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on December 17, 2013
Ravpower Bolt: 4 USB port charger

Currently for 20 bucks on amazon which is a steal for what it does.

So if your household is like mine where each family member is tied to their smartphone and/or tablet then you have dozens of chargers at every outlet in the house. The living room has 2 chargers, the kitchen has a charger....its utter chaos! Now with family visiting, its even worse! People fighting for "prime charging outlets". While family is over for the holidays I've counted 3 ipads, 3 android tablets, and a 10 phones (android and iphone).

The convenience this little savior brings can not be put to words. Being able to charge 2 tablets and 2 phones at 1 location is amazing. Placing the charger on the side table really declutters the house.

I decided to get a central charging station that anyone could use. So here came Ravpowers 4 usb port charger.

4 ports designed to charge iPad and tablets (2 x 2.1A)
iPhone and Android devices (2 x 1A).
Total combined output of 6.2A (Ports are specially designed for the labeled device but also charge many other devices at full speed).
Compact, unibody design for added portability.
Industrial-grade plastic outer shell and premium circuitry ensure lifetime reliability.
AC 110-220V input voltage ideal for international travel.

Package contents:

RAVPower® 4-Port Wall Charger, 3.84ft / 117cm detachable power cord, user manual.
It's a pretty bare charger. Power cord, central charging hub and a manual. No frills to keep cost down.

I ran a series of tests between:
Iphone 5
Nexus 5
Droid Bionic
Ipad 4
Ipad 2
Nexus 7
galaxy tab 3

All combinations of tablets and phones were able to be charged without a problem. No hiccups or lags, everything seemed to be charged a normal pace.

Build Quality:

Very sturdy, with a good weight to it. It's not too light where it would slide and shift around on our glass table. Nothing creaks or seems flimsy at all. It has 4 non-slip pads/feet at the bottom to prevent it from sliding around.

The blue led is on the bright side as you can tell from the pictures. It's ridiculous trying to look at it, maybe a soft green would have been better.
While it did not come with any micro usb cables as all of us have dozens laying around. It'd be a nice to have short cables like in the pictures so it doesnt get to messy around the charger.

It gets warm but never too hot to be concerned about it.

For 20 bucks I really dont think you can beat it. It's nice to not have a charger at every outlet in the house now.
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on January 22, 2014
Everything plugs into usb any more.
4 usb outlets from 1 ac outlet
We have multiple things we charge from this, tablets, phones, batteries
Was looking for a corded solution to access outlets that were inconvenient to reach
This charges everything and does not get hot
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 4, 2014
Electronics become more advanced every year, and as every year passes, we find ourselves either running out of USBs on our computer, or using 4-5 AC adapters at the same time. Both of these are major problems, because USB 2.0 and 3.0 only produce 500mA and 900mA of power, respectfully, which would cause much longer charge times, and having multiple AC adapters blocks surge protector outlets. RAVPower introduced the “Bolt” to ease these issues.

I received this item, and upon unboxing I found the RAVPower Bolt 30W/6A, an AC Power cord, and the instruction manual. I have come to realize that RAVPower makes very compact electronics, and this one follows suit. The Bolt is so small that it fits in the palm of my plan, which is great for any person who travels and needs time to power their device.

This device includes a two prong, black, detachable, power cord which is around 2-3 feet. The cord itself has a thin gauged wire for such an electronic drawing 30W/6A, but I understand that this was made to cut costs. Having a universal two prong cord is a plus, because it can easily be replaced, and doesn’t block neighboring wall sockets. This also prevents the whole device falling from a wall outlet in the case that someone accidentally brushes against it.

The Bolt (3.6 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches) is very small for an AC adapter. It has a black, matt, hard plastic finish, rounded corners, four USB Ports (from left to right: 2.1A, 2.1A, 1A, and 1A), four rubberized feet, and a blue LED light to indicate the charger is being used. By having a maximum of 6A, it is possible to charge all four USB devices without issues.

I have personally tested this product with the following:
+ RAVPower Qi Charger “Orbit” (
+ RAVPower Deluxe External Battery (
+ Nexus 7 [2013] (
+ Nyko Playpad Pro (
+ Amazon Kindle Fire (
+ Zune HD 32GB (

Each and every electronic didn’t seem to lose any power by filling all the USB ports. They took an equal amount of time compared to each respective AC adapter. This is a huge plus because it de-clutters my desktop and wall outlets at the same time.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to make space of their USB ports and wall socket outlets. The price is only $19.99, which is a great price for what this charger does. This device does exactly what it claims to do, charge, and it does it well.

