Customer Reviews: RCA WHP141B 900MHZ Wireless Stereo Headphones
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on April 24, 2011
My wife and I recently had a baby, so I needed something to keep the noise down at night, but still enjoy my TV/Netflix/PS3. Plus, I didn't want to spend much more than $50. I did a ton of research on all the wireless headphones on Amazon that fit my $50 or less bill and settled for these RCA headphones. I couldn't be happier.

Set up was very easy. Plugged base into outlet, added the included rechargeable batteries to headphones, plugged headphones into base and waited 24 hours for batteries to charge. My HDTV does not have a headphone jack, but it does have Audio Outputs. I bought the RiteAV-3.5mm to RCA Stero Male Cable sold on Amazon currently for $2.66, plugged it into the Audio Outputs and into the headphone base.

After 24 hours I turned the hedphones on and wow--the sound was great!!! I know you could spend more money and probably get an even fuller sound, but I was shocked at all the new sounds I was hearing from the Netflix movie I was watching. Footsteps on gravel roads, rustling of leather coats, background conversations...these would have all been lost had I simply had the TV volume on. And I barely had the volume on the headphones turned up.

I did notice a bit of static when I wondered more than 40 or so feet away from the TV, but whenever I was in my living room or nearby kitchen it was perfect. Today I'm going to see if I can step outside into my yard and still receive a decent signal.
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on April 2, 2008
This is our second set of these headphones and we have been very happy with the quality. At this price we expected some minor "issues" but they have performed well. My husband has hearing loss as does a friend. The two guys each put on a set of the headphones and they run off a single base (you can't charge while using headphones though!). When you first turn them on ... you hear hiss but once you have sound coming through it disappears. These have very good range as well. I have a split level home and we can go up a set of stairs and to the opposite far end of the house (even behind a closed door) and the sound comes through! They hold a charge very nicely but when they go ... they go with a pop and that is it. I love to use them late at night to watch our big screen without bothering those sleeping in the house.
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on August 14, 2008
In reading the reviews, I'm thinking some people do not understand how to use them correctly. When I set mine up, you have to have the sound input set very high. This will cut down on the hiss you hear considerably. Also, there is a power saving feature that will cut off the connection when no sound is being inputted into the base station. This is by design, and takes a little getting used to. Once I understood all this, I discovered they work really well.
The only thing I do not like is when the unit is in power save mode, and the headphones are on, you will hear a pop type hiss every so often. This is caused by the units attempting to make a connection though the base is in power saving mode. No biggy, but it is something that could have been better engineered. I have a different brand of wireless headphones that do not do this, but they do not have the power save feature.
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on November 2, 2010
These headphones provide excellent quality. The bass sound is great for the small price of the set. Someone below stated that the input volume needs to be high sometimes, well, that's usually a norm for whatever the input is. I connected these to my tv in the "audio out" jack (red and white) using a converter that has the male red and white on one side and a female audio headphone jack on the other, and when my roommate's asleep, I can turn the volume on the tv all the way down and simply control it from these headphones. They really perfect for that kind of scenario. I have a Dynex tv and I can almost say that I'd rather hear the sound from this headset than my tv. I like that it was a charging/docking station and includes batteries. The battery life is about 6 hours I think. I usually put them back charging when I'm done using them, so personally I have never drained the battery. There is some static, not all the time, but not so much that it's unbearable. These are not IR(Infra Red) like most tv remotes, they use some kind of radio wave technology, I'm not an expert on exactly what it is, but it's way better than IR headsets. I would definitely recommend these to anyone. Unless you felt like spending $100 bucks on a pair, then of course, you should do that! But if you want a fairly low-priced and great quality headset, this is what you want.
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on September 21, 2008
The quality of the stereo signal is excellent. However, depending on the input source, you must sometimes make sure that you have the sound source set to a VERY HIGH volume (or the "hiss" that others have mentioned will be more pronounced).

The "hiss" that is experienced with this headset can be described as a kind of windy sound that's added to the transmitted sound. It kind of sits far in the background of all other sounds. It doesn't distort the signal, it's just very distracting at times. It's an indication that the input signal isn't at high enough of a volume.

An example of input sources;

Connecting to my PC required me to adjust the PC sound output to a VERY high level.

Connecting directly to the RCA outputs on my DVD player delivered excellent sound.

I also purchased the Acoustic Research AW722 headphones as a comparison. There is less of an issue with "hiss" with the AW722, but the RCA headphones are more comfortable AND in my opinion deliver more of a FULL stereo sound (when configured correctly). Also, the AW722 has the WORST battery recharging method I have ever seen (induction). They stopped recharging properly within one day of owning them, meaning that you will have to resort to charging the batteries using an external charger.

