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Style Name: Blu-rayChange
Price:$265.95 - $671.64
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on September 1, 2012
If you're looking for a good Home Theater system that won't break your budget and still provide quality sound along with a Blu-Ray player, this is it. Although hooking up was not the easiest and the directions were not the best, with help from my techie friend, we managed to get it together. One suggestion, if your internet connection is not close by, spend a little bit extrta and get the system with built in wi-fi. Otherwise, you'll end up having to run a cable to your computer.
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on September 9, 2012
The Blu-Ray part works fine. The surround sound is interesting, although it requires many cords running all over the room, and even when you thread them under rugs it's a bit sloppy. I wouldn't buy it again for that reason. In fact, the only reason I bought this at all was to stream Netflix wirelessly onto my TV. But that part just does not work. The device connects and then says Cannot resolve [...]

And when you try to get RCA customer support, they ignore you. They have no phone, and their email sends you links to pages from the unhelpful manual.
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on October 12, 2013
I think most of the people posting negative reviews sound like people who do not know how to properly set up or use this product. I purchased this RCA Blu-Ray home theater surround sound system and I pretty much have a movie theater in my living room, minus the overpriced beverages and snacks. The sound quality is amazing, especially for just 300W. I owned an 1000W unit and was surprised to hear how close this system came to replicating the power and quality of 1000W. Sure, the wires are a paint in the butt, but figuring out how to set the speakers up and hide the wires is not rocket science.

Very satisfied.
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on August 15, 2012
We got this today & the sound is great! The only issue we had was we had to buy 2 other cords for it. The blue ray player is wonderful and it also plays dvds. I love how you can use netflix on it and it works wonderful as well!! Over all i would say this is a great surround system!!!!
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on September 26, 2012
I bought this because i wanted a blu-ray, it was pretty cheap so i gambled on it knowing i probably was throwing the money away. The day it came i hooked it up and rented a movie. The picture clarity was great sound was even better. The only draw back is it is not going to blow you out of the room or can't. it is perfect for me and my wife.
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on December 28, 2012
I enjoy it. It has plenty of power to make movies more enjoyable. Is sensitive to where you place it. If you stick it in an enclosed area it will overheat easily.
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on March 25, 2013
I've had this system for three months, and I use it almost everyday primarily to play non-blueray dvds. I became terribly disappointed when it began to tell me that "no disc" was inserted when I tried to watch my non-blueray dvds, and the menu on the front of the player stated "BD." It refused to play my non-BD dvds. But I got the thing to work again, and I am hoping my solutions have permanently resolved my problems. I discovered that the player is very picky and sensitive to any flaws in my non-blueray discs. If the player refuses a regular dvd, I first clean the player with a blueray cleaner that is specially designed for blueray players. This usually solves my problem. If the player continues to say "no disc" after cleaning it at least twice, I use Dawn dish washing detergent to solve my problem. I put at least a half teaspoon of Dawn on the non-blueray disc, and then I rub the disc gently with my fingers in a back and forth motion; (I do not go in a circle because discs must be washed from the middle to the outside edge in a back and forth motion to avoid damaging the disc.) I then gently rinse under lukewarm water while continuing to rub gently, and dry the disc gently with a paper towel or soft cloth. So far, the player has accepted my non-blueray discs after they have been washed with Dawn. I am wishing myself good luck that this will continue to be successful.
In regards to playing blueray discs, I have not had any problems at all. In fact, the player played all of my Star Wars bluerays without any problems, and this was not true with my Sony blueray player. (The Sony blueray player menu politely told me that I have to connect the Sony player to the internet to receive a download from Sony that will upgrade my player and allow me to play Star Wars. Unfortunately, I do not have WiFi or the skills to access the software/download that I needed, so I gave up.)
In regards to sound, I am very happy. It has been perfect/loud enough for a single room. I enjoy a full range of treble to bass, speech to musical score. It roars when I want it to do so.
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on November 6, 2013
Up until this moment, RCA has always manufactured premier products during my lifetime, and I have purchased several products without ever having any problems or returns. I purchased this unit to replace another RCA Home Theater System that I purchased only 2 years ago while doing some home remodeling. I also purchased 2 RCA flat-screen TVs about that same time.

My older RCA Home Theater System was not setup for Wifi, but could stream Netflix if I so desired, so I bought this specific model because RCA advertised it to be Wifi ready and capable of streaming Netflix. The unit was not setup to stream Netflix as advertised, and approximately 24 hours after installing the unit, audio from a football game abruptly stopped coming from the speakers and the unit began emitting a loud rumbling and humming sound through the speakers. I immediately contacted Amazon and they graciously agreed to send me a replacement unit.

