip. Try as I might spinning this thing in different rotations just wasn't going to happen. I looked at the tool again and realized the tapered ends were the problem if they were just wider somehow I could get a better grip on them and maybe get it to work. Frustrated, I consulted my toolbox to see if anything in there could be of use.

Strapping tape!

I cut off a small section and trimmed it to about two-thirds the height of the "handles" of the Spring Sprong. I placed the edge of the tape near the thinnest part of the tapered handle and started winding. Before long I had built up what looked more like a Q-tip bulb shape on each end. The new "handles" were much easier to get a grip on and I gave it another try.

It worked!

I think I might be able to use the same handle building idea with something other than tape so it will look a little better but for now at least it gets results; I am still pretty slow at this but it *does* work.
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on August 17, 2009
Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a... not me! Ha! This little REM Spring for facial hair removal is absolutely fantastic. UPS delivered it less than an hour ago and I'm fuzz-less already.

To you Ladies who wrote about not finding success with this little Spring, please be patient and keep trying.

Let me tell you about my experience: I read the reviews here last week before I ordered the Spring and when it arrived today the tips from these reviews were forgotten. Off I went with my Spring, magnifying mirror, tweezers, and eye glasses to find hairless happiness. I read the instructions that came with the Spring and went from there.

The Spring was turned into a U for most of the time in use, and the ends were twirled in one direction or another or the same while I experimented (this was due to a lack of coordination rather than a science-based determination to experiment). Voila! The little hairs from my upper lip, lower lip, and chin are gone. Am not exactly sure which mode of holding the Spring worked but something did.

I'm not advocating going about this willy-nilly, but if you spend a bit of time you will succeed. Don't be too locked into the how of it. Try staying with the U shape and turning the ends to see what happens... play with it. You will be sooo glad you did.

My upper lip is slightly tender (emphasis on 'slightly'). That's not a problem for me. This little Spring is heaven-sent: it works and I am grateful.

Thank you,, for these reviews. It is unlikely I would have ordered a Spring to remove facial hair if I'd not read what these other ladies had experienced.
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on July 13, 2010
I ordered this on Friday, received it on Monday so super fast shipping!!!

I got 2, one for home, one for in my purse since I tweeze all the time. I couldn't wait to get home and try it and all I can say is I LOVE THE RESULTS! No irritation like I get with waxing (little pimple bumps) and nothing like the lotions, which burn my skin and still leave skin is smooth, the hair is gone, all with very little discomfort. Removing hair on the upper lip does smart a little but it hurts less than waxing. I made sure to wash my skin, exfoliate, tone and moisturize, but I do that every night. I washed my face before I used it, too, since I knew it would be my first use and I would get a lot of hair. My hair is light but I have a good bit on my cheeks, jawline, chin and its fine above my lip, but I have some nasty "witch hairs" on my chin that look like whiskers and I am always tweezing them...they drive me crazy everyday, but this thing got all of them but the shortest ones. In a day or two, they will be gone, too. I think this little spring is my new best friend!!!

For those wondering how to clean it, I found that the ends unscrew and I just shook the hair out into the sink, reattached the end and kept going. This is a keeper and I am telling everyone about it! THANK YOU!!!!
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on October 26, 2010
I love, love, love this product! I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which causes abnormal facial hair in women. I have struggled with it for many years and I have used and tried everything out there, including several thousand dollars of laser hair removal, which did nothing but temporarily remove the hair and cause ingrown hairs. But, I have finally found the next best thing to true permanent hair removal (which just doesn't exist yet). I'll be honest, the first time I used it, the sensation was almost too much. But, if you keep up with it, you'll never have to remove so many hairs at a time ever again. This results in a much less painful experience, in fact, I've actually grown to enjoy the feeling because I know it's working. Previously, my main concern was only the dark, coarse hairs on my face and not the peach fuzz, but this baby gets everything, leaving my face smoother and softer than I've ever felt it in my life. And, this is all accomplished without ANY irritation, redness, or breakouts whatsoever! I am very fair, and have extremely sensitive skin. Waxing, shaving and hair removal creams have all wreaked havoc on my skin leaving plucking as my only option. This product does in 5 minutes what I could never have accomplished with hours of plucking. It truly is amazing how simple, ingenious and effective this thing is. I don't understand how people could not get it to work, all I had to do was touch my face with it and it was pulling out hair, and after some experimentation with angles, no hair stands a chance. I only ordered one for me and one for my sister, who loves it too, and I am going to order a few more for my purse and back up. PLEASE try this if you suffer with the humiliation and hassle of unwanted facial hair, you will be so thrilled with the result.
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on July 7, 2009
You know what? This little tool really, really works. I wish they'd take the word 'painless' out of their advertising though, because it certainly isn't. As anyone who's tweezed or waxed knows, ripping a bunch of tiny hairs out by their roots at once is anything but 'painless.'

If you're like me, prior to this tool, you had one of three options for hair removal. 1) Use that awful Nair for Face stuff that takes off a layer of your skin along with the hair, and walk around for three days with a red goatee and irritated skin. 2) Face the pain of waxing it off and still walk around with a red mustache and irritated skin afterwards. 3) Tweeze each and every little hair, one by one, consuming a day and a half if you want to get everything. Each option more unappealing than the last.

But this! One little tool you shell out [...] bucks for one time, that you can use without a mirror, sitting in front of the TV, and within a half hour or so be nice and smooth, with no irritated and red skin. SWEET! This little tool is so awesome, I want to tell everyone about it. And it's so simple! No waxes, no tweezers, no smelly creams!

It *is* tricky to learn how to use, however, I will say that. Don't give up, however. Just experiment. The most important thing is the turning of the handles, so that the hair is caught in the spring and literally being twisted off. And it doesn't have to be in a sharp U shape like in the picture. I've gotten bunch of hair in a wide crescent before.

Give it a try if you're tired of the waxing Nairing red face thing! You won't regret it.
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on March 3, 2012
I'm a young woman in my 20's and the only years I regret was when I didn't have this in my life. From a teenage girl, I have always been afraid to kiss I guy I dated due to the fact that my upper lip and chin might scare him away because of those pesky little tiny coarse facial hair! Yeah I'd have to tweeze each and every one a night before I have to go out anywhere. It came to a point where I just gave up going out and will head out atleast once a week. Staying indoors and away from the natural sun light outside made me depressed and my self esteem was buried all the way deep into the earth's soil! I'm fair skinned and my hair is naturally dark. So the intensity of my facial hair would look so horrifying for a female. I thought I'd never have a normal life til one day I needed to help myself and get on with my life, make a change. I researched online and I found this! Came in the mail and I started to make a difference in my life. I'm so used to this product and I am so thankful. This is amazing, anyone who is suffering from what I went through SHOULD REALLY PURCHASE THIS! It worked from me and now I have a higher self esteem and I'm not insecure anymore. I go out everyday whenever I want to. Now I can finally look for a job because I got my confidence back and this product is great!
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