Customer Reviews: RCA LED46C55R120Q 46-Inch LED-Lit 1080p 120Hz HDTV (Black)
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on December 11, 2012
I figured since I rely so heavily on user reviews when making my purchasing decisions on Amazon that I owed it to the community to post my experience with this product.
I ordered this TV on Thanksgiving night and had been doing quite a bit of research trying to find the best combination of quality and price. While there were other television options out there that were more flashy they also came with a much heftier price tag.
First off, the TV came with free shipping and had an estimated arrival date of 7-10 business days. Imagine my surprise then, that it arrived on the afternoon of the second business day.
Coming out of the box, the unit looked amazing. Sleek design; light-weight and easy to maneuver, this TV looked great. I had a few issues getting the base securely attached to the TV, but after switching to a longer screwdriver, found the process to be quite easy.
The set-up was easy and very straight forward. I hooked my Ps3 and laptop up to the HDMI ports and was watching Netflix and playing video games within 45 minutes of getting the package.
I find the picture quality to be top notch. The 120 hz frame rate makes for a clear, seamless image. I watched Prometheus and The Dark Knight on it within the first couple of nights and was in awe of the quality of the picture. The blacks looked amazing which is something that always bothered me about previous LCD sets I have had. Sometimes, when watching HBOGo, the frame rate can be a bit dizzying but I would blame that more on the fact that I am streaming it to the TV then the quality of the TV itself. With Netflix or Blu-Rays I have had ZERO negative experiences.
For $500.00 and free/fast shipping, I am incredibly happy with my purchase. I would have given the product 5 stars had it not been for the fact that there are only 2 HDMI ports on the set. It can be slightly annoying switching the cable to a third device but the typical person is only using 1 or 2 ports anyways so it is something that has no real bearing on my ability to enjoy this product. I would recommend this TV for living room, bedroom or "man-cave" use.
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on June 26, 2014
I was hesitant to buy this television after reading such a far-ranging mix of reviews. Let me set the record straight, at least from my perspective. The image quality is simply outstanding. I hooked the TV up to my home theater pc, and the picture was excellent, but after a little bit of tweaking using test patterns that art easily found online, this television delivers near-reference quality images. The absolute finest image I have seen was a 60" panasonic plasma, and I have never seen any lcd tv compete with plasmas for the crispness and absolute darkness of the black levels, but this tv does as well as any other lcd tv IF you take the time to make the adjustments. I have also heard some people say that they couldn't see any difference when the 120hz motion interpolation was turned on. I can say with absolute certainty that I can tell when it is off, on low, medium, or high. It is VERY obvious that motion smoothing is taking place. At first the "soap opera effect", as many call it, can look odd, but after watching some action films and sports, I can't go back to 24 frames per second. There just seems to be too much missing visually.

The screen is a gloss screen, so direct light reflections could be a concern, but normal room lighting has is no way hurt the viewing experience so far. The frame around the screen is about an inch thick, and the depth of the tv is impressive, although I have seen thinner screens. Not really a concern to me, but if you wanted to hang this on your wall, you can relax because it won't sit far off the wall at all.

The tv just has all the basic functions you need in a tv, with a lot of adjustability regarding image and sound, including a graphic equalizer.I have not tested the built-in speakers, and I probably never will. I have a hard time believing anyone will buy a 55" hdtv and then rely on the puny speakers that ALL lcd tv's have. The enclosures are just too small to get good sound, unlike the massive speakers and enclosures in many old projection tv's. This is a tv made for a theater-type experience, and for that you need at lest 5.1 surround sound, which is exactly what I run on my htpc.

Be aware that this is not a "smart" tv, and that is why it is priced so competitively, not because it is second rate by any standards. It is just a well-made, highly adjustable television, with a basic remote and simple operation. Having my tv hooked up to even my modest home theater pc absolutely shames the capabilities of any smart tv I have seen, and I can upgrade my setup with just more ram or a new video card or a new storage drive, to stay cutting edge if I like instead of having to buy a new smart tv each year to stay current.