Two days later, I think I'm back in business when I received the replacement unit. After I installed the unit and setup my Wifi, I proceeded to try and setup Netflix. Once again, there was no app on the setup screen for me to access Netflix; the only apps available were for VUDU, Pandora and Picasa. I then called the toll-free number listed in the Owner's Manual to try and get assistance in resolving the problem. After being placed on hold for 10 minutes, I was eventually connected to an RCA "service representative". I explained to her that the unit was not as advertised and that I could not connect the unit to Netflix and asked her what should be done to rectify the problem. The woman became very argumentative with me, told me I would have to ship the unit to RCA to correct the problem (instead of giving me access to an update download), and when I asked her name, she stated that was "just the way it works", and then she abruptly hung up and disconnected the call.

Because of this experience, I will never buy another RCA product; ;life is much too short to deal with misrepresented products and abrasive product service representatives. This 2nd unit is also going back to Amazon and I have already ordered another brand which is a 1000 watt unit vs this 300 watt unit, all for less than $30.00 more; in hind-sight, I probably should have ordered this unit to begin with instead of the RCA.
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on November 20, 2012
Not a bad product for the price. My only qualm is that the stereo sound only seems to work for watching a Blu-Ray or DVD, unless I've read the instructions wrong. I haven't tried watching a TV movie that is "Dolby surround where available," but when it's on the AUX that is the TV input, my only option is for 2 channel, so just the front right and left. Other than that, no problems at all. The FM radio works great, the Blu-Ray picture is phenomenal, and it was easy to install.
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on February 27, 2015
First: Where Purchase Was Made
I did not buy this from Amazon; I did, however, buy 2 of these at Christmas time in 2012 from Walmart. One was a gift for my mom and the other was a Christmas gift from my brother but it was the DVD version. I took that one back because I'd already had a Blu-Ray player with a lot of movies and I wasn't going to let them go to waste. Plus the speakers wouldn't hook up to it (that should been a red flag but I was too excited to pay attention). I just paid the difference.

Second: Star Rating

Third: Details For The Rating
We hooked up first my mothers and then mine. Before we started setting mine up we checked my mothers to make sure it worked and it did just fine. It came on with no problems and the sound was great; so we moved on to my room. The end result was the same. You should know that my mother is a big tv viewer but a seldom movie viewer. I am the the exact opposite. I barely watch tv but buy DVD's/Blue-ray's and watch them all the time. So naturally mine's the one that showed the problems.

The first time it showed problems was when I put in my Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince part 2. Though it wasn't brand new, it was just like it in appearance. No scratch, finger prints, dirt, or anything else. When I put movie in the player refused to acknowledge it and kept saying unknown disc. I had to open and close the try several times and straighten the movie so the disc was right side up. It was irritating as heck, especially since the movie was read just fine in my Xbox 360, my brothers playstation, and my mom player.

Another time was when I bought the movie "Olympus Has Fallen". While the movie was going through the start up trailers the speakers decided to act up then. They were making the same noises like a broken speaker makes at any sound (like a ripped sound. Thats best description I could make). Turning the volume way down and turning off the subwoofer did nothing to make it better. Then it would be randomly fixed the next day without any attempts to fix it at all.

The third time was the final straw and it pissed me off. The box advertises that it's wireless but that couldn't be further from the truth. If it were wireless it would automatically pick up the signal. I have one those routers that is super expensive and covers a lot ft. so there should be no problem getting the signal. I bought several wireless adapters and none of them worked; I case you're wondering, it was over five adapters, so I can tell you without a doubt that there is nothing wireless about this thing.
I checked my moms to see if it did the same things and it did. I discovered all of these problems after the time period of return for these piece of products ended. I'm considering getting a lawyer, which may be extreme to some but I live on a limited budget. I'm disabled and I get movies and to keep myself occupied and because I can't go out and do things like going to the movies like most people can. Plus unless someone does something about the CSR they're going to keep treating their customers like crap. A suit should (I say should because some people are just too special to get a clue) put them in check. I highly recommend to everyone to not buy this product. It's no where near worth it. In fact I'll say that about any and all RCA products. I give people and/or products and businesses 3 chances to prove themselves. The first strike was years ago with the $20 DVD players (you remember those; everybody and their mother bought one). The second strike was a stereo system my mother got me for Christmas and the third strike was this Blu-Ray surround sound system.
And just so you know, this piece of crap was so horrible that Walmart stopped selling it altogether. BTW you don't have to be "tech savvy" to use this thing. No matter what it's still a piece of crap and you don't need to be a genius to know it. The person who said that is obviously a paid reviewer.
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