Customer Reviews: Dragon Touch® R10 10.1'' Google Android 4.1 Dual Core Tablet MID PC, Rockchip RK3066 Dual Core Cortex A9 CPU up to 1.6GHz, 1Gb RAM, 8Gb HDD, Multi-Touch Screen, Front Camera + Rear Camera, Google Play Pre-Installed, HDMI 1080P Output, Skype Video Calling, Netflix, Flash Supported [By TabletExpress]
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on July 24, 2013
We ordered this as it was the cheapest 10.1" Android 4.1 tablet with at least 1 GB of RAM. We spent 2 weeks scouring local electronics stores and online offers to find the most we could buy for $150. This was a gift for my wife for her birthday and she hasn't let go of it since it arrived this afternoon. Out of the box it is not flash compatible but if you download a free app called the "photon browser" it will allow you to play Adobe Flash content. The features advertised are nice, the only downfall of this tablet is the screen brightness is lacking, so much so I tried downloading apps to "force" more brightness but I'm not sure if that's even possible through software. We've only had it for a day so I will edit this product review after 2 more weeks of continuous use.

I would update the rating to 5 stars if the screen brightness was better and it was truly FLASH ready.

Day 5 update: Today is the first day I have been able to use the tablet exclusively so I will share what I've experienced.

The micro USB port when plugged in DOES NOT offer a secondary charging location, so plugging it into a USB car charger or any USB port to charge will not work. Not a huge deal but the connection for the wall charger is thin so prolonged use will determine the durability of the provided charging cable.

Another downside is the length of the charging cable at 48". While this may be a tiny inconvenience to some, holding the tablet in bed r relaxing largely dictates proximity to a wall outlet. I haven't used it in such a way that warrants me to using it while charging, its just a quirk. The location for the charger connection isn't placed very well if you intend on having the tablet oriented with the screenshot button on the bottom, but the 4 way screen rotation helps the design flaw.

Battery life is impressive but it may something to do with the brightness of the screen... for a 10" dual core about 12 hours of constant use it performed remarkably well. I must note that the charging to consumption ratio is negative (using the tablet while charging) certainly extends the life of your session, in order to fully charge efficiently, it can't really be used.

The tablet is also very light weight and easy to handle. Its a little thinner than my motorola droid RAZR in a slim fitting case. The difference is negligible. I've been searching for a universal case for it for a few days that doesbt imoede the lock/volume buttons and other ports found on the intended bottom edge of the tablet. The lack of accessory support is largely due to its only been released for a few weeks.

Overall I am impressed with the quality and functionality of the tablet thus far and I am happy with our purchase. My original 4 star rating will remain. I've also emailed the seller asking how to increase the brightness through non traditional ways.
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on November 6, 2013
Have to be honest, when I was considering buying this tablet I was alittle disheartened by the rating and the comments. It seemed that this tablet was either AWESOME or AWFUL. I'm glad I did buy it.
It. is. beautiful.
I wanted a large tablet that I could connect a keyboard to that I could use at college and it met all my expectations.
Aside from academic reasons: I have music, games, photos, and all the like on this tablet and works wonders. Most of the time it surpasses that of my Ipod Touch... Having said that, I tell everyone about this tablet. My whole family has kindles, which is more expensive then what I got my Dragon Touch for and doesn't do nearly as much... It. Is. Worth. It!
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on September 7, 2013

The Dragon Touch R10 features a silver-black body with a smooth plastic back. Sitting alone toward the right of the top edge is a power/sleep button and volume buttons, on the right edge, headphone/micro phone jack, TF card slot, standard USB, micro USB, mini-HDMI slot, another standard USB, ETHERNET cable slot, and DC charger pinhole. Upper left corner embraces a stylus pen in a firm slot so the pen will not slip out and get lost. There is a physical home button that you would rarely see on an android tablet on the middle-right of the screen. The tablet comes with an AC adapter. Dual speakers sit nestled in the lower back of this tablet, under a single speaker grille.

Like on the iPad, the home button is a great "just press this if things get confusing" solution for the ever-evolving tablet interface. Dual Camera makes it a video chat/image capture slate machine. A physical “reset” button provides a solid “if you messed up, start over again” guarantee.