The only thing that I can say bad about this tv is that IF you try to use the motion interpolation while gaming, there will be a delay. No matter how good the tv's processor this will happen though. Very high-end tv's will just be LESS laggy. This is because when you are watching recorded video, the tv's processor can have a slight delay at all time so it can be one step ahead of the images and interpolate the images that fall in between the actual images in motion sequences. In a game, it is all in real-time, so there will always be some delay. The obvious answer is turn off the smoothing effect/motion interpolation. It takes about three clicks of the remote to do this, but I see people complaining about it in these reviews. Which brings me to my conclusion: this is an awesome product. Please don't put much trust into reviews done by people who didn't even bother to read the manual or go through the setup menus. If they can't do something basic like that, do you really care what they "think"? In no way could I imagine anyone regretting buying this rca hdtv, unless they just need a bigger tv, or will only ever be satisfied with a plasma screen. Happy shopping folks.
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on April 7, 2013
Pros: Good picture. others have said it will not work for games.
I find this not so. All of my PS3 game work just fine.
(Far Cry3-Walking Dead-RE6-and many more.
I also have a Xbox 360 all of my games work just fine on it as well.
I purchased this TV when it was on sale for only $599.
Which is a Great price for a 55" LED TV.
If you can wait, the price will drop to that or even a little lower
at some time again.
Some of the other people here on Amazon reviews
have stated they have purchased this particular TV
for even a little less than I did." just a couple of bucks".

Here a the Buts I mentioned,
The description of this product on Amazon are not all Factual.

1: It states this TV has an VGA connection. ( For hooking up a computer)
In fact there is none. If you wish to use it for a computer it will NOT work.
also says it has a Swivel stand... Not true. But not a big deal.
Okay. Says it's an LED TV. When in fact, It is LED back-light with an LCD screen.
Not a big deal also. By law a LED Back-light TV is considered a LED TV.
A LED back-light TV gives a much crisper and clearer picture than a LCD.
This TV's picture is very good.
Speaker Sound: as others have mentioned, The sound is not the greatest.
Although I find it quite adequate. As with all of my other TV's, I have purchased
Sound bars or Av's. But that's just me. I like the whole movie theater experience.
5: and finally,
I'm sure you have seen there are only two HDMI connection.
Not a problem for me. However if it is a concern for you.
You can purchase a USB Hub for around $10 to $20.
They can range from turning one USB into anywhere from 3 To 5 extra connections.
or you can pick up a AV with HDMI in and out connections.
That's what I use. My TV only needs one HDMI my AV handles all the rest.
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on March 1, 2013
This tv is the best value on the market..i got the 55...regarding the gaming..i think its fantastic for gaming!!!i believe the people who are playing are just not used to the frame rate on this tv...looking at the other reviews people went from 32 inch insignias and other lower quality brand tvs to will get used to 52 samsung 120 lcd blew up after a lightning a tv buff...46 samsung in bedroom, 32 samsung in my office...paid 1300 for the 52 had it 3 years and they wanted 500 to fix it..paid 588 for this when it was a deal of the day figuring mine as well get a fresh one if Im gonna drop the dough anyway..This is a great entry level long as your not a spec freak only has 2 hdmi does not have rca audio outputs..nothing a 5 dollar wire on amazon cant cure..dont hesitate to buy get 30 days to return it also if for some odd reason you are not "SATISFIED" with the quality of the picture or your gaming experience...if your not "SATISFIED" go spend 2-3k on a Sony xbr which in 2 years will be worth 1000 bucks..I like to call these problems "PEOPLE LOOKING FOR PROBLEMS CAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE GOING ON IN THERE LIFE PROBLEMS!!!"" do yourself a favor buy the tv and keep the rest of the cash in your pocket..all the tvs are made in china or taiwan anyways...except vizio maybe???i will upload a screenshoot of my recent activity on black ops 2 where i had 59 kills and 9 deaths...not to bad for a BAD GAMING TV!!!
review image review image
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on February 21, 2013
This TV is a great buy for the money... It has a very good picture that seems to be clean and crisp.. But the sound is lacking a little depth.. other than that its a great TV
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on January 25, 2013
I've had this 46" RCA LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV for about 3 months, and so far it's been fantastic. Great color clarity, easy to set up, polished look, decent sound--all around a great value.

