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on January 23, 2013
Last night my smaller game group tried Time's Up: Title Recall! It ended up being the funniest and most engaging party game I've ever played, and I rarely use such lavish praise.

The short description is that it's a mix of Taboo and Charades. You start with a stack of 40 titles (movies, tv shows, books, etc). You're going to work through these titles, every single one, 3 times.

You're divided into teams of 2, and in Round 1 you have to get your partner to guess the title. You can say pretty much anything, with a few exceptions. You also can't pass. After 30 seconds, you keep the cards you got and hand the leftover stack to the left. Once the stack is empty you tally up the cards, reshuffle them, and move to Round 2.

In Round 2 you now have to get your partner to guess the title by saying 1 word, after which you can gesture as in Charades all you want. Your partner only gets 1 guess before you have to move on to the next card. You can pass if you want. Again, once the cards have all been claimed the round ends and you tally points.

By Round 3 you can't say anything to get your partner to guess, and like Round 2 they get 1 guess. It's charades only. It would be pretty hard to get someone to guess anything in 30 seconds normally, but thankfully the first 2 rounds have familiarized everyone with not only the titles available, but the most obvious ways to describe them in a short time. Again, after the last card you tally and score.

It may not sound that funny from the description, and it starts out slow, but by Round 3 the group has established their own shorthand ways to describe the limited titles, many of which will end up being quickly formed in-jokes from previous rounds. For instance, in Round 1 the clue for "The Last Supper" was "A painting of Jesus having dinner." In Round 2 that became "Jesus" with the player's arms open to either side as in the painting. In Round 3 the cluegiver just spread their arms open and it worked.

The short time you have available forces you to be really creative with your clues in Round 2 and 3, there are many moments of revelation when you get what a Guesser missed and hope you get that card when it comes around again.

It's hard to explain just why this game is so funny, but by the end of an admittedly long party game (90 minutes), our players were red-faced and weak from laughter. Despite the length, we played 3 full games and they flew by. If you want to get a group of friends, family, or strangers invested in a party game, this is the title to get.
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on February 17, 2011
Time's up is going to generate a lot of laughs while playing, and it's so easy to teach to people who've never played. There's three rounds (with a possibility of a fourth round that nobody wants to play because it will inevitably make the game drag) and when you're teaching this game, all you have to teach is the first round. Here's what's great about the game.

40 cards are taken out of the deck and evenly dispersed among each player in the game. So if there's 8 players, each gets 5 of those 40 cards. And then each player gets two more cards, so in the scenario where there's 8 players and each get 5 cards, they now have 7. The cards in Title Recall will have nothing more than a Title (of a song, book, movie, TV show) and a hint on the card of what it is, which you should relay to the person you're giving clues to in the first round ("This is a TV show with The Fonz").

With the cards in your hand, you look through the clues and discard the two most difficult cards. When everybody does this, you're back down to 40 cards.

The discards go back into the box and the remaining 40 cards make up the deck of the game, and that deck is what'll be used for the clue giving throughout. Teams are made up of two players per team. One person, with the deck of 40, gives clues to their teammate for 30 seconds. In round 1, you can't pass on a card. So you keep giving clues till your time is up, and if your partner gets one right, you keep the card and move onto the next. When Time's Up, you give the remaining stack of cards to the next team. And cards are removed as they're guessed, and eventually the remaining cards go back to your teammate. This is the start of where it gets pretty fun, because now your teammate is inevitably going to give clues to cards that...
A) You've already seen because you looked at 5 of those cards before the game started
B) You've already given clues for earlier in the round

Play continues until there are no cards left. And there will be no cards left, because at some point everybody will have seen the 40 cards and you can't help but give a clue that's going to work.

Points are tallied, the 40 cards are collected, and then it's on to round 2, where you can pass cards that your partner isn't getting or when you screw up, and keep at it for 30 seconds. This round is the most fun in the game. One word clues. And One guess responses. If your partner guesses wrong, pass the card and move to the next. Keep the cards you got right, add the cards that you passed on to the deck, and pass it along, just like in the first round.