The smoothly rounded R10 weights a little bit more than 1 pound. It is a 10-inch tablet almost perfectly comfortable to hold. Just not quite as perfect as the smaller, lighter 7-inch tablet. Even with its light weight, the R10's build feels solid and fairly durable; however, applying enough pressure to the back or along the left or right side on the back yields a slightly visible screen-warping effect on the display. Now, screen warping occurs to some extent on nearly every tablet, but if you're just holding the R10 while reading a book or watching a movie, you'll likely have no cause to apply enough pressure to it for this to be a problem.


This R10 is equipped with 1.6 GHz RK3066 Dual-Core Mobile Processor and 1GB RAM. The system is Android 4.1. Navigating between pages and apps is as easy as moving your finger tip. The screen has a 1024x600 resolution, the dpi is not comparable to apple devices, but it makes sense when you are looking for some big size tablets under $200. Not much sparks on the specs-sheet, yet fair enough for daily use.


I mainly use Netflix, ESPN, other apps to watch sports, TV episodes, etc. With internet (WIFI) connected, the battery life lasts around 4 hours, fair enough for me because I do not need it when I am outside my house and without a charger. 10.1” tablets are a bit too big for me to bring to everywhere. I did not found a right case for R10 but TabletExpress says they are going to bring a keyboard case in to market. This tablet does need a case so you do not have to hold it and watch.

Overall, this is the best 10.1” tablet at this price you can get. I would recommend buying one and trying it out. Watching videos on tablets is much more fun when you have the right tablet to do so.
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on September 11, 2013
I recently got this tablet, and I'm really impressed. For the price, you can do more things than with an expensive tablet, mostly because has a lot of ports.

I don't even needed a tablet, I just wanted it as a notebook, but it surpassed my expectations so much that I'm using it as a laptop, with the right apps I can do everything I need.

- Lots of ports, so no need for carry adapters or anything
- Is really fast and responsive, has almost the same specifications than the Samsug Galaxy Tab 3, that cost like $240 more (Galaxy Tab 3 cost $400). The only thing that lacks, is some screen resolution and the "Gorilla Glass".
- Good looking, I really like the design.
- Speakers sound really good, even with full volume
- Most important the price $160

Not so bad
- The maximun brightness, is not so bright, but it's OK, I don't need more brightness and I believe this will save me extra battery.
- Screen rotate function takes some time to realise that has to rotate, no big deal because I always use it like horizontal way. When some application only works in the vertical way, it changes fast. I think the sensor is the problem.
- Doesn't have bluetooth, but has many options to transfer files, and many ports to connect accesories

- Micro USB or USB doesn't charge the tablet, so you have to carry the charger if you use the tablet a lot.
- Gallery, but I think this is android gallery's fault, when you plug a USB flash drive or something, gallery creates albums of every folder with images, when you unplug the flash drive, albums remain there with a blank image, luckly there is a "select all" function for delete them.

I totally recomend this tablet, but I have used it only a couple of days, so if anything happens, I'm definitely going to update this review.
review image review image review image
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on November 13, 2013
I got 2 of these just for myself and my Mom 2 month's ago.
Her sound started to act up a week ago and has now quit completely.
According to Amazon's return policy it's to late to exchange.
Mine works fine and I'm using it to do this review. But 150 bucks each is not worth a 50/50 gamble.
I guess I should had bought a brand name tablet for a few bucks more. And I should had checked on a warranty before I Bought these. I don't see anyway to contact the seller on their store front ?.
If I could get it fixed, I'll gladly up my experience rating. But to make a $150 purchase as final ! Not good.