+ Price @ $19.99 is great for 4 USB outlets at 30W/6A.
+ Unique design, device doesn’t directly plug into wall socket.
+ Portable and light weighted.
+ De-clutters wall sockets, surge protectors, and computer USB outlets.
+ Power cord easily replaceable if damaged, lost, or stolen.
+ Charges all devices without issues.

- Gauge of power cord is very thin.

I was provided a sample in exchange for an honest and thorough review.
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on December 12, 2013
This is the only charger you will ever need, it can charge four devices at once, need I say more!

There are two USB ports that are used for tablets or phablets, and two ports for smartphones or smaller mobile devices. This charger uses a power cord and does not plug directly into the wall like most. The power cord is similar to that of a laptop cord with the two holes in it. I find this to be a plus, it allows the charger to be easily set on a desk or nightstand.

Once plugged up, there is a subtle blue power indication light. By using this charger, I was able to clear my nightstand of any other. I have plenty of mobile devices like most of you out there, so that meant lots of different chargers next to the bed. Since receiving this charger, those days are over.

I use this single charger on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Metwatch (Smartwatch), and LG headset all at the same time. Now all of my devices are all in one place being charged, which is much easier.

This is a must have charger if you have multiple mobile devices!

RAVPower 4 Port USB Wall Charger
Detachable Power Cord

Input: 100-240V
Output: DC 5V 6.2A
USB Output Ports: 2x(5V/2.1A) & 2x(5V/1A), 4 USB Ports Total

I was supplied a free sample for the purpose of review and evaluation, and promised an unbiased review.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 12, 2014
The RAVPower Bolt deserves a 4 star review. The product has a similar form factor to the Apple TV device, it is small and relatively light. The device stands a little taller in height than the Apple TV and the corners are more square. I found the build quality to be rather good. The USB ports seem to be of high quality and the Bolt looks like it could withstand a few falls from a table. The AC power cord is rather thin gauged but it seems to be holding up rather well, it's understandable that they needed to cut costs somewhere. It sits firm on a flat surface with the rubber stoppers below, although, there's no real way of making it sit upright to save desk space.

As far as functionality:
The RAVPower has 4 USB ports capable of delivering a total of 30W/6A combined. The device has 2 ports, labeled "Smart" Ports which supposedly allow your device to charge as quickly as it potentially can. The "Smart" Ports have an output of 2.1 Amps for devices that can handle 2.1 Amps of power. The other 2 ports are 1A for your standard devices.

One thing to note: just because RAVPower claims that they charge your device as fast as it potentially can handle doesn't mean it will be any faster than your stock charger provided by the device. For example, your iPhone 5s comes with a 5v/1A charging block that outputs 1A of power. Using a 2.1A charger doesn't mean it will charge twice as fast, rather, the phone itself will only take in 1.1A of power max. If you doubt what I am saying try plugging in 2 identical phones into a 1A charger and a 2.1A charger and run it through a voltage meter. You will find that both devices use a maximum of 1.1A of power even with heavy application use. You will also see identical charge times for both.

This is not to bash on the RAVPower Bolt as it does exactly what it claims but this is to help others understand how Amperage works. Plugging in an iPhone into one of the "Smart" ports that supports 2.1A of power will only draw 1A of power, but plugging in a larger device such as an iPad Air will draw the full 2.1A of power so RAVPower has done nothing wrong here. I've simultaneously charged my iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Pebble Smartwatch and the Bolt seems to be handling power management pretty well, there is no real drop is charging speed even with all 3 devices charging at the same time.

My only suggestions to the manufacturer would be to increase the gauge thickness of the AC cord, put some rubber stoppers on the sides to allow the device to stand upright, and a cable management system to hide (or contain) all the wires coming out of the device. The small form factor, perfect price range, and abundance of ports makes this an ideal device for your home or workstation.
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on July 26, 2014
UPDATE 7/31/14: Sunvalleytek promptly sent me a replacement unit that is a newer model then the one I received from Amazon. The box is exactly the same, model number is the same, but the new model has lightning bolts under the 2.1A ports on the front. This model correctly shows as charging my Galaxy S3 on ALL FOUR PORTS as opposed to none of the ports on the original model. Almost as importantly the new model has an LED that no longer illuminates an entire bedroom.