An interesting note; The AW722 headphones (Acoustic Research) will work with the RCA transmitter (because the headphones can be manually tuned). Tuning the AR headphones to the RCA transmitter did not exhibit ANY hiss, which leads me to believe that the "hiss" on the RCA headphones is caused by the receiver in the headset. If you already own the AR headphones, you might find it usefull to know that you can still use them with the RCA transmitter (at the same time as the RCA headset if you wish).

There are certainly better wireless headphones out there, but if you get a good price on these (in the $10-$20 range), you'll probably find them to be fairly decent.

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on February 7, 2012
I just got my headphones and for the price under $30 this is a fantastic deal and product. I paid over $75 for TV Ears 2 years ago and have not been happy with them at all. The RCA Headphones provide superior sound quality and wearing comfort. I like best the fact that they work anywhere in my house whereas the TV Ears have to be line of sight because of their infrared technology. I am an early riser and if I have the TV on loud enough to hear, it disturbs my sleeping wife so this product allows me to listen to the TV in the living room and kitchen while preparing breakfast. My advice is do not spend over a hundred dollars for Bose or Sony products before trying this RCA product first.

One other comment about those who have complained about loud static when using this product. When I first set the system up and turned it on I had the same issue. Both the transmitter and headphones have 3 channels that can be changed to help with any interference. Both the headset and the base have to be set to the same channel to work correctly. Out of the box my base was set on channel 1 and the headset was on channel 2 which is why I had so much static and noise, as soon as I set the base to channel 2 it worked perfectly.
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on February 4, 2012
Was very surprised by the quality and performance of these headphones. After trying several other brands (and returning them because they were junk), I had poor expectations for this unit. When the unit came , to my happy surprise, they worked as advertised, and met my highest expectations. The only comment I have about these headphones, is that it is slightly difficult to find the volume control to adjust it when wearing it on the head. Not a really big deal....

The price was a very good value as other similar headphones (of poorer quality) were 2 to 3 times as expensive. I like the headphones so much, I bought a second pair two weeks later
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on February 8, 2010
My remote headphones purchased from
amazon has worked very well for me.
I use them for listening to the TV.
My hearing is poor especially in the
high frequiency ranges & with this head
phones I hear most everything now. The
only improvement I would suggest is
an improved way to access the battery
compartment. I sometimes have difficulty
getting the cover removed.
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on November 28, 2011
I live in an apartment in an old house with 4 other apartments and on a fairly busy street. The walls are thin and by thin I mean, I hear everything that happens out there when I am home. I can hear the neighbors arguing, the guy in the band playing the keyboard and accordion as well as the footsteps of the guy who lives above me. Sometimes I drown it out with my TV. Then it hit me, if I can hear them they can hear me. So I wanted something to block them out and something that makes me more courteous when I can't sleep at 2 in the morning. So I did a review of wireless headphones. I did not want to pay a lot. These seems to get decent reviews. So I bought them.

So here's the deal.
They take 16 hours to charge initially, although I used them with 6 hours of charge for 1 1/2 hours then let them charge again (not because they died).
You have to play with the volume of your TV and the headset. I found for me, higher TV volume, lower headset.
For me there is only popping when I walk outside. If there is any distortion it occurs when the tv show volume changes with commercials or when I am surfing the Tivo menues.
They are bit big and bulky. They are not sexy looking on or off your head.
Unless someone else knows how, they are not adjustable, which I would like. However they are comfortable and stay on my noggin, which is is neither small nor large. So, really, I don't care.
I do forget they are on my head.

Are they absolutely fabulous and the best things I have ever bought? No.
Do I am absolutely love them? No. But that is what the 4 stars are for.
Are they like being in a movie theater with THX or Dolby Surround Sound? No.
Do they drown out the wurlitzer playing above me when I want them to*? Yes. (*note: my neighbor IS pretty good)
Do they let me wash dishes in the kitchen and listen to my TV, Netflix, or Music playing on my computer or TV? Yes.
I am I aware that for a couple hundred bucks more I could have bought a supposedly amazing pair of wireless headphones? Yes.
Do I care? No.

I like them for what they are, good, inexpensive wireless headphones.
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on May 30, 2009
This is the first pair of wireless headphones I've purchased.

First, It should be noted that to connect these to your TV, you will need to purchase a converter so you can plug them into your A/V ports on the TV. I don't have a sound system, so if you have one, perhaps this isn't necessary. I got this one and it works fine:

Second, they are quite comfortable. I wore them for about an hour without any problem.

Unfortunately there is quite a hiss at first I was really angry, till I turned up the volume up on the TV, then it was tolerable. Even after turning the volume far up on the TV there is still a bit of a hiss and the sound cracks here and there. We have HD so I guess I'm used to perfect sound. I don't know if this happens with all wireless headphones, but it does with these.

I guess I was expecting perfection for $40.00. Perfection, they are not. But the still work very well.
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