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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 25, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In my never-ending quest to replace all of my old cathode ray tube televisions around the house (three more to go!) , I decided to give this product, the "RCA 22LB45RQD 22-Inch Full 1080p LCD/DVD Combo", a try. This LCD TV is a moderately-priced, low frills television, but includes DVD player. Interestingly, the TV includes full 1080p resolution (many, if not most TV's of this size are 720p). For the non-technophiles, this refers to the TV's ability to accept a 1080p signal and display it with a resolution of at 1080 horizontal lines. More lines mean you can display a better resolution picture, although your input signal also has to have a high resolution; otherwise the TV will up-convert the signal. If you use this a computer monitor rather than as a TV, it will allow you to achieve a resolution of up to 1920 × 1080.

- It's light, around 12 pounds total. The older 20 inch CRT TV that this is replacing weighs over 40 pounds. I'm continually amazed at how light and thin TVs are now. I used to buy televisions in part based on whether I could carry them by myself, and found myself limited to a 27 inch screen. Nowadays I'm probably limited more by the spread of my arms. :-)
- You can choose from several different picture aspects (normal, widescreen, zoom, cinema) to get the least distortion and best picture, depending on whether you're watching an old 4:3 format show or a 16:9 widescreen movie. This is a nice feature that isn't always found on lower-priced LCD TVs.
- There are plenty of input jacks ... one HDMI, 1 set of composite and 1 set of component video (only one of which is useable at a time, though), RF, a USB port, headphone jack, etc. All of the jacks are on the left.
- The sound volume can be turned up very loud. The volume of many LCDs is a problem, where the loudest setting is barely adequate if there is any other noise in the room (kids playing, for example) competing with the TV. But the volume for this TV is great.
- The remote is full-sized and laid out logically.
- Assembly was easy; you only had to mount the TV onto its pedestal, which meant using 4 screws to connect the TV to the base. It took me only a couple of minutes, and after that, the TV was ready to go.
- I had no problems with the DVD player, and it worked fine. Just note that you have to insert the DVD so that the label points away from you (which is intuitively backwards to me, at least). From the tech specifications info provided, the DVD will play/display the following: DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/JPEG, and the USB port will play/display MP3 files and JPEGs.

- Like most LCD TVs, it's slow to turn on and slow to change channels, although if you're using a satellite or cable box, the time to change channels isn't an issue. It takes five seconds from pushing the power button until the picture appears, and two seconds to change channels. This isn't a big problem for me, as I knew that about LCD TV's going in, but I mention it in case it's an important consideration for you.
- The picture is very good, but the viewing angles are only fair (but better than some of my other LCD TVs.) It will take a VESA standard 100 X 100 mount if you want to hang it from your wall and adjust the viewing angles that way.
- The power cord was a bit hard to connect (but you only have to do that once!)

Overall, I really like this TV/DVD combo, especially how thin and light it is. It's a good TV for your spare bedrooms or home office/den. And due to the 1080p resolution, it can also serve as a decent computer monitor. Four stars.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The 22" RCA HDTV with DVD combo arrived in great shape and was so easy to setup that it was fully functional within a matter of minutes. Ratatouille (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) was playing after the very quick setup!

Out of the box: The base is easy to install (somewhat loose and floppy but I didn't tighten down the screws since I won't be using the base when mounted to the wall), the connections are easy to reach (especially with an articulating wall mount such as VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for VESA 100 LCD LED Flat Screen Monitor TV 1E9), and has a full range of input ports including USB which is severely lacking from many similar models! The picture is very crisp compared to some similar mid-range models and is a full 1080p (splurge the few extra bucks for 1080p, you'll be glad in the long run!) The remote uses 2 AAA batteries (included, worked great.) The viewing angle is AT LEAST 130 degrees, closer to 140 degrees without specifically measuring.

The input jacks on this model are in the left side while the built in dvd player is accessible on the right side; the controls are along the top center, a somewhat unusual location for comparable models (keep this in mind if mounting high such as above a fridge.) The base mounts loosely with 2 different sized "pins" but then secures much better with 4 tiny screws, again rather unusual from the many different HDTVs I've experienced. The power cord mounts to the lower side making the power cord somewhat visible if the tv is mounted very high, such as above a fridge. The power cord is a standard computer power cord - I like standardization so if you lose a cord such as when moving it is not a hassle to replace.

The ports along the left side (sitting sideways instead of sticking out the back allowing a flusher installation to the wall!) from top to bottom include:
* head phone jack
* PC audio in
* TV / cable coax
* 15 pin VGA
* 6 ports for either 5 port component including stereo audio or 3
port including video and stereo audio (not both simultaneously which may be relevant if you are hooking up devices needing both such as a game system on component and an older DVD player on composite - that setup simply wouldn't work on this unit without a separate port switch, sold separately)
* USB - perfect for using this HDTV as a digital photo slideshow when not being used as a TV!