You might be thinking, "No way. One word clues?! How are you going to get someone to guess 'Happy Days' with a one word clue"?!
Typically it's going to be based on a clue that was given by somebody in the first round for that card (so don't take a pee break during somebody's turn. Ask them to hold on or just cross your legs till the round is over). Considering the first round clue for Happy Days was "the TV show with The Fonz", the second round clue would probably be guessed with a clue of "Fonzie". You can't help but laugh out loud at how good people are at giving 1 word clues and their partners guessing the answer correctly...especially when the one word clues come from inside jokes based on somebody giving a rotten clue to an answer in the first round.

The third round is charades, where you can make sounds along with your charades. It's another that seems pretty hard, but by this time you've seen the deck of 40 cards so many times, you'll have a decent idea of what's being acted.

Total up all the points from the three rounds and have a winner! And like all great party games, nobody will care who wins because the fun was in the playing, not in the winning.

When you're a little worried about introducing a party game, worry not when you take out Time's Up Title Recall! Better than Time's Up Deluxe (except the original Time's up has a digital timer that I use in the Title Recall game) because Title Recall has titles of things rather than the original game, which is guessing People's names (many of which may be obscure to people in your game).

This one gets rated higher than Wits n Wagers in my book and Apples to Apples collects dust. Every crowd is the right crowd for Time's Up.
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on October 1, 2012
This game is basically the original Time's Up, with the variation that instead of just names, you're guessing titles of films, songs, artworks, etc. The other reviewers have done a great job describing this, so I'll take a different angle. I'll basically look at the questions, Who should get this game, and who shouldn't?

Get this game if:

- You loved the original Time's Up, and are looking for some variety.
- You enjoy the party game Celebrities. (Both this and the original Time's Up are basically souped-up versions of that game.)
- You have a better head for names of works of art, songs, etc., than you do for the people who made them.
- You enjoy verbally and physically expressive party games.
- You aren't afraid of looking like a fool. In fact, you enjoy it.

If any of these describe you, definitely consider this game. If you agree with three or more of these statements, I highly recommend the game to you. Also check out THE Book of Word Games: Parlett's Guide to 150 Great and Quick-to-Learn Word Games and Dixit: Odyssey.
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on December 30, 2014
This is probably the best group game we own (and we own most of them!). It takes a little to learn, but this game is a blast. By far everyone's favorite when the family gets together. 12 year olds on up do well, but those who seem to excel and like it the most are those that are not too old and not too young. Even if you don't know a term, you can use words and actions to solve it so it is fun even when the terms aren't as familiar (although those ones are harder). Best game ever....better than the original Time's Up which we also own.
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on July 6, 2016
Such a FUN game!
Three rounds:
First round: similar to Outburst - get your teammate(s) to guess the word/phrase using as many words as possible.
Second round: same cards, yet only one word to describe, and one guess from the teammate(s).
Third round: same cards, only charades, and one guess from the teammate(s).
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on January 20, 2014
We love this game and would recommend it for families with teens or above (too difficult for younger children).

It requires creativity and innovative thinking skills, especially when you aren't familiar with one of the titles. It is stimulating, social, and fun!
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on January 3, 2014
At first this game doesn't seem much different than other "guess this phrase" type games, but with the rule changes in rounds 2 and 3, trying to express yourself becomes simply hilarious.
Great party game.
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on September 25, 2015
I don't usually like party games, but this one has a particularly genius hook. It is a bit reliant on memory (as the title would suggest), but that issue improves with each progressive round. It also helps to have a fair grasp on popular culture of the last forty years. Super-fun, this!
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on December 20, 2015
This is a really great game. We play it at our adult game nights all the time. When I say "adult" I don't mean that that there is anything sexual about the game, just that we happen to be adults and this is a game we all enjoy. It is one of our all time favorites. Buy it!
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on August 16, 2015
We really enjoy this version of Time's Up. It's a great game to play with a group that is fun, high-energy, and interactive. We have played the Time's Up version with just people's names and found it is so much harder with the wide range of people and categories. Having titles makes it easier in the first two rounds to get people to guess the card without having to remember someone's name that you have no context for.
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