Customer service took care of the defective tablet.
Tablet express simply has a great C/S dept.
I was slow on updating my review but, tablet express took care of the problem the very same evening
I posted this review.
Exchanged my defective product right away. Quick service by email and RMA was fast and easy.
Customer service is very important to me. For this I'm adding 2 stars.
I'm happy.
Thanks tablet express
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on December 15, 2013
Dragon Touch® R10 10.1'' Google Android 4.1 Dual Core Tablet MID PC, Rockchip RK3066 Dual Core Cortex A9 CPU up to 1.6GHz, 1Gb RAM, 8Gb HDD, Multi-Touch Screen, Front Camera + Rear Camera, Google Play Pre-Installed, HDMI 1080P Output, Skype Video Callin...]I bought this 8/23/13 and was delivered 8/26/13. It has been working ok - not real fast all the time, but I was relatively satisfied considering the price (I paid $159.99), But, two days ago it just froze up on the animated Dragon Touch colored-smoke ring/mist logo and is dead to the world now. It is charged. It is not fully loaded with all kinds of stuff. I mainly use to read Nook and Kindle books and browse online some. I thought that since it was "Fulfilled by Amazon" I'd have no problem with a return but Amazon's verbiage says they'll only do refund within 30 days and/or if dead-on-arrival out of the box. It says to contact the company (Express Tablet out of Oregon) which I emailed tonight and I'll see what response I get. So, for now, I give it 1 star. If they replace it or refund I may up the rating in a future addition to this review. Really disappointing. Maybe should have paid another $50 and got a Kindle.

12/26/13 Follow-up. After no help from Tablet Express, I did a Help Chat with Amazon and they said that, although the return window had passed, they will do a one-time exception and let me return for full refund. I'll send it back and follow up to advise if all went well. Yea!! for Amazon!
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on November 24, 2013
My tablet has a mind of her own after all she is android. She quits when she wants to go to sleep, at times she seems to be drunk; closes and open windows at will out of civil disobedience and rebellion. At a little shake on her shoulder she hides all icons like playing hide and seek or trick or treat; maybe she misses Halloween. Another week with this out of control behavior she'll be looking for a place to live and another room mate. Her charge sucks too, she does not last the 10 magna force hours she claimed to have. I think she is unfaithful. She could be a better lover if she only open her windows when I am seductive and submissive. Her leather dress is to big for her slender body; she slips out of it. I should have got another girlfriend maybe "Sam sung" wants to take me out for a date.
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on September 2, 2013
It has a good display, is fast, touch screen is properly reactive, works nicely. Only problem I've noticed is not all apps are compatible. I can't download store apps like sears, Kmart, meijer. It says not compatible. It will allow me to use their internet sites so not a big deal I guess. For this price, not bad at all.
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on August 9, 2013
I am very impressed with this tablet; for the price, I was not expecting such a great product. Better than many expensive ones. Wow!!
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on February 16, 2014
First off this is a pretty good tablet, or rather the concept is.

The screen is easy to see and all the mentioned features work well together.
It does feel a bit like plastic as others have said. That, however, did not bother me.
The hard drive size is great and easily expandable with an SD card.

Now for why to avoid it.

The battery is made to last for a month with normal use. Afterwards it starts to slowly lose charge until it doesn't charge at all even after 24 hours. This is rather smart as you don't notice until you can no longer return it.

It cannot multi-task. After having Dropbox, Settings, and a reading app open the system would begin to bog down. Even having two different types of settings open would make the system lag.

The stylus does not work well with the tablet. I was better off using my fingers. I tried the stylus for a week solid, never using my fingers, and still felt it didn't work properly.

The battery lasts only 5 hours with normal use. 2 if you're running a movie of any kind. This is unacceptable for any tablet. The average movie is two and half hours long, not including credits. Any mobile device should be required to run at least that. This was with brightness at the lowest settings and with the WiFi off.

The WiFi service is highly unstable. Seven times out of ten the device would start without the WiFi adapter being able to turn on or connect to networks. When this was not the case the WiFi would shut off randomly or disconnect without warning. This was not just on my home WiFi, but across multiple networks, routers, and services.

Third battery issue was that it never knew how much power it really had. Sometimes it would have 90% and would still die. Other times the tablet would indicate only 10% after a full night of charging.

Minor issues

Screen flickers whenever it is touched in the lowest brightness settings.
No other ports allow charging.
WiFi and brightness highly drain battery power.

As the son of a computer engineer I feel i know my way around battery failures, lag, and WiFi issues. This tablet showed me that even if you know the ins and outs of electronics of all kinds, that knowledge will not help you with a faulty device. Such as this.
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