The USB port - I loaded an otherwise blank flash drive with 2 folders - images and music. I then transferred 50 or so JPEGs and about 60 MP3s to their respective folders. I found settings on the playback allowing both an MP3 to play continuously while the images were repeated as a slideshow. The images always played in alpha order and only from the first basic folder, not any sub folders. The music folder allowed me to select a specific song from sub-folders but not the a group of MP3s nor a folder, just one specific MP3. If I find a way around this I will update here with instructions.

The energy guide included on this model shows an estimated yearly energy cost of $9 in the middle of the cost range of similar models estimated to be $4 - $13 / year (based on 11 centers per kWh and 5 hours use per day... more info at

I rate this HDTV as 5+ stars: 5 for being a great basic HDTV with a great clear picture with a wide viewing angle and a bonus star for having a USB port, something I've been expecting yet not finding on other similar 22" models including similar models from Toshiba and Coby. I will update this review if the DVD player fails or anything else happens warranting an update.
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on October 22, 2012
DVD did not work on first one, Amazon easily exchanged for another of same model. DVD still didn't work so I called the RCA customer service. Their rep told me he had already taken six calls on this issue for this model TV today and did offer to send a box to have this one fixed. I told him thanks but I would simply return this and find a brand that works. He did give advice on another RCA model to avoid that was having similar problems. At least the customer service was nice and helpful but the DVD not working was a big dissappointment...
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VINE VOICEon November 24, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love this TV for a small room! The color is fabulous and the sound is good too! I have watched several DVDs on it and everything has worked well. I suspect that those who were having trouble with DVDs were putting them in backwards because if you follow the very explicit directions and put them in with the shiny side forward it does seem slightly contrary to the norm. I hung the TV on the wall using a wall mount that I bought from Amazon and because the TV is very light weight it was very easy to mount. I did discover after hanging it that the manual control buttons are across the back edge at the top so if you want to be able to see them when you need to you might consider hanging it slightly lower on the wall so you can see over the top. In a small room such as I installed it in (10' square) it was the perfect size. Any larger would have overwhelmed the room. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better TV/DVD combo than this one is for under $200.
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RCA 22" LCD SCREEN TV/DVD PLAYER [DOES NOT SUPPORT BLU-RAY] was an odd surprise, which is not always the best kind of surprise to have. Since I am a man of the last century (I've waited half my life to be able to write that!) I can get dizzy from seeing the latest technological disasters. I can also boast happy memories of the days without cable, the good old days of five TV channels, an antenna that worked, and good programming.

Back to this RCA which I just bought (not here, on sale for $199). This is 100% Chinese-made, and it shows. The abominable instructions give zero guidance and that is a crime, whether it is done in China or anywhere. This television set made me miss my old 100-pound Magnavox from 2002. The RCA weighs all of 10 pounds, and my wife was laughing as she skipped into the house with it, holding it lightly in one hand.

Trouble is not only bad instructions: this TV set has none of the fine features found in TVs from a decade ago. It does not allow the viewer to skip from the DVD to TV then return later and pick up the DVD where it left off; this thing simply shuts down the DVD input. If you interrupt a DVD improperly, you will be fussing with it from the very start of the disc.

The connections are in an awkward and stupid spot at the back. I do not necessarily have to have every single connection in the front of the TV set, but this is ridiculous. I know, I know: they need to be there because this can be mounted on the wall, and, well, where else would the connections be? So?

The screen instructions and navigation: one of the worst nightmares of my existence. What I could do on an old Magnavox with two pushes of the buttons now takes me several steps and a firm prayer that I don't hit the wrong damned button on the remote. It also involves curse words in 13 languages, with the loudest ones in English--and I use words in English you've never heard.

This is not just crusty, moldy old me getting used to a new TV. It's Chinese torture, and I know for a fact that the Chinese do such things on purpose.

For the price, who could pass it up, I ask you? My old TV went haywire. When I determined to just buy a new TV, I never bargained for such migraines. I'm learning and I'm happy enough when in the midst of a favorite film - but with all the Houston Mission Controls just to tweak the color, with the sound system nothing but a complicated atrocity like the old 1970s stereo systems ... Chinese ingenuity my foot!

The sound from this TV is total crap. We had to add speakers--not a speaker bar, mind you, because that would be another $100. Computer screen speakers (around $15 for a pair) work beautifully if you plug them into the earphone jack.

The other major complaint is the DVD player itself. It is set in the upper right-hand corner of the TV, and has the weirdest DVD-inserting mechanism I have ever suffered. More like a CD player that you instinctively feel is going to break.