Unlike many of its competitors, this RCA TV doesn't have a lot of frills. If you're looking to stream movies or TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or something else--you'll need another device to do so. This isn't a problem for most of us: who buys a 46" HDTV LED TV without also having Blu-Ray player, gaming system, Roku, or something else? No one that I know. I bought the TV with the full intention of using my Blu-Ray player for streaming purposes, so it wasn't an issue for me.

In terms of the sound...I've found this TV's sound to be surprisingly good, especially compared to other similarly-sized TVs on the market. I have the TV wall mounted, with two tall bookcases on either side of it; I suspect this set up, coupled with the smallish size of my living room, helps amplify the sound. I could see how the sound might get lost in a larger room. And of course, if you're looking for a huge bass sound, no TV will provide that--you need a decent subwoofer for that. At some point I may get a sound bar, but all things considered I find the sound surprisingly crisp. Most TV manufacturers, in my experience, don't invest in TV speakers on the assumption that the vast majority of consumers will circumvent the built-in speakers anyway with a sound system. So understanding this tendency, this TV's built-in speakers are at the better end of built-in speakers.

All said, highly recommended. A great value, with excellent graphics. If your looking to upgrade the TV in your home theater system, this is a great option.
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on March 14, 2013
We had been looking at 55" televisions for a while and finally ran across this great deal. Works wonderful and has a great picture.
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on November 9, 2015
We bought this TV in February of 2013 on Amazon for about $400 on sale. Not worth that.

After a couple of months we had problems with it randomly shutting off. We would have to unplug it for a minute then plug it back in and it would turn on again. After months of this maybe we got used to it, but after the warrantee was up it became more frequent. We had it "repaired", new power supply, new motherboard. After each repair it went back to doing the same thing. Just randomly shutting off. Now it has gotten to where it turns off immediately after we turn it on. We have tried different outlets, new surge protector, nothing seems to help. Maybe it's cursed, IDK.

Nothing but trouble for almost 3 years. It's so big that returning it seemed more of a hassle at first than just plugging it back in, but we now wish we had returned it when the problems started.
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on April 4, 2014
Considering I ended up getting this TV for $500 flat (Black Friday sale of $550 - $50 partial refund from Amazon for delayed shipment!) I'm utterly satisfied with this purchase. Still, even at $650, it's one of the best values you will find in TVs for the 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and sheer SIZE of this beast. I've spend hours in Best Buys, Costcos, and various electronics stores looking at potential candidates for my new TV, and I must say that Samsungs are typically the best. They also cost about 3x as much as this RCA for the same size and specs.

Bottom line is, for the average consumer this TV is more than enough and is absolutely incredible for watching movies/TV/sports etc. I'm a casually competitive gamer who doesn't even own his own Xbox One (it's my brothers, and I don't play like it's my job or life, but I enjoy it and perform better than the majority of other players I encounter) and this TV is certainly enough to get the job done. I'm sure for serious guys who spend $300 on gaming headsets and buy Monster and Mountain Dew by the case, this TV is probably somehow inadequate. But trust me...unless you are THAT type of consumer, you will love this TV.
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on February 23, 2013
This was the best price for a 55" LED TV anywhere by $200 so I jumped all over it!!!

First note, some of the other reviews, there are limitations so it must meet your needs. There are not a lot of inputs, but why would you need 4 or 6 HDMI inputs? My video is all controlled by my AV Receiver so I only need one HDMI input and that is all.

Gaming speed may be an issue but I don't game.

I need one input, and a good picture and this has everything I need for an awesome price... I don't even need speakers, but who does...every heard of surround sound.

Best TV for the $$$ anywhere at the time if the limitations don't effect you!

The free delivery to the room and unpack and power up was an awesome no Virginia sales tax on a $600 item is a big saving some don't consider.
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