If you're having problems, and you don't have the lightning bolts on the front - you have the old model.

Original Review:
Won't charge my Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4.4.2 on Verizon (Kitkat). Shows a Red X on the battery on the two 2.1A ports, and nothing at all on the 1A ports.

The same problem happens with other low quality chargers I've bought since the latest software update. My Anker 40W has no issue charging the phone at full speed on every one of the 5 ports, and the OEM and my other chargers work fine. I don't know if it's a voltage thing, a resistance thing, or what but I put in for a defective return as it's not charging as advertised.

Maybe I got a dud? Maybe it's a piece of crap? I can only hope that the blue LED they used was of equally low quality so it might dim soon, as it was even annoyingly bright in a nightstand drawer that was open just enough for a USB cable to get through.

As others have stated it's large for what it is, and ultimately inflexible in it's port arrangements as opposed to the competition.

Having dealt with this seller (sunvalleytek) previously I know they'll make it right - I'm willing to try anything they're selling since I know they care enough to refund/replace if there's an issue
review image
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on June 17, 2014
This device works great and charges 4 devices at a good rate.

I did learn that even when nothing is connected, it uses power. After I figured it out, it made sense, but this can be an issue if running off a jump battery.
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on December 16, 2013
Great device for getting rid of all those usb cords sticking out of every netbook, laptop or desktop. If your like me you have usb cords shicking out of almost every device you own. I wanted something to charge (what I thought) was a couple of devices. Well when I got this item I put in in a central area on the counter thinking I could keep all my devices charged.

Every time I would go to charge something, all the ports were being used mostly by my wife. We each have a samsung galaxy 3s plus each a netbook. we also each have a ravpower external charging devices(this is a great device also- wife has the lipstick device with the built in flashlight). Along with a xoom tablet we have a couple of external speakers and a headset or two. Well you get the message; I didn't realise we had so many devices and that my wife would hog this wall charger. Well the answer to that is to get another one pronto!!!!!!!!

What I like about this wall charger is the small size and the fact that it has about a 6' cord to plug into the wall. This allows you to move the device around the counter. Most devices plug directly into the wall giving you no options to move around.

I also like it has 2- 5v2.1A ports and 2- 5v1A ports. This gives you the option to charge larger devices much more quickly while having the ability to charge smaller devices at the same time. I'm really impressed with the size of the device (3 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 1 1/4 ") and the nice clean look of the charger. Really fast charging if you'll use the suggested port compatiable for your device.

Bottom line great device and good price. Only thing is, as I said above, we'll need another one to handle our needs. BTW we just went on a weekend trip out of town and took this wall charger with us. Not surprised once in the hotel room, and this was plugged in, all the ports were full. Met our needs perfectly on our trip.
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on April 17, 2014
I have a dell Venue Pro 8 tablet that won't charge on this device. My Samsung Galaxy phone and my iPad charge fine.

The Dell has a configuration where it will not charge unless the data lines in the USB cable are shorted (which is dumb on Dell's part IMO). This device should have those shorted, since it's a charging device that won't transmit a data signal. I have to assume they don't, since the Dell device doesn't charge.

** Edit **

The seller very promptly followed up on this comment and offered me a full refund on the item. I think that's good business and very, very responsible on the seller's part. I still have to leave the feedback at 2 stars, because the charger does not work on all devices. Another review also claims it does not work on the Nook. The seller seems very responsible and responsive, I would not let a bad experience with this product stop me from buying something from this seller again.
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on January 1, 2014
I really like this thing so far, got it for my kids kindle, 500ma chargers we got around the house would not even charge while it was on. But with this it charges in a matter of hours while it is on, I like that it does not have a wall wort but has a real cord to plug in, use the high amp plugs for the tablet and the lower ones for, mp3 players and phones. I would imagine that it won't stay only 20 bucks for long. The only annoyance is the mega bright blue led on the front of it, think I might just put a piece of electrical tape over it. Other than that it is great.
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