"So far I have had no troubles with it like so many reviewers say they have had, but that doesn't surprise me. My wife and I are very handy at putting in/taking out DVDs, but I have the nasty feeling that one day soon, it'll just stop working." * UPDATE: NOTE BELOW *

I'd rather have the obnoxious "CD tray" that pops out and demands your DVD, as if it were sticking out its "tongue" at you. One final piece of proof that the Chinese are out to trounce us every way they can: I read a huge number of reviews for this RCA TV, all of which state that their DVD players don't function at all. The reviewers state they called RCA tech support and were told RCA is very aware of this problem.

Very, indeed! So what is offered to the customer by RCA in such a predicament? If my DVD player hadn't functioned I would have personally THROWN this TV back at the place I bought it. Why the heck didn't I just buy a new Magnavox? Perhaps because those, too, are made in China.

* VITAL UPDATE: I guess I'm throwing this TV back at the merchant. It has turned out to be a royal disappointment. There is no way I can leave this review without updates from a customer who has had this television only since this past May. I wrote my review in June. Today (5th December 2013) I spent an hour on the phone being redirected by the store to RCA and from RCA back to the store. RCA HAS NO TECH SUPPORT.

The store won't come to my home to fix this because the screen is too small.

The DVD player is officially fried--first by freezing inexplicably (that started about two months after I bought it). Now it simply accepts and then fails to "read" the DVD. In other words the TV thinks there's no DVD in it when it is, in fact, sitting there waiting to be "loaded". Now I will take it back and return it for a refund ... assuming I don't need to sign a lien on my home or donate my body to the store first!!

Seven-month ownership advice: get something else, better, hopefully not Chinese manufactured, and who cares if it's $200 more! RCA has become SO not worth it. I'm actually toying with the thought of getting my money refunded in full and buying whatever the hell ... honestly, who cares.
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on October 7, 2013
I got one of there last November. Picture was outstanding and I was happy. Six months later I tried to use the DVD player, didn't work, came here and read all the bad reviews and thought about what a fool I had been... I next looked at my warranty and phoned the number to see if there was a local repair place I could take it to. They surprised me by saying they would send a service man to my house (50 miles each direction out in the country). They sent him, he looked at it and ordered $450 worth of parts, came back when they arrived and fixed it! I can't believe they paid for two $120 trips out to the house and $450 worth of parts to fix a tv I had only paid about $150 for and neither could the service man. It says on the warranty they only offer this service for big tvs, but they did it anyway at completely no charge to me. It works great now and am super happy with it and the company - what a shocker! Maybe this will work for some of you who have the ones with the broken DVD players. He even gave me the extra parts to keep in case I ever have a problem with it in the future after the warranty runs out.
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on January 2, 2013
Bought 2 of these and will return both. One of them let you insert the dvd but just says loading and has said this for 3 days now. And now it will not eject the dvd as well. The other one will not even accept the dvd. You try and insert the dvd and nothing happens, does not attempt to pull the dvd in. One other complaint is we hav a 46 inch sharp tv that if you lay on the ground to watch tv you can still see the picture without any blackness. These 22 inch RCA models are not like that. If you want a clear image you have to be viewing it directly straight on for a clear image. We have bunk beds in one room and the top bunk you can see the picture great, however the lower bunk sees alot of black images. I would not recomend this model or any RCA model to anyone. This TV is labeled 1080 LCD, other LCD models I have seen viewed and owned you can sit at any angle and still see a decent looking screen. This screen only looks good if you are straight directly in front of the tv otherwise you get blackness. Come on RCA I thought you made a better quality product!!
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on November 27, 2012
For the price this is a great value! It has a great picture, incredible 1080HD color and quality, is easy to set up, and while I read about some other DVD player issues, my DVD works just fine with no problems. For $150.00 just try to find a better deal. And remember, Amazon stands behind it.
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on December 3, 2012
Do not purchase this TV. I followed the instructions for the DVD exactly, inserting it with the shiny side pointing towards me. The DVD player would not take the DVD. I pushed gently, nothing happened. I hit open, nothing happened. I called RCA and their exact words were, "I'm very sorry, I know that has been a problem with this newer model". She advised me to return it to Amazon. Why are they selling this TV if they know it doesn't work?????? Save your time and aggravation and buy something else!
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on January 26, 2013
I was about to give it a 3 for what it is a TV that has a DVD drive if one fails then the whole thing is junk but I decided to give this Television a benefit of the doubt.

I purchased this mainly for a business for viewing Television the only caveat I would give it is that if one enters the dvd wrong in the side panel it will screw the whole set up.

It has a nice array of options and input cable if I personally bought this for myself I wouldn't go for an all in one unit but if your a poor college student and lack space then definitely buy